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  1. What are they saying about me now ?
  2. The "front clip", i.e. outer "stampings" of both fenders and the facia panel above the grill, while appearing as a continuous single panel and is removable (by unbolting it) as a one unit, is made of several separate panels spot-welded together, but joining seams are under the trim moldings (ones in the middle of fenders, covered by the long, horizontal + "eye brow" trim, center/upper partially covered by front ornamentation + lead/tin, etc...
  3. While this car and its restoration appear truly magnificent, I hope no one minds me pointing out the fact, although just for posterity, that to treat an equal extent and quality restoration to something like the subject vehicle of this thread would require at least 50 to 100 times the amount of both, time & money, yet could easily exceed that, even if it was not missing a single piece. So no wonder some here consider it a rather hopeless project
  4. So I’m not the only one seeing Italian styling on this. 😎 Thank you all for trying. My first thought years ago was also A-R, but the grille and wheels (with hubcaps ??) prevented the idea growing further in my mind. As for Maserati Bros., I’m not sure if they built many or even any pre-war road cars, especially in early-to-mid ‘30s which appears to be period of this styling.
  5. What anyone other than actual/potential buyer with cash in hand says or thinks it's worth is meaningless and that includes me, you and "you all" here. Nothing to do with "plain cheap or broke, or both".
  6. Thanks for sharing, both the pictures and this side note. I would love to hear/read more about all your travel experiences with it, including your aforementioned mechanical "set-back". Have you posted/published about them before, either here or elsewhere ? If not, please consider, maybe on the thread I started few months ago right after joining this forum. After having been involved with this hobby over 4 decades, both as an enthusiast and a professional, I don't anymore get much out of pictures of cars in static display at shows. Printed media (books, magazines, etc) and now interweb has umpteen million of them already, but seems there's surprisingly few good and/or inspiring write-ups of first-hand experiences by owners actually using them "as intended", especially for long distance/touring driving.
  7. Thanks for reporting and congrats to John M. Does anyone have a photo of it ? What was the longest distance driven with a C. or a D. ?
  8. Did anyone by chance record longest (driven) distance attendance by each make ? If yes, I wish to offer my congratulations to those owners and would love to see pictures of the cars they did it with + read about their journeys.
  9. Me too, that's why I’d like find more pictures of it. OTOH, it could be some backyard/garage one-off someone made up using assorted bits and pieces back in the day. Yet, many of its overall design/styling cues remind me of something Italian.
  10. Saw this published in a European vintage car magazine years ago and even the staff wasn’t sure what it is/was. Anyone here know ? I don’t, but would like to and see about finding more photos, if any exists.
  11. Well, even though I had to drive my boredom-mobile up & back to Monterey, it turned out to a nice trip oveall. The few days I was in town I was chauffeured around by local friend in two of his Chrysler Corp. vehicles from 1959, a DeSoto Adventurer 2dr Ht and a Imperial Crown convertible. Latter, due to lacking recent maintenance and active use, gave us a little problem when we’re leaving Laguna Seca Friday afternoon, but after about an hour & half and borrowing some fuel hose from some racing guys at the pits, we managed to drive it back to his house and switch to DeSoto which had been performing great the day before and continued to do so for the rest of my visit. And while just about everyone I know and meet during “The Car Week” promptly asked if I drove my Roadster up (as I’ve done for long time unless driving some other cool vintage cars), we encountered something that has become way too common and saddening in past 10 or so years. It appears not many other 50+ year old, let alone pre-war vintage cars are being used for commuting/shuttling around the peninsula during these events.. Seems like many of the old guard just hoard all the cool cars to private collections, transports them (enclosed) to/from shows and use modern “appliances” for themselves, instead of promoting drivability and practical usability of well sorted vintage cars. No wonder this hobby is suffering to entice new and future generations to get involved. ☹️
  12. Damn, looks like I suddenly grew old, grew up or my huevos shrank overnight yesterday. Halfway through loading up the Roadster with luggage, tools, etc right prior to heading out yesterday morning, I decided to take a one quick look at potential cause of the issue and seems I found enough evidence (exhaust valve not opening*) making me pause and reverse load luggage, etc back to my dishwasher/refrigerator/toaster oven, a.k.a. late model, modern vehicle, i.e. boredom ride. OTOH, I’m still going to spend few days in Carmel/Monterey/PB area and with few friends with cool vintage cars living in the area I might get chance to drive or be driven around in something much more interesting than my DD “appliance”. One already offered a use of a late ‘50s MoPar Convertible... * Had it been the intake, I probably would’ve driven it.
  13. Heading up tomorrow (not exhibiting, just spectating, volunteering & visiting with friends) and although after 3 decades of solid service, the #8 cylinder of the 67 year old engine (rebuilt 30 years ago) in my 87 years old ride suddenly developed problem week ago and I still haven’t had a chance/time to fully assess the issue, but yesterday after some ad hoc by-pass adjustments/repairs/services and couple of test drives with engine now running only on 7 cylinders, decided to drive her anyway. I mean it’s only a week and +/-1200 mile round trip. Nothing (ad)ventured, nothing gained, right ?
  14. ... or just young and easily gullible with innuendos offered by a car owner who happens to be a very attractive member of the opposite sex. The sheer anticipation can get one to lay atop of some used, dirty cardboard on a cold & snowy/slushy/wet driveway to repair & weld up a leaky exhaust, so that the car could pass (government mandated) annual inspection required for registration renewal. Sorry, no pictures of the car, driveway, repairs or immediate consequences of the alleged incident nearly 4 decades ago. 😉
  15. Would this qualify as per thread title ? Photos from +/- 30 years and tens of thousands of miles ago (with the subject car). Other than final paint which was done couple of years later once I got the shop I’m still operating out of today, the car was completely rebuilt/restored(?) to a well running and driving bundle of fun it still is today from a literal basket case with no running gear, almost all the work was performed in that garage and on that driveway. And amazingly, all done late at nights and on weekends in less than a year at a total out-of-pocket cost (i.e. excluding labor) of less than five figures, including the purchase price and transportation costs from upstate NY to SoCal.