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  1. In the early 70s these Saabs make excellent ice racers in the upper Mid West.
  2. A Plymouth owner may want it, it would make a nice conversation piece.
  3. The best thing to do is to get some old farts over to look at it. There is many guys who know these truck inside and out. Many of the younger crowd don't understand carburetors. The good thing is every part is available for this truck.
  4. I was thrilled when my father asked me to move the truck while he was up on the house roof tossing shingles down onto it. I was 8 or 9 and the truck was a 1945 Chevy 1 ton flatbed ( no chrome ) I also had the awful job of picking up the ones that fell on the ground.
  5. Looks like an old rear end accident with an over loaded Ute.
  6. The P.A. with the hole is around 1914. With the hole it is not really worth the $20 marked on it.
  7. I think I can still tipe for words aminute with only 5 msstakes on one of thoose..
  8. Looks like someone should not have driven to school by themself.
  9. What is on the tag, it should have paint and trim numbers along with a body type.
  10. What seems to be the major problem, no spark, popping through the carb, not turning over ? Maybe we can walk you through some of the testing. I suspect either fuel or ignition on a car that sat for a long time.
  11. The 1910 Elmore is a very interesting car. They made 2 & 3 cylinder cars that were 2 cycle engines. They have a gear driven ported tube, long like a camshaft, as a kind of fuel / air rail.
  12. He has a set for a 4cyl and a set for a 6cyl (not for any Dodge V10s)
  13. This may be a good place to sell them if you wish to. Speedster folks many times put uncommon plugs in for that modified racing look. Photos are always welcome.
  14. I had a 1954 Chevy with the auto stop feature. I learned the 2 feet 3 peddle driving method.
  15. The open tube would have to be plugged. It was probably plugged with a blow off cap or some type of check valve.
  16. I have one that looks like it is based on the same basic design. Mine was made in England and I have not found out any info on it, so far.
  17. Years back I had a "slightly" modified 63 T Bird. It could hit 90 MPH in less than two city blocks and more than that to stop. ( 8-9 MPG )
  18. Well IF the strap on the other side is on the bottom side of the wheel ----
  19. Yes it is a step down straight six.
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