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  2. This car is so tempting and priced reasonably from what I can tell. Would you take trades? Never mind, I see you are selling it for a lack of space.
  3. If memory services me right Rudolph Diesel dissapeared under suspicious circumstances.
  4. I noticed this car on hemmings and I didn't think you had enough pictures to sell it. It only had 99 pictures... Nice car, my wife wants one like this maybe I should show her this ad.
  5. Matt, you will single handedly make the car corral worth double the money.
  6. How is it that taxes are outlandish? Texas doesnt have state taxes.
  7. I hoard full beer cans but I never manage to get many. For some reason they turn up empty eventually and I've to get more full ones.
  8. My 1936 120 junior Packard was rated about double what it was worth, and my 1935 Cadillac coupe was rated at half the Packard's price. I think it works well on a 60's mustang but not on low volume prewar cars. (The Cadillac sold for 3x more than the Packard, and I thought the Packard brought above market price)
  9. Mine was a 1935 V8 and you'd have your hands full driving it.
  10. To me personally this is the only way to make a Cadillac attractive, and I owned an original prewar Cadillac and it was a very u forgiving car to drive. The lines were beautiful but keep it on the road was like herding cats.
  11. BAT is a great site to sell a postwar car, especially after 1965, but dont bring a prewar cause they never get a fair price. If you have a Porsche you're in luck cause they seems to be the hottest commodity on BAT.
  12. Maybe I click on something wrong, but all I see is an Auburn convertible sedan
  13. Was this seat mainly for your wife if you didn't want to go thru a divorce? "Honey I got you a front row seat..."
  14. It looks like that fender has it's fair share of bondo as well. (Stupid autocorrect keeps wanting to change "bondo" into "condom", good thing I proofread my response)
  15. I wire by phone all the time. I call my bank and tell them how much I want to wire and email them the wire instructions. Then as an extra layer of protection the bank's headquarters will call me back, verifying the wire and recipient and I've to give them a special code to confirm it. Usually my wire hits the recipient's account in an hour, except for California banks. California banks dont wire the money out till 1 minute before cutoff time in the afternoon so they can sit on the money till morning, but in the meantime they say they wired it. Same goes for sending to California: if the money gets send in the morning the main branch will sit on it till cutoff time. Very frustrating to do business with California.