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  1. lancemb

    1957 76C

    Some progress. Convertible body was braced well first and is now off. The shop gave some feedback that the installation of the floors was very well done. Also, they acknowledged that the alignment of the door door alignments would require some adjustments, possibly to the body, but that it was entirely doable. However, it was best to do this after frame was back on and body was properly sitting on new body mounts. With the convertible frame and parts frame next to each other, surgery has begun. Here is with one side of frame already removed. While the other side is not rusted through, it is quite thin so that will be replaced as well. The portions that hold the trans brace will also be replaced, and some lighter work will be done to the front of the X frame.
  2. I finally got the axle out of the way yesterday. That thing is heavy! After that I removed the shocks and springs to open up the rear area completely. I then spent the rest of the day cleaning up the frame and floor pans. I will probably spend another full day further cleaning up welds, removing penetrant residue in a couple places, and propping body up. Then on the next day I get, it will be paint time.
  3. Sounds like Steve has you pretty well covered. If you still need anything let me know; I have some of that stuff. Lance
  4. Looks like a great base, and a fun project!
  5. I think the mystery piece is the wire harness cover on the driver side inner fender behind the battery.
  6. Polishing old chrome is one of my very favorite things!
  7. Very nice! I assume you'll apply the correct two-tone scheme when you repaint it?
  8. Looks like it could be a decent deal! Too far to be tempting for me at this juncture though.
  9. Awesome car! Do you have some "before" pictures?
  10. Is that your second pair or the ones you bought some months ago? To retract if motor is stuck, you're better off taking it apart so you don't damage the nylon cable.
  11. From avgwarhawk's reference above. This is from 1954 manual but concept is the same.
  12. The tube is not perforated (that would be bad, to draw in exaust) and goes all the way through like a straw. If yours is plugged, it shouldn't be. It should draw in fresh air through the bottom.
  13. Easy. You can just drill out both ends and it will then be loose. You can then fish it out pretty easily. It's easy to make your own, too.