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  1. padgett

    Underhood Realy Center

    Thank you, thought it was simple but you never know.
  2. Hey this was back in the oughties. Think I made a writeup on the exact process at the time. They say the memory is the second thing to go and I forget...
  3. padgett

    Underhood Realy Center

    OK having a problem with the 88 cooling fans. Have identified the relay main power (pin 30) has voltage that goes away as soon as the relay engages. This indicates a bad fusible link A or a bad feed wire to the Underhood Relay Center. So I look in the 88 (89 also) service manual for how to remove and it refers to section 6D5 page 3. Ok except I have 6d5-1 and 6d5-2 but no 6d5-3. In either manual. Is there any trick to removing the Underhood Relay Center to examine the feed wires ? Thought I'd ask here before just removing bolts.
  4. padgett

    Ignition cylinder woes

    I'd check the link from the key to the ignition switch at the base of the steering column before pulling the wheel apart.
  5. padgett

    Acura tl 2006 repair estimate

    Might look here. One of the things mentioned is to adjust the vales when you can hear them. Are only a few mechs I trust so do almost all of my own work. Just took a lot of static for using BMW wheels on a GM car (I liked them).
  6. padgett

    "Millennials Invade Classic Car Market"

    Is there a classification for "eccentric gearhead" ? ps I still have my first luggable from 1983 and it boots. (Phone has more smarts but still...) pps my first car had a 3.4 liter DOHC-6 & 4 wheel disks and my latest has a 3.6 liter DOHC-6 and 4 wheel disks. I have a 30 year old car with a factory touchscreen in the dash. Am not sure which way I am going. ppps I wasn't born between 1946 and 1964.
  7. padgett

    Just retired - need some advice

    Move to Florida - lots of old cars, museums, meets, & no rust.
  8. padgett

    Nice vert. Why didn’t it sell?

    Thought I had mine priced reasonably (under $6k at moment - clean title, needs nothing) but nada. Just no market.
  9. padgett

    1990 Reatta Convertible for sale

    January only. First $5750. I need the space. Have original wheels and caps.
  10. padgett

    Dread Rear Freeze Plug

    There are some smaller ones behind the flywheel.
  11. padgett

    Older model vs Newer model

    What I listed are "my preferences" and keep the originals in baggies. Personally liked 60 series tires in 1970 and still do. Personally prefer a rim that is as wide as the tread for a street tire and that has to do with ride. At the time of the original article Delco ignitions were a lot more common in junk yards than Magnavoxes and I could gap the plugs wider. Having hands free phone capability in my cars I consider a necessity rather than a preference even though GM did not get Bluetooth right until about 2014. ps agree tests at time did not find fault with handling, what they found was a serious lack of power so the handling really did not matter. The single biggest improvement this century has been in engines and transmissions. Have been touting DOHC and DI for year but is just hitting the mainstream now. The Reatta (before 91) was 3800s with 165 hp and died after 5k rpm. Modern 3.6s are DOHC and develop over 300 hp at 7k rpm. That is something you can feel and why my new DD is a CTS Coupe with fold down rear seats & a roof vent.
  12. padgett

    Older model vs Newer model

    In a coupe I would definitely go for the 88, eventually its position as the first production touchscreen is going to make a difference. I have both an 88 coupe and a 90 convertible. Frankly I would like to sell the convertible but not going to accept $5,000 for it, can stay in the garage for now. As mentioned the issues (small wheels, Magnavox ignition) are bolt on replacements, keep the originals in baggies. Or not. The big problem is that there are still too many that have been run into the ground on CL for many to even pay $3k for one. Maybe in 2025... ps I prefer "interesting" cars and just bought a 2011 CTS Coupe for a road/trip car. 3.5 year production run and has little in common with a "normal" CTS.
  13. padgett

    Dread Rear Freeze Plug

    Basically replace all of the freeze plugs, I would use brass, I'd also be tempted to replace the water pump and check the crank balancer for cracks.
  14. padgett

    Liftful thinking

    I have a portable 7k lb medium rise scissors lift. Makes more sense for me since when I need a car up I usually am removing wheels and tires. Enough space between the ramps to drop a tranny.