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  1. Test drive tonight. It's a lot more quiet now the manifolds fully seal! Running really very well and the fuel economy has improved. The car met with general approval. Nice evening, going to go put it in the garage for the night now. Phil
  2. Finished the list. Changed the coolant, it's now got 50/50 antifreeze and distilled water. Oil filter gauze oiled up and dish filled. New manifold gaskets. New rubber fuel pipe (marine grade ethanol stable) Fuel pump bowl cleaned Phil
  3. Yup, that's how it's gone back to being. It's nice to hear, like a sewing machine. Phil
  4. Tonight, gave the car an oil change. What came out was dirty and that greyish thin of a lot of gas having gotten past the rings. So much more smooth now. I'd forgotten how quiet this motor is with fresh oil in. Phil
  5. Unfortunately the next one is postponed a few weeks. The owners of the drive-in are going on vacation! Phil
  6. From a standstill I only had to put my foot down moderately hard one time yesterday (there's road construction at an intersection on the 4-lane so to go left you have to turn right, go a few hundred yards and make a U-turn, and the road was quite busy). One thing I'm not used to is the exhaust note- up to 30 it sounds normal, but faster than that it really does sound like it's trying to take off! Phil
  7. The wife has put me on a spending moratorium, but once that's lifted I'll get in touch. Thermostat works perfectly, thank you. Phil
  8. Went out to the car at lunch. Now it's cold I had a chance to inspect a few things. Oil is nasty, needs to be changed. Short runs up the street and idling in the garage has contaminated it as to be expected. It's otherwise holding coolant, oil, atf. Oil pressure warning light sender is DoA. Wiring is good (pull the wire off the sender, light goes out). Fuel pump needs a rebuild. Does anybody have a spare stone guard for under the flywheel? I caught a piece of road debris in it yesterday clink-paZING, wasn't good. Going to
  9. Went get milkshakes at the local drive-in to celebrate. Phil
  10. Yeah, them. Where I come from they're wheel spats. Some habits die hard. Phil
  11. Uh. The spats cover the rear wheels, the little lugs sit in the bracket either side. Call it what you will, (tomayto/tomarto). Lost in translation from English to English. Phil
  12. Inspection passed. Nice day for a ride. Phil
  13. My personal go-to is a multimeter with amps reading capability. Connect it in line from the battery and then start pulling fuses and connectors until the draw stops. I rebuilt my radio because the car didn't have one and I wanted to convert mine to 12V instead of using a dropper resistor (the usual method). Phil
  14. Made a new spat bracket, replaced the missing one on the driver's side. Now the spat locates securely. Finished up bleeding the brakes. I need to do a final adjustment on the front shoes then that's good. Phil
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