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  1. That sucks! How did he break it? Doing something careless, or was it just old and fragile? If the former, I'd be pretty P'd off!
  2. Wow, must have been a clean car to have gotten them all off in one piece!
  3. With this Nash and its half-closed wheel wells, you only need to clean the bottom half of the hubcaps...
  4. Slow progress, but there is some! I got the distributor and coil installed, and the generator loosely hung. This was stuff I hadn't removed, so digging it out and finding what I needed, cleaning up the parts I am reusing, painting etc. was tedious and time-consuming. I'll have no weekend time on this for a few weeks, so progress will be limited until then.
  5. Beautiful! Where did you get the pointed body bolts, or are those the originals cleaned up?
  6. Pete, I think you need to drag it down to TX and fix it with a nice rust-free parts car...
  7. I agree with Suchan. This is a REALLY cool little car; if only it had not been so neglected!!
  8. Either type will be fine. RivNut accurately pointed out that it's the nut itself doing the holding. However, on many applications the clip will also act as a washer if there is a large opening behind it; in this case the nut staying on the clip is important. I've used both types, and the ones Smartin recommended are quite sturdy. Also, the protruding threaded portion is very large, with what I believe are more threads than an ordinary nut that size would have, adding to the strength.
  9. Had he built a small garage 40 years ago to keep it in it would have paid for itself via preservation.
  10. I found a few of these NOS a while back. I haven't yet confirmed if it is still present on my AC 57. I found a couple of these NOS a while back. I haven't yet confirmed if it is still present on my AC 57. Do you need one? I should have an extra.
  11. If condition not super important, I've got some.
  12. Looks like a great deal! I don't recognize that lower color as a 1957 Buick color though; looks like something out of 1974.
  13. I don't know much about 31 Buicks either, but looks like a wonderful car. I thought you were done buying old cars?
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