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  1. Judging by the plugs, and taking a look at the tailpipe this morning in the light... I'm going to say "I got that set up right". Phil
  2. Drove out and about tonight with s mixture of highway and slow streets, and it behaved very well. Pump is dry, no leaks. Happy about that. Vacuum pump is bloody useless though. I'm guessing that is pretty normal. Phil
  3. All reassembled at lunch, fully functional. I'll get the other diaphragm on its way back to you. Thanks! Phil
  4. Almost done. Redid the shaft, new spring, all new valves. Excellent! Phil
  5. Ha! Gotta laugh. Just got off the phone with @Kornkurt and yes, it would appear his records are correct- my pump is wrong! Best guess it's it's been rebuilt at some point (looks like it may have been apart and there isn't really any lash in the rocker arm) with newer parts internally. Go figure! I'm surprised that is even the right pump for the engine at this point... Alternate later model hybrid parts on the way, thanks again! Phil
  6. Kurt, we cross-posted! Edit: Yes, the only difference is the vacuum pump stem. I'll get this one on the way back to you. Phil
  7. I can't find any of those numbers on this. I'm guessing the serial number Casting ident for center section
  8. Uh, so what's the difference between the glass and metal pumps? Diaphragm shaft attachment? I have a feeling this is either an early glass pump or some hybrid... The serial# is in the 4600's. Phil
  9. @Kornkurt the fuel pump rebuild set arrived in this morning, thanks! That's all very nicely machined. Phil
  10. On mine the fuel likes to vaporize before the pump- if left to idle for long periods with ethanol gas in the tank in the summer you can see the bubbles being drawn into the sediment bowl. I painted the underneath of my heat shield silver to try reflect the ehat a little better (no clue if that makes any tangible difference but the difference between the heat shield being fitted and not is significant. My carb leaks in the same places as yours! The best thing I have on mine is a draw-through electric pump mounted on the chassis rail up by the tank. that has negated any hot runn
  11. Went fuel up to run mileage since fixing the vacuum leak. 11.7 again so I need to adjust the timing again to account for the mixture being better.
  12. I pulled the plugs to read them since doing a few miles having fixed the vacuum leak. They aren't bad at all, fairly even and a reasonable color too. While I had them out I used my new gauge and tested the compressions. 1- 115 2- 125 3- 105 4- 120 5- 125 6- 115 7- 125 8- 130 Those are all pretty good apart from #3 which I'll look at next time I have the head off, might just need the valve seats lapping in a bit better. Phil
  13. Ordered the kit from Kurt. That'll help! Gave the car a wash because it was filthy from all the tree pollen. Went for a round trip drive to see how it behaves at 55, which is a lot better without the vibrating misfire being brought on by the periodic addition of air into the manifold. Fuel economy is also improved. Phil
  14. I'll give you a call tomorrow if that's okay.
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