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  1. This might sound silly, but did you try a different tape? Old tapes often seize up
  2. I drove one on a tour about 20 years ago
  3. I'm the opposite, I love the condor yellow, black and red especially on a Century = move over, I have arrived
  4. SCO typically is the prefix for a special order
  5. Also list it on the Reatta groups on Facebook, they are highly active
  6. Or it was priced to cheaply that it was snapped up quick is more likely
  7. The wheel well moldings really looks out of place on this car the way it is set up, probably a J C Whitney type place.
  8. Sounds like you must be looking for this color then? This was a rather popular color at least.
  9. It did very well Adam as it should have
  10. Those are the hubcaps, the wheel covers shown in the first one were optional and I believe in the accessory package. There was also a wire wheel cover as an option for the Special that had the crest versus the V like the big series
  11. I have heard that figure in the past as well, and I that number is crazy for a pricey 2 seater with a smaller target market
  12. Agree Murray, none of my Reatta convertibles have been stricken with the shake and rattling. I have owned quite a few other high end convertibles and many of them show far more shake. Even something as obvious as air pressure in tires can make a huge difference in cowl shake if it's off. Many people assume the Reatta convertible was just a roof chop to add some life to the line
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