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  1. Would be interesting to know how the car was insured and for what amount. That car should have been insured for no less than 20K and I know the car changed hands for north of that when bought.
  2. Saw this posted on FB Reatta group and thought I would steal it and post it here https://motor-junkie.com/the-summer-is-around-the-corner-20-best-classic-roadsters/17558/11/
  3. Thank you for years of forum guidance. You brought a big personality to the table and in turn gave the entire forum a personality not seen on other venues. Now get wrenching and enjoying these Buicks
  4. You need to find the original plastic Reatta bag it came in
  5. I am near positive this was Pat Hannah''s car - if so, it's a massive shame, the car was beyond beautiful when he had it.
  6. The Super/Roadmaster are overall wider and larger cars, they are 4 inches wider than a Special
  7. The suede would have been very expensive as it was just not run of the mill suede but from a well know and better brand suede producer. of course it was pigskin suede as well, not form the normal sources
  8. It was not an option, the 88 Reatta's came that way, as they ran out of the suede as production went into later 88's they went to all leather. The more popular colors like tan ran out quicker than the other colors.
  9. Do you realize how many thousands of car ads a year Hemming publishes, it would be impossible
  10. I recently walked up to the Reatta at night and hit the light button in the remote and was pleased mine was working as it should be, my SUV automatically lights up the handle when I walk up to it but the lighted key hole on the Reatta was a nice feature for close 30 years ago
  11. Have seen a few of those, one of the nicer/cooler ways to advertise the dealership without it being a distracting placard
  12. Would be a Monza Mirage then, also very rare
  13. That appears to be the remnants of a Roadhawk
  14. I am on my 6 or 7th Reatta, most have been higher end ones and I have never done or asked for a carfax - on a 30 year old $3500 car it is ridiculous to ask or do one