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  1. Wow ! You drove a Ferrari in High School !?! Now that must’ve been beyond cool. Was it a 250 or 330 ?
  2. Well, with few hundred thousand miles all over Europe and US in large variety of vintage cars, most of those drives/rides have been quite memorable and would be impossible to define which one to qualify above others, especially when considering all experiences involving x-rated content/encounters, etc…
  3. Over the years & decades I’ve driven this car at various elevations* and sometimes (but not always), she seems to exhibit signs of running a bit rich in thinner air, especially when getting above 5,000 - 6,000 or so ft. I’ve also noticed barometric pressures, humidity and temperatures or various combinations of those affecting her at times a little, but never enough to do or worry much about it. * On our honeymoon trip (chronicled earlier on this thread), we got to above 10,000 ft. and she was loading up quite heavily, but still manageable and since it was going to be only temporary, I didn’t do anything about it, just kept cruising.
  4. Well, my trip up to the mountains turned out little longer than I initially expected and extended the mileage on the odometer another +/-175 miles. After taking the back road (Hwy 38), i.e. the long way to Big Bear, I got a friends place around 9 am yesterday, chewed some fat about old cars for an hour or so and headed out (in my Roadster) to get something little to eat at one of the local places. After this we decided to go for a drive around the lake and on some of the other scenic roads in the area. Since we took my Roadster, I used the opportunity and invited him to drive it, which he seemed glad to accept. At one point, on a twisty section of the road on the North shore, suddenly a deer jumped straight across the road, right in front of us and barely missed the grille and front tires. Had my friend been driving just a mile or two an hour faster, it would’ve caused an impact. After about couple of hours enjoying the ride as a passenger in my own car, I felt thirsty enough for an “Eldorado” so he steered us to a nice little place with a patio overlooking the lake. Later we went back to his house, chewed more fat (mostly about vintage cars, of course) while enjoying couple of adult beverages (him an IPA beer, whiskey for me) and cigars on his front patio. Then, in early evening, back to town (although now in his SUV) for a nice steak dinner, back to the house for more fat chewing and tall stories (mostly about vintage cars again) accompanied by more adult beverages and cigars. We called it quits around 9 pm and retired for the night. This morning, as always, I got up early and since it had been raining all night (& still was), I decided to set the top up before heading back home. Got on the road around 8am and chose the same way as I had come with, mainly due to it likely having a lot less traffic and especially because of the rain. I’d been driving for about half an hour and was maybe a mile or two east of Barton Flats, when yet another almost surreal incident suddenly happened. The road was winding through some fairly thick forest when I noticed a group of maybe 10-15 young ladies perhaps high school or college age, about 100+ feet off the road, presumably hiking (in the rain) and they all just stopped on their tracks, some of them pointing toward me (or perhaps more specifically, my Roadster) and suddenly they all appeared to burst into some excitement, jumping, shaking, smiling, waving, hollering/screaming/whistling, etc when I drove by. It was one of those once-in-a-lifetime moments I wish some had been there to capture it on video. There were also several stretches on that rainy and wet highway that I wish I could’ve been able to see the “rooster tails” my non-fendered tires were creating at 50-60 mph. Yesterday morning: This morning:
  5. Heading out and up to Big Bear in few minutes and will meet some friends living up there for a brunch.. Anyone else heading for a drive ?
  6. Having used all of those routes at various times for leisure (vintage car) travel over the years/decades I’m fairly familiar with them. Studying and figuring out which to use is important part of the fun of such travel, sort of like the reference to journey itself being as (or more) important as/than the destination.
  7. No idea either, but also, not a big deal. Interestingly enough perhaps, but just couple of weeks ago I sold and shipped a vintage car part to someone in Witchta Falls, TX and briefly wondered if you and this person know each other. 🤔
  8. Based on my limited experience and general observations, above assessment probably fits 90% (or more) of self-proclaimed/so-called car collectors, to a “T”.
  9. While I agree with this topic having gotten off track (which apparently is more than common on discussion forums, regardless of topic) and myself having (partially) contributed to such, I’m not sure beating the proverbial dead horses of “current pricing trends”, let alone future values of old cars, is going to reveal anything new or noteworthy, but then again, that is just my “opinion”.
  10. Ben, I’m located in Riverside, CA. While the distance between here and Monterey is only about 375 miles and could easily be covered in 6-7 hrs using “conveyor belts” (but what’s the fun in that ?), I prefer more enjoyable, leisurely (vintage) drives using scenic back roads and secondary by- or highways, which there are plenty to choose from, but often require two days and 400-500 miles of travel each way (and there’s nothing wrong with that in my world). I often also stop for an overnight stay at some friends home(s) along the way.
  11. Little more than two weeks until Monterey Car events. Who’s going and what are you driving to get (& while) there ? I’ll likely take the Roadster (again), but might drive up there (& back) with a couple of 50+ year old Italian stallions. You know, sort of like providing them a sense of roadside assistance safety. 😉 Honk & wave if you see me (or us), although we’re likely taking mostly scenic back/rural roads with little or no other traffic. Expecting to rack up another 1000+ miles on that trip. P.S. Hoping to do a small, +/-100 mile day, or more specifically early morning, drive tomorrow as the temps have been reasonably cool in last few mornings.
