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  1. It might be a 49 or 50 Mercury but not a 51, they had a much bigger back window.
  2. Years ago there was a 51 Cadillac, black sedan that had the venetian blind in the back window from new. The original owner kept it for at least 20 years, last I heard it was still in town now owned by a collector. The only car with such an accessory I ever saw.
  3. There should be a bearing supply house in the industrial section of your city. They have, or can get, an astonishing variety of bearings and seals. If they have a number on them, it can be found. Loose ball bearings they have by the pail full.
  4. Before you go any farther you should buy a factory repair manual. It will clear up the question of how many seals and gaskets there are in the trans, where they are and how hard to replace. A manual will pay for itself many times over in time and money saved.
  5. The Pacer sold well for the first year or so, then its popularity tailed off. The idea was to build a car with the room and comfort of an intermediate, at least for the front seat passengers which is all most cars carry 90% of the time. While being smaller and more economical than the typical intermediate car. It turned out this idea had limited appeal, most customers for smaller cars went the whole hog to small size 4 cylinder imports, Pintos and Vegas. In their ads they called it 'the wide small car'.
  6. What's the difference, parts is parts and old cars is all the same. (sarkylert)
  7. If it leaks a little don't worry about it, old cars do that. Check it at every oil change (3000 miles) and top up if necessary. The factory recommended changing trans oil every 10,000 miles, chances are yours has not been changed in many many years. You may have to take action if the oil is pouring out but if you only have to top it up once or twice a year it's normal.
  8. The 10W oil will be fine. You can use the same thing in the Fluid Drive unit which is filled separately. Use the designated fill plug to check the oil, if you can stick your finger in and touch the oil it is full, if not pour in oil until it drips out. Not sure what the other gadget is, there are 3 electric controls on the trans, a governor, solenoid and switch. Put everything back the way you found it and cross your fingers, chances are you didn't hurt anything.
  9. It's no secret electric power is the best, the holdup was the batteries. Up to the seventies that meant lead acid batteries the size and weight of a waterbed that held energy about equal to 1 gallon of gas. The breakthrough came with cell phones and laptop computers. When the most sophisticated battery powered gadget you had was a transistor radio worth $35 who would pay an extra $50 or $100 for a better battery? But for a $600 cell phone or $1500 laptop why not? So some really good batteries got invented, that had been known in principle for many years but never developed. Tesla car
  10. I've got one of these, a Hazet Tourist tool kit for 1966 - 67 VW. Made by the German Hazet tool company, like the one they made for VW but with their own name on it.
  11. Queen Elizabeth trained as a truck driver and mechanic during WW2 https://rarehistoricalphotos.com/queen-elizabeth-army/
  12. You could try pressure washing it with detergent. I did this on a steel tank and it worked. Of course you will have to take it off the car, wash rinse and dry it thoroughly.
  13. In the early seventies a local gas station had a leaky tank replaced, when they dug it up they found a Stutz of about 1920 that had been buried beside the tank. It sat beside the gas station for a while then disappeared, I never knew what happened to it. Did not see the car myself but was told about it.
  14. There were quite a few electric cars in the late fifties and early sixties. Not just a toy Corvette with photo electric cells glued on the hood. There was the Henney Kilowatt, a repowered Renault Dauphine, the Electric Shopper and another that looked like a modified Karmann Ghia. No doubt several more I have forgotten.
  15. Close... if the glass happens to contain a small amount of iron oxide it would give it a green tint. To neutralize the green, glass makers would add a little manganese dioxide, sometimes called glassmaker's soap. The manganese dioxide has a pink or red tint, which neutralizes the green. The result would be perfectly clear glass. Over many years sunlight causes a chemical reaction that turns the manganese purple. Glassmakers started using manganese dioxide in the mid 19th century. Evidently they changed to a different type of glass for headlight lenses about 1925.
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