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  1. That was then. I suspect the Chinese are willing to sell anything. Alternately the title not have been exercised in thutty yar, the title may have passed to the school through "adverse possession" (works for land and buildings...) Note: I am not licensed to chase ambulances.
  2. The VSS signal is very small. I would suspect bad wiring. It has been a while but think the signal goes from the VSS to the ECM and from the ECM to the BCM which generates the speedo. Any bad connector could cause. The schematic is on page 8A-34-0 et subs of the '89 FSM.
  3. Or south, lots of ex-Police cars without rust in central Florida.
  4. I have both: Geico (since before the Gecko) for my DD and JC Taylor for my "collectibles". Am very happy with both.
  5. The other factor is that I tend to run a tank between stops (usually make one real check at about 50 miles then go) and have a 26 gallon tank. Real time information is good.
  6. I had to go to WiFi TPMS on my trailer to reach my tow car dash. Car TPMSs have gotten much smaller lately, can get a set of ACDelco for less than one used to cost.
  7. And finally got a round tuit and the rebuilt balancer just slipped on. Was loose enough I could rotate to engage key & push in rest of way. No idea why the old one came off so hard. Now the issue I have is that my torque wrenches only go to 150 lb-ft and the book calls for 219. Only thing I can do is to apply a impact to get more but then will have no idea how much "more". Am at about 140 lb-ft at the moment. Question is "does it need 219 ?" - any one run less ?
  8. Just a thought but my project car is very similar (DOHC-4/5 speed vs V6/automagic) to one of my daily drivers. Just being able to compare the two makes figuring things out much easier.
  9. Those are common in the RV industry particularly to keep the tow car battery from being drained through the hitch connector.
  10. The other factor at least in Florida is that a regular title costs $70. A salvage (branded) title costs $7. Could be that simple.
  11. Big GM cars did not get disks until '67. I never had any issue with the 8-lugs on my 67 GP vert. Just need to dry after going through a big puddle.
  12. One of the options at CoPart is to have a local appraiser examine it, think it costs a coupla benjamins.
  13. Surely some people here have a dealer's license... BTW does this help ?
  14. Or could take the autotrain. About 70 miles from Patrick to Sanford Fl, sleep away the next 800+ miles and drive from Lorton VA (on 95 a touch south of DC) to Conn. I have done this several times.