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  1. Not related to a car, except the dentist probably drove one, in 2010 a meteorite fell into a dentist office in Northern VA while the office was open!😲 The big legal question of the day, who owned it? Tenant (dentist) or Landlord? i.e. who got the tax deduction for the donation, and how to value it. https://www.foxnews.com/science/meteorite-crashes-through-virginia-doctors-office
  2. Sword striper and One Shot. And Kerosene..... Mercedes had painted pin stripes, and using tape on one panel never looked right, so I had to learn. Lucky the Art Market was in the next block to the shop, so I could get supplies and ask questions. All the other cars got 3M tape. 😁 Pinstripers are usually for hire at Rat Rod Shows!
  3. I know the power is "sold" to users far away, but the simple fact of electricity is the electrons do not know where they are sold, they just flow to a load! So, power made by me (too many trees here for panels) in excess of my needs goes on the wires leaving my house, and is available for use by my neighbor, transformed up to 34.5 KV and sent to the next distribution transformer, for use by the next customer. This is what I mean by less line loss. Sure, the big wigs say they sold all the solar power from Pittsylvania (and yes, I DO know where that is!) solar farm to Northern, Va, but the elec
  4. I'm sorry, you seem to have strayed from the Antique Radios Forum.....😄 But to answer the question, $60. My Trans-Oceanics have Locktals.....😉 I live a little over 30 miles from our North Anna Nuclear Power Plant. No worries here. And fairly cheap electricity compared to the rest of the nation. Dominion has cut waaay back on coal burning power plants. Solar has one benefit, that it is produced closer to the user, so less line loss. Put in solar panels, buy electric car, drive for free. Except you do have to buy the car and the panels.....🤣 TNSTAAFL.
  5. That's it! You passed your American English as a second language test! 😉 Just like Padgett's picture. Works just fine..... China, India, Taiwan, Japan, Germany, Canada (Snap On sockets), Britain (King Dick Tools!😁) and the USA are all represented in my tool boxes.
  6. Well, in the chart above, a candle flame was 1000° K, so around there, just look at any 6 volt VW Beetle with typical corrosion on the fuses!😁
  7. But one box end is already on the nut/bolt to be turned. This leaves one box and one open end at the intersection of the two wrenches, since two open ends do not mate at all.....🤔
  8. Don't forget the 6 volt Beetle, group 19L: https://www.usbattery.com/info-center/specifications-low-maintenance-starting-batteries/
  9. And then I would skip the combination wrench. 😉 Or, with the Allen wrench long end out, just slip the box end of the combination wrench onto the Allen and turn. Use long style combo wrench, larger size than Allen hex, and just watch out for slipping.👍 SOP around here..... You do know about using two combination wrenches for more leverage, right? Of course if you work in a CAT shop, that is a safety issue and will get "written up".😲
  10. Great pictures for the comparison. Thanks!
  11. Please explain. This, as written, makes no sense, since every vehicle I've seen with a battery has one of the battery terminals connected to ground, aka chassis! In fact, the definition of POSITIVE GROUND is the positive terminal of the battery is connected to the chassis, aka ground. Therefore, any ungrounded live wire (the "hot" wire) that touches the chassis will be a short circuit, and without a fuse in line, could start a fire. You have said this before. Just what does it mean? Fuses are properly designed into the "hot" wire of a system. Does
  12. A piece of scrap metal, snips, hammer and vice or Vice-grips should produce a working adapter plate to mount the new style cutout to the old generator.😉
  13. A common misconception! Caused by sometimes this statement is right. BUT, only in one style of DC motor. The only way to reverse a motor (AC-DC-Whatever electric) is to change the relative magnetic field between the fixed part and the rotating part. For those DC motors with permanent magnets supplying the magnetic field, one just has to reverse the power going in, as that reverses the magnetic field of only one part, thus reversing the motion. For DC motors with electrically derived magnetic fields (like most every starter motor built until recently when sm
  14. Off Frame just does not sound right.....😄 Maybe the frame is off the suspension?
  15. Typical vapor lock in Corvairs is when you drive for a while, stop for 10 or so minutes at 7-11 or get a quick lunch, get back in the car and drive about 50 feet. and it will NOT start again. While running, the fuel pump sits high on the engine, in the cool air flow. Once stopped, the heat rises and boils the fuel in the pump. Pump has a hard time trying to pump air (fuel vapor) so engine starves and quits. Quick fix is dump ice on the fuel pump. Permanent fix (if you have this problem) is to install an electric pump up front at tank with a momentary switch, run only when needed.
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