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  1. With R12 readily available on sites like FB, CL, etc, why convert them? I run R12 in all my vintage cars, so much better than 134a. I bought a case a while back and still pick up a can here and there when I find it.
  2. That color with the red interior would look fantastic with the optional red wheels
  3. Or the Willow green that was often done with the darker Baffin green
  4. Yes, that color combo is horrid and the two toning of the bottom is even more horrid
  5. That would have been a really striking combination
  6. Remember when he bought this one and then was working on it, got a couple rides in it when it was finished. It was always a standout at the shows and always drew a large crowd around it.
  7. I would think like anything else there are different quality levels available in the leather covers
  8. I have been lucky and had nice wheels but I often wondered when I saw ones that needed replaced if you could take the old cover off and use something like this. it would not be the best option for a show car but if you have a nice driver and are able to sit and install it neatly it should make for a nice installation https://www.autoanything.com/steeringwheel-covers/77A3792A4683348.aspx?kc=GOOGADW&DZID=PLA_g_1776971175_68637805626_3792-4683348_c&utm_source=g&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=1776971175&utm_content=68637805626&utm_product=3792-4683348&gclid=CjwKCAjwte71BRBCEiwAU_V9hzPCdpKiu_2o4i_QaruxOY7PT1FDuxI5bxNVM7c9HBHNUsC-j4Y0GhoCrFgQAvD_BwE
  9. Raggtopp is excellent for Haartz Cloth, only thing I will use on that type top. Vinyl tops are much more forgiving - Best thing for a white top is any spray cleaner with bleach, brings them back to like new. Spray it on, let it sit a bit and clean with soft brush. Protect paint as mentioned above.
  10. One question that should be asked do you have a vinyl top or a cloth top?
  11. Shouldn't the CAM sensor throw a code?
  12. Why carry and extra gadget, Use WAZE or GOOGLE MAPS on your smartphone. I travel all over the country using WAZE regulary and it works beautifully, plus reports police, construction, backups, and road dangers
  13. On my 8th Reatta, in thousands of miles I have replaced one accumulator ball, one cam magnet, and a ignition module/coil and a cruise control servo. There have been other odds and end tinkering, but nothing of merit. I buy good cars to begin with though. I have never been left down by one, find them extremely comfortable trip cars, very capable road cars and wouldn't hesitate to drive cross country in either of my current ones. Some people like to bitch just to be heard. You will get more comments driving a super nice Reatta convertible than you will driving a Boxster, they are a dime a dozen. Dare to be different. Just make sure if you buy one you buy a nice lower mileage one that has had excellent documented care.
  14. The current owner owns and has owned an impressive collection of “special” cars, including the 41 Cadillac Duchess