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  1. 4.1 is not one of Caddys best, good 3800 makes the same power. The LT8 V8 needs someone who understands ALDL tuning (Was first Caddy computer car with a TBI).GM predecessor to OBD-II) should be able to sort it out. That also uses a single wire O2 sensor that may be confused. Sounds like the ECC (HVAC) control can display engine diagnostics so may be able to be used in place of a scan tool for diagnosis (common in Buick and Cadillac cars of the period) Bottom line, you need someone with the proper knowlege and tools to sort that out. Just throwing a O2 sensor and a new cat at it might help but a real fix requires understanding what is going on. Would take me about 10 minutes but am in Florida.
  2. You need an ATC (automatic temperature control) for this module to work. I believe there is a similar module for a Riviera that just has the normal switch but these also need to be installed in the HVAC duct for cooling. OTOH since the lower speeds are also lower current you might add a relay just for the high speed. I think GM did that on some models.
  3. padgett


    Why all of my cars are garages in a temperate climate. ps I agree the originals are better,just like to have a "plan B"
  4. I've changed the dampner on a curb before. I set the breaker bar on the concrete and hit the starter to loosen (warning is dangerous).
  5. My grandfather was similar, every year he bought a new TOL caddy - for my grandmother. She drove it for a year and put 10k miles on it. The he took it for the next year and put 100k miles on it from Easton to Baltimore. Except one year when Chesapeake Cadillac called him up and said his new car was there. He said "I didn't order a car.", hung up and bought an Imperial. He hated that car.
  6. No, they either don't work or they drain the battery quickly. Takes a few moments for the AC to cool everything down, why the blower usually delays a bit.
  7. Hey I'm short (used to be 5'10") and wear glasses. Have a Buick now and a half dozen in the past starting with a 70 GS. My favorite rent car was a Century. Was making an observation and not a critique.
  8. You are lucky, my experience was completely different. How much would you bet on 50/50 when there are other options. Seems obvious they spend their entire budget on advertising.
  9. Wonder what tires were used ? At least they stayed in one piece.
  10. Have a choice of vendors. Some have free shipping and returns (and say so), others don't. Prices are comparable. Your choice.
  11. padgett


    OK so got 3m or el wire in a cheap package Wired it up and tested against the el cheapo inverters I had. Neither really bright. One is with the stock inverter, other is other. You decide. First meter is the output voltage, second is 12vdc ma. Are a but different but not really much. Opinions ? .
  12. I've been told RA has no inventory, it is all done through a set of suppliers (warehouses) it is just a storefront/consolidator.
  13. padgett


    except the HF unit is good for about 80ma. Great if everything is good but my drain is more like 120 ma. One hint is that the HF unit gets hot.