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  1. Got new gasket from Steele rubber.... While I wait for car to come back from paint shop, should l install gasket on windshield to let it 'relax' the wrinkles out or wait? Any tips or ideas on this appreciated.... Tried to put it on this winter, in the cold barn, by myself, with soapy water...... Would have made a good AFV video !!!!.... Certainly not an AGT video.... thanks John
  2. Did you ever find out what your noise is?
  3. Car still in paint shop.. I am using this down time to do final repairs on stainless trim and then polish... Thanks to YT for many tips on repairs.. saves on the learning curve... As soon as car is back, we begin the shakedown for those loose bolts you speak of.... Will do some short local trips to prove the rebuild, (25-50 miles) ...gradually extending them to 100+..... Plans are to get to the ETC reunion in Kentucky in September... 400 miles.... Then if it's still together, I am going to Phoenix Arizona in October... It will be a busy summer.... October will be 6 years since the frame was separated from the body and the car was officially "in surgery".... . John
  4. My 53 l8 4 door has the metal hole cover just like your pictures.... John
  5. Hi Mark,. I agree.... I've had practically every nut bolt and screw off my 53 4 door.... Biggest head scratcher l have had recently was rough running engine after 'barn' tune up.... Turns out I forgot to tighten distributor hold down.... Hoses difficult to seal properly..., But hey, it's all about learning to maintain your car.... Best teacher on these cars is someone who has gotten greasy hands and busted knuckles a time or two... John
  6. 'High compression' will be cast on top of head just rear of water outlet to heater hose. Most likely be on an auto transmission equipped car. Manuals had 'regular' heads
  7. The better news is a whole bunch of us learned some new tricks... This is why I read the forum regularly... John
  8. 55er...... Beautiful car..... Thanks for the picture and your input. I agree on the radials... Won't use them on this one... I have a few spare hubcaps of marginal quality that I may sacrifice by drilling center hole to make some type of wing nut/bracket to secure them. Probably be of 1/4 inch wire. 1/4 20 thread with stainless/chrome acorn nut or similar to not be noticable on hubcaps..
  9. Nice work there Jeff.... Colors good too.. John
  10. Thanks for your thoughts... Since my intentions were to keep the car original, I had already decided to go with bias ply tires... Now just need to decide on 2.75 or 3.25 inch white walls...... Looking at lots of photos.... Some paint combos compliment wider ww, others look better with the lesser.. hmmmmmm. Decisions decisions................. John
  11. You say only gasket to heat riser not replaced. Did you have it apart ?... If so, make sure to leave the 4 bolts loose until the intake/exhaust stud nuts are torqued. Ask me how I know... John
  12. Also look at vac advance on dist.. make sure diagram holds vac... Old rubber cracks.., also I agree with Mark.... Wiper tubes go bad.... Unhook and plug line at vac/fuel pump to check this.... John
  13. No updates for awhile on my 53 4 door... Long wet winter here in Pa. But now weather is breaking.... Car is scheduled for the paint shop Friday..... Can't wait !!! My question for all of you is....... Bias or radial tires ? My decision is made. Just curious on your thoughts.... John
  14. Good idea for the spring retainer... Mine keeps falling out.. I have an aftermarket spring and it is thinner material I guess.. won't stay in slot.....
  15. Yep, very close... Thanks Phil.... Looks just like mine.... John