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  1. Interesting. Earlier "Peugeot has bought India's most iconic car brand from its maker Hindustan Motors ". OTOH there is no mention of Chrysler. "The new company, to be called Stellantis, will produce 14 brands, from FCA's Fiat, Maserati and U.S.-focused Jeep, Dodge and Ram, to PSA's Peugeot, Citroen, Opel and DS." BTW "DS Automobiles is a premium automotive marque founded in 2009, formerly part of Citroën, and since 2015 a standalone brand. All DS vehicles will be exclusively electric and hybrid in 2025."
  2. No-one is more fanatical than a convert. I'll stick to cars I can reprogram.
  3. My father had an ID-19 with four on the column. I always thought it was a great car and didn't need a jack.
  4. Agree, the kids that were dominated by cars are now dominated by the Internet.
  5. So now we can have Jeep with an air suspension and single spoke steering wheel ?
  6. Heck a whole book and career started with a 75 cent error.
  7. See integer factorization aka fun with quantum computers. Am now retired. Would rather discuss why the MG-TD was the worst example of the TCs (came with a crank for a reason).
  8. Please let's not get into quantum physics...
  9. a) the brain was not in the head. b) when I was at GMI there was a well equipped machine/hobby shop. Was one of the few who used it (very handy for hogging a 520 cfm FI out to over 800 cfm) but then also never had to compete for time on the IBM mainframe (over 1 gee chassis calculations using 6 degree of freedom models were very handy). When competing a B/P Corvette in SCCA on the GI bill one needed to be creative.
  10. Sounds like the 14" tire. I had a (couple of) GTs with 15x7s. Had to strap a road wheel to the engine lid if had a weak passenger. First one (84) had a luggage rack so NP.
  11. Nice thing about my credit union "bill pay" feature is that it documents everything and is able to trace it. 01/14/2021 DESCRIPTIVE WITHDRAWAL - ANTIQUE AUTOMOBILE CLUB OF A - BILL PYMT Payment -$45.00 Last paper check mailed was to PO for stamps (received a few days later).
  12. Just as a note: once needed to use the inflator when picked up a nail at a mall two miles from home (before the current unpleasantness). Buzzed away for over 20 minutes before close to enough to drive. Kinda silly for a car whose middle name is "Touring". Have a place designed for a Tahoe (right diameter) compact spare and a mat/strap arrangement to carry the road wheel on the trunk lid (wont fit in "trunk"). Does this count as a "continental" ? ps Allante has a compact spare but the cover in the trunk has an expandable center "hat" to fit the road wheel. Leave it to the Italians.
  13. Once upon a time the most needed spare was the tire so made them easy to reach. Today my Caddy has an inflator.
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