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  1. Well, I encountered a surprise upon installing the dash pad. I should have known to check more carefully in advance, but it appears that the dash pad from the coupe is about 1/4" deeper than the one I had planned to use, which came from a sedan. It's very difficult to tell any difference when they are side by side, but upon installing it there is clearly a fit difference. So, it looks like I'll be refurbishing the original dash. The ends from the original are in very good condition actually, except from some staining from a mystery substance. So, the plan is to use those re-dyed, then
  2. You're welcome, and good luck on completing your repairs!
  3. There is a big family party on Saturday, day of show, so I'll probably just drive mybtruck there Friday to check out swap and whatever cars I can. I'll look for your car!
  4. In case this is beneficial to anyone else I'll just respond here rather than PM. The tube is approximately 43". Here what the end with fitting looks like. Here you can see where it goes through the firewall. There is a grommet, and it is then sealed with a rubberized sealer. There is a bit of slack on this end in the tube, which is just wavy to take it up. This is my coupe in this thread, which I modeled after my 4 door, which is untouched original in this regard.
  5. From your closeup pic, that looks like correct location; should be inside rear of the head near back of intake manifold. I can PM you pictures of a unit I have loose, and try to measure tube length with a flexible tape. Other than remaking your temperature gauge sensor, you'd have to find an NOS or good used unit, both of which are very difficult to find, and won't be cheap if you do find one. People love to simply cut them off it seems, or they don't break when removed.
  6. I got my replacement speaker in the mail today and fit it into the dash cover. It looks like it will fit great!
  7. That sure is a beauty! Unfortunately it looks like they touched up under the hood and chassis by masking off the big stuff and then spray-bombing it in black, painting over bolts, straps, etc.
  8. I am always looking for 1957 license plates with my county code on them, because you can register your car to them in Indiana and use them. I decided to check Ebay for a 1958 one and wouldn't you know what I found? A sample plate, brand new in original envelope, with my county code on it. Perfect!
  9. Progress looks really great. This car was rough when you got it. As a moderate custom it will look awesome. No reason to be mad about it, because it's far better to be saved and modified than not to be saved at all. Please keep pictures coming!
  10. This looks like an excellent restoration candidate!
  11. Don't do it. Since you're on the fence, jump off onto the NO side.
  12. This weekend I worked on the dash pad. It's all ready except for the speaker installation, for which I'm waiting to receive one I ordered new to fit it. I have an original one I'll install in the rear, since it's visible. I utilized a good original dash pad and redyed it. It's not flawless, but I think it came out pretty nice. I'm allowing some leeway since I prefer original stuff. I did also drill the holes and bolt the phototube unit from the autronic eye on the side portion. I then plopped the end dash pads on and have both
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