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Misc humor and interesting videos

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A friend sent me this, thought I would share in case anyone needed one. Such a deal, not sure how I  have gotten by without one all this time.


spark plug gapper.JPG

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Boy that's service.  I'm not sure how much you have to pay for that,  but a bike detail, massage and complete bath are 3 separate things you would pay alot for here in the states. 


Did California check this to see if it causes cancer yet?  Seems lots of different chemicals applied to you at once that all might contain pathogens. ;) 

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19 hours ago, DLynskey said:


Sounds like a challenge.






Caution -- stay back 100 feet.      ...or maybe more!






Shouldn't the strap be a little closer to the front of the car? Or better yet, how about using two straps? :(

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6 hours ago, JACK M said:


Is it just me or does it look like that skinny belt would have trouble driving that blower?

Maybe it's just an empty housing.  The thing has 2 of them so there is no problem robbing a little HP to mix drinks.  

Next question would this make it through the safety inspection? 

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