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    Pilot bearing lubrication

    If Oilite, then you fill the bushing with motor oil, and squeeze the oil into the pores with your thumb and forefinger before installing it in the crankshaft. I've never had an issue using grease on an older already installed bushing, but C49er has. YMMV (old saying from the early days of fuel MPG postings). Either way, do not use so much it flows out and flings onto the clutch facing. Bob doesn't drive like my Dad taught me. In city traffic stop lights my foot is on the clutch the whole time I am sitting still. I know, should be in neutral according to some owners manuals, but old habits.....😁 Got to be ready to go.
  2. Frank DuVal

    The Grinch

    I'm not sure what my 1995 Park Avenue Ultra was doing for GM, but when I bought it used in 2003 it had 37K miles on it and came with a fresh Michigan General Motors title with just a couple hundred miles difference between the title and current odometer reading. It was bought at a GM auction in Tidewater Virginia by a semi-retired dealer who sold it to me about a month later. He suspected long term use of dealer plates by a dealer's mother. It had suffered right side damage at some point, doors blended in. Only options not on the car are CD player and sunroof.
  3. Of course, I do too. Why would anyone want to look at things that do not interest them? It is those people who make rude remarks about vehicles they are not interested in that drives people away. Those people have bad manners, shouldn't go out in public, just stay as trolls on the internet....πŸ˜‰
  4. For less than that you can buy a couple of cans of R12 with a can tap and do it yourself! How many pounds does the system hold? 2.5 to 3? If there is any in it, then you don't need three pounds. Here is a three can with hose for ~$60: Running about $25 a can right now, winter. Not that much more than cans of R134a. Is there a sight glass? If not, then you need gauges. Well, that runs the price up..... Harbor Freight no longer carries R-12 / R-22 1/4" flare type gauge sets .😁 That's when you consider converting to R134a, when you and your wife are hot and R134a is available at a nearby shop. They will need to replace the failed hose anyway.... A small leak at the compressor seal you would have topped it off before you started the trip. Needing refrigerant in the middle of nowhere is usually a result of part failure.
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    56 engine questions..for those who know LMK

    Been waiting to see, but no luck. Who is LMK?
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    cunifer tubing

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    hot air heater duct hose

    That white hose just does not look right.πŸ˜€ Maybe pant the aluminum hose a dark color..... I assume it is 4” hose, as that is what the home center stores sell for dryer exhaust. if so, Clark’s Corvair also sells 4” hose in fabric (like OEM) or in EPDM (lasts a looong time) C4255.
  8. Frank DuVal

    Coolant to water ratio?????

    I’m with Joe, been using yellow Prestone jugs since I started driving in the late 60s. No issues. Well, my not changing it often is my issue, not Prestone’s!
  9. Frank DuVal

    Anti-freeze Question

    You youngsters!😁 They call all the "new" (since 1940 or so) stuff Permanent Anti-Freeze for a reason. The reason Tinindian told you. My father never got away from saying 'Did you check the alcohol in the car?" every winter. He grew up with alcohol as the antifreeze and knew it always needed replenishing to keep the freezing point low. There were also jokes at the time about winter city streets smelling like a distillery, because of all the alcohol evaporating. I see ads in Motor Service magazines in the late 50s that still show Zerex as selling an alcohol product. Cheaper than Ethylene-Glycol antifreeze. I put alcohol in my Willys-Knight at the suggestion of WOKR members. Where did I find it? Most any store (not just auto parts). I just poured in the blue windshield washer fluid from the store! Hope the garage does not get below -20°F.😨
  10. Frank DuVal

    broken distributor cap

    Right, typically a crack in a distributor cap collects carbon dust from the arc and the carbon center terminal wear. If you smooth the crack so it isn't there, carbon can not lay in the line and cause a short. Same on outside to keep dirt out of crack that also may be conductive. Glue, smooth both sides and give it a try.
  11. Frank DuVal

    Coolant to water ratio?????

    In non-automotive cooling applications, we use ethylene - glycol solution in whatever ratio with water that is required to keep it from freezing. 10%, 15%, etc. The more ethylene - glycol we used, the less the heat transfer was, and we were more interested in getting maximum heat transfer from our processes to the air. We check the percentage with a refractometer to be sure. Anti-Freeze has more stuff in it than pure instrument grade ethylene - glycol, but probably not more than a percent or two. I would say it is CYA by the anti-freeze maker to prevent engine block damage from solid water breaking stuff. "I know the product was defective and they owe me a new engine because I added 25% antifreeze for my area" not knowing the correct capacity of the system and only adding 15%...... Or suddenly the temperature drop 20Β°F below normal for two days...... Use a refractometer ( of course, no one has those at home...) or the simple ball hydrometer to check freeze point of solution to be sure. Drive happy.πŸ˜‰ Yes, boiling point is more of an issue in warm climates.
  12. Greg, I hate to be the stickler, but that Nixon bumper sticker would only be right if that '73 Vette was produced before November 1972. If produced after October and delivered after November 7, 1972, then that accessory would not be period correct. Ha!😁
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    Full-Size Standard Shift Cars, 1950-1973

    I've got a 70 Buick Estate Wagon with 455 and three on the tree. For years I thought I had the "only one", but an article in the Buick Bugle showed 26 were produced. After 250 k miles, the frame decided to get thin. It was great to drive in the snow, oops.... Awaiting a frame someday ......πŸ˜‰ It was bought used to replace my father's 1966 4 door Biscayne 283 - 3 on the tree, that was rear ended in 1978. I was driving a 1966 Biscayne station wagon with 283 - 3 on the tree at the time. I got the Buick wagon when my father bought a 1979 Scooter (4 speed standard equipment, NO options). He never bought an automatic transmission, but Mom did!😁
  14. Frank DuVal

    Any one else watch Perry Mason?

