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  1. This is 1 of my bucket list cars.
  2. I'll be honest, I'd rather be seen in this than an Escalade.
  3. Don't tell me this ever is going to be a classic. But it would be perfect 1st car for my daughter. (She probably doesn't even want to be seen in it dead 😄)
  4. I dont know a whole lot about muscle cars but this really seemed like a steal, or did I miss something? What would this car sell for on a major auction?
  5. These have been for sale for some time, why are they not moving besides the point that they're in France? Some of them seem to be worth the money (others not so much), but you'd think the better priced vehicles would be sold by now.
  6. Beautiful car. The only thing I always wonder is would it look more appropriate to stick a souped up straight 8 in a car like this? To me a modern V8 looks out of place.
  7. Hey Matt it's fun to get your adrenaline going for a minute 😁
  8. @auburnseeker You never know what they're willing to trade for. I had an aged streetrod and was looking at a senior Packard. I told the guy I wanted to trade with some money, he told me "No". Three months later he called back to see if my offer still stood. Needless to say we traded quickly!
  9. The car popped up for sale again on packardinfo.