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  1. TheGerman, I had good experience with Terrill Machine in Texas when I rebuilt my straight 8 last year. It was during the height of the pandemic and some of the suppliers, like piston ring manufacturers, had shut down production. My local shop didn't want to machine the bores until I knew for sure I could get pistons and rings. Terrill Machine had a couple of different oversize piston sets but no matching ring sets in stock. During the pandemic parts were in short supply everywhere. Terrill Machine volunteered to call me the moment a ring set came in that matched any of the oversized pistons they had in stock. They came through for me and I'd definitely do business with them again.
  2. I'm in search of the 2-groove harmonic balancer used in '53/'54 8-cyl with power steering (p/n 517358). Although my '53 is equipped with power steering there's a single groove balancer on the engine. At some point in the vehicle's history there was an engine swap and the 2-groove harmonic balancer wasn't transferred from the original engine. I do have the two belt pulley for the water pump. As a temporary solution I found a short belt by trial and error to drive the power steering pump directly from the water pump.
  3. Obviously I've been checking with the wrong suppliers. Carbking has the part. Thanks Jon for the info. As you suggested I'll soak the valve in vinegar to see if that helps before ordering a replacement.
  4. Although my carburetor was rebuilt I continued to have problems with inconsistent accelerator pump shots. I think I finally found the culprit, a small part called a "pump relief valve". The Pontiac shop manual says to "Suck on slotted side of pump relief valve (eight cylinder models) to see that ball is seating air tight". See item #41 in the exploded view. Mine just won't seat no matter how I soak and clean it. It's not air tight in either direction so a portion of the pump shot can leak by it. I can force it to seat temporarily by pushing a pin from the opposite side but it won't reseat by itself. Not surprising, this is not a stocked replacement part so I'm in search of a good used one. My Catalina is a '53 8-cyl w/Hydra-matic but these Carter WCD 2-Bbl carbs were widely used throughout the 40s, 50s and even 60s. Anyone have a parts carburetor that can help me out?
  5. RussJagoau, That's good feedback. In this unique situation, however, the need for the spacers was to locate the engine/transmission on the crossmember where they are supposed to be. The aftermarket engine mounts had their mounting holes offset from the production locations (don't know why, perhaps a manufacturing error or defect). If I had used the aftermarket engine mounts "as-is" you would be correct, the driveshaft angle could have been affected enough to introduce vibration. I am not happy needing to use the spacers and will continue to search for genuine GM mounts. Thanks again for sharing your experience.
  6. Thanks, pontiac1953. I've ordered the push-in clips from Fusick that you suggested in another forum.
  7. Several of the hubcap retaining clips are missing from my '53 Pontiac wheels. Anyone know where I can purchase replacements? Thanks.
  8. Charles, I like your suggestion to use spacers because it's precisely the work-around I came up with too. For evaluation purposes I simply used grade 8 washers. Three was just shy of the thickness that's needed. Your idea of cutting off the flanges of the old mounts to use as spacers is brilliant. Thanks for that.
  9. Kornkurt, thanks for your feedback and nice find with the revulcanization service. I was aware of Steele Rubber Products but hadn't gotten around to see if these old Pontiac parts qualified. You've given me some options to consider. Before I make a decision which way to go I'm going to spend some more time under the car to see if I can come up with a modification/work-around to make use of these Doan mounts.
  10. Has anyone else replaced the rear engine mounts and had difficulty getting the bolt holes to line up with crossmember? GM mounts are long gone but NOS Doan (after-market service) mounts can still be found. But the location of the mounting holes in the Doan mounts appear to be offset compared to the GM mounts. Unfortunately, the engine/transmission doesn't have enough fore/aft adjustment (limited by the front engine mount) to compensate for that offset. I've been struggling for days and can't get the mounts installed. I can't reuse the old ones because the right side is broken and the left side appears to be bent (probably due to years of struggling to hold the eng/trans in place by itself).
  11. pontiac1953, thanks for the suggestion. I got this reply back from powersteering.com: "Chip retired over 4 years ago. Also, if its ATF leaking from the pitman shaft seal, then it requires a rebuild. Because Its an indication the seal between the power section and the manual section has failed. This can only be replaced with a complete disassembly of the gearbox. If its gear oil leaking out, then you may try your fix, though I can't confirm if the seal you reference is the correct one or not." For now, I'll put up with the leak.
  12. Anyone in the group replace their power steering gear pitman shaft seal? I've cleaned the exterior of the one in my '53 and the only place consistently wet is where the shaft exits the bottom of the gear box. The part number (Group 6.855, p/n 270289 packing) looks to be shared with Chevy, Olds & Cadillac so hopefully a replacement won't be difficult to find. I have the shop manual and it appears the seal can be replaced by removing the pitman arm and a retaining clip around the shaft. I'd sure appreciate some feedback from anyone who has gone thru this procedure. Thanks.
  13. pontiac1953, I'll have more photos soon. This photo gives the impression the car is in great shape. But looks can be deceiving and I'm still inventorying all the problems that keep it from being road worthy. It had been sitting at a consignment dealership for about 8 years. Unfortunately, there is no history of the maintenance or reworks that have done to it. And there are some real mysteries. Just one example: it's the 8-cylinder engine and has power steering but the harmonic balancer not only doesn't have the pulley for the power steering pump belt the part number on the damper says it's from a 6-cylinder engine. I will have a bunch of questions and will be looking for advice as soon as I wrap my head around what I've gotten myself into. And, honestly, your restoration project was inspiration to even consider tackling this challenge.
  14. John, thanks for taking a look at your sway bar bushings. I really appreciate that. Mine definitely were due for replacement.
  15. The hole in the replacement sway bar bushings is not centered. When installing them does the thicker wall go towards the front or rear of the vehicle? I didn't realize the bushings weren't symmetrical so I didn't pay attention to the orientation when I removed the old, deteriorated set from my '53 Catalina.
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