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  1. WPVT

    Compression test

    I've never seen the need to change it. It starts with less than one revolution of the engine. Thanks for your question though. Nobody designed the starter system to operate without plugs in the engine. I'll do the test with one or two plugs in, just to slow it down a bit.
  2. WPVT

    Compression test

    Thanks. The engine spins pretty fast with no plugs, so I figure the Bendix is just doing its job. It may also have to do with the gear ration between the starter and flywheel. All of which is immaterial to the compression test. I get pretty even numbers with the plugs in. Not much difference with a wet test. I'm getting around 100 instead of 120 that the specs call for, so I thought with plugs out it might make for a higher reading. Bottom line is there's nothing wrong with the engine...it runs fine.
  3. WPVT

    Compression test

    Thanks. That's exactly what I was wondering. I'm sure that the design and rating of the Bendix drives varied from one model to another . Yours was probably just designed with a stronger spring than mine.
  4. WPVT

    Compression test

    My system is 6 volt. I agree that the Bendix is working fine. My question is whether anyone else had run into a problem trying to do a compression test with all of the plugs out. I've never done a test that way before myself. I decided to read up on compression testing and the consensus was that it be done with all of the plugs out. Wouldn't any engine with a Bendix starter kick out , cranking with no resistance?
  5. WPVT

    Compression test

    I know the kind you are speaking of, where the foot pedal both electrically activates the starter as well as physically moves to engage the gear. I'd have to check my '54 again to be sure what have. I believe that it must have a Bendix drive, as it kicks out even if you keep the starter pedal pressed down. That would make sense, because it also keeps the gears from grinding once the engine starts. As I recall, the foot pedal activates a lever that only serves to make the electrical contact, not engage the gear. So the problem that I am having is just the Bendix doing its j
  6. I'm trying to do a compression test on a 1954 Dodge 218 flathead engine. When I pull all the plugs and use the starter, the Bendix drive kicks out, because of the speed. I can put two plugs back in and that slows it down enough to do the test. I'd like to test with no plugs in, though. Has anyone else run into this ?
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