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  1. lancemb

    Restore my buick electra 1969 :)

    What exactly is this Zebracier stuff?
  2. lancemb

    1958 Roadmaster $19,500 77,000 miles

    I have looked at this car in person. If anyone is seriously interested you can PM me if you want.
  3. lancemb

    1971 buick centurion convertible

    Looks a bit like 1957 Garnet Red...
  4. it sounds like there is something to it, but not a huge deal. Thanks for the input!
  5. I have seen these on a couple of my cars under the grease cap, but not on most. They seem kinda hokey. Do they actually do anything?
  6. lancemb

    1946 76-C

    Wow! Great choice.
  7. lancemb

    1940 76C Reconstruct

    Incredible workmanship. This will be a very special Roadmaster!
  8. lancemb


    Wow! I am not familiar with these coachbuilt Buicks, but what a stunning car!
  9. lancemb

    1946 76-C

    Good eye!
  10. lancemb

    1946 76-C

    That's still pretty darn rare, and for some reasons it seems far fewer survived than other cars with similar production numbers. That's roughly the same build as my 1957 75R, and while rare, I've seen a handful of them come up for sale the last couple years.
  11. lancemb

    364 4bbl Intake and Carb

    Can you make a separate post with some pictures to show condition of things, when you get the car? Where are you located?
  12. I really like this car, but am currently at my car maximum!
  13. lancemb

    54 super 2door hardtop

    But wait... aren't you a '54 short now? Here ya go! It is indeed a great looking car...
  14. lancemb

    master parts list (1914-1930) Wanted

    That's an 18 year old post!
  15. lancemb

    What year are these dog dish hubcaps for?

    Thanks for the feedback. It seems these are correct for 54 and 55, so I looked in my parts book and confirmed they stayed the same part number after that through 1958!