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  1. That Pontiac wagon looks more like a restomod. Everything under the hood is recent including the AC & wonder if that's an OD trans.
  2. Think most of us do that sometimes - is why my garages are attached to my house.
  3. "i, sadly, would probably be a Garbage truck. " with Ardun heads (original contract). Not sure. Would need to be a two door computer car with a 500 mile range. 0-60 under 6 seconds, 30 mpg, and a lot of luggage room. Oh and a retractable roof but not an SSR. Never could take the styling.
  4. You realize this subject is a holy war.
  5. " ac isn’t required but would be nice to have an option to add it as a project " in general the AC option also includes a bigger radiator, bigger alternator, bigger battery and different duct work. Is not just an AC kit. "occasionally transferring music instruments or the occasional trip to Home Depot for supplies " my immediate thought is either a Chevvy El Camino, Caballero (GMC), or a Ford Ranchero - the American version of a UTE. You didn't say how many people you need to carry since they only have a front seat. If need more then the were some very stylish station wagons that predated Minivans and SUVs. I prefer 2-door wagons myself.
  6. WARNING MATH Was a bit of a test. As speed goes up there are a number of forces at work - internal friction of the motor, rolling resistance, drivetrain losses, accessory losses but by far once speeds get higher, aerodynamic drag forces are the most important. The formula I gave, , is the formula for the aerodynamic drag of an object in motion through a compressible fluid (air). The drag force (what the engine must overcome) equals 1/2 rho (fudge factor relating to air density and such) times the square of the speed, times the coefficient of drag (how slippery the shape is) times the frontal area of the object (aka CdA). In simplest terms it takes about 3x the power to go 100 mph as 60 just for the extra drag. Not going to go into Tractive Effort. But the bottom line is that to maximise speed you want to gear so that the max speed is at or just above the maximum torque. In the bad old daze torque peaks were pronounced and usually had a quick drop off with a HP (pure math from torque, rpm, and a fudge factor) peak shortly thereafter. Now modern race cars use fractals to estimate real drag, lift, and cooling. General Motors was using six degrees of freedom in computer models in 1970 which made it easy to adapt to over one gee models for a Corvette. Turned out the 68 rear suspension had better camber characteristics that the 69-up or 63-67. $15 item. The biggest difference comes from computer controlled spark plus VVT. A modern DOHC - 4 valve (no hemis need apply) head with VVT and DI can have 90% of the torque peak from about 1800 rpm to 7000 rpm on pump gas. In fact a significant part of the silly horsepowers seen today is from raising the torque peak from 4800 rpm to 6800 rpm. Be glad to go further but first read Sir Harry's "The High Speed Internal Combustion Engine".
  7. OK first question: if an only car do you need an automatic transmission and air conditioning (Santa Monica/Marina Del Rey have the only perfect climate I know of but cam get rather warm elsewhere) ?
  8. "Most of the time people" I generally reprogram my cars to run cooler and sometimes turn on the "highway" AFR. Most of the time I'm just looking to make it run better, not add power. ps '90 Vette would have an ALDL and the program is probably on a 27C256.
  9. OY. On a pre computer car disconnect whichever is easiest, it does not really matter, either will open the circuit. On a computer car always disconnect the negative first and reconnect last. Otherwise odd codes may set. With air bags always wait about 20 minutes from disconnect to working, caps take that long to discharge. DO NOT disconnect a battery with the engine running unless emergency. Have seen 200v spikes on sudden disconnect.
  10. Most have something similar to: "Be used primarily as hobby vehicles: used in exhibitions, club activities, parades, or other functions of public interest. An occasional nice day drive to keep the vehicle in running order is perfectly acceptable". At one point I asked if being driven to a show about 100 mies away & night in motel was OK and was told it was.
  11. So the best ones do not claim to be ? Is there any certification authority ? Part of the rules for a P.E. is not to claim expertise you do not have.
  12. Some of the early C3s had a removable rear glass but think it was gone by '73. No vent windows either. When I came into the pits with my fuelie, crew had two things: quart of chocolate milk (was before energy drinks) and a pail of water to dump over my head.
  13. Torque will get you there. HP is just a function of torque and gears. Robt E. Lee had 15 hp at 44 rpm. Whole bunch of torques. ps
  14. And just for some date coding information: tires in the 80's were three digit wk wk yr tires in the 90s were three digit and a diamond or triangle. this century tires have four digits wk wk yr yr
  15. Usually both are in a single 4 pole switch on the trunk. Has been an SCCA rule since the early '70s.