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  1. There is a fuseable-link on the starter solenoid that feeds the rest of the car. Does anything come on? Were you running the highest octane fuel available in your area? 1970 was 10:1 compression. Only year. Needs the HIGHEST octane you can find. Running low octane will cause spark knock, followed by ring/piston damage. Then it can be rebuilt with 8.5:1 pistons....... šŸ¤¬
  2. Please note in Graham Man's post that gasoline is cheaper today than it was in 1936! Now, if you lived in Europe..... you might have something to complain about.šŸ˜‰
  3. No available handle extension for those wrenches that I have seen. Of course, when needed, pipe, combination wrench, etc. will be placed into service. šŸ˜
  4. What type? It needs to be compatible with brake fluid and rubber parts. I've been using DOT 5 since the early 80s. Never any white corrosion on parts when I opened them back up, but, I haven't had to open many of them!šŸ˜‰
  5. I see this all the time with DOT 3 systems. Caused by moisture in the air. Master cylinder reservoirs on these older cars are open to the atmosphere. Modern cars use a rubber diaphragm between the atmosphere and the fluid reservoir. Now, why one Plymouth does it and not the other....good question. I fix it by using DOT 5.
  6. I say Iā€™m not, since I would have to look up those initials to see what you said.šŸ˜‰
  7. AFAIK, 4 way flashers were standard equipment across all models in the US starting with the 67 model year. Fords had them in 1966, with the switch hiding in the glove box.
  8. It is quite a chore! The fuel tank was installed on the assembly line (pictures are on the internet) BEFORE anything else was installed in the front unibody under area. šŸ˜² So unless you want to drop the front crossmember (and who wants to add all that work and broken bolts...?), you will be working in tight quarters. You MUST drop the sway bar (on those earlies so equipped, all 64s and lates have them). Make new lines out of Cunifer, then never have to replace them again from rust. A lift helps a lot, since you have to have the car so far up in the air if yo
  9. Nothing AFAIK. SAE is Society of Automotive Engineers. They write specifications for the auto industry. Your fluid drive is a low pressure hydraulic system. Compared to a real high pressure system like aircraft controls! The ones where you look for leaks with a broom handle. When the handle is cut in two, that's where the leak is.šŸ˜³ They don't want you to fill oil into a hole that is retaining a spring. Maybe the passage does NOT connect directly with the sump. What does the spring do? That would explain where the oil would end up if added through that hole.
  10. Yes! I had a friend with a 61 Beetle, and I got used to flicking the "reserve lever" with my foot. You drove until the engine faltered, flicked the lever and drove to a service station. Who needs a gauge? This is also why VW fuel gauges said R instead of E for many years, a nod to Reserve. The 62 fuel gauge was also mechanical, float attached to a "Bowden" cable that swung the needle.
  11. Ah Ha! the Spyder! Otherwise you would have said carbs.šŸ˜ I recommend Steve Goodman in Colorado for rebuilding that YH. Rear Engine Specialists. Yes, get a fuel pump also. And the rubber T and hoses on the tank, since you are putting in a new tank. Lots of discussion on who sells the best T. Lots of the reproduced ones seem to last just a year. As this question on corvaircenter.com/phorum . The filter is special also.... you will need to know if there is a return line connected to the filter. If no return line, then no T at the tank vent either. But, I thoug
  12. Watch the tip you use, as you don't want to cut through the plastic. šŸ˜² But I think that is a good suggestion, pressure wash with detergent feed. At least the in tank pump tanks I have seen are large enough in the opening to get your hand in there and clean the sump area.
  13. Yes, replace the stones that are on some Rochester carburetors too!šŸ˜†
  14. I am so sad this guy is in my state..... an embarrassment.šŸ¤¬ Sounds like the kind of train wreck guilty pleasure I crave occasionally. More details? I've seen their work, you do not want to see it.
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