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  1. bdc

    1933 Frontenac $5900

    30's porn 😁
  2. bdc

    1936 Packard Touring Car $1000 CDN

    Hey Matt it's fun to get your adrenaline going for a minute 😁
  3. bdc

    Ford Edsel Speedster Mod 40

    So what's the asking price?
  4. bdc

    Ford Edsel Speedster Mod 40

    So is this the real deal or a replica?
  5. bdc

    Ford Edsel Speedster Mod 40

    Price? Location? Engine pictures?
  6. bdc

    1936 Packard Packard

    @auburnseeker You never know what they're willing to trade for. I had an aged streetrod and was looking at a senior Packard. I told the guy I wanted to trade with some money, he told me "No". Three months later he called back to see if my offer still stood. Needless to say we traded quickly!
  7. bdc

    1937 Packard Model 120-A

    The car popped up for sale again on packardinfo.
  8. bdc

    1937 Packard Model 120-A

    @suchan It's a 120 on a 138 inch wheelbase. Its was called 120 Deluxe touring sedan. 138CD referred to 138" WB, the "C" for 1937 120 and the "D" for Deluxe.
  9. bdc

    1937 Packard Model 120-A

  10. bdc

    1938 Packard again...

    After the thread disappeared 2 times, the 3rd time is the charm! The seller put it on CL with a much more realistic price, although I fear that it's still a tough sell.
  11. bdc

    1937 Pontiac on BaT (Not Mine)

    Usually prewar cars dont do very good on BAT.
  12. bdc

    1940 Cadillac

    Well I guess I learned something today, thanks!
  13. bdc

    1940 Cadillac

    Has factory sunroof....?
  14. It is the 385 CI engine (the bigger ?, but $30k is way optimistic!