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  1. Absolutely, over the years I have replaced horns that no longer functioned, and all have been on long term storage cars
  2. Nice looking car at first glance although I would want to look at this one first hand, looking closely lots of things start popping out and it may not be as nice as it appears in pictures. Fairly basic one as well but thankfully it has A/C with those black vinyl seats.
  3. I have bought Covercraft for all my cars and will continue to buy that brand, I order the custom ones and the fit is glovelike and quality is excellent. Not cheap but worth every penny
  4. I agree and have no doubt Dealers put them on a lot of 56’s, I was just keeping it historically accurate
  5. Wires were not an option in 53, only standard Skylark, optional on all but Special in 54, optional all in 55 and NOT an option in 56 or above - that is per BCA judging guidelines
  6. Which ICM works with the Delphi unit that is used to replace the Magnavox unit DS1004 0r D1977A?
  7. Certainly a nice clean example with a ton of potential but $15K - not for sale at that price
  8. Definitely a loss to the Reatta community
  9. That appeared to be a very nice car
  10. Do we have to show in the Buick area or can we choose to be in our regular AACA classes?
  11. Agree 100%, all the more you need for safe well lit night driving.
  12. Here’s a man that knows his facts
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