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  1. It looks like it was chrome plated where it should be nickel .
  2. The Paddy Wagon may be a Buick. All of the motorcycles are different, Indian ? with the wider fender and tire. I think that is a Court House or some government building with the statue in front.
  3. I keep lacquer handy to wipe up slobbers. One guy putting POR 15 on the bottom side of an old Chevy truck dripped a bit to much on his shirt and lost a wad of chest hair. It will scrape off your shin but sticks well to finger nails. Your metal should be a bit rough, 80 grit or sand blasted, wiped down with a clean dry rag..
  4. Welcome I don't have the parts you need. It may help you get to the right people if you title your thread "32 Plymouth manifolds." Folks on here might not know what a Jerryd is.
  5. Then imagine making at least 25 trips to the lake to cut and load more ice.
  6. I have heard that the owner pays income tax on the retail value of the parts that come from catalogs. (aftermarket)
  7. The style of their dress is post WWII . I would date around 1948-50 in Southern California.
  8. It is not from the earlier Chryslers, they have a cut outs for the spreader bar and front spring hardware.
  9. What would your neighbors say if it was parked in your driveway ? The state may make you put on rear fenders, what type would you make for your new machine ?
  10. Kind of looks like one I had on my first motor bike, a Honda 160.
  11. The current person would be in possession of a stolen car, the insurance company would still own the car if it was not recovered. If it was recovered then they could sell it with a new state title issued.
  12. 1920s French Flapper Flasher on a right hand drive Renault.
  13. I started a coin collection when I peddled papers in 1964 (population 935 ) In High School I re-built radios.
  14. Photos of the grease cap and kingpin may help.
  15. You may want to title the thread "2 speed axle ID" along with a photo of the part. International was a good one for almost identical parts on the assembly line.
  16. All the smaller K and KB series trucks (1941 -49 ) would use the same one. The larger series would use a longer arms.
  17. I am betting the black ones with the long stud are late 40s after market. In the second set of photos there are the notches for the sealed beam bulbs, designed to mount vertical and horizontally. As for the brackets they may be mid to late 20s Chrysler
  18. When stored out of the weather polishing will remove more metal than the oxidation would over the next 100 years.
  19. I have seen and behind cars driving down the freeway with the 4 ways on. The problem is some cars still use the same light filament as the brake lights.
  20. There should be a part number on the front axle that will help ID it.
  21. Can you post the video down in the "photo and video" section so it stays toward the top longer ?
  22. May have ARK &1933 on it and an older kid on the front porch, not a mother in-law.
  23. At about the same time period, or just a bit before, the Franklin car company did a tour of Death Valley. This was to show how well the air cooling worked in their cars well above the 100° mark.