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  1. Thought it was "50s-era". That should include various Alphas and Healy 100 and 3000s, Morgan +8 came later, but should include the TR3A (B has all synchro gearbox). Remember being on the Sunshine State Parkway at 70ish and watching jaws drop when I downshifted three times in the Jag (had OD on all four). S topped out at about 135-140 and I shudder to think about the tires I did stuff on then.
  2. " new career where I can help seniors" want to help seniors ? Move to Orlando. Personally always preferred a lady companion on road trips, I can handle mechanical issues & have AAA premium.
  3. Guess I should have mentioned cars I am interested in all have AC and four of my current ones qualify for antique auto insurance. Also the key in Florida is to always have extra license plates, new plate fee is over $200. You disagree that some of my best road trips have been to get cars ? Do not consider a long ways until over 1000 miles each way. Recently ran from O'town to NY state non-stop pulling a tandem axle U-haul loaded to the roof. No big particularly if have a companion. Not trying to duplicate Pierre Levegh. Jeep comment is that it is a great road and tow car but only an inch longer than my CTS coupe, several others mentioned tow cars/trucks before. Point is you do not need a giant pickup. Have been driving rigs probably before many here were born. Try to keep from monologues so leave a lot of background out.
  4. Had several Jags and a MGA from the '50s. Favorite was the XK-150s with triple carbs. Surprised a lot of V8s. Had the shift lever straightened which for me was much faster to shift. 6.00x16 Dunlop RS5s and had lots of room for a college student off to school including a GE Porta-Color TV and a stereo reel-to-reel plus amp and speakers. Spent a lot of time in 4th/OD (had OD on all four gears). Lucas PL headlamps. Learned double clutching getting the Moss box into first at 25. RWD DOHC-6 & 4 wheel disks. My current DD has same. MG had a crank for starting and used it. Had one radio for both and would swap. Boy those tires look skinny (thought so then too...)
  5. Until you run out of good ones. Pulling the headlamp assembly is the hard part, I just keep some #4 shorties around.
  6. Well all of mine were done at least a decade ago and just redid one that was crumbles.
  7. Just had to replace another set of headlight rollers but these are ones I replaced at the start of the century. Anyone else finding replacements disintegrating ?
  8. Needs must. Some of my best road trips have been to get cars. OTOH am not interested in something that does not have a Florida title unless free, import duty is several hundred dollars. And on the gripping hand the Jeep is the best tow car I've ever had.
  9. Well more recently take 1973. Was in college (GMI - low cost) on GI bill. Had a '72 Pontiac Station Wagon/tow car and a '63 FI Split Window B/P race car I paid a grand for (mustering out pay included unused vacation). Bought a two bedroom house with 2 1/2 car heated garage for $15k at 7%. Next biggest expense was $500 for a 25" Admiral color TV. After the gas crisis, regular was about 45c/gallon the same as a gallon of milk. Was married in December and we honeymooned camping in the Keys with a 750 Suzuki. Didn't really want for anything. Some people say the US living quality peaked around 1974. For me these are the good old daze.
  10. Trying to remember if there is a way through the license plate lights but why not just apply a jump box to the glove box switch ? ps, 'verts do not have a passthrough but can usually pop the tonneau with a jump box but glove box switch is easier.
  11. Just had to jump the lid switch on my 35 year old Maytag. Works fine now.
  12. Also helps to be in the same house for 35 years. Point am making is that while I have rarely bought new cars and always buy interesting (to me), "interesting" is a moving target and what was "interesting" in 1959 is different from 2019. For one thing technology has changed: have gone from a DOHC 6 with 4 wheel disks to a DOHC 6 with 4 wheel disk brakes. The difference is that the Jag could go 7,000 rpm once and the Cad has a factory redline of 7,000 rpm (Redline 7000 had the only movie appearance of the Cobra Daytona and it had a front Florida plate - this is how my train of thought goes). Also in 1959, a pre-war car was not particularly old and $75 cars abounded. Keep in mind that one reason for the 5 digit (99,999) odo was that few cars made it that far. The world today is different and not just that there are many, many more choices but also that 200,00 and even 300,000 miles is not unusual. Then a five year old car was at the back of the lot and "late model" meant less than three years. Today is different. A $75 dollar 39 and 40 in 1959 is a $1000 1999 or 2000 today This meant today there are not only 60 years more cars available than in 1959 but they are also lasting two and three times as long. The choices are much greater and most this century not only have double the MPG, they do it with AC on. And Dad or even Grandpa don't talk about the Model Ts they had (my Grandfather had several Stutzs), but rather the Muscle Cars they had as kids. Think about it.
  13. Am surprised how many are right hand drive. Is there a reason ?
  14. That's a Merc made in the last century as opposed to the blue one in my sig. It helps to have a complete one to compare while going through a project and I like retractibles. The difference is my '01 is an For me being a Floridian has a lot more advantages than just no income tax (because few in Florida have incomes other than retirement). No rust is one that matters to me and I live far enough inland for the storms to be mitigated and no salt in the air. Just saw gas at $2.35 for regular. And a beach vacation is about 2 hours away when wanted. After a strange May temperatures are in the high 80s (often in summer we are cooler than other places. Also have a 2,000 sq ft house with 2,000 sq ft of garage in a development with sidewalks & a crow mile from Universal studios. I like living in a resort. Have a 3% mortgage mainly as a hedge against inflation. After 35 years with a major warmonger have a comfortable retirement.