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  1. I had a stone or some object fly back over the weekend and take a quarter sized junk of paint away front my headlight cover - would it be cheaper to get it repainted and worry about the match or find a pristine replacement? Original paint car always garaged.
  2. Y-JobFan

    Paint for body colored mouldings

    I have had a couple of mine do as you described, the side molding (body color ) got almost chalky/dull looking, I could clean them up and they would look great and before long they would be dull again, this was only the side molding, ther front and rear were fine. I had to keep up with them constantly. And others I had no issue.
  3. Y-JobFan

    Last Saturday Night

    Lol, I have gotten the Ferrari thing a couple times over the years, priceless
  4. Y-JobFan

    Last Saturday Night

    I find mine often gets more attention than some of the more regularly seen exotics. Many comment they don't remember them, many say they have never seen one, but it is always rather positive feedback.
  5. Y-JobFan

    1975 Buick LeSabre convertible

    That was always one of the prettiest combinations they came in
  6. Y-JobFan

    BOD Candidates

    I don't ever remember a time that the BCA as a policy asked members to run for the board. There may have been times when individual members of the board asked people they thought would make good officers to run or to consider running, but that was on an individual basis and not done with any kind of formality or board discussion. The BCA has always made known that it was time to put your name in to run for the board if you wished in plenty of time via the Bugle and always made it a very open invitation for ANYBODY that was a member in good standing to run. It was always very clear in the Bugle that anyone could run.
  7. Y-JobFan

    Which side

    Which side run under the seats are the wires that could effect the cruise control?
  8. Y-JobFan

    Nice vert. Why didn’t it sell?

    The red car that the ebay link diverted you to had the rebuilt title, the black car in the original posters post is fine
  9. Y-JobFan

    FYI - 1990 convertible on ebay - no reserve

    With the mileage, condition and branded title wouldn’t touch it - parts car
  10. Y-JobFan

    Nice vert. Why didn’t it sell?

    Ah, eBay diverts you to another car anymore if you look at a finished listing. The Black and Tan does look very nice. The Buy It Now probably made people think the seller had unreasonable expectations
  11. Y-JobFan

    Nice vert. Why didn’t it sell?

    Looked at wrong car which made this post irrelevant, deleted
  12. I am assuming the tint would be similar to that of older cars once available when you could order it and we are not talking a dark tint that is going to be noticeable?
  13. Y-JobFan

    drink holder

    I have been using the wood ones for years and have never encountered any issue with functionality, plus they can be stained or painted to match your interior and then look great
  14. I would go grey tint as it would be more likely to just blend in Lovely car, can't wait to see the final results
  15. What's anyone's thoughts on any of the replacement antennas versus having the original one rebuilt?