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  1. Well, technically he or she was asking for a price and type of transport to be used, but with no mention of looking for a discussion or even recommendations.
  2. Looks like there’s yet another drama titled thread about the demise of Antique Automobiles... How many do we really need them ?
  3. I'm sorry to say, but for many or most contributors, this forum, along with countless others, is just another social media outlet where they can fulfill a need to compete for attention, kind of like most car shows and gatherings. You know, "Hey, look at me, I (too) got something special to say or show !". A phrase "Attention whoring"* comes to mind and probably can be often identified by (high) post counts of contributors or constant/frequent display appearances at cars shows and gatherings. *OTOH, I guess we’re all guilty of this to some extent. Why else would we be sh
  4. Probably the single most commonly counterfeited denomination and currency around the globe and has been for decades...
  5. And then there's that fancy little word "collector", which a "hoarder" often uses to self-define/-describe him-/herself.
  6. OTOH, calling it for what it is doesn't have as much marketing or romantic appeal. How often you see people presenting or selling "FAKE" something ? Or using a word neglected, instead of hose fashionable (marketing) gimmick phrases like "barn find" ? What's next ? "Backyard/field/forest/swamp finds" ? Or like the word "rotisserie" is often used to imply somehow better or more thorough restoration, when in reality it has only slight practical use or advantage on couple on small portions of the entire sequence of numerous process's ? In general, it has far more
  7. Fair enough, I guess, but... ... what proof do you have “American built cars” (I assume you mean mass produced) were crap compared to Japanese” or other (mass produced) cars around the globe. Most of them utilized technologies available at the time and all improved their build quality over time, some little sooner than others. That’s all. ... none of the mass produced make & model couldn’t have become popular, if they had been built by utilizing skills & technologies you refer to, as it would’ve been extremely cost prohibitive. How many early Camaro’s or ’Cuda’s yo
  8. Topic reminds of following: “Of the +/-13000 ’32 Ford Roadsters originally manufactured, several hundred thousand still exists today, more being discovered daily and of all those, vast majority probably don’t have a single item dating back to 1932” or “Of the 3 Bugatti Atlantics originally built, at least 11 are known to exist” And of course using words like “clone” or “tribute”, etc in marketing doesn’t sound so bad as reality, i.e. FAKE.
  9. I believe the name is also used for the woven, multicolored/-layered cloth or fabric, perhaps made with “Jacquard(?)” weaving machines, but wouldn’t the first time I’m mistaken.
  10. Well, given that most museums are end of life facilities or final resting places for many classic cars, makes sense to me.
  11. While we managed (by choice) to get married with minimal expense and without fanfare or presence of antique/classic/old/vintage car(s), our delayed (planned due to our work schedules) 2+ week honeymoon trip few months later, depicted in my “Long distance driving/traveling with vintage cars“ thread, more than made up for it.
  12. With all due respect, but the pictured item does not appear to be a “Motormeter”. It looks more like a hood/radiator ornament, if even automotive related at all.
  13. That’s why I like it here and am willing to forego many things in life others deem more important. 😉
  14. Having lived here for past 35 years, air quality has never really bothered* me, but if anything it seems to have improved considerably in past couple decades. OTOH, perhaps the fact that I grew up in a household with 2 smokers (mom & grandma) and started myself at the ripe old age of 12 (quit about 20 years ago), still smoke 1-2 cigars a week, been enjoying whisky (straight), red wine and other adult beverage varietals most of my life and been exposed to just about every kind of chemical known to be associated with automotive restoration for past 4 decades has something to do with it a
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