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  1. pontiac1953, I'll have more photos soon. This photo gives the impression the car is in great shape. But looks can be deceiving and I'm still inventorying all the problems that keep it from being road worthy. It had been sitting at a consignment dealership for about 8 years. Unfortunately, there is no history of the maintenance or reworks that have done to it. And there are some real mysteries. Just one example: it's the 8-cylinder engine and has power steering but the harmonic balancer not only doesn't have the pulley for the power steering pump belt the part number on the damper says it's from a 6-cylinder engine. I will have a bunch of questions and will be looking for advice as soon as I wrap my head around what I've gotten myself into. And, honestly, your restoration project was inspiration to even consider tackling this challenge.
  2. John, thanks for taking a look at your sway bar bushings. I really appreciate that. Mine definitely were due for replacement.
  3. The hole in the replacement sway bar bushings is not centered. When installing them does the thicker wall go towards the front or rear of the vehicle? I didn't realize the bushings weren't symmetrical so I didn't pay attention to the orientation when I removed the old, deteriorated set from my '53 Catalina.