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  1. I don't know if he would appreciate me putting his contact info on a forum, so if you are interested or know someone who might be, PM me. The Rallye is still there, or at least it was 4 weeks ago when I went back out there.
  2. Yes, I was surprised when he quoted that price because everything else is going cheap. I think someone can get it for less. The guy is making deals and easy to work with.
  3. Hi Keiser - It's in Clatskanie. He has the title and is asking $2,500/offer for it. Shoot me a message if you want his contact info. Jeff
  4. I saw this at a junkyard the other day. It needs to be saved.
  5. It's in Clatskanie, Oregon. I can give you the guy's contact info if you PM me.
  6. I've tried to find a club to contact but most seem inactive or have closed Facebook pages. These cars are likely to be crushed soon. The last owner was a hoarder but the new folks are clearing things out.
  7. Are you interested in it? It's a long way from you (Oregon).
  8. Saw these in a large collection of rotting vehicles this weekend.
  9. Is the third fastener swedged so I have to grind it off to remove the round panel from the rest of the mechanism? Thanks.
  10. I need another one of these. It's from a 1964 1100C pickup. Please PM if you have one to sell. Thx.
  11. I am selling a 1970 Plymouth Fury Convertible with a 383 4-barrel motor and automatic transmission. It is listed on the Portland, Oregon Craigslist and is on Ebay if you would like to read more about it and see pictures. Thank you. https://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/cto/d/1970-plymouth-fury-convertible/6684539512.html https://www.ebay.com/itm/1970-Plymouth-Fury-III/223132866801?hash=item33f3c158f1:g:dSMAAOSwHupbkJx6&vxp=mtr
  12. Asking $1,000 for the parts listed below. Happy to send pictures to those with a serious interest. Most of these parts are for 1942 Plymouth coupe but there are a few mystery parts that might go on sedans or the 1946-48 cars. These are in Portland, Oregon. I can help with shipping via Fastenal or other service but I might need to charge a bit extra for that, depending on how much work it is. I will consider offers for individual parts but prefer to sell everything. Please PM if interested. Thx. Original shop manual Original parts book 1942 Plymouth Parts - Box 1
  13. $5,900. Portland, Oregon. Mostly original. Runs and drives. Rebuilt brake system. Photo taken on Monday. Please PM or use email in ad at link below. Thx. https://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/cto/d/1942-plymouth-club-coupe/6360858417.html
  14. Bumping this up again. Open to offers on the fenders. I also have many other 1942 Plymouth coupe parts, some of which I would like to sell. Please PM me if you are looking for something.
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