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  1. As to windpower, after about 10 years the wings have to be replaced and we dont know what to do with them. They cant be recycled so we dig big holes in the ground and bury them. So much for saving the environment. This year alone we have 225,000 ton of wings to dispose...
  2. After you change your filter you're guaranteed a smooth wipe...
  3. Now we can never talk about left hand and right hand drive cars without the fear of being seen as political and being banned. Might have to look for a center steer car now to be politically correct.
  4. 20 years ago a customer of mine had 1 of those old black upright phones with the dial disc on the front and the horn on top mounted on the dash of his pickup, and if someone rode with him he hit a switch with his foot and it would start ringing after which he would pick it up and have a "conversation ".
  5. Yeah, I don't think they make "depends" large enough...🤣
  6. Dont you think it's time to potty train her?
  7. I know it's not a classic but I'd like to clean house/garage. 1988 Mercedes 300 SEL with 91k miles. Has a 3 liter straight 6 with an automatic. Recently had oil change, spark plugs and cables were replaced. Average value according to Hagerty: $11,300 I'm asking $9,500 OBRO Located in Texas Panhandle
  8. I've had good luck with ATF and diesel 50/50
  9. I've seen the ML once, and after elbowing all the chinese and/or Japanese aside I realized they were all gaping and selfie stick picturing at the ML. It's about the size of a glorified stamp! Dont know what all the fuzz was about; I'd rather look and drive an early 30's Packard by Dietrich! The Egyptian & Mesopotamia side of the Louvre were more interesting to me.
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