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  1. Thanks for sharing. Just out of curiosity, care to share the length (in miles) of that trip and (average) length of daily legs of it ? I also hope you won't mind me taking this generalizing opportunity to iterate (again 🙄) the importance of keeping ones old/vintage car(s) adequately maintained/serviced with good record keeping reflecting it to help prevent any unexpected/unnecessary roadside failures and providing confidence in roadworthiness of that ride, regardless of intended distance. While I know from 40+ years & 100s of 1000s of miles driving/traveling with vintage cars, that there's only so much one can reasonably prepare for and 50+ year old (& even younger) cars have a lot of things that can break/fail in use, I also believe (and know) if everything is properly kept up, thought of using a back-up vehicle (or worse, a trailer) shouldn't even enter ones mind when planning a road trip. And consumables, like belts, hoses, filters, tires, etc all are (or should be considered) inexpensive enough to replace periodically (every 5 or so years and fluids, lubricants annually), even if they haven't seen much use and/or still look "fine" or "like new". Only reason we've "entertained" alternative methods of transportation for my wife is because my roadster does not have any creature comforts and we keep that option, be it by bus, rental car, plane, train or whatever, open for her to switch into, should she grow tired of riding in the roadster during days/weeks long trip(s). OTOH, she keeps hinting that she wouldn't mind trying my other, little more modern (post-war) rides, but I keep telling her to wait, because once we've done a trip with such, she'll be liable to refuse to go back to (my favorite) roadster and I'm not quite ready to give up on her (i.e. the car) yet.🙄 So far, she's been a good sport (fingers crossed 😉).
  2. Next weekend will likely be dedicated to test drives with couple of old Italian 4-cam V12s, so more like work than play. 😞
  3. While (again) not a “long distance travel” experience, i managed another great +/-150 mile social isolation (vintage) drive and terrific 3 hour nature hike in Cleveland National Forest today. Got on the road at dawn, first heading to Ortega Hwy (by Lake Elsinore) for some hill climb exercises, then to little further south to Tenaja Falls area trails for a hike and peaceful stream side lunch comprised of Nordic style rye bread sandwiches and a bottle of very tasty weiß bier from München, before heading back. Once home, snacked on some grilled chicken & brie, accompanied by another weiß bier. Anejo Tequila & Oliva MB3 for dessert. Note the flock of Vultures on the tree behind. Waiting for their breakfast to appear on the fields below ? Close-up. Actually, there were several flocks on several nearby trees. Several miles of super cool, old hillside roads leading to/from Tenaja Falls parking area, at times barely wide enough for two cars, growth obscured & twisty enough to force speed being kept below 20MPH (mainly due to potential encounters with other traffic). Could easily be much more fun (and dangerous ?) if closed for other traffic. 😉 “Look Mom, Top of the World !”. Road and trailhead parking far in the distance, in the valley below . Lunch break (rye bread & wheat beer😞
  4. Sounds like you haven't been in restoration business long enough...😉
  5. Technically, "rust" (also commonly referred as corrosion or oxidation) is not necessarily a "problem" (in a motor vehicle) since there are many levels, interpretations or perceptions of it. Even many (most ?) brand new cars/trucks/etc in past 100+ years have been known to have some levels of it by the time they leave their respective manufacturing facilities.
  6. What is "gahooga" and what is the purpose of using horn(s) on it ?
  7. One of my biggest pet peeves in automotive verbiage, regardless of language (or at least 3-4 I communicate with somewhat regularly), is not limited to advertising or marketing. It is a term called "Emergency brake" (???) or "E-brake" (???), both in spoken or written commentary. In past +/-40 years I've driven probably 1000+ motor vehicles of all sorts and seen countless more, but can't really recall driving or seeing one with such devise or feature and therefor I assume (I know, I know...) anyone using such term can't or shouldn't be taken seriously as a real car guy/gal/person. Or perhaps it just me, since I never got past 8th grade and my last grade average was (allegedly) worse than anyone's ever in the history of the school district, but I hope it still stands as the "record". OTOH, since English is not my first (or even second) language and having never received an ounce of formal education for it, ... maybe that's it ?
  8. There very well could be a national database to track registered/titled ownership of all cars/vehicles, antique and modern, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's only accessible by LEO and may even require a court order to obtain information from. OTOH, if the vehicle is not registered or even titled to current owner/possessor ... ... and if OP didn't bother to obtain/verify buyers information and notify his local authorities promptly, well... ... who's fault ?
  9. Doesn't having Stainless bumpers result to (serious) point deduction during proper concours judging ?
  10. While above offers some great advise, many of the concerns mentioned is why I prefer to enjoy my vintage driving either by myself or with no more than 2-3 other cars, all which must to be operated by somewhat experienced vintage car drivers possessing reasonable amount of common sense (I know latter is a lot to ask, but...). Larger the group, more chances for idiocrisy (sp ?). OTOH, I've seen most of the aforementioned illogical driving behavior daily in everyday traffic for past 40 years, so nothing unusual or specific to old car touring...
  11. Maybe not if he (or she) is/was needing reference for school assignment or doing marketing research study for auto sales group/industry and after finding willing target audience, can now just read replies anonymously without signing in ?
  12. I don't think "responsible consumption" in general has been part of American lifestyle lexicon for many, many decades any more, or longer. 🙄
  13. Probably lot less than on vast majority of antique/classic/vintage cars, especially those purchased as “projects”, most of which usually will never be finished, let alone extensively driven by those who initially buy (or hoard) them as such. I’ve said it before, back yards, barns, driveways, fields, garages and storage facilities around the globe are littered with millions of these sad realities. At least vast majority of new car buyers get their money’s worth of use out of them to offset that depreciation. For example, I bought a new truck almost exactly 3 years ago fully financing it w/0%. As of today, I owe less than 2/3 of its current (perceived) resale value, but that is somewhat irrelevant as I’m intending to keep/use it long past the day it’s paid off, hopefully another half a decade or more. My previous daily, which I also bought new with same finance terms, I kept for 7 years and sold it for 1/3 of its original purchase price. Same with one before it, except sold to replace it in little over 6 years. One before that I bought used (4 years old, 20K miles, like new, paid cash) for less than 1/2 price and kept/used it for about 14 years & nearly 250K miles (I overhauled the engine & trans at +/-180K miles). Main reason I’ve been choosing periodically to buy new for 15+ years is that I work on rebuilding/restoring vintage cars and their components every day and last thing I wish to deal with is some concerns or issues with my (or wife’s) daily driver and I definitely don't want to work or do repairs on one. Besides, I view daily drivers same as any other life's consumables or necessities (food, housing, etc), nothing more, nothing less.
  14. +1... ... or your local hose supply shop... ... or your local heavy equipment/truck supply shop... ... etc. Or in worse case scenario, most of the printed stripes/text can be removed with brake cleaner or other similar solvents.
  15. Well, it really depends on a lot of variables, including what type of car/vehicle are you needing/wanting ? What type of driving/usage you expect from it ? Is it for a single person or family ? Your budget ($20K or $85K) ? Are you able to pay cash or will it need to be financed ? Etc, etc, etc, ... These are some of the basics you need to figure out and present to others before any practical advise can (or should) be offered. OTOH, if you're just looking for "opinions" (and you know, everybody has at least one) by others, based on their personal desires and/or experiences, you can ignore my above suggestions.