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  1. Hope you have a great time, just decided my cars are too modern and $197 base entry fee (plus any extras) was a bit steep. Cars and Coffee in Ocoee and the SLK meet are more my speed.
  2. Speaking of Corvettes, the 69 ZL-1s would not fit into the carriers with the fender flares installed - were shipped in the back for the dealer to install. I had a set of ZL-1 flares on my split window B/P car, they were common in the 70's. Suspect one with the flares still in the box would be very rare. Others are almost totally unknown like the early 63 Corvette FI with the wobble pump that didn't work (not sure if ever sold on a car) & was slipstream replaced by the original gear pump. Also mixing and matching Delco radios was very common including by dealers. Del
  3. Proves my point. ps Am a member (even pay dues) of several clubs and forums & a life member of one (gives a discount for the aged). Just this one is more enjoyable particularly that some always feel compelled to disagree or categorize. Something about a pig... Guess many do not care if a radio has the proper date code. Even funnier some do.
  4. Well usually the owner knows. Is a very long discussion earlier about where parts had to be cast and a better process than was available 100 years ago was used - but would require disassembly to tell. I used to figure a MINIMUM of four hours to properly judge a modern car with "some disassembly required. There is current "MotorTrend" show whose opening shows a Pontiac A_body speedo. While that particular A-body used a similar dash from 1968 to 1972, that speedo was for a car manufactured after about 1 January, 1972.
  5. I see the law of the woodwork still prevails. Thank you George, you have information I don't.
  6. So we have two camps: "Exactly as it left the factory." and "if it has wheels, I'm interested". Seems like there should be a place on a show field for both. In my years of points judging I NEVER saw a car that was exactly as it left the factory - includes national marque meets. Quit because few were willing or wanted their car judged to that level and for me, if not, why bother ? True, my interests are primarily the '50s and up and used to specialize in 57-up Pontiacs but am pretty catholic just not interested in a car that cannot be driven safely in a Florida frog strangler (and e
  7. There is a company in the UK that will electrify anything that rolls in. Have a friend building wheelstanding golf carts. New hot rods.
  8. UK has royalty, we have the Villiages.
  9. Sounds about right. Noticed a "bottoming out" for class 3-4 (drivers) in June-August 2020 and has been going back up since. Long time ago (probably in the last century) noted that you can raise a class 4 to a class 3 fairly reasonable. 3 to 2 is just the price of a small house, and 2-1 is not if you have to ask. About that time I added class 6 to John's 1-5: a car you pay more for parts than the whole thing.
  10. Is that connected to the gasoline heater (also optional) ? Wonder what the dual stopwatches are for (rally set would have three and a connecting linkage so one is started, one is stopped, and other was reset).
  11. "Said the organizers of the dog show" See "Congo Black Dog" in The Magic Christian. Do not need to lower standards, just do like the AACA and have areas for different types. Should always be room for "other interesting cars".
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