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  1. Finished up the wiring up front, loomed out up tidily and crimped terminals on. Parking lights, turn signals Headlights and chief. All good! Phil
  2. Well, tried to get the valves to play ball but they're going to have to come out and be cleaned properly, they're getting all jammed up when the engine warms up. Marvel Oil was worth a try. Phil
  3. I had bought a couple of niknaks from them and they sent me a catalog; that just listed rebuild service for steering. I can give them a call after the holiday. Phil
  4. Wishing y'all a happy Thanksgiving! Question to the knowledgeable, does anyone know where to get a replacement lower steering box bushing for a non-power 51 Chieftain? Phil
  5. I didn't not believe you! As with any manuals, there's always some disagreement. Or I just read it wrong and my memory is not doing its job. Either way Phil
  6. Hm. Manual is telling me lies. It says 16 thou points and 35 plugs. I'll buy 25 thou'. I'm used to 32 on my A-series engine.
  7. Thirty five thou'. First leaf in my gauge set. They must have known... Phil
  8. No, it starts and runs but as it gets warm the valves are tightening up and getting stuck open. It's storage and previous owners that's caused that. I just need to pull the valves, clean them and their guides and that should remedy this issue. The fuel that was in the tank was cloudy yellow from storage though. Ethanol likes to suck the water up out of the air.
  9. Bad plug hiding other problems Valves need to come out, get polished, guides need checking and then hopefully that should see the end of this nonsense Phil
  10. Found the problem with the misfire. Brand new spark plug is bad. New doesn't always mean good. Go figure. At least I know what the problem is now. Phil
  11. Leading shoe up against drum. Trailing shoe 0.015" clearance all around. Better Phil
  12. I did, and I had too much gap at the top of the shoes. I needed to get the anchor adjusted. Mostly because it looks and feels like that hadn't been touched for a long time and when the brakes were "redone" they just tried to take the slack up in the lower adjuster. Phil
  13. 4' breaker bar and a good bit of my bodyweight saw that let go with a loud CLANK. I also freed up the top anchor adjuster. I now just need to follow procedure to get it all adjusted back up again. Phil
  14. Yes, sorry. R/H thread. I wanted to make sure I wasn't trying to tighten the nut onto the anchor pin shaft. Phil