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  1. I bought a nice Mercedes last year for $1. I told my buddy I would buy it and told him to get paperwork ready. I left him a downpayment of 10%: a nickel & 5 pennies that I found on my floorboards. (Come to think of it. I still owe him 90 cents). But that big Mercedes drives nice!
  2. If everything else fails you just put a SBC in it..... After I just said that, a Packard engine doesn't sound so bad anymore!
  3. I had a prewar car sold and the buyer sent a trucking company that did all his hauling. The driver wanted less than 25% gas in the tank and tried proceeded to try to drive the car up a 40⁰degree steep ramp in the trailer. Needless to say the car couldn't handle that and ran the fuel line out of fuel, so eventually he pulled it in with a winch. Driver was Iranian and could say "yes" & "no" but I'm not sure if he knew what it meant. How can guys like that get a CDL?
  4. Talking about doctors... I'm so fed up with doctors and their "trade". They want to charge an arm and a leg for something that cost only pennies. $40 for a tylenol in the hospital? $800 to cut out a mole and put on 2 stitches? I rather go to a farm veterinarian; only real doctors work on more than 1 species! Drugs we use in cows are the same as used in humans and the cost is less than 1%. Sorry, not trying to dig at doctors, there are good ones out there that are trying to work with the system.
  5. bdc

    33 Lincoln v12

    I know they are not worth $200k, my comment was tongue in cheek.
  6. bdc

    33 Lincoln v12

    Why doesnt he complete it and sell it for $200k? (I guess you cant fix stupid)
  7. Most people dont take the time to buy a car, its usually an impulse buy. If you do your homework and are not in a hurry you can safe a ton of money. What absolutely grinds my gears are people that buy on what they want their payment to be; you get raked over the coals every time! I always enjoy haggling with the manager (I hate sales people that have to run to the manager for every offer). Couple years ago I bought a $65k pickup (sticker price) with 5k miles for less than half the sticker price. Oh I forgot to mention it didn't have a straight piece of sheet metal on it because of hail damage but it's an aluminum body so it wont rust anyway. It also helped that I walked in on December 30th and they wanted it off the books before the end of the year. I don't worry about dings in the doors at Walmart actually it might pop 3 other dings out!
  8. Some more useless cow trivia: The rumen moves all the time like its massaging the feed that's in there, and if there's a sharp piece of metal it can poke thru the rumen wall and then it can start "traveling" thru the body mostly going towards the heart and lungs. When its arriving there it's a death sentence.
  9. Yes they were very innovative.
  10. Those magnets come in different shapes, models, coatings and colors. There was 1 manufacturer who build a little "cage" around the magnet so whatever the magnet caught wouldn't be able to poke the rumen (1st stomach) of the cow.
  11. First car with a steering wheel? Packard. Still trying to figure out why nobody didn't invent that sooner. Ships had steering wheels way before that, so it wasn't an unknown feature.
  12. Is the last picture of the car that's not to be named?