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  1. Could be a failing fuel pump
  2. It looks like the winding and wipe are the same on both. Are the arms/float the same? What would it take to remove them as an assembly? I am thinking I may look at having some made. If I can come up with a quality and straight forward way to make it happen. Is it possible to get some detailed pics of how they attach. I don't have one here and would hate to pull mine, as I am getting ready to move and time is not my friend at the moment.
  3. If anyone has a unit that they could take some measurements off of and maybe a couple photos I would be thankful for the help.
  4. http://oemcats.com/oem-parts/25094830.html
  5. Best way is to find a non abs Riviera or if you want abs a 91-3. Pull the pedal, vacuum booster, master cylinder, and proportioning valve. Also lines unless you are confident in building your own.
  6. As last ng as they replaced the chain tensioner it is extremely unlikely the chain jumped. Other than reprogramming the ECM, there are only three components to the timing. The CPS, ICM, and cