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  1. Worse than blackouts are the brownouts. It fries all sensitive electronics.
  2. In Texas you can choose between an antique or a classic plate. Antique plates have restrictions, classic plates are for daily use. Just as all vehicles over 25 years of age and owned by someone over 25 years of age are eligible for Antique Plates, so are they eligible for Classic License Plates. The deciding factor as to whether to register as a classic car or an antique car depends on how the car will be used. Antique cars have restrictions on them, cars with classic plates do not.They may be used daily, with no restrictions just as a normal plated car. If a vehicle is registered as a classic
  3. Again this proves that California is the land of fruits, nuts & flakes. They better start working on their forest management that will prevent a lot more smog. If they really want to be serious and not a bunch of hypocrites than they need to switch the state over to only wind, solar & electric eel energy to charge their electric cars
  4. This one still held pressure but I wouldn't of made it to the next town.
  5. When I pull my 40 ft gooseneck trailer I feel my tires when I make a stop. The heat on each tire should be roughly the same but when 1 is hotter than the others you know something isn't quiet right. This was a nice blow out in the middle of nowhere. Closest town was 20 some miles. It was still holding air, just not enough pressure 😄
  6. I'm really surprised that nobody mentioned this car yet
  7. Beautiful car but I'm wondering if another less flashy color should of been chosen over the Subaru blue. I think the car would of looked better but I'm certainly no color expert.
  8. https://kansascity.craigslist.org/cto/d/kansas-city-1932-packard-900-light/7192897680.html
  9. That's 1 heck of a mother in law seat on the yellow roadster. What could possibly go wrong? Fast left curve and hitting the brakes would make for quiet an impressive launch...
  10. The raccoon sent it to me a few years ago. So I got it 4 years BC (before covid)
  11. I dont think they put the temporary charge on your card except after the initial sign up and when you actually win the bid. They cant put a temporary charge on everyone's card when they make a bid, it would be a chaos to sort that out.
  12. "The paint has runs..." Backyard rattle can job?
  13. I had to cancel my CC due to unrelated issues with BAT, and I'm still able to bid with an obsolete card. (That shows they don't check your card again after the initial sign up).
  14. No, never bought but bid on a regular basis (it always comes down to the last 10 minutes). I offered a few cars to sell, but they are getting quiet picky cause the amount of vehicles being offered to them. I think cars & bids is doing the same format but only for vehicles newer than 1980.
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