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  1. lancemb

    57 Dynaflow Issue

    The only way I know this to be feasible is using a come-along to pull the rear axle back, which would make me nervous. Do you have another method?
  2. This is a really stunning, original wagon. I wish I could bring it home!
  3. lancemb

    Steering Wheel Repair

    I am not aware of any early or late versions of the 57 wheel, but there was a standard and deluxe version. I think only the Special had the standard with deluxe optional, and most had the deluxe. The standard version may be the same. I can check my parts book to confirm if I get a chance.
  4. lancemb

    Garnet Red 57 Roadmaster 75

    Adam, glad to see you with what is clearly a favorite of mine! If you decide to sell it down the road, maybe I'll take it off your hands if I can! Enjoy, and hope to see it in OK.
  5. lancemb

    Steering Wheel Repair

    Yes...but very pricey
  6. lancemb

    1955 Buick Ant Sw

    If 2carb40 can't help you out, I may be able to.
  7. lancemb

    Steering Wheel Repair

    I haven't had it done yet, but have done some looking. It will cost far more than $200 to have it recast. If you can straighten it yourself, and the cracks are not TOO numerous, you can make it look pretty good with about $50 in materials and some hours of your own time, using an epoxy putty to fill the cracks, (like por-15), sanding, and painting. I've heard epoxy paints work well for this but haven't tried it yet.
  8. lancemb

    Claimed. Free Two straight eight heads

    Is that an actual part number or just a casting number? If part number I have a couple old master parts books I can check.
  9. lancemb

    1950 model 46-D sedanet $4200 in Texas

    Pete, do you know what the original color was?
  10. lancemb

    Claimed. Free Two straight eight heads

    I spent a summer as an intern in last year of college working in a spline yoke manufacturing cell. Those racks are expensive!
  11. lancemb

    1948 Buick Super Convertible

    That seems plausible to me. Maybe Pete Phillips can chime in again, and if you are willing to ship it to TX you may want to talk to him about assembling it for you.
  12. lancemb

    1957 buick super cranking problems

    It sounds to me like he is saying that the car cranks as soon as he turns ignition switch, instead of waiting until the accelerator is depressed. Assuming that the carburetor switch is still in place, it sounds like the switch contact is stuck, or it's not getting vacuum.
  13. lancemb

    1948 Buick Super Convertible

    I am very sorry to hear about your dad and brother. This is a tough situation, and I can relate. I'm lucky to have been able to keep one of my dad's cars and now have it on the road and enjoy it. One way to look at it is, if you inherited the car, you probably won't lose money (or not much) if you spend 40-50k to get it put back together and finished, should you decide later to sell it. The money your dad paid is a sunk cost. If the interior and chrome is at least presentable, you can have them reinstalled as-is, and save a lot of $ while still being able to drive and enjoy the car. If you decide later to redo these items, it's easy to do without tearing the whole car apart again. These are only viable options because a lot has been done to the car and it looks like a very good and solid car. If it was a rough car just in pieces, these options would not present themselves, so all is not lost. Do you have pics of chrome and interior?
  14. lancemb

    how were front ends painted ?

    Looks great! What degreasing method did you use?