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  1. My 64 Spyder was called Nader by friends, and my 64 Monza 4 door was called Ed Cole. Oh, yea, those were also their personalized license plates.😉 One day a door to door interrupter (salesman) stopped by and told me my neighbor Ed Cole liked the products he was selling! Hmmmm....so truthful I see..🤣 My wife's 50 Studebaker Commander is known as Max, and it is also a personalized antique plate. Any guesses as to why? 🤔
  2. And visit the Corvanatics website for ideas. 👍
  3. The biggest problem is any seat you get will be too tall. Unless you are about 5 feet tall. get used to bumping your head! Many people have beat the floor down, but that gets into the wheel/tire assemblies steering ability. Study it carefully.
  4. You missed my comment, there is NO BELT driving it! All electric. Does not matter which body it is in, diagram is the same:
  5. I see what you are saying, Bernie. The employee is a covered driver, but the non-employee is not. There is no agreement between the company that owns the vehicle and the non-employee driver. I'll just assume Deco means the employee drives the car when they need to go somewhere, not Deco behind the wheel. Therefore Deco has no vehicle for his use. Nowadays this also applies to people who use Uber, etc and do not own a car, but get around just fine.
  6. WWOOWW!!! Here in Virginia it is only a $10 upcharge. No wonder we have more personalized plates than any other state!😉
  7. Type "4 foot LED replacement lamp" into Google. Here is one result: https://www.1000bulbs.com/fil/categories/5000k-led-t8-tubes-direct-wire And another: https://www.earthled.com/collections/t8-t12-led-fluorescent-replacement-tube-lights-that-bypass-ballast-rewire I like to buy the full voltage (aka ballast bypass) version, as usually the ballasts are bad, or close to it, so removing those is a good idea.
  8. IIRC, there is just one AIR Injection connection on the top of each manifold. At least I just fought just the one on the RH manifold when I had to take the RH head off to remove the broken stud (last one, next to firewall, typical). BTW, the air pump is electric, no belt.👍
  9. You can get 4 foot full voltage replacement lamps up to 2200 Lumens each! In quantity they are as low as ~$5 each. I put 2200 Lumen lamps in our kitchen, had to take them out! I put 1800 Lumen bubs in, still brighter than the T8 lamps I removed, but look great!
  10. I see the biggest change you did was NOT installing LED fixtures, but in placing the fixtures for proper lighting! If you had that many strip lights of fluorescent lamps to begin with the light would have been way more even. I see way too many people place lights where they are blocked by the garage door when it is open. Just hang them along the open door, not above them. One can also place them about 5 feet off the floor to illuminate under a car on a lift, but I do not like that bright light in my eyes. But it does light up under there good! I bought one specially made to hang under a hood. Wonderful! The version of this that was sold 6 or so years ago: https://atdtools.com/80357 I bought a corded one, so I am NOT replacing the battery about now.... Love corded tools. Never buy batteries.😁
  11. ????? I've put in maybe a hundred so far. All full voltage style, so I just remove the ballasts and label so a future person does not install fluorescent lamps again.
  12. Also ask in the Buick Post War section a ways down the first Forum page.
  13. My point exactly! Hence CW and CCW (as used in TMs) to get the idea across to others with no confusion. All old guys know what a clock face is, most a sundial too.😁 Yes, lots of colloquialisms and other languages in this hobby: what is the boot of a car, the carb, the dizzy, brake guide plate (a recent item on another forum had people scratching their head, but it was the term in the shop manual), drag link, paraffin, etc all confusing to some people.
  14. Then I would not use them! I have 40 years of using DOT 5 in brake systems with NONE of the issues I hear about. Most all failure to bleed issues are installer problems. I've seen those people in action. Rapidly pressing the brake pedal to build pressure before the helper opens the bleed valve. Sounds like a machine gun going off. No wonder people report problems!😲 Gravity bleeding is a piece of cake with DOT 5. Note I do not drive up Pikes Peak or circle track race. Well, from my experience, the DOT 5 exceeds the "preservation" quality of the other fluids. I could give you an expected lifetime of rubber in silicone fluid, but, I have yet to see any failures, so, 40 years plus?😉 What an ordeal you are going through.
  15. I'm sure the missing back "code" for 1949 is just a misprint on Ditzler's part. It would be code 1 on the body tag, like yours show 8 for gray, which is noted as 4908 code (1949 code 😎 on the Ditzler (PPG) paint chip page. Carlsbad Black is body color also for many years of Buicks. That autocolor site is great for PPG color chips/codes. https://www.autocolorlibrary.com
  16. Back in the mid 60s were we given a VHF Monitoradio (yes, that's the brand) that covered the 108 to 174 MC (yep, that old) narrow band FM. We had fun listening to the mobile phone calls up around 170 MHz. No scrambling, just narrow band FM signals.
  17. Not trying to be a smart alec, but, right to left, left to right? Those are linear terms, like how to read a line of text. The same rotation can be said to exist for the same rotation of the part. Just depends on what the person saw. i.e. above the center line or below the centerline.🤔 The terms Clockwise and Counter Clockwise were invented to eliminate confusion. CW or CW looking at a part. Why make a big deal, that does not help the OP with their problem, because I work with young people who CAN NOT TELL TIME ON a clock face!🤬 We are in danger of not being able to communicate mechanical ideas like quarter turn (as in quarter of the hour), clockwise, etc. Off my soap box now, at least it is old car mechanical related...🤣
  18. Why will it fail inspection? I know Maryland is tough, but only has to be done once in your ownership, some sort of consumer protection law, not protection of other vehicles on the road (a real reason for state safety inspections). Here in Virginia, the car just has to have the safety equipment working that was required on date of manufacture, so no seat belts, air bags, etc. Not even a heater/defroster or windshield for that age of car. Lights + horn have to work, brakes and tires good and suspension joints not worn out. No cracked glass, but the glass does not have to be there.😉 Sometimes the inspectors don't know the rules, since all they see is modern vehicles. Pennsylvania still have to "no rust hole over the size of a quarter" rule? Duct tape and paint.....😉
  19. No, this was commercial two way radios, still in use today. Like all the Taxi cabs back then that were "Radio Dispatched".👍 Yes, you needed a Third Class Restricted Radiotelephone License back then. No longer a requirement. Do not confuse the word Radiotelephone with anything Ma Bell had. Radiotelephone was voice over the ether, Radiotelegraph was Morse Code over the ether. Radiotelegraph was used by ships, I'm sure you saw those radio rooms!😉
  20. So sending the part to Ballston NY solves the problem?🤔 Either the Jiffy Lube or many restaurants there. That's the Google results using Ballston Penetrant or Ballston Oil.
  21. Right, CO2 extinguisher! A dry chemical extinguisher just leaves a mess with no cooling effect!😉
  22. Shhhh, don't tell anyone but I weld stainless steel studs to cast iron manifolds with my MIG welder when the ear is broken off (Corvairs).🙄
  23. Back in the early 80s I test drove a used vehicle from a small used car lot in Richmond, VA. Nothing unusual about that except, it was a 1945 Chevrolet stake body!😲 Same story, small production of them for farmers and other essential uses. Had a 1958 235 in it. It didn't last on that lot for long. Somebody quickly saw potential in the diamond in the rough.
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