    Was the '56 Buick in that episode a victim of "burned bearing"? I remember an episode with that subject from yeeeaaars ago. On every night at 11:30 EST on MeTV. Followed by the Twlight Zone, more cars from the 60s typically.
  15. Frank DuVal

    Rusted bolt holes

    Not sure why rusting will stop with the use of distilled water, but using distilled is a GREAT idea. Hmm, Google says, seems it might have to do with no free oxygen in distilled water. So, as long as the cooling system is completely full of distilled water, maybe. But, our old systems have an air space above the water line in the radiator, so there is free oxygen for the water to circulate (water pump) through the heads/block. Anyway I am suggesting a rethreading tap and die set company, Jawco. I use their rethreading products both at work and in my hobby.
  16. Frank DuVal

    Brake leak location

    Follow section b. Major Adjustment on page 9-2 of the shop manual. That covers the master cylinder push rod, the anchor pin and the shoes. Shop Manual/09-Brakes/image2.html I'll include it here for others to follow along and comment if they have better ideas. A test for hydraulic vs adjustment issues of too much play is to tighten all four shoe adjusters until all 4 wheels no longer turn. The pedal should be rock hard and close to the top. If not, hydraulic issues.
  17. Frank DuVal

    GM Headlight Switch- removal

    Yes, the shaft pulls out of the switch. Feel around for the spring loaded "rivet" and press. Sometimes it takes a bit of pushing to depress the spring. Disconnect the battery, because step one is to pull the knob out to turn on the headlamps. Then, with the knob out, you cannot turn off the headlamps!πŸ˜‰ Pull knob to headlamps on position Depress spring, hold it down Pull knob out of switch. If you can reach the spring, you do not have to remove he switch from the dash to pull the knob off/out The knob is pressed onto the shaft, and it does not remove from the shaft easily.
  18. Frank DuVal

    Need ID on a GM starter

  19. Frank DuVal

    Brake leak location

    I also just realized I mis-read your word, which is bled, past tense. I read it as bleed, a warning for others not to do it. That's the confusion I had. Of course you never bench bled a master cylinder, never had a problem, and that is great.πŸ‘ I read (past tense) it as a warning for others to not ever bleed a master cylinder, hence my "strong word" comment. Oops.... Probably not my last reading mistake!πŸ˜‰
  20. Frank DuVal

    pulling the nose off a '51 Super

    But you live in Texas! Try this in salt states.....😁
  21. Frank DuVal

    Brake leak location

    ???😨 I can see you might say bench bleeding is not necessary, and get comments from those that like to do it, but NEVER? Thems strong words. I have put a lot of master cylinders on cars without need of bleeding the system because I bench bleed the master, bolt it in place without disturbing the lines and attach the lines carefully, leaving them loose. Have someone press the brake pedal as I tighten the lines. This is an important skill where salt is used and the bleed screws are FROZEN!πŸ˜‰ Not saying our antique cars should get this treatment, but it works if only the master is bad and everything else is up to snuff. Follow installation with a hard HARDER test to confirm. Bench bleeding came about with the dual maser cylinders and "not plumb" firewalls. When the master cylinder bore sits at a 45 Β° angle to the ground, it is hard to get all the air out. Our rebuilt masters (parts found at US FLAPS*) usually come with either two plastic tubes and plastic adapters, or two plastic plugs. One method returns the fluid to the reservoir, the other method works the pistons against blocked outlets. Both methods want the same result, no air in the master before installing it. To do this, mount the master cylinder in a vise parallel to the ground. *Friendly Local Auto Parts Store
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    Hydraulic brake tubing

    Any parts store aka FLAPS (friendly auto parts store) has steel tubing in premade lengths with double (inverted) flare, bubble flare and metric flare. They should also carry the inverted flare fittings to join sections together. Common for mechanics in salt areas to replace sections of tube instead of the whole tube, since the rust through is external and not internal in these cases. Maybe not anymore due to lawyers, but I have seen it on trucks brought down from New York area.πŸ˜‰ Of course, they might have just been β€œused car” repairs.😁
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    Grahams were sold at Graham dealers. They were built in Detroit.
  24. Frank DuVal

    Fuel lines and fittings.

    Could it be the simple reason one can buy all those items you name from restoration suppliers, but to get the correct fittings means buying a lathe and making their own replacements or walking through Hershey several years in a row to find damaged ones. Where did you find the ones you used? What judge would know they were incorrect and take off points? People going for trophies look at their judging sheets to see what to correct and better their score. No deduction,, no need to change!πŸ˜‰ Matt, your work looks great! You can still be proud.
  25. Frank DuVal

    Hydraulic brake tubing

    REpoxy holding hydraulic pressure. Sure, just wrap it with electrical tape to be sure. Then tow it to the scrapyard, as you might kill yourself and others if you drive it!😧 DO NOT compromise on safety parts, like brakes. Running is optional, stopping is mandatory. Do not use compression fittings either. Illegal in this state. Why? Improper installation and they fail. See above about killing others in crash. Inverted flare fittings only. I have spliced brake lines, with inverted flare fittings, to avoid spots that looked hard. But now I just replace it all, since I learned the section I didn’t replace had to be replaced later. Just do it once. I use Cunifer for the brake tubing, easy to bend and flare. You may also find some of your lines have bubble flares instead of the typical inverted flare on one end. You can make these with standard inverted/double flare tool. Instructions on Internet. Always do a hard harder test on brake systems of older (as new as 5 years old in salt states) brake systems. Step hard on brake , then step harder. If non-power brakes, grab steering wheel and pull yourself up. A good brake system will hold this pressure. If something brakes, be glad it happen do in the driveway and not at a big intersection.