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  1. This is the issue " the amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole" . What I have are .pdfs of compete service manuals for 89-91 Reattas, a parts aand accessories manual, and some period Delco Radio manuals. The only limitation is that the .pfs are scans and not searchable. I have been sending people/ forums individual pages with no charge for "teaching purposes" but each SM is over 1000 pages. Today only the 89 paper manual is available from Helm. That said it is much easier to just tell someone with a question what page in the SM to check for the answer to their question. Bishko has a number of manuals on CD and is a valuable resource but only for some cars.
  2. Only touching on a real problem. I had to quit driving Fieros because the roofline was under the windowsill of the behemouth next to me. They would look over and see an empty lane on the right. AirHorns were a survival necessity. 'verts have the same issue with the top down but at least an SLK is more visible than a Fiero. Can't imagine trying to drive a super low exotic in today's traffic. ps when I bought the CTS coupe I looked at the Charger/Challenger line but were just too big. At least the CTS was originally designed for european roads.
  3. BTW I have pulled the pins and slides from the old cyl and put in the new to keep the old keys. Depends on what the problem is.
  4. Somewhere I have a copy of "The Modern Sports Car" by Uncle Tom 1954. A great book.
  5. Hagerty also has a value guide. Looks very nice but not many options. Why the HF dollies ? See also has the hard top, a plus. Guess most were automatics.
  6. My rule is simple: if for a hobby (or a car) pay cash. This solves many issues. Online a credit card is necessary. Pay off as soon as the bill comes in. That said anytime is a great time to find what you want if you look hard enough just the $50 car is now a $500 car. Kids have always had different interests than adults. My son is a gamer and a car is an appliance. Are many "tuners" around manly with hot hatches. Tend to flock together but can find if you look. Florida has always been a melting pot of cars and except for next to the coast, cars last a long time. Metal cars more than plastic. Many garages have something interesting. ps I look at a job and figure what it should take. Then multiply by 4. Am usually rite. Not sure how good but can take as long as I want (particularly since no shows now). Motivation is the hard part. Would be different if my rice bowl.
  7. That is the 007 special. Supposed to be used only on Mustangs.
  8. If this is for an 89 the procedure is on page 3f2-7 and on. The "special tool" is probably to compress the lock plate and remove the clip though may also need a steering wheel puller. Key must be in accessory position to remove. " i ordered a new switch " you need to remove the steering wheel for the lock cyl. The ignition switch is on the base of the steering column and must drop the column to change.
  9. padgett


    I just measure with a DVM and record, resistances are pretty far apart. Code: Ohms: 1 402 2 523 3 681 4 887 5 1130 6 1470 7 1870 8 2370 9 3010 10 3740 11 4750 12 6040 13 7500 14 9530 15 11800
  10. One I remember the most was this one and started my desire for one even before I had a driver's license. Guess today it would be a resato-mod.
  11. "Often the guy that does the best work cant even read. " - usually I have the service manual and parts book before the car. It was reading Unca Tom and Peter Miller and Floyd Clymer that got me started. Over half of my motoring library is pre-1960. Of course I also have computer books starting about the same time and a number of Jane's. Basically if it moved it was interesting and kinda grew up with digital engine and flight controls. The point is the $50 cars we played with as kids are now $500 cars and computer controlled (pictures earlier looked like a 3800 family maybe a 3300). That said we went through a period from about 1981 to 1996 when computer controls were simple and forums existed on how to program with common items. After that things got complicated and "tuner" programs proliferated. A whole sub-culture, the resto-mod grew up which is mainly hot-rodding taken to a whole new level. Now there are some pre-war cars I like to look at but would not want to drive and live is a somewhat inhospitable (100 days a year) climate which influences things. The second factor is that rarely leave my house now and then usually just to get groceries, the usually twice a week car shows are no more. Do not know what the future will be like but doubt that my toys will be as important. Not talking about well-heeled colectors who do not care about time or costs but those for whom $10k means making decisions (my last toy was $4.5K and a very nice low milage 30 year old). Am curious how many others are in the same position: self taught and worked (ret) for a living while raising a family ?
  12. First was a 27" English bicycle. Drop center since was about 4' tall. Fell off a lot.
  13. padgett


    Sounds like you have a passkey. This have one of 15 specific resistor values which can be measured on the key (or you can diddle the two white wires). You need the proper blank to make a duplicate A washing machine should not affect the key.. If you have no key and just the VIN you may need a Buick dealer if the code is not in your owners manual. A good locksmith could probably duplicate from the lock cyl.
  14. I suspect that the Boomers had parents who went through the depression and learned thrift and the virtue of fixing things from them. Nearly everyone had been in or was connected to the military and the USA was on top. Heard the Japanese even renamed a city "USA" so could stamp "made in..." Then came Vietnam and mass dissatisfaction. The Fuel Crisis and the NMSL (which made the import "buzz bombs" salable). Many cars became "40k and throw away". Just "throwing parts at a car" to meet the new inspections as mods became illegal had an effect. New systems have become so good that restomods are now common (have always had: Shelbys and Ford/Studillacs were just before the nomenclature. Today TV shows (even though many are staged) extol the virtues of 3,000 hp and rolling disk brake four link chassis. Shops extol the virtue of "plug and play" crate engines. Since this is what they are being taught (and Fox body Mustangs are a dime a dozen) is no wonder the kids have little interest in prewar (pick a war) vehicles. No less people really (though Motor Trend (aka Velocity aka HD Theater) channel keeps begging for subscribers at giveaway prices). Just many different options (including not having a car).
  15. Florida requires registration every year (can buy 2 years at a time). Over 30 years the price drops (antique). TITLE REQUIRED TAX CLASS CLASSIFICATION NET WEIGHT IN POUNDS ANNUAL TAX AND OTHER FEES *Yes 01 Automobiles, private useThru 2499 $27.60 01 Automobiles, private use 2500-3499 $35.60 01 Automobiles, private use 3500 Up $45.60 95 Antiques-Passenger Cars $20.60 plus some interesting "new registration and out of state title fees (about $350) to import a car. Why "Clear Florida Title" is important.
  16. Those Chicago Infi-Nitties can haul a pretty good load. U-Haul will rent me any trailer they have for my Grand Cherokee, even the tandem axles. Big ones have surge brakes which work pretty good.
  17. a) octoauto b) 6 wheel dymaxon like the GM "World of Progress" thingies ? c) only the french would put the radiator behind the engine. d) think I'd prefer a Tatra V8.
  18. Must admit that a 78 WS-6 (8 inch wheels & 4 wheel disks) with a 4-speed (T/A 6.6) and T-Tops would be hard to resist.
  19. I have more problem with generic vendors that seem to just list eveything in the parts book whether available or not (and don't ask about returns) that marque vendors. Those that specialize to some extent seem much more reliable. Of course moost of my interests are for oddball parts for oddball cars (see sig) so what do I know.
  20. I do not usually have "project cars" but a running/driving 1999 SLK with good cosmetics for less than a grand ? Point is kids today can buy cars familiar to them just like we could long ago for little (probabaly less than anything equivalent from the 50s) or nothing so unless there is a family tie, why look further back ?
  21. Exactly, after the first 3:15 and up to the last three minutes of opinon it was a very good video. Just needs a selective edit.
  22. I have never used more than 3GB/mo. even using the full Google Maps capability. I do usually select the route while still at home.
  23. Whines are often air in the system but usually is low transmission fluid.
  24. Google maps shows mph but not very large.
  25. Looked like it was a dealer car with lotsa miles. Could see some paint issues also. Never cared for the Reatta while, had too much yellow and more of a cream. Personally like code 10 Arctic White better.