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  1. Thanks John, I am 100% sure where the leak is coming from. I have cleaned it and ran my finger around the circumference of the cap. It takes a few minutes to start as an ooze and some time later and find the drip.
  2. My transmission was rebuilt last September and all of a sudden I have a leak at the accumulator. This was not a slow leak that eventually got bigger, it was a leak that left a puddle of fluid on the floor after a couple of days. It is beyond me how it happened that fast. Attached is a picture of another accumulator with a simulation of where the leak is coming from, the red being the transmission fluid. Note: it is not whole circumference of the cap, just maybe 10% of it. The question is what to do. I put a torque wrench on it which was set at 25lbs and got a budge, but it is still leaking. Can I go more than 25lbs and if so how much? Any ideas would be appreciated. Thank you.
  3. I sold a 58 Roadmaster 2 dr hardtop in 2019 for $26K. The demand for these type of cars is not that strong.
  4. I bought a 72 Riviera in 2019 with a quality repaint, the vinyl top was replaced; however, the interior was in-tact and the interior is same color as this one. From what I have seen in searching for one: once those dashboards go, they go. The cracks start in the front speaker and emerge as huge cracks parallel with the length of the car. Efforts to restore to factory original are not even close. The point of the post is if your interested don't waffle, as not to many of them come up.
  5. I never thought replacing the bulb would be hard. I tried to unscrew the housing for the bulb from the back and it will not pull out of the parking light assembly. It did take alot of force to even get it to the point where it would turn. I don't want to keep turning and turning the housing for fear of damage to the wires. Also, I tried to pull back on the housing in various positions and it won't budge. Any ideas? Thank you.
  6. Numbers matching is important for a limited number of cars. A 1983 Riviera is not one of them. If it is more financially feasible to get a good used 307 as opposed to a rebuild of the original I would go that route.
  7. I always think of the early 80's is the decade that turned the corner on high quality sound systems and electric accessories.
  8. Thanks for checking. Those radios are for 83, 84, and 85.
  9. I have the original radio in my 82 Riviera. It sounds like it might be on its way out. The crackling noise, while intermittent, is still loud even when the volume is turned all the ways down. I would like to stay original. It seems most repair specialists go up to 1981, or the last of the analog radios. Does anybody know of a shop that is proficient at repairing these early digital radios. This is the one where you pull out the knobs to set the station and the seek/scan knobs to reset the clock. Even custom autosound does not have a replacement on their website. I was also wondering if a Eldorado radio would fit in there. Thanks.
  10. When I press on the parking brake it does not move "at all". I went underneath the car, pulled on the cables and sprayed PB Blaster. Today, I removed the lower dash cover (black plastic, not the one that is the same color as the dashboard) and tried to gain access to the parking brake assembly without much luck. If I was under 50, I would pull the drum, shoes etc. to see if I could free it up. Any ideas would be appreciated. I would think if I removed the lower dash I would have better access to the assembly, but would like to hear from somebody who had to deal with this issue before I take the painful next steps. Thanks
  11. I would like to disable the security system because I'm afraid I won't be able to get the car started as it has acted up a few times. When I pulled the bottom cover off under the steering wheel, I thought I would find an orange wire plugged into a connector with a purple and white wire - similar to episodes I have seen on youtube. However, it looks more complicated than that in my car. Does anybody know the color of the wires drive the security system or do you have to take off more of the dash just to gain access? Thanks.
  12. This came off a Roadmaster that I owned and sold two years ago. It needs an accelerator pump as the car was hesitating from a start, but other than that it should be good to go. I'm more comfortable with Carters and kept the Rochester as a spare. It does look fresh. While it was on the car, it did start up with ease, despite being idle for a week or two. A few pumps and it would start right up. Including shipping to the lower 48, $250 from the NY area.
  13. I tried to replace the orifice tube, however, somebody before me broke it and I could not get the remainder out. I tried the puller tool, drywall screw and finally a lag screw coupled with a heat gun. I pulled on the drywall screw as hard as I could and the orifice tube would not budge, even with heat. The lag screw ended up damaging the pipe. I look at pictures from a new evaporator (54281 from Four Seasons), and it looks like the inlet and outlet pipes are built in. So, is the only option a new evaporator which looks like alot of work. Thanks.
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