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  1. I own a 66 Corvair Monza that has paperwork that it was supposed to be shipped to the middle east. Don't know what happened to that sale, as it was sold in California, ended up in DC. Car is optioned as one would think to go to the middle east: 95 HP engine. Runs on regular low test crap fuel. Beige inside and out. Blends in with desert sand and rejects sun's rays. Tinted glass all around. Same. Factory Air! Keep passengers cool!
  2. It was cold yesterday, but warm today, even with a sprinkle of rain I was working outside at work. Should be warm in the daytime for at least a week now. That 32 degree high was NO FUN! When not at work I'm roughing in my daughter's house. For a week it was too cold to glue pipe together.....😡 Northern Neck still going. Got an email from them yesterday asking about our HFR show. April this year.
  3. True confession time. I had built several engines following proper procedures, and all went well. Then I was taking a 194 Chevy six apart for a friend and said, why am I marking these main caps, they all have the same casting number.... Must be the same, except for the obvious thrust bearing cap. So, after mixing them up to clean them, new mains went in and the crank got hard to turn. Hmmm, maybe there is something to marking the main caps to keep them where GM put them in the beginning.....Oh *^*^&% they are line bored after the first assembly. Great, what to do? Ah, Plastigauge to the rescue.👍 I set three runs of plastigauge on each main cap, torqued to spec, made a chart of too tight and too loose readings. Swapped the caps to get even readings. That was at 100K on a 1964 Nova. He still owns the car, was his daily driver way past 200K miles! I guess the caps are close enough to correct placement!😉
  4. And the camshaft, unless you have some cam supplier special lube.
  5. That makes sense. Looking close at the picture, hot goes to screw by fuse, so current goes through fuse (conventional current flow, physicists be quiet) to solenoid core (yoke), then through braid to "armature" (in relay speak that is the movable contact) where it waits for the contact to close then the current flows to the H terminal. The solenoid coil connects to the yoke/core to get a hot, then the other end of the solenoid winding can be clearly seen connected to the S terminal, where a switch connected to ground would energize the solenoid coil, making the H terminal hot. You have found a Horn relay.
  6. Nice sexist remark.😡 I've seen way more men put their feet on dashes than women. I've been in fleet vehicles that had a sticker telling people NOT to put their feet on the dash. Way before airbags, so people just ignored the message.
  7. You mean Tahiti Coral? I love that color! I painted some '56 parts Tahiti Coral for a friend years ago.
  8. More new vinyl records were sold in 2019 than new CDs!👍 Of course the popular method of buying new music involves neither of these options.....😉
  9. 5 seconds every 20 to 30 minutes of driving time is not bad. If it runs that often with the ignition OFF then that will be a problem.
  10. Hmm, one of those rare 454 65 Chevies.😁 Was it a 409 car to begin with? Advice above is spot on!
  11. Of course it is, it is a wagon, made to drive.👍 And if it was not rode hard, it would be way more than $2500!😁 Says it has been replaced with LT-1 engine. Then why does it still have the old engine's air induction system? Stock rims would make that look good. Being woodgrain delete is one thing, but it is also sans the side molding, so that was done after the factory, AFAIK. Still looks better than the side molding with the missing black strips (as most are now).
  12. Not only do I grease these contact surfaces, I also grind them FLAT if they have grooves. Quite a bit of meat there to allow some grinding to get flat again. If not, weld and then grind.
  13. Why get rid of the oil bath air cleaner? It works VERY WELL and lasts forever, unlike paper elements that need replacing at regular intervals. Even after paper elements were installed on regular cars, oil baths were available as extra cost options for heavy duty applications. It is also usually LESS RESTRICTIVE than the paper element. The block should just be a block of steel or brass with passages drilled in it. Unless it is cracked it should be fine and not your issue. Look for broken rubber lines and rusted out steel lines. Also that vacuum tank should have a check valve to prevent loss of vacuum in the tank when you open the throttle. Maybe the check valve has gone bad.
  14. Really, you never looked in a J C Whitney (Warshawsky) catalog? VX-6 Battery Additive!😁