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  1. I’m sorry to say, but this is much, much more common than most people, including old car enthusiasts/hobbyist realize or understand. Not only are there millions upon millions of “interesting(?)” old cars sitting and rotting away in the back alleys, - yards, driveways, fields, forest, etc that will never be repaired/rescued/restored/... regardless of what their custodians/owners claim, but tens (or perhaps hundreds) of millions of cars have already endured same faith in past 100+ years and more are placed under these types of sad conditions on daily basis by rather unrealistic owners claiming to be some kind of collectors or saviors of them. Most of us long time hobbyist probably have encountered or know more than few of these hoarders(?)*. Oh, and just because some of these characters keep their unfulfillable/unrealistic dreams indoors, doesn’t or shouldn’t necessarily earn them higher praise among those of us serious about antique/classic/vintage cars. * +/- 30 years ago I briefly amassed a “collection” of about two dozen vintage cars in relatively good, unrestored condition and while most were running & drivable, stored indoors and somewhat periodically maintained, I soon realized that with my quite limited and modest means, entertaining an idea of owning and properly maintaining, let alone restoring all of them was just a ridiculous pipe dream and in the long run would just do more harm than good for the cars, so I sold all but couple..
  2. Yep, it's not the cars fault. I sure hope my cars will never be blamed for my shortcomings.
  3. Same here, except having already endured few close call weapon related incidents in my younger years, I’m not sure if a single handheld would be enough to convince me wasting time at any “professional” sporting event. Add straight jacket and shackles, maybe... 🙄
  4. You think so ? 😉 This reminded me about auctioning of another high profile (& much higher valued) vintage car few years ago where some TV show personality had been filmed supposedly “predicting” the sale result surprisingly accurately, although that footage wasn’t released until seconds AFTER the gavel had fallen and then later (next day ?) someone leaked/revealed that numerous identical “takes” with different figures had been filmed.
  5. Well, does not defy logic any more than any other marketing swag purchase. I've never understood why anyone would buy/pay for T-shirts or other swag promoting some commercial entity or product. Why should I or any consumer pay to advertise someone else’s business or product ??? If a business or company wishes me to use or wear their promotional products in public, I've always expected them to either give such gear to me for free or in some cases I've even requested and received additional compensation for doing so, like the actual product I'm helping to market for them. While I do have stacks and stacks of them in the closets, most still new in the wrappers, I've never bought/paid for a promotional T-shirt or other such products in my life.
  6. I rarely get involved with these topics, but now sitting here waiting for couple of overseas phone calls, why not. Admire ? Aspire to acquire ? I am & have always been a analog/all-things-mechanical/vintage car guy through and through, so there's not much, if anything made in past 40+ years I find interesting enough to desire having/owning. I do have a late model pick-up truck as a daily driver, but like just about all other "modern" vehicles, find driving/using it about as interesting as an empty cardboard box. Even if I were given a latest & greatest luxury, hypercar or something equally exotic, regardless of brand, rarity or perceived value, I'd likely just sell it immediately, probably even without driving it once and use the funds on something I do find interesting or practical, like a vintage car or real estate and depending on windfall, perhaps even ship one of my vintage cars to some other continent for (vintage) driving vacation to explore scenic back roads and local culture, including that associated with vintage cars, for at least couple of months.
  7. Sorry Victoria, but while I’ve shared few of my adventures & experiences with (vintage) automobiles from past 40+ years here and on couple of other forums, I’m saving most of them, including intimate details of my “first” and other “juicy” affairs for “pay-per-view”, i.e. book(s). 😉
  8. I apologize for any misspellings my comments may include, but OTOH given that English is not my native language nor have I ever received a moment of formal education for it, I hope my writing is still clear enough to get the points across. I could probably manage to convey my thoughts with few other (also self taught) languages, but since this forum mainly caters to English reading/speaking/writing audience, I’ll do my best to pay more attention to avoid further elementary mistakes like that.
  9. See comments about marketing* and TV* on post above yours. 😉 ... and I've saying these things for years/decades, including earlier on this thread, but most people prefer (bliss of) ignorance sprinkled with fairytale dust as it appears/sounds more exiting than reality. Besides, if cars like "Bull***t Mustang" were seriously viable for great results, any one of the "the big three" (= top-tier) houses would be a first to sign them up. * I know fair number of people in both industries and most of them admit how gullible and easy to influence vast majority of general public, including those into old cars**, is. Many of them make or have made fortunes of that gullibility. ** Evidenced by apparent popularity of TV (Reality ?) Shows about buying/selling/customizing/fixing up/etc of old cars. Talk about fairy tales !
  10. Nothing new in the Antique/Classic/Used car auction world. These types of sales are nothing but carefully choreographed marketing campaigns/gimmicks. The pre and post sale “buzz” in the media, both in commercial and social (including this thread), is far more important and valuable to the house than (alleged) final value result of any single lot. Even more so if it’s “televised” which requires very tight control of “perception” and cannot be left for chance of some sort. Most people choose to believe in these fairytale results and play into the hand of aforementioned “buzz”. This is how “used car” auction houses portray themselves as relevant and stay in business. Ethics ? In used car auction business ? I know I shouldn’t generalize, but having seen top-tier operators engaging in rather questionable behavior and practices more than once, why would I expect 2nd (or 3rd ?) tier house be much different. Nothing strange. Antique/Classic/Used car auction history, at least as long as I’ve followed it from sidelines (30+ years) has been littered with countless similar examples of highly hyped, unexplainably/unexpectedly high result sales of nothing special cars which then never showed up for display anywhere by anyone until perhaps years later at a another auction venue, consigned by another “anonymous” entity. P.S. Matt, I hope you won’t take above wrong. None of it is directed at you or your business. Just quoting your comments for context.
  11. Yes, I got it, but I thought all of this, especially the alleged $3.4M Mustang sale is/was a joke. 😉 👍 I hear you, but if that's a reference to some advertising in TV, I wouldn't know since I gave up watching it few decades ago.
  12. I’m not sure European or other foreign cars would appeal as much to (generally American) masses awed by “celebrity owned” vehicles, so perhaps easier “hook, line & sinker” story could be managed with some run-of-the-mill American car, like Model T, A, Tri-five Chevy or maybe a rusty old Big 3 pickup truck with bright red grille or front emblem. 🙄
  13. Yaaaawn! Like with many other overly hyped, unexpectedly/unreasonably high, not to mention unexplainable high auction result for a “nothing car” or one with questionable at best provenance, until someone reputable (here ?) can verify beyond doubt this having been a “real” transaction, I don’t see any reason to take it seriously as such. For decades, if not longer, the auction/used car business history has been littered with similar “smoke & mirrors” nonsense stories and apparently will continue to produce them as long as there are enough gullible people to believe in fairy tales. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a car bought new or previously owned by Santa Claus coming to an auction and breaking all kinds of sale records some day.
  14. Less ironic or sad than the fact that cars like this even have a class or receive invites to PB. And this is just an opinion offered by a lifelong hot rodder (me), but absolutely without any disrespect toward Mr. Byrnes’ memory or his accomplishments in life.
  15. While I'm not into New Year resolutions either, if I had to make any it would be about trying to drive my vintage cars more than just a few thousand miles annually. The day cost of owning/maintaining/using them becomes a major concern will be the day I know I'm in the wrong hobby and I'll get out of it, but if past 40+ years is any indication, it continues to be a right one for me. I do have other interests and passions, but fortunately they haven't become cost concerning either, though one or two I had to slow down with or stop because of medical/physical limitations, like jogging/running due to knee problems.