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  1. Here it is, Supposed to have 31k original miles. It’s pretty clean, I am the 3rd owner and am happy to update all that is needed hear, I’ve wanted a wagon my whole life. Thought it was always gonna be a Chevy. I’m so excited about this Buick thing. I love it
  2. Thank all of you for the help and info. I want to rebuild or get new cylinders and hoses up front for now, And check this out, I noticed one of the bolts holding the left shock is gone, I’m glad I found this. Car is actually in nice original condition, I’m excited to be the 3rd owner. Mince again I appreciate the knowledge
  3. i just wanted to see, The other day this wheel kind of locked up for a bit in my neighborhood, came home and it was back to normal, i needed to see it
  4. Removed cap, Unscrewed the bolt and no problem. Now where do I get these parts at
  5. I just checked my service manual and found this. it says drum and hub assembly on front.
  6. Sprayed with penetrating spray last night both sides. And been tapping with hammer a little.
  7. Still new here. First off is the best place to ask a brake question? This wagon has 13inch stock wheels now. Im trying to take the front drums off first and not having much luck, Any advice out there, Thank you
  8. Drove out here last night to see the sunset. After stopping and starting the car started to screech, sounded like bad, then next start up squeezed and the gen light came on, I was glad to see the gen light because the noise was so out of place, car runs great. Any way I came home like this last night😂😂😂
  9. Hello everyone, I’m Tony and I live in Olympia WA, About a month ago I finally obtained a wagon in my life, Grew up in California and always wanted one😎 I have not had any other classic cars ever, My time has come. This wagon supposedly has the original 31k miles and it’s really clean and pretty. I look forward to the endeavors ahead, I hope! So first off, where is the best place to ask a question about my generator in this wagon. thank you Tony
  10. Thank you for the knowledge of the 4 x 4 1/2, So I was set to head out for new wheels today, Although last night after 20 mile cruise, Pretty sure the bearings seized in the generator, Screachy noise for about 5 minutes then solid squeal and the gen light came on. Already have new regulator in car. I’m at work till this afternoon then I was planning on removing the generator and having rebuilt here in town.
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