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  1. Are these the correct diagrams for Magnavox and Delphi modules?
  2. 12K if it is as nice as it looks is a fair price, I have had 3, a 61 Skylark, a 62 Skylark convertible and a 62 Skylark coupe, all 3 were sold in the $12k to 16k range. The 4 doors and wagons were all Specials and Special Deluxe, you could also get the Specials in Coupe and convertible. Having owned 3, I can’t agree with this comment - hese were thin metal, minimal content disposable cars when new. They were quickly made to fill a void The Skylark interiors were very plush and had a long list of options . Build quality was very good on all 3, the 215 was a perfect engine for
  3. Seeing it close up it is with no question aftermarket. Looks like it will make someone a nice car and of course there are not a lot of 91's out there. You may sit on it a while, the condition will deter some. The seat is rough for a lower mileage car, the faded dash, looks like maybe the top of the drivers door panel is also faded, and the missing horn button etc. I see the service A/C light is on and that can get expensive quickly. Lack of 16 way seat and CD will weed some buyers out as well. The red top some will like and some won't but it is what it is and it's expensive to change if
  4. And there we have it, check the bottom window corners of an original top and then the rounded corners on the red top. The rear defroster differs as well
  5. Marck, when I was looking at the Pics I wondered if it wasn’t dyed due to the odd color
  6. Again, I want paper proof, I have owned enough special order cars to know that there’s ALWAYS documentation That they were changed from original. Special paint cars carried and SCO or asterisk where paint code went etc. If changed at time of build I would expect an asterisk in the top color spot if they didn’t have a code assigned for red. Odd that a dealer car wouldn’t still have paperwork with it. I know of too many cars that are one owner or original family owned cars that have been changed from how delivered but are being passed off as how they left the factory. For judging the burden
  7. And what proof would that be? I wouldn't want to count how many cars I have looked at over the 50 years I have been in this hobby that have been said to have come from the factory like that and low and behold, false. As with the vast majority of these "special" cars, they were changed by the dealer as soon as they came in. The dealer could have had his upholsterer have a red top to put on the car as soon as it was delivered. So many cars were changed by the dealer when they came in, from color, to wheels, to adding vinyl tops etc. Say so doesn't hold up in the court of law or this.
  8. Yes, it is swinging by .5 at idle. it just seemed to mostly .35
  9. ED07 is reading .45 with key on
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