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  1. Barring the 12V conversion (which is done the way Delco would have done it if it were required to have been from the factory) and a few extra filter capacitors to shut it up from external interference on the power input, it's rebuilt to original spec. All I did was hook a Bluetooth doodad into the volume control (and isolated it in case the grid collapses in the tube or arcs out). Real straightforward. This was an enjoyable rebuild compared to the Zenith. All in so far to convert, rebuild and upgrade has set me back about $200. (Bought 2 radios, a full compliment of tubes, resistors and capacitors, plus the Bluetooth board). On AM it's as crackly as ever. On Bluetooth it's genuinely HiFi, the power amplifier is a very good design. Much better than I would expect from an AM set, to be honest. The speaker's response is geared towards 2-4kHz peak, which is where the audio from AM lives- with a full range speaker this has proper 20-15 performance. Props to Sylvania for the design. Just looked at RediRad's website- nice touch. That's a sensible idea though they could do with a Bluetooth option in there too, rather than solely plugin options. Does make it sound authentic though! Phil
  2. Resolved a number of issues with Delco's design that would have resulted in horrible whine and chatter from the alternator and ignition circuits. Also got the Bluetooth hooked up and working nicely. Might fit a more modern speaker with a mid and a tweeter. Phil
  3. Component parts complete (apart from one bit which isn't a showstopper). Plays okay. Not bad reception for around here. Phil
  4. Volume and tone control. Made a fair bit of headway tonight. More tomorrow. Phil
  5. 14C5 power output tubes arrived. The rest of the bits that I actually need to start are typically first to have been ordered and last to arrive.... Phil
  6. It should sound much more like this. That is a particularly unhappy sound- good that you got it running but you sure you got the plug wires on in the right order and that you don't have one tracking over? Sounds like you've got one cylinder trying to fire backwards possibly. Agreed with the other guys' comments though- starter's sticky and the source of that noise needs to be investigated. --Phil
  7. Ok, I thought it was 55 or 56. I've bought the 12V heater variants of the tubes the '51 radio uses. The B+ power supply is now natively 12V. I didn't want to be running the radio through a voltage dropper circuit. They get a little too hot for my tastes. The radio gets warm enough as it is. Phil
  8. They'd have to be '56 onward- this is going to be (probably) the only 12V '51 radio out there. (Unless I'm getting my years wrong, when did Pontiac go 12V?) Phil
  9. Getting a collection of parts together, preparation to rebuild. Phil
  10. Nope. This is. Minor revision, helps if you actually look at the chassis to see what's fitted when there's alternative choices. Phil
  11. There we go. With the exception of the 6 prefix on the tubes (going to replace them with the 12 variants) that's what's getting built. Phil
  12. I've put the radio back on my workbench (first time in over a year) and plan on getting back to the conversion and rebuild. Just had a head-scratching moment but found the power transformers have a fairly significant revision change between the years so I need to re-draw the circuit diagram to account for that. Phil
  13. There we go. Wipers that work properly. Phil
  14. Received a call today, my wiper motor has been rebuilt and is going to be on its way back soon. Phil