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  1. It is from a wood framed door, mid 20s to early 30s, mid priced car most likely.
  2. The shifter was on the column and towards the end it got fussy and sometimes would jam up. I had the same problem with a 1962 Dodge PU.
  3. I had a gold 70 Valiant slant 6 with the manual 3 speed, the Dodge was a better looking car. These were great cars for every day driving and easy to work on.
  4. It looks like a1970 Dodge Dart . It could have had come with a 225 cid six cylinder or several V8s, transmissions were 3 speed automatic or 3 or 4 speed manual. Many were bare bone cars for cheap transportation others could have been ordered with AC, AM?FM radio etc., this one is not a Swinger
  5. The radiator emblem and the front fenders do look like an Allen. The wheels also seem to match.
  6. Lets go for a ride with the top down. (feel, hear, smell would be the best way)
  7. The negative battery cable can be smaller than the positive cable because some the current has been used. I have heard two different versions of this in the past few years.
  8. My wife's grand father, he drove 200 miles from Wheaton Mn to a track in St Paul to race. I don't know if he was #1 or 2 in the second photo (notice the flat roof cars on the side line.
  9. Midwest boys headen out west on vacation.
  10. Imperial roadster with the rumble seat door.
  11. Here is a Model 72, notice the water temp fitting in the head behind the horn, the oil fill was moved from the center forward and an adjustable crankcase breather built in. The small six has no coolant temp gauge.
  12. Is it just the front clip or a whole convertible , 2 or 4 door ?
  13. 1928 Model 72. The 70 had a different oil fill and it was farther back. The newer Chryslers had a generator on the left.
  14. If you take into account the tire size you can calculate the wheelbase as the 96" truck.
  15. Looks a bit like a 53 /54 Plymouth.
  16. This one was used as a patch for a stove pipe hole.
  17. The fender looks like a Ford from around 1914. I would hate to see another Chevy engine in a Ford.
  18. He should be drilling on the other side of the frame rail, with his head right under the plane
  19. Two years ago good heads were selling at $200 a pair.
  20. I use foot long wood 4X4s on cars I don't fit under (stacked laying down not on end)