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  1. Doesn't look like there's much to do? Neat car!
  2. Thanks Doug! The car will be going to a new owner soon. I've fulfilled my "Buick duty" to resurrect the car and stay true to it's originality, but there are still a number of minor items for the new owner to tinker with. This was most certainly not a money-making venture for me, but I saved a beautiful 57 that has a new lease on life, and I am satisfied with that! I am sure the new owner will be glad to see it when it rolls off the trailer.
  3. Well thank you! I will likely not be going through then selling any in the near future though. I am confident your 76C will be in good order soon enough!
  4. The biggest hurdle would be finding the correct front seat. Beyond that, sounds like Pete has just about everything. With a pretty nice body and chrome, just might make a pretty nice driver for someone if the missing parts were put back and it was running well again. Put a quick paint job on it, and enjoy!
  5. Will some pieces from a Roadmaster help?
  6. That is a cool old wagon!
  7. How bad are they? If you are worried about them sealing at the bead, I had some that were pretty crusty, but after sandblasting, I applied a heavy coat of silver POR-15, then top coated with black before completely cured (in satin black, for looks), and they sealed great. The silver POR-15 is chock-full of fine metal bits, and does a great job of filling in small dimples and dries very hard and is quite durable.
  8. Ethan...couple things. First, folks are not talking about the function to dim the dash lights - that is indeed a function controlled by a rheostat within the headlight switch. They are referring to the switch on the floorboard that switches between High and Low beams. Check to confirm this is working correctly first. If you still have a problem that requires getting to the headlight switch, remove your dash pad and you will gain much better access. It can be removed in 5 minutes. 1) remove a couple screws under front lip of dash pad (may be recessed within vinyl/padding) 2) remove center trim piece directly behind windshield 3) remove small bolts holding dash pad, now exposed from removing trim. You can also gain better access from underneath by removing the small panel to the left of the steering column at bottom of dash. Good luck!