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  1. The mission behind the BCA and 400 point system is to maintain and keep authenticity and originality, there are other Buick groups that don't have that mission. Why sell out the soul of the group, there are options like driven class which allow folks to bring their cars and get a Howdy Doody button for doing it. People say they don't want judged, but they also want recognized for showing their car. Can't have it both ways. Maybe the driven class needs tweaked a bit
  2. Isn't that the same scenario on most restorations???? More in them than they can ever get out of them. That's not how it works
  3. It's only $60K over Hagerty's number 1 concours value, so should be easy to get a deal lol
  4. While the Dynaflow has always had a reputation of being slow, in vintage road testing the Dynaflow actually turned in very comparable times to peers in its class
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