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  1. Personally wouldn't mind a Studillac, with a few reversible upgrades would do 70 mph cruise all day.
  2. Unlikely fuel if choke is staying open, electrical issues can act like anything.
  3. a) youth is wasted on the young. b) 1917 was before leaded gas, before high octane, from what I've seen it was little different from kerosene, Wonder how it would do in JP-4. SOunds like 5-6:1 compression. c) unless you need to heat the fuel, a crossflow head is a good thing.
  4. Used to call skinny wrenches like that "aircraft wrenches" - no idea why.
  5. and choke is sprung open when warm. Floppy things can be a problem.
  6. a) why fire extinguishers were always in very short supply in SEA. b) also usually carry a gallon or two of distilled water (88c/gal)
  7. Actually 75 years ago (1946) is really the start of comfortable, safe long distance cruisers. If you want earlier styling, find a Volvo Personvagnar ( PV) particularly with the B14A.
  8. "I hate getting wet!" In the middle of a Florida summer, it can be a blessing.
  9. " schwimmwagen" Did it come with a cork ?
  10. +1 on all of that. Are a few marques in the 30's (more expensive ones) that can driven at modern speeds as long as you do not need to stop suddenly. For example few drum brakes even into the 60s (maybe a really nice set of 8-lugs) that can handle even one stop from 70 (several nearby roads), remember a 61 Caddy convertible going to nothing in just one stop (rock hard pedal, no effect). Suspect this is the main reason resto-mods are so popular today (take a classic body and drop on a modern chassis).
  11. I've been with JC Taylor since the last millenia.
  12. Buicks have always been good road cars. You need to drive several candidates. Hydramatic was first good automatic.
  13. a) right now home equity loans are running 3-5% b) anyone here concerned about MAGI and IRMAA limiting 401K access ?
  14. No, wine is only stored upright in stores. (well guess with a screw top it would not matter). trivia "Great wines of Idaho" quote. In general I know what is there, just exactly where in 2,000 sq ft of garage a particular item is...
  15. Yes we're in the dry season now and can sell the nice lots with cypress trees to the Yankees. (Is Yankee still politically correct ?) ps probably not a good idea to admit to any mph on a public forum though I suspect 50 years is past any statute of limitations. Seems I remember a NASCAR driver being banned from driving in Florida for life.
  16. Agree, should not need to go very fast.
  17. Believe it or don't it is in an insurance company's best interest to pay out as much as possible.
  18. What are the O2 ED07 and Transitions ED18 reading when closed loop is reached.
  19. Story of my life. Spent a half century on the "bleeding edge" with few things "production".
  20. I ran 2 amplifiers on a switch in my FI split window. Could buy new distributors at the Delco-Remy (where the distributors were made) employees store for about $60 and Amplifiers were about the same. Was also a special coil (Red ? Memory fades). Would have to look but remember rewiring passive tachs to work with TI, just had to connect to the top of the coil with Delcotronic instead of the bottom. Have the Delco schematics... somewhere, it has bee a while.
  21. Had a gaggle of Jags before I took the cure. MGA and MG1100. Always thought an AH 3000 was a ladies car. Still have trouble not looking at the oil pressure guage
  22. I remember Beetles and Super Beetles but that is all. Then there was the type 3 and type 4 version with almost enough performance. I had a '70 type 2 Westphalia with dual port 1600 and RVEECO cooler. Still had drum brakes though.
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