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  1. Frank DuVal

    electrical thoughts

    You never mentioned what car you have. So we cannot answer if you have 6 or 12 volts and negative or positive ground from the factory. Information is good to have in answering questions. Why people do not include all relevant information when asking a question.... How do they expect a knowledgeable response?
  2. Frank DuVal

    electrical thoughts

    What accessories? What are their current requirements and how many hours do you want them to run? There are DC to DC converters that have no common reference between input and output, so you can run a 6V+ ground system and make a 12V - ground accessory system. Here is one stating for positive ground to negative ground accessories: (look down the page)
  3. Frank DuVal

    Can you sell this?

    Yes, R-12. But what is the bottom of the can doing pouched out? Does it still weigh 12 ounces plus can? Yes, see them for sale on Ebay (with normal bottoms). Read their auctions and see what they say in their ads.
  4. Frank DuVal

    What is your preferred degreasing technique?

    Winter or not I would roll it outside and use a steam cleaner (hot water/wet steam pressure washer) on it. Cold water pressure washer might be good for houses and decks, but for grease and other chemical coatings you need the hot water washer. Best investment I made for getting "used cars" ready for paint touch up, it removed the silicone dressings! Great for cleaning greasy tin on air cooled engines also (think Corvair) 😉
  5. Frank DuVal

    1960 Torque Tube R&R

    Bernie, you had a brake hose made locally? Everytime I asked local hose makers they said "No Brake Hoses, No Way!" They almost didn't make my hydraulic hoses on my GM Hydroboost because I said something about brakes, but then convinced them it was a power steering hose (it is both, for those not familiar with the system).
  6. Frank DuVal

    1960 Torque Tube R&R

    Where's the snow? I though you were in Maryland.
  7. Frank DuVal

    bucket seats

    Yes, C10805 fits both 63/65 Riviera and through 1966 Corvair. Here is page 9 of the Riviera catalog: There is a note of does not fit "1965 Custom". Hmm, is Wildcat and 65 Custom Riviera the same? Have any 61 to 66 Corvair Monzas nearby to get a measurement and compare to your seat?
  8. Frank DuVal

    Any Regions Accepting Credit Cards or EFT?

    What else do they sell?
  9. Frank DuVal

    bucket seats

    Clark's CorvairParts might know what interchanges. What???? They make 63-65 Riviera Upholstery!😉 Give them a call. Yes, Wildcat is B body along with LeSabre.
  10. Frank DuVal

    1957 Tbird generator

    Curious if the new regulators purchased online were recent manufacture or NOS from years ago.
  11. Frank DuVal

    Regulator bench setting machine

    I'm with Bloo, set up regulator on car with generator you will be using. Instructions are usually in shop manual. These instructions also cover troubleshooting the charging system, you just need the adjustment part. Modern DMM works fine for a voltmeter, and up to 10 amps too, For over 10 amps, you need a different ammeter, maybe just use the dash gauge. As Bloo points out, usually just the voltage setting needs adjusting. You don't say which car's regulator you are needing to adjust. If we assume Studebaker, then it could be Autolite or ACDelco in the 50s/60s.
  12. Frank DuVal

    Salvage or no

    So, installing new seats give the chance for water injection.😧 I get it.
  13. Frank DuVal

    41 Buick

    And my 1950 Jeepster is called a Phaeton because it has a front and rear seat with two doors without roll up windows. Go figure. 😁 I hope that VW has a sunroof...
  14. Frank DuVal

    2 AMP SFE Fuses? 55 Special

    We use glass fuses in electronics gear at work, no issue with modern replacement fuses from a name brand (Buss, Littelfuse, etc.).
  15. Frank DuVal

    Salvage or no

    I tried searching, but no luck. Is there a reason you cannot install seats in these heads, like maybe not enough metal under them? I think Bernie is on to something, new guides for the worn ones and see if the seat cleans up. If you do not need them, advertise them for sale as is.