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  1. Y-JobFan

    "different" 1990 convertible for sale

    Could have been that the Bonneville was a larger car, and it was also stripped and loaded to appeal to a far larger crowd than the Reatta, the Reatta had a limited market where the Bonneville market was wide and huge
  2. Y-JobFan

    "different" 1990 convertible for sale

    I think the car was originally in a Reatta collection in Michigan, there were some really bad pictures of it sitting with a good bit of dust etc, I believe it also had whitewalls. It appears to have been bought from the original listing and now is being resold
  3. Y-JobFan

    "different" 1990 convertible for sale

    It has been for sale off and on for at least 2 years
  4. Y-JobFan

    The Grinch

  5. Y-JobFan

    drink holder

    Pictures, nothing is true without pictures lol
  6. Y-JobFan

    Selling a poster but need resources?

    Condition of poster is questionable as well, a lot of wrinkles that may not come out for proper framing - eBay it
  7. Y-JobFan

    1972 LeSabre Custom Convertible

    The car was supposedly originally champaign gold, it is obvious that the current color is not a Buick color for 72
  8. Y-JobFan

    Ethanol damage after 4-1/2 years

    Not sure this is as much about the ethanol damage as how not to store your car for a long period if you use ethanol. You really can't blame ethanol for poor storage choice.
  9. Y-JobFan

    EBAY - 1953 Buick Skylark

  10. Y-JobFan

    1972 Electra 2-dr. in E. Texas, not mine

    The car is two colors, back half is lighter than the front half, that alone is a big turnoff and certainly evidence with the front grill that the car has been in an accident. Nice protective bumper moldings that are missing are very hard to find nice ones. Missing some trim as well. The car is sitting way to high and the sewer pipe exhaust is tacky. This one has been messed with far to much to be worth looking at.
  11. I have always waited just to be sure everything is OK to go
  12. Y-JobFan

    Timbs 1948 Special Buick destroyed in fire

    While it is miniscule in comparison to loss of life and peoples homes, this is a devastating loss to the car world and the Buick world. It has been preserved beautifully in pictures and I was fortunate enough to have seen it once in person. Sad that it was almost lost once to time and after being found and restored was actually lost.
  13. I have notice that the fog lights on my 90 will flicker off and on when driving, I was traveling to a show yesterday with the fog lights and running lights on (not headlights) and when I got to the show a person came up to me that had followed me and said my tail lights are flickering the same as the fog lights. Any thoughts? Headlight switch?
  14. With the vacuum issues the cruise light should still come on just not engaged? If the cruise light does not come on when the cruise switch is turned on it is more than lightly electrical?