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  1. Fun in AC when garage is too hot. Is nice to have no schedule. ps with ten people on call, a like number of suppliers overnighting stuff, and bolting right to rust...
  2. Also 1107xxx is like 60-62, probably a superseding replacement.
  3. Tell me about it. Got to a national meet host hotel at 9 pm. By 10pm was in front of the lobby, midnight 200 feet down parking lot, 2am back in front of lobby, talking the whole time. Never without a drink in hand.
  4. Agree is entertainment and better than most of the alternatives (Hollywood seems to have stopped making good movies, just watched "Bringing Up Baby" again and is hilarious. And who can forget Jimmy Durante kicking the bucket. Just not the same now. So will probably tape and watch when can fast forward the commercials. Wonder how many times they will show the same pictures. ps just set my recorder and are three different series on: The Cars That Built the World The Cars That Made the World The Cars That Made America (was this one on in 2017 ?) Guess they do not teach proper English any more "Two-Night Event Sunday, May 23"
  5. When I take a car to a show, it has a sign "For Display Only". Have lots of trophies but from racing, rallys, and autocrosses. Am more interested in the fixing/driving of an "interesting" car. Age is really irrelevant (remember when GTOs were too new for POCI) as long as it has AC. Anyone else have similar interests ?
  6. If you use a wire, make sure it is stranded. One of the benefits of a braided copper strap is they are very flexible and remain so for a long time.
  7. Yup, restomods are fun.
  8. Are many reasons why someone remembers things. For example that is the same number of digits as a phone number, is a Kansa City area code and the last three digits are Donald Duck's license plate number. Just have to remember 1405.
  9. I was playing games on a computer in 1957. Just a matter of having the right tools. '98 LeSabre is OBD-II and with a Tech 2 would tell you everything.
  10. Only Reatta I have now is the original triple blue sunroof '88 I bought twenty years ago. Has been my only car and most dependable since and not going anywhere. Is in the front garage. Going through an Allante phase now with two hardtop 89s (one nice, one not so) I bought last year for pocket change. Picked 89 specifically for more power and less nanny. Have all year's service manuals (most as .pdfs) and a couple of parts & illustrations. Parts are available from several sources, one close.
  11. Have had to repair one, have spares. It is just a small Heath CRT, touchscreen is seperate.
  12. It is to laugh: I mostly agreed with you and you quibbled with that ?
  13. Well sorta, just ends were reciprocating and center was a forward-only steam turbine driven by the exhaust from the other two, not directly by the boilers.
  14. Dual carb Spitfires can be fun, single carb not so (can say that about many British cars).
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