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  1. rcumba

    Roger Cumba

    1948 Desoto S11Four Door sedan 18,000 original miles working on full restoration
  2. I love the sense of humor! I am replacing the timing cover gasket after having replaced the oil pan gasket, so I wasn't sure. The 1000 pound torque going the correct direction took the nut off easily and the gasket went on easily! Thanks for your help....all of you! This little Straight eight runs smoothly. Sorry it took me so long to get back and thank you, but been fighting some wiring to the tail lights annnnnd my oil pan has a tiny leak at the passenger side front corner. I have posted a picture under my post, topic," Oil pan tiny leak". Would appreciate some help there, too!???
  3. I have a 1947 Buick Super. I have replaced the oil pan gasket and the timing chain cover gaskets. I have a small drip, drip at the left front corner of the pan. It took me forever to locate it and now I need some patch product to form a seal. I will try to offer a pic. If there is anyone who can help, I would really appreciate it! thanks, Roger
  4. I am trying to remove my harmonic balancer on my '47 Buick Super 50 and cannot get the bolt off. I am going clockwise with a craftsman impact wrench, at 400 ft lbs, I think. Can anyone help me? Very frustrated! Thanks, Roger
  5. Irv, really appreciate it. My email is :roger.cumba@att.net. I have removed the dash in one piece and it was not as bad as I thought, but would love to have pics of yours.
  6. Can anyone help me with how to remove the dash on a '48 Desoto. I am trying to rewire and figure the best way to do the dash is remove it, wire it and replace it and then go thru firewall with engine bay wiring which is the other part of the Dash wiring harness. Thanks, Roger
  7. Can anyone help me with removal of the dash on my desoto. Upside down doing wiring is not conducive to good blood flow! Beginning replacing the wiring harnesses....Oh Yeah! Thanks, Roger
  8. I know you fellows are discussingdifferent cars and wiring harnesses, but I am trying to figure out how to remove the dash on a 1948 Desoto S-11. Can arness from nyone help me with this. I have bought my have bought my harness from Wiring Harnesses Unlimited and have labeled everything according to their list/legend to make it easier, I hope. I just need to know how to remove the dash and I am going to cut the wire trunk and replace the wiring on the dash, replace the dash and then go into the engine bay section thru the firewall. All help is appreciated! Roger
  9. Rick, Let's do it that way and, who knows, it may cost me more this way, but its my problem. I appreciate your willingness to change your offer. How do we finish this deal? Can you try UPS for overland delivery? Let me know the price for it all or you can tell me all of the information required and I can do the UPS from here. I live in Missouri City, TX, near Houston. I trust you whatever way you want to do it! What kind of Desoto do you have? Let me know! Regards, Roger
  10. Rick, I wrote a response, but for some reason,nit did not get posted. I asked if this is your best price for this puller? Thanks, Roger
  11. I am glad to see ya'll are smart enough to be concerned. My died at 71 of asbestosis and it was not an easy passing. Overtest, it is cheap. You can get a wetting agent to penetrate the asbestos and slow down or stop the friability qualities. Definitely use the proper protection for respiration. A dust mask will not do! Good luck on your restoration.
  12. Your 1950 is a favorite of mine, too. You have a great "family" link with yours. I have a connection in that mine is just like the first car I had at age 15. Hope you have a Merry CHRISTmas!!
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