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  1. The number plate is 1914 or a year or two earlier.
  2. Are you saying you have a rebuilt Chrysler 6 cylinder and are looking for a buyer ?
  3. Send me a photo or post a photo here so others can see what you are looking for. There were several types used. Is this for your Plymouth ?
  4. So would a 1920s Baker or Detroit Electric count as a plug in electric replacement if I could turn in a Chevy Avalanche with a weak transmission and dashboard nightmares ?
  5. I think it is a gas cap of some sort.
  6. When I was in Minnesota I got a rebuilt title from the state after I got a theft recovery car inspected. The car was missing the wheels and tires, buckets seats, battery, and carburetor. Some rebuilt titles are issued to cars that had not been registered since before titles were first issued in the early 1970s.
  7. My Father said that if you could reach up and put a quarter dollar (25¢) on the counter of the hardware store you could get a drivers license good for a year. ( South Dakota 1920s )
  8. #3 is a 1930s Chrysler product Dodge, Plymouth,Chrysler, De Soto 621440 is the number ?
  9. I used "Off to Egypt by W.H.Fuller", very little came up but "An Arab Abduction" was there. When I found it was a 3 act comedy I was hoping to find a copy of the play and/or the musical score.
  10. On Dec. 22 1884 at the Toronto Grand Opera House the performance of "Off To Egypt" , a musical comedy in three acts. Monday Dec 1 would be 1884 or 1890, to be at that theater I would date it to be 1890.
  11. I would be bothered more by "who did the work" than did you do it. In high school in the 60s I started re-doing 1920 & 30s radios and wooden boats , 1970s I started on cars & trucks.
  12. The M series crank is about 3 inches shorter in length than the G series.
  13. Part of the steering wheel can be seen in the photo and she has the British dress look.
  14. The key here would be to identify the spline for the handle.
  15. Back in 1974 or so working in a body shop my boss had a 1959. He was going to pick up some parts instead of making a hard right the car went straight across the road into the truck stop parking lot. A short time after that there was some type of recall or warning "but" because the cars were "old" there was not the typical mandatory replacement.
  16. The little compressor is from the mid to late 1930s and used in a small filling station in the Poche / Panaca area in eastern Nevada. The overall height is just over 2 feet, the twin cyl compressor is 6 inches high.
  17. You failed to mention the driver is also blindfolded.
  18. Think about using a oak stump and a dull sledgehammer.
  19. Bhigdog Here is my $20 air compressor project I am going to start redoing. It is a full 1/8 HP, runs quiet and I set it to shut down at 25 PSI. This one takes up very little room.
  20. I have had humidity up over 30% after spraying the floor down or after a big rain. It goes back down to the 5 - 15% in an hour or so. We get 2 to 4 inches of rain a year and that keeps every thing fairly dry.
  21. A padded invoice is not a new thing, neither is fudging a odometer.
  22. I think it is two cats on a 1939 Nash.
  23. I I am 5'4" and I know I would be comfortable in that car any day.
  24. Most likely a 1970 Chevy SS clone and a Milburn missing the front fenders that mount to the stud sicking out.
  25. Minnesota had amateur radio call letter plates well before the vanity plates.
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