  12. Well, in our household, 50/60 means she’s not going to need my approval to spend her hard earned $$$’s on things she chooses to or vice a versa and we’re both OK with that. I know either of us wouldn’t have it any other way.
  13. ... and any vintage car restoration shop or professional worth their hourly rate should be able adjust/sort them for you.
  14. With all due respect, but being under 60 myself, I don’t quite get your reference ? Besides, as I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I became involved with this hobby in my mid-teens, i.e. 40+ years ago. As for getting or staying married, I didn’t even try until I was absolutely sure of being able to comprehend and deal with consequences such commitment involves, not to mention until I found someone with same mindset. We both have our own hobbies, friends and equally support (or tolerate ?) those of each others. Rest of our shared time we do things together we both equally enjoy. 😉
  15. While I take your comment as humor, it touches subject references I made earlier, i.e. financial considerations and consequences. If one has to get a spousal (or peer) approval for their hobby, whatever it may be, it’s probably not a right hobby for them to begin with.
  16. Only "profit" I've ever made on selling cars were either on occasions I sold someone else's and they paid me to get it done or when I bought and sold any to specifically make money in the process and while most of the 1000 (or so) occasions in past have involved antique/classic/exotic/vintage/etc vehicles, I never confused them as part of my hobby. And while I've managed to sell most of my personal "hobby" cars for more than I initially paid for them, I never though of them as "making profit", especially when adding up services, rebuilds (including personal labor, etc) and other essential ownership costs. OTOH, the only real "profit"(?) I got out of any of those are/were the pleasures of driving and enjoying them as much as I could. I know this may offend some here, but personally, I've never considered anyone who is obsessed with or overly concerned about "profitability" of their hobby, be it about old cars, golf, hiking or stamp collecting, as a real or serious enthusiast. Just posers or wannabes.
  17. OTOH, there's so much illogical behavior and (self-)twisted psychology in this hobby that it often makes me think if there are any others (= hobbies/pastimes) that come anywhere close. I believe most of it would make Freuds head explode.
  18. Well, with all due respect, but you are faaaaaaaar from first or last with such (illogical) aspiration. There is and has been millions (or more) before you and will likely be many, many more in the future. @Kurt Zimmerle following commentary is just generalizing and not directed at you : My uneducated, wild a*** guess after 40+ years of almost full-time involvement with all this is that over 90% of those getting into or classic/collectible/exotic/hobby/vintage/etc., i.e non-essential cars harbor the illogical notion that they expect or hope they "don't loose money" on them, even some of the better/higher educated and therefor perhaps perceived as more intelligent individuals. And over 90% of those, whether they admit it or not, publicly or to themselves, end up not breaking anywhere near even, let alone above what they put into their alleged "hobby". Just think about that next time you're in a car event/show and counting the participating entries, i.e. cars and their owners. IMO, the above aspirations/expectations are about as silly as asking random people what they think something, be it an old car or part for one, is worth !?!
  19. But isn't that what these forums were intended for ? And opinions ?
  20. NO, the bottom line is that, like so many others, this thread got off topic from about 3rd post and has been spiraling further ever since.😉
  21. While I admittedly have very limited (but above "zero") "actual hands-on experience" with tools and equipment made of cheap "Chineseum" and sold by variety of "discount outlets", including H.F., I've seen plenty being used in the garages/shops/etc of others and occasionally, due to lack of access for anything better, been "forced" to (hesitantly) use some myself, I do base my "opinion" on those experiences/observations. Besides, as I've said before, I've never had or made enough money to afford a luxury of being cheap, especially when it comes to making my living or enjoying my hobbies. But hey, we all do what we believe is best for ourselves, right ?
  22. So far, I haven’t experienced refusals on warranty replacements nor had to provide “proof of purchase” for anything I’ve bought within last 35+ years. Only problem(?) I’ve had is/was with some of the older style tool (screw drivers, etc) handles no longer being available and therefor messing up the appearance of my sets. OTOH, when this ^^ initially started, I asked my dealer to scour their network and get me all the old style (matching to mine) spare handles he could find, so I believe I’m set for life.
  23. Oops, I must’ve inadvertently hit a proverbial sensitivity nerve. Sorry. I take it you might be a stakeholder at H.F. ? Corporate ? Store management ? I’m not complaining, just stating an opinion based on personal observations. Besides, even if H.F. has improved the quality “of their current offerings”, I don’t think they have anything I need to go and look for, let alone purchase.
  24. Not really necessary or needed since any “preservationist” with more than one subject item can easily fall, or be pigeonholed, into either of the two title categories. 😉
  25. But isn’t that what these forums/platforms are designed and intended for ? And perhaps OP has other, more pressing things in his daily life than monitor or reply to topics at the pace afforded to those with more free time on their hands. Even if these types of forums would’ve been available when I was 26, I probably wouldn’t have had time for any of them. Heck, back then I didn’t have time (nor interest) to watch TV. Just started doing some of it in last couple of years, but no news, sports or such. No need or time for brain damage.
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