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  1. 1918 Cadillac 7 passenger touring car will be restored as a WW1 Army Air Service staff car
  2. For sale 1918 FWD Model B. Ex U S Army Mobile Artillery Repair Shop. This was built by the Kissell Car company under license of FWD as they could not produce the quantity the Army required. There were very few Mobile Artillery repair trucks built I believe 24 and I know of only one other one remaining. Has original body with original wood decking . Truck is running drives and stops. original Wisconsin T head engine. Have added an electric starter but it also cranks over by hand. . New hard rubber tires , New radiator core, has many accessories. Photos of all work start to finish It is not perfect. There are flaws in the paint The transmission, clutch, differentials were cleaned out and simply filled They worked so I did not touch them . Smokes a bit but I haven't used it at all since rebuilding and I don't have a way to transport it to events. For me the joy was to bring it back from the dead . I've moved on to another project. Asking 65K
  3. Thank you Terry . I have only driven it in my yard . But she starts shifts and stops. Thanks for your help in bringing the project together. How goes your Wisconsin?
  4. hello I have a type 57 cadillac with a Type 61 engine installed 60 years ago. I need the linkage to the enrichment on the carburetor. May be able to modify whatever I can locate. I have none presently. I am aware that the linkage is different as the vehicles change from 1918-23. Open for what ever may be out there thanks.Bob
  5. Ron just found your post . Fabulous project and I know what it takes to get there. I own an original 1918 Dodge Light Repair truck. I also cloned another one starting with a passenger car chassis. Another Dodge was cloned into an army staff car c 1916 I have recently completed a Kissell built 1918 FWD mobile artillery repair shop. I am now working on a 1918 Cadillac 7 passenger touring the type that was bought by the US army. Keep up the excellent work Bob
  6. Hello I want to buy a standard plain jane cap for my 18 caddy. believe that 1915-27 will work The cap is 2.16 in ID Thanks bob
  7. Help please. Still looking for a casting number for these top socket rests
  8. Hello If the carb is still available could we see a picture of it and I would be interested thanks bob
  9. I know about the scam that looks for our want to buy listings and then sends pictures of like items except they do not own the item. They steal images of previously offered items and that happened to me yesterday. I am looking to buy a rim for a 1918 Cadillac. I was contacted here on AACA by a member recommending I contact Nelson who has what I need. I did and was sent pictures of Cadillac rims/wheels that I had seen before and thought they were sold. When I tried to paypal for them I was saved by PAypal who blocked the transaction. Then I realized that I was almost a victim to this old con. Here is the contact on AACA by Fenniman01 and the image I was sent by Nelson Williams neat to the original ad for the wheels that was marked SOLD. Be vigilant
  10. WTB one 25 inch rim believe for 35 x5 tire for 1918 Cadillac. thanks
  11. Here are a nice pair of exhaust manifolds for I believe either a Type 55 or Type 57 Cadillac. A lot of the porcelain remains. Check out the pictures just to be sure . The manual says that 55 and 57 used the same manifolds WILL NOT FIT later V-8s. 400.00 plus shipping
  12. I have the 2 bolts that screw through the body so I need the brackets that clamp to them . Any lead is welcomed thank you
  13. Ken here is a good picture of one on an '18 7 passenger .
  14. Michael can I see the one on your 24 please. Is there a number? Would love to hear from some one with a type 57
  15. That is what I hope for. Some one must have one I would think
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