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  1. Driving home today, the car began to get a bit stuttery under light throttle, but was perfectly happy to pick up and go if I pushed on the pedal hard. Ruled out fuel delivery issues so when I got home and the car has cooled off some I checked the ignition system. Trailing points had closed up a little so I adjusted them back to spec. In looking about I also heard a slight hiss from the carb off idle- the vacuum advance pipe wasn't sealing correctly. Took that off and cleaned the union, reassembled and tightened down. The car is a lot less strained at li
  2. I have to tell people the same thing (is not a K-car) to people when they ask what my Renault is, too. Never knew they did a Maserati version, though. Phil
  3. As we're on the subject of springs: Top spring (by gas pedal linkage). Hooks to a groove on the lever arm, the other end to an anchor in the flywheel plate. Bottom spring- through a small hole in the lever arm, to a hole in the torus/flywheel lower cover. I found with the pins through the alignment setting holes the wear on the lower linkage would cause the lever to go over-center and make the pedal difficult to press down initially. Adjustment to keep the correct positioning of the TV arm in relation to the throttle position is still possible though.
  4. I added a torsional twist (rather than pull or oush linear) spring to my carb to take up the slack in the rods- which ended up not needed once I actually pulled my finger out and adjusted the linkage correctly. It's just not totally easy to get right with the Hydramatic and high mileage, worn out links.
  5. The springs on my Pontiac have seen better days- the hood stays up by itself but not particularly far- leaning over the fender to check the engine oil is about the limit of it for access. I've found people will lift the hood waaaaay up if they want to take a look, to the point the hood has taken the paint off the fenders where it's touched. If you like to park it up with the hood open, would recommend a prop, I modified a bolt and replaced one of the radiator shroud bolts with it. Nice and reversible, too. That way the prop can't go anywhere and I didn't have to drill a
  6. This is the best I can do with my fleet. Really don't see what's wrong with the uppercase, unless it really doesn't mean General Motors any more, but the company is now gmmm. Gm? Gum? How do you say it now? Phil
  7. I've not yet had anybody stop and talk about the car in that depth, it's always just been "Nice car, what is it?", which is fine in itself. I guess if I were to go into the city and park up it may be different. Phil
  8. Been putting some miles on it lately, it's nice to be back behind the wheel. Cool morning today saw it functioning as a cloud generator. This afternoon after work, grocery store run. It's fun to stand back at that distance and watch people's reactions to the car. Phil
  9. Slightly different, not too far off though. Phil
  10. Had a little time after work. All bolted in and tightened up. Poor picture but the brake pedal is adjusted to the correct height for the correct maximum travel. Started readjustment of the shoes but ran out of time. More tomorrow. Phil
  11. New parts in the mail. I'll have to get the old one out, the three way off, the chassis leg cleaned and repainted where the brake fluid has removed the paint and then this one in, the pedal set and the system bled. Phil
  12. Merry Christmas, y'all! The car is out of commission but there's good company around! Phil
  13. The GP floating with regard to the Hyundai will generate errant signals in the timing light circuirty too, but not much you can do about that with the way they are made. The older neon strobes work well but are very dim compared to their modern counterparts, keep that in mind. Making sure the basics are good before hurling money at it is the way I like to begin, but that's me... Ignition systems are always great fun if you have a masochistic streak! Sounds like you are getting on the right track with it though. Phil
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