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  1. Took the Reatta on a short excursion yesterday and when U got off the interstate I noted the pump/steering sounded like a bull elephant in heat. I stopped at an auto parts place and got fluid and added as it was about empty, it made it the rest of the fine but there is def a leak as there is a small puddle under it. I am not able to get to look at it right away, is there a common issue that or spot that these tend to leak? I had not noticed anything prior to yesterday.
  2. That all being said, fine low mileage well equipped examples are actually doing rather well in the market, I have followed them closely and there have a few that have sold in the past 2 years in the $20K range, one I know of broke the $20K mark, these were sold, not asking
  3. As mentioned, there are a lot of brands that are no longer putting the spelled out names on their cars but only the logo. If you read a lot of articles online, Buck is actually referred to as GM's quiet success. There is not one car/suv in the Buick lineup now that needs any excuses made for it, they are all strong contenders in their perspective class. I was disappointed to see the new LaCrosse axed as it is a true joy to be in. One of the jewels of the Buick lineup that needs to be pushed hard by GM so people know it's even available is the Tour X, a fantastic vehicle with great reviews. Buick has also been very strong the last decade in the J D Power's and other rankings
  4. Interesting list, but a quick Google search for 1954 Skylark pictures where you get dozens of different Skylarks pictured tells a very different story
  5. They consider that pre-war since production stopped after the 1942's, 1946 would be post war and of course there is room for argument there since the war had already started
  6. What the difference between a 91 and a 91F?
  7. Buick did not offer skirts on 57 Buicks. There were many companies that provided them aftermarket. I would not call it "Demand" for these but wouldn't doubt someone would buy them. Probably worth $100 to the right person.
  8. Even convertibles of the 70!s such as a 76 LeSabre has no insulating qualities in the convertible tops
  9. Got this reply from the seller Hello Sir, I am hoping someone can help me with what is going on with this car. I bought it from the original owners daughter. Her father bought it new April 30 1969 local. I was told he special ordered it. The vin on the engine matches the vin on the car original engine for sure. What I found most interesting about it is the 1970 amber marker light on both front fenders 1970 light only. Car has the clear marker light near the top as all 1969 225 have. 1970 amber light below it. Never seen before and all lights work as they should. Also has the clear marker light in the bottom of the fender as some 69 and 70 have. The father died last year and the family can not answer my questions. Google 69 225 and see if you can fine one with all 3 lights in both front fenders. I can not. It's a early 69 again sold new April 30 1969 with all paper work. Car is new condition every were. What every it may be pro o type or not. Well worth the money when seen in person. Feel free to call me 540-672-7907 with any other questions or let me know if you can explain this car. The father loved this car and did everything he could to keep it like new. I wish I knew what he knew about it. When i seen it I had to have it. It's that nice. Thank you,
  10. Did anyone notice the added name badge on the front passenger door? Not sure what it says
  11. Looks like that light blue was put on with a roller or brush