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  1. Only a couple hours from me. They have a great car show in Carmel each year that draws some of the nicest cars in the region.
  2. Definitely worth asking price if it's that nice. Fewer miles than my 4 year old truck, and I don't drive a lot!
  3. Saw this, and it is so near me and looks like such a great original car, I am very tempted to take a ride out to see it. Lord, help me. Having seen a bunch of 61s and 62s lately, they are growing on me. Of course, there is the lack of parts availability that Smartin mentioned, but that's part of the "FUN", right?
  4. This image (looks like probably original advertisement photo) shows same treatment on 4 door with trim for color separation.
  5. What does the paint code say? Maybe the car didn't come 2-toned as at least on coupe version it would have the trim wrap around from rear window to separate colors.
  6. Call these guys; they are very good to work with. If they don't have a pattern you can send them yours and they'll make them. They can help with the rear package tray too. https://www.remautoinc.com
  7. That was a sweet car for the money!! I never cared as much for the 61-62 Buicks, but I'm warming up to them; especially the 62s.
  8. Unfortunately, no! Since everything is new, I'm hoping that I'll have a nice flow and be able to gravity bleed it, for the most part. I've also had a massive scope increase in my home project that is taking me away from this. Somehow, storage shelves turned into a complete renovation of the laundry room.
  9. I only had a little time this weekend due to a house storage project taking most of the day, but managed to install plate and seals around steering column, the overlying rubber mat, gas pedal, turn signal and neutral safety switches. Next I'll start installing some remaining bits in engine bay, hook up trans cooler lines to radiator, start adding fluids, and bleed brakes.
  10. If this was local I'd probably get it from you. It will find a good home quickly I'm sure.
  11. That is a pretty fair price if it's as nice and original as it appears! Ad incorrectly lists it as a 2 door though...
  12. That is going to be a fine home for your cars by next winter!
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