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  1. Had a pickup like that once... fuel gauge worked backwards.... had to stop every 100 miles to dump some gas out...
  2. Ha... PA's finest here... Yingyang.!!.. well, rod adjustment didn't work but I did find adjustment nut was loose. Had high hopes for a while... Too nice to work on it today. Road trip !! Tomorrow rain so it's going to have to wait.....
  3. Frame mounted... original... waiting for helper..(wife) will try pushrod adjustment... have beer and patience, so far... side note here.. took about 90 minutes for lights to go back out after a 10 mile short trip, light braking on rural roads.
  4. Thanks Xander... still looking... no floor panels in the car so that rules that out..... brakes were adjusted to just eliminate any drag.... car stops straight and smooth, forward and reverse..... no pulling right or left... I have about 4 inches of travel on pedal to a solid stop.... how far should the pedal move until brake lights activate ?....
  5. Who said engineers have no sense of humor......
  6. Thanks for the quick replies.. Frank, yours sounds like the least invasive. I will try that first. John
  7. Hopefully this is an easy fix.... Recently my 53 pontiac has started seeing some actual road miles since a 6 year frame off oil leak repair started and is now finished.. all systems work,... clutch, brakes, electrical.... My issue is this.. on short trips, no hard braking all is fine... On a longer trip, say 20 miles, in local traffic, when I get home the brake lights are still on. So what I do is unhook battery.... next day, cold system, hook up battery, lights go out and function properly.. l'm thinking brakes need bled again..?.. Brake system is 100% new. Brake switch is a pressure switch,
  8. Had the 53 pontiac out sunday and tuesday... about 40 miles each trip. These were my first road miles since this rebuild started 7 years ago.. no issues so far... pretty happy about that.. car is not complete, but roadable !!!! Couldn't resist the 65* day here in york pa usa
  9. Thanks... color comes out better with chrome and stainless on... not complete yet but roadable....
  10. No clips on mine anywhere... most things on hold here for a few weeks. cold and wet in the barn..
  11. Haven't installed mine yet but I got whatever Steele recommended from local Napa store... Trunk lid not hard to realign.... rear height adjusted with tension on bolts with spring washers. If you didn't remove latch, front should not need anything.
  12. Shovel some of that up our way.. car looks good.!
  13. No hating here.... just jealous of the sunshine... 16" snow here in PA..
  14. If you mean steering box... not that hard.. get a helper,hard to be under hood and in car at same time... raise wheels off ground. secure.... need to be able to feel changes !!... as long as you go in order as manual shows.. 3 steps... about 30 minutes you should be seeing a big improvement... no need to disconnect pitman arm if wheels are off the ground..
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