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Misc humor and interesting videos

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Another Watkins Glen Vintage race video, this one is the 1950 race on the original street track. Even a Crosley Hotshot shows up briefly around the 5 minute mark.


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On 8/30/2020 at 6:40 PM, Matt Harwood said:


Those appear to be 4x10x1/2 sheets, so REALLY HEAVY. But hey, anything to save the $60 to rent the truck or have it delivered.


People are nickel cheap and dollar foolish.



We (son & I) recently brought home 40 sheets of 5/8 inch 4ft x 8ft from Home Depot

to redo the newly rewired and R-30 insulated attached garage-

You'd better bet we rented their truck - flat bed with drop sides-

no sense trying to make trips with our rigs.

Next come the new doors and openers

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1 hour ago, padgett said:

Yes: at least the jaws are in the right direction to remove though I would reverse the hex wrench.


And then I would skip the combination wrench. 😉


Or, with the Allen wrench long end out, just slip the box end of the combination wrench onto the Allen and turn. Use long style combo wrench, larger size than Allen hex, and just watch out for slipping.👍


SOP around here.....


You do know about using two combination wrenches for more leverage, right? Of course if you work in a CAT shop, that is a safety issue and will get "written up".😲

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