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  1. See the link below to read how a vehicle electric horn works. There should be a diaphragm under that assembly and a set of contacts to interrupt the circuit. It looks pretty crusty in there. It could be the electromagnet is weak and thus not able to pull the diaphragm away, or the contacts are rusted/corroded. Find the contacts and clean them. There's a good chance this will solve your problem.
  2. I got one more thing done this week. An hour here and there, and I was able to disassemble and repaint heater core housing, install new core, and hang it on the car!
  3. No I did not. It has been well-stored and looks good though; rubber does not seem dry-rotted. I didn't pressure test it or anything though. I put it's sibling (from same source/storage) on my 75 several years ago though and it has been fine.
  4. Beautiful car! Dad had a green one just like this I got to drive after resurrecting it.
  5. It's a 4 door 6 cyl., but just look at the condition of it! It's a couple hours away from me.
  6. This body looks great in a coupe, and very few were. Great driving cars too!
  7. If everyone's intent was to spend $73k on a car, and they intended to do it right away, I would agree. However, if you don't have or want to spend $73k and want to only make a decent driver, a $6-7k overpayment is a lot of money. That might be like a 30-50% premium. That premium is especially hefty on a car that is not exceedingly hard to find an alternative for.
  8. $11k is high, but it does look line a good, solid car. Definitely not a $2k car. For that price I think I'd make a deal.
  9. That left fender looks nasty. Nice car though. In my old neighborhood practically!
  10. I took a couple extra days off and got a lot done on the coupe, in addition to a couple worthwhile house projects. I got the firewall as close to original as I could get it. I did not try to over-restore it. I attempted to mimic the same processes and assembly as factory based on what I observed taking it apart. Besides renewing the original components I also installed an NOS heater valve, threaded through the firewall an NOS temperature gauge (original was broken off) and installed an NOS wiper motor. I still have to clean up and paint the heater core box and install recored heater core. Otherwise, I'll be fixing a wheel on my engine hoist next, then prepping engine to drop into place.
  11. I am so sorry to hear of your situation. I really hope the car finds a good home. I have some additional questions. 1) Is engine back in car? 2) How many miles on car? 3) What is state of body/paint? What is original color and does it remain? 4) How is rest of chrome that has not been rechromed? 5) Has interior on order been paid for?
  12. I'm surprised it lasted that long. I tried my best to look away from this thread. I wanted this car badly but just couldn't justify it right now. Damn!
  13. What a STUBBORN SOB! I noted something else very interesting to me on this. I've seen many black booster can/necks on 57-58 Buicks, and assumed they had been changed at one time. But, I have no doubt this is original one given how it still had the putty seal around the neck buried against the firewall, further corroborated by the low mileage. This one was clearly black as new. So, black will go back on it. I've also seen both clear (silver) and yellow cadmium.