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  1. Man on horse with red flag in front maybe...
  2. Thanks but I have a (car related and AACA eligible) 44qt 12v Igloo I take on trips (have a 110v adapter and can stand up like a fridge in a hotel), also a smaller one that holds a six pack of tall boys. ps in Florida it is when not if you will lose power, sometimes for days. I have about 12kw of portable generators and UPSs everywhere (can run the equipment closet from a 12v battery). Amazing what is acquired when you are in the same place for a long time.
  3. "WT* is a GC? ". Grand Cherokee. Bottom right in my .sig. Also keep getting requests to buy but suspect will be in my estate. Meanwhile need to press the 30lb steering gearbox in the GTO which is 3 feet in the air right now. Should be easier than a Muncie. ps fortunately my '11 CTS coupe has an 8" touchscreen but is pre-CUE. Did add Android Auto.
  4. BTW an curious, how many here must "drive to work" and are not retired or just go upstairs ? Of course now my cars are primarily toys and incidentally transportation (have to get the GC out to pick up some cases of wine. Prolly could put in CTS or Allante but not as easily).
  5. My point was why some cars of the 15-17 era may have been built stronger than needful, the Titanic was recent news and we were not yet concerned with War I.
  6. " limited knowledge of metallurgy," and the Titanic was recent news.
  7. " it’s ridiculously thick." - probably to handle high speed railroad grade crossings.
  8. Actually I do have multiple fridges, one in the front garage (mostly beer), another in the kitchen , and a mini in the 2nd floor computer room. And 7 TVs (well the 36" Sony is over 300 lbs so in a closed cabinet in the living room)), two are also computer monitors, a 43" 4K in the bedroom that hasn't been on for quite a while, an older Sony 55" 3D in the guest room, and a 75" 4k in the TV room I bought on a cyber-monday sale last year (only one with a cable connection). Some bought in the last millennium but none stacked) Lost track of the number of smart phones, tablets, laptops,
  9. Back in that period GM put shields around the distributor but was to keep RF out of the radio and not for heat.
  10. Have known several people who bought ex-rental cars for great prices (provided you want a nothing 4-door) and were happy with them. "'almost used up' (8 years and older)" All of my cars are over 8. Key is to have more than one. Did buy a Chrysler "Lifetime" (2095, 999,999 miles) warranty (no longer offered) for my Grand Cherokee so will keep that one. Is a MPV.
  11. BTW according to KBB.com my CTS coupe is worth more now (private party) than I paid for it two years ago.
  12. Will Rogers (and others) once said something appropriate for the forum: " it’s not what he doesn’t know that bothers me, it’s what he knows for sure that just ain’t so,”
  13. I once had a Caravelle for a few months but lost it somewhere in the Carolinas. No big since had a cracked block and paid $75 for it. May still have the title. Should have electrifried it.
  14. "fastest depreciating cars" paid about 1/4 MSRP for my CTS coupe in '18. KBB private party value today is more than I paid for it. Of course like most of my cars, the drivetrain/accessories were used in hundreds of thousands of others.
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