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  1. You bring up a good point in your comment about being well received. There has unquestionably been a marked increase in interest in the Reatta’s at shows.
  2. Anyone that follows auctions knows that even the most anticipated cars can fall flat at a particular auction depending on when its runs and who’s there. I wouldn't wave the victory flag yet naysayers, I know you live to relish in your no value thoughts. We also know historically Reatta sales do much better on the private market than at auction. What a fool listing it at no reserve, that is nice driver price.
  3. This one has been for sale for a while. Usually not a fan of the black side molding but with the black top and red interior it works well, reminds me of the classic color combination often seen in the late 50 & 60's. The white letter tires are awful and an embarrassment to the car especially for the money they were asking for the car. Spend big money just to toss more money into it to put proper tires on.
  4. Looks like a good solid car, I have to wonder if it is sitting on it's original chassis
  5. Blow up the pictures, this ones been rode hard and put away wet
  6. It's brilliant, there is so much to see and a lot many would miss
  7. Neat idea and concept - can't figure why someone would want to adopt the Chevette for $1000 though
  8. Old school thinking and excuses when talking about electric cars - YAWN
  9. A legend in the Buick world
  10. I’m not willing to give up the Reatta’s trunk space for a retractable
  11. I was guessing the 35k also, I figure they will settle at $30k
  12. I figure it will go Private sale after the auction is wrapped up. Even at $25k it’s proof that people will spend big money for the right Reatta’s.
  13. Auction results are only part of the equation insurance companies use. If you Own it have ever owned a higher end Reatta you will find there is no issue insuring them for high market values