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  1. Shoot! I just used up one of my reactions without thinking! I gotta control myself...
  2. I was unable to ever find any cross reference. My blue trim was matched against an original piece.
  3. Can't wait to see it again! I haven't heard it run yet...
  4. lancemb

    1957 76C

    I have already received a court order for a title and applied for it. I should have it in the mail any day.
  5. Removed as much paint as I could and repainted lid with "hammered" finish paint to give it a similar look to original. Not perfect but much better than I started with.
  6. Do you have a picture of the actual mat?
  7. Very 3 won by large margin, and rest were really close!
  8. lancemb

    1957 76C

    The car came with a dark green top along with the Antique Ivory paint and red interior. I will definitely leave the body and interior original colors, but may make the top black. We'll see; I have quite a while to make that decision!
  9. lancemb

    1957 76C

    Check out the blower motor delete plate
  10. lancemb

    1957 76C

    In the months since I made the purchase, I spent a lot of time reshuffling the garage to make room for parts, and trying to figure out which parts I was missing. Many thanks thus far to Cabellero2, who has provided a tremendous amount of help figuring out what is what and what I had and didn't have. Also thanks to Dei, for making available the seats from his 58 Limited parts car. Help like this is what really makes the people on this forum great. As of now, I have nearly all of the convertible-specific parts I'll need. A few things will need a little fabrication, but nothing insurmountable. I do still need one top bow. I have a lead on one, in reportedly poor condition. However, it's much more feasible to fix one in poor condition than make one from scratch. With a nearly complete car at this point, I'm confident it can be put back together. I wasn't so sure when I got it. Not too much will happen on it over the next couple years. If I have waiting time while coupe is in paint, I will likely start assembling the top and some other pieces to ensure I am not missing any more critical parts. This car is very unusual and I think very cool, as it was ordered with NO POWER BRAKES AND NO HEATER! How cool is that? Check out the pic of the delete controls on the dash.
  11. lancemb

    1957 76C

    Once again, one last time, I have been tempted into another 57. My progress on the coupe has virtually stopped for the past year while I worked on a smaller project in a 4 door and awaited the stars to align to complete the metal work. Given that, I was not looking for another car but was picking up a part here and there. After buying one such part, I had to ask, "do you have any other 57 parts for sale?". I was surprised to learn that not only were there many more parts available, but a Roadmaster convertible as well. The car was partially disassembled, there was no title, most of interior was missing, unknown other pieces were missing, and the parts that were not missing were awash is numerous other parts. Since it would have been time-consuming and impractical to quickly find all of the parts that belonged to the car, I bought everything. As of now, I have sold off many of the extra parts already to make space and to bring my cost of the car down and free up funding for the parts I'd have to acquire. I couldn't pass the car up because it is pretty solid actually, and a great color of Antique Ivory with a Red interior. Much of the original paint is still visible with exception of where a prior owner installed new rocker panels, and parts on upper body where there appears to have been a partial repaint with house paint at one time that is flaking off. The trunk lid is in poor condition but it's there, and an extra in much better condition came with the car.
  12. Dang, that parts car is coming in much handier than imagined!
  13. Gone...or the seller is totally flaky. With no description and 2 record-setting terrible pictures, doesn't seem like seller is very interested in actually selling the car.