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  1. Lol classy, and my comment was construed as rude. It’s kind of like living in a communist country, our way or the highway, sorry things don’t work like that. Comments and attitudes like that are exactly why the BCA is struggling
  2. My yes, let's just pretend everyone is now happy. Pretending for decades is what caused a lot of the undertones in the club. As the "typical response" comment, it was in return to an obvious combative and certainly non constructive comment. It's one that is used regularly when someone gives an idea on here and serves no purpose in the discussion. As far as keeping threads cleaned up, again, lets just sweep any comments under the rug that don't please all because that has worked so well in the past.
  3. Such a typical response from you. . The person that would have to be in a position like that would need to be PR, social media, computer savvy, Also a younger person may be better suited for a job like that.
  4. Faceless entity is a good thing as far as an office is concerned, do the job paid for, no more no less is perfect. Perhaps a position is needed to act as PR person and to form a relevant online presence to actually man the tools that are in place. Possibly tie it to the Bugle since that seems to one of the few things that actually are done right.
  5. I think you hit the nail on the head. I think there will continue be be declines as older members die off and the online/social media world continues to expand. The glory days are long gone. The Bugle is the only thing that makes a membership worthwhile. Looking at the voting results I see from a couple of the higher vote getters, there will be a business as usual and the same old games
  6. That's a great color for a Skyhawk, we had a Lagunda in that color. One of my favorite colors of the time. Have seen a couple big 76 Electra's with white landau top and interior in the color and they are striking.
  7. Having hauled low sports cars on Uhauls, the fender folding down is often not enough to do it
  8. My guess he is talking pinstripe
  9. Question for the more seasoned 59 guys. Would the eBay car not have had a red steering wheel and dash with the red interior? I would wonder if this one didn't start out life with the grey interior.
  10. Now, how about taking a second and giving us all the info needed including a picture. People that expect to sell a car with such little effort smh
  11. That could have been one of the most collectible coupes out there had it been a SS with that mileage
  12. You are be in a tiny minority, i’m not sure the sub 40 generation has any bearing on the 25-year-old generation either, two totally different generations. But both generations are in the basic consume and throw away age. As with any group there are exceptions as you noted, but again few and far between.
  13. May I ask if these were average cars or show cars, it does make a difference on who buys them as to the quality of the car being bought. Not to diminish the cars you had, But that does make a huge difference
  14. I have seen it done as well, the results are nice for a while unless you work at them all the time. I would rather get a set chromed
  15. I prefer the stock wheels, although I wish they had made them in chrome rather than the finish they are. The lace look is one of the better looking non stock wheels I have seen used and looks like it could have come that way, the 3rd just look wrong on the car.