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  1. Yes I do. And this is no longer around for loans greater than 61 months, thank goodness. I never had a rule of 78 loan, always asked to make sure they were "simple" compound interest.
  2. I have to agree. I guess because I have had a '95 PA Ultra since 2003. Only two options missing are the CD player and the Sunroof. Bought it with 38 K miles on it with a General Motors as owner Michigan title, that was new (37 K miles). Must have been a never titled demonstrator or such. Just around 100 K now. Used it as the "good car" for special occasions. Was given a '98 PA with 165 K on it. Use it as a daily driver, now with just over 1/4 of a million miles. Paint is mostly fallen off, don't care...... No rust out at all, very clean underneath, all rust is on top where you can see it!😁 Two years ago I bought a 2005 Ultra to become the new "good car". Maroon with the New York skyline Special Edition badge. Too bad it is out of Connecticut, the elderly owners did drive it in salt. I looked at several black with silver roof PAs, just didn't like the color. The '95 will squeal the tires from a stop light easy. Funny, as you can see people look and wonder what car made that noise, couldn't be that metallic beige large Buick.😃
  3. Not around here, same price! 87 is 2.19 to 2.29, 2% is $2.35 at Lidl and Walmart.
  4. Some cars, like our '98 Saturn, this is not user selectable, they just come on when the handbrake is off. Pull up the handbrake and the driving lights go off. Yes, who came up with that? I'm so used to my GM cars that for years I just left the cruise control turned on. Heck, some just had the push button for set, no other control! When I rented Chrysler products I kept wondering why the cruise wouldn't work after we were out of the car for a few minutes. The 2019 Ford Edge had the same issue. 😡
  5. I live on a typical two lane rural road. When I rented the 2019 Escape and drove it home, the steering wheel vibrated at times. Even seemed that the steering wheel moved by itself. 😲 Then I discovered that was a new feature. The vehicle saw the line down the center of the road, and when I crossed it,( yes, like my neighbors I drive down the middle!), the vibrating steering wheel was to let me know when I approched the line, and then it corrected the steering to make sure I didn't cross the line. Once I knew what was going on, I had to show my wife how the vehicle would self correct going down the interstate. She did not share my amazement, as if you turn the wheel sort of sharp at 60, the correction is also sharp! A wild ride! "STOP THAT" was spoken several times during the trip!😁
  6. Must be an older Edge. The new one (2019) we rented had automatic start/stop. I had to go back to 2015 to get a Buick Encore without Automatic Start/Stop.
  7. He wants to pay you with a bogus cashier's check, then you pay the carrier to take the item. You don;t get any good money from the seller, and you gave money to the carrier, who took your parts. You are now out parts and money. Get it? This scam is very old. Just now taking little time with the speed of the internet.
  8. Hmm, no power brake Impala. 😉 I see the master cylinder has been weeping for a long time, as evidenced by the firewall. I would certainly try rebuilding it first, paint it with a cast iron gray, and keep DOT 3,4,5.1 off the outside as much as you can because it will strip your new paint off. Also a good time to lightly touch up the firewall. Carefully, as to not mar the chalk/paint marks visible in the picture.
  9. The issue is leaving your farm at midnight to get to the flea market by opening time!😁
  10. I wasn't endorsing Ride Share by Hagerty, just commenting on the fact there now is antique insurance that does allow for hire uses. You better believe I would read all the particulars before doing Ride Share!😲
  11. Yes, I just read about this PVC system in General Discussion under Cadillac Top Speed.......😉
  12. Just have your shoes relined. Several places around to do it, probably not where you live, but within shipping distance.😉
  13. Something new is in town, Drive Share by Hagerty! My friend rents out his Corvair convertible with this. All Hagerty insurance sponsored!
  14. Bob, I did not complain. Sure, I poked fun at people who "chip" cars, but that was not directed at you or your son-in-law. Posting opens up discussions, just like when car guys are standing next to each other, and sometimes the discussion goes a different direction, make that usually goes in a different direction.😁
  15. OK, for safety, always disconnect the terminal that is connected to chassis. Why is this safer? Because when you are handling the wrench to loosen the nut on the terminal (unless you are like me and leave the terminal loose so you can twist it off without tools in an emergency...😉) the wrench my touch the terminal you are disconnecting and the chassis at the same time, making big sprk/melt tool/burn hand/start fire issues. Just always disconnect the terminal connected to chassis first. It is in all the shop manuals! OK, give me an example of how can just disconnecting one battery terminal (the one connected to chassis) can have an alternate path to ground? Maybe if the cat drops a wrench across the battery terminal and the chassis when you aren't looking?🙄 Of course, that would only leave the battery in the circuit, what harm would be caused? Much worse if the cat dropped the wrench from the disconnected non chassis connected terminal to the chassis, that would be a short/sparks/melted parts/fire/etc.......😵 Just disconnect the terminal connected to chassis and everything will be fine. On a negative ground car, that is the negative terminal. On a positive ground car, that is the positive terminal. 6 or 12 or 24 volts, makes no difference. On a collector car, just a battery disconnect is needed. There is an ignition switch to turn the engine off! Kill switches are used in race applications, as they get into wrecks and course workers need to turn off wrecked cars when the driver is unable to turn the ignition switch off. This should not be an issue with collector cars (unless you are collecting race cars 😁). No need to mount an ugly switch on the rear of a Packard or Pierce Arrow and loose points in judging.....👍