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  1. In Florida plastic tanks have a limited lifespan before they become brittle and crack. I'd just buy a new one, are not expensive.
  2. Not limited to Fords, the rear spoiler on the 69 GTO became a wing on the '70 because of some exec's fingers. Florida also has many bugs and snakes but the top of the food chain are cats. Mine bring me presents when something is invasive. re Texas: ever see a small cat chase a 1,000 lb heifer through a barb wire fence ? Biggest spiders I saw were the ones with the lemon colored stripe. Also would match a Florida yellow fly (like a horse fly on steroids) against any other bug. Their bite will stay with you for months.
  3. BTW many house with aluminum wiring also had fires (mainly caused by aluminum's tendency to flow under very high pressure which resulted in resistive connection. It cost me $200 extra when I had my house built back then for all copper wiring. That said I would not be concerned about a large casting.
  4. All of the above (+Amazon and FLAPS), I tend to check everywhere but avoid places with excess shipping.
  5. Anymore I think in terms of fractals (what makes a 500 mph 1/4 mile possible) & considered forming a hard surface between the splines rather than a bond.
  6. Did all C4 automagics have lock up/OD tans ? (4L80 maybe ?)
  7. In the '60s in hot weather it was common to add an overflow tank to make sure the rad stays full. Pontiacs in particular tend to puke if shut down quick after a hard run but with a tank can suck back in.
  8. Makes sense. Did anyone try just a schmeer of JB Weld and assemble ? Did it work ?
  9. +1 as a technophile I tend to agree. The electronics have issues and are hard to repair. Headlamp actuator rollers got to dust and the crossfire ignition is a pair of Throttle Body Injectors that never worked well (had a single on my '84 Fiero. That said they are basically attractive: replace the dash when breaks and drop in an LS and you have a decent cruiser. However are now at about 2X the current value. For instant gratification best buy something later.
  10. I grew up in south Florida before home AC was common and took a lot of showers before bed. OTOH 88F was about as hot as it got and the 3:30pm rain would cool things off. In the summer my garage work is done after midnight and have many fans. The convertible time of year has returned.
  11. I have machines back to IBM-Dos 1.0 (1981). I assume those are 5.25" 360kb floppies.
  12. I took the cure for Jaguars a long time ago but still look for an oil pressure gauge. "40 psi at 3,000 rpm". 7000 rpm. Once.
  13. His wife saw it. Tampa license plate ? Those look like VW wheels, 4CV (army helmet) had three lug wheels. Friend when young had a 4CV with a built Gordini engine. Surprised a lot of people. South Florida in the 50s and 60s was full of weird and wonderful cars the very rich would buy and sell cheap when the ashtrays were full.
  14. With no codes, that is secondary ignition: ICM, coils, plug wires, plugs. ps you mentioned gapping at .060. That should only be done with a Delco ignition. Magnavox should be gapped at .045.
  15. Just a comment but when the system goes into closed loop the mixture is leaned out from cold running and the whole ignition system strains. May also feel when going up a mild hill in O/D (about 45 in an 88). Low rpm/high load.
  16. Hey I resemble that remark. O'town traffic is so bad it reminds me of the Beltway except the lanes change and disappear randomly. So my daily drivers have either 5 or 6 speed automagics. Do still have two (one 4 and one 5) manuals but just been driving those to shows. Must admit changing a set of tires by hand usually results in pain the next day but seem to be past major bloodletting (Jags usually required a sacrifice to Lucas). So age is not as important as attitude and in Florida they say 70 is the new 50.
  17. BTW with Chrysler the important thing is whether the warranty/service contract is with Chrysler (MAXCARE) or a third party. I have a lifetime Chrysler warranty on my '12 Jeep and think is was under $2k (bought in first 12 months). Of course they were giving every rebate and discount known to man in Jan 2012 trying to move them and they just happened to have exactly what I wanted (V6, towing package, 2WD) on the lot.
  18. Wasn't there an SSKL (Licht) ? or did the rong synaps fire ?
  19. Just FYI. Latest Florida news: boost the starting pay for new teachers to $47,500
  20. Anyone remember the "rule of 78" ? That front loaded the interest so even if you paid off early the dealer was guaranteed a profit. I started using a credit union very early to avoid this sort of thing. No politics allowed or would discuss Medicare and AGI.
  21. Don't forget that we (am retired so in that age group) grew up when fast cars all had manual transmissions (well except Chrysler but they had the Ramchargers) and have been fortunate enough to buy a lot of interesting cars when they were cheap. Frankly the most expensive cars I have bought were family and tow cars. That said I must be odd because my tastes are constantly changing. For years about all I had were V8s. Then 3800 V6s (only one is left but have a complete spare drivetrain) but then also only one V8 car but have two spare engines and waaay too many wheels and tires, at least four sets of different mags for the Reatta, one original). Of course where I live traffic is often heavy, as soon as I leave my development ain any direction am in a multilane 45. and dates involve about 10 miles at 65-70. This influences the type of car I like. Now have little motivation. If I did the Judge would have a rack and pinion and a 5 or 6 speed manual (have a five speed manual but only good for 300 lb-ft...). Does remind me of why I didn't like the way big cars wallowed in the 60s and you did not steer so much as aim. Other cars do not need anything. Must admit the restomod craze makes perfect sense to me other than the monster meats that are popular, 300 hp is plenty and 70 series tire rides better over speed bumps than 30s. Final note: public parking spaces seem smaller than when I grew up, both the Jeep and the Cad have back up cameras and you need them. And they are both only 15 feet long, had a 67 60 Special that would never fit in most and remember a joke from the '70s that new cars were so wide they needed clearance lights. Have always preferred small cars, remember a FIAT 1500 spyder (predated the 124) that I could powershift instantly. Back then it was said that someone who could really speed shift could "make it sound like an automatic". Funny thing is how drag cars got too fast for the 1/4 and now many run an 1/8 (660) mile. Powerglides are very popular again.
  22. One more for keeping it. Not many 2 doors left and are great road cars. A6 compressor is easy. If a DIY I'd contact AC Kits they should have everything. Is that a 350 or a 400 engine ? Looks like someone replaced the stock radio with a cassette. Options like a cruise control are an easy add. Always thought the Cat had cleaner lines than the Bonne then.
  23. MNR used to sell new ones with and without EQ but seems they only repair them now.