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  1. I am about 90 minutes away. I will be up that way in the next month but not sure if car will be around by then, but who knows as it's already been listed 18 days. I sent seller a message, so let's see what he or she says.
  2. I just had a 57 radiator recored for $750, but this is still half the cost!
  3. Awesome! If body is as good as looks, I couldn't bring myself to part it out. Congrats! Can't wait to hear what your feedback is on it.
  4. Here's your car Pete! And it's in Texas!
  5. The standard steering wheel for 1957 was the same as 1958 only, according to my master parts book.
  6. I was just looking in my 1959 Master Parts book, and included in it are "Paint Combination Charts". In 1952-53, sets of upper and lower colors are specified. For 1954, only upper colors are specified. Starting in 1955, colors were just all listed as a "body color", with no specifications of upper, lower, or middle.
  7. I will be posting a warning about someone who advertises in the Bugle myself if I don't get resolution pretty soon...
  8. The horozontal type jacks were definitely used in 56 an 57, and there were at least 3 different versions of them. Not sure about other years.
  9. What a scheister! I've known his kind before.
  10. What kind of tires did you wind up going with?
  11. Did you find evidence of red primer on the pumpkin?
  12. No problem! I hope to have the rear end out of my coupe I'm restoring in the next couple months. If it still has prominent factory markings on it as Smartin's does after cleaning, this is what I'm going to do (clear coat it). If it is heavily rusted, I may try to remove a good portion of it first chemically. If it just doesn't merit preservation, I may just paint it black.