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  1. Hello I want to buy a standard plain jane cap for my 18 caddy. believe that 1915-27 will work The cap is 2.16 in ID Thanks bob
  2. Help please. Still looking for a casting number for these top socket rests
  3. Hello If the carb is still available could we see a picture of it and I would be interested thanks bob
  4. I know about the scam that looks for our want to buy listings and then sends pictures of like items except they do not own the item. They steal images of previously offered items and that happened to me yesterday. I am looking to buy a rim for a 1918 Cadillac. I was contacted here on AACA by a member recommending I contact Nelson who has what I need. I did and was sent pictures of Cadillac rims/wheels that I had seen before and thought they were sold. When I tried to paypal for them I was
  5. WTB one 25 inch rim believe for 35 x5 tire for 1918 Cadillac. thanks
  6. Here are a nice pair of exhaust manifolds for I believe either a Type 55 or Type 57 Cadillac. A lot of the porcelain remains. Check out the pictures just to be sure . The manual says that 55 and 57 used the same manifolds WILL NOT FIT later V-8s. 400.00 plus shipping
  7. I have the 2 bolts that screw through the body so I need the brackets that clamp to them . Any lead is welcomed thank you
  8. Ken here is a good picture of one on an '18 7 passenger .
  9. Michael can I see the one on your 24 please. Is there a number? Would love to hear from some one with a type 57
  10. That is what I hope for. Some one must have one I would think
  11. Thanks yes I agree they may have been generic but with so many of them out there Where to begin?? That is why I was hoping for a casting number as most of these parts have such a number
  12. Ken I will get back to you with that information thank you
  13. hello I mean the bracket on each side of the car, in the rear, which the top sits in when the top is lowered. It opens and clamps and then latches closed surrounding the metal sockets of the top. Here is one of but it is not necessarily for a Cadillac The red car is a 5 passenger 1918 touring. See how it mounts to the body. The green one is a 1918 7 passenger. Bracket is a bit different
  14. Hey I just found this post I am restoring a 1918 Type 57 cadillac 7 passenger touring to US Army color. It was NOT a US Army vehicle but these cars were identical. I was curious . Was the La. car a 5 or 7 passenger touring?. Did it have the 2 jump seats in the back? I assume that the car is owned by the state so it is NOT available for purchase. If you see this post I would welcome your reply Thanks bob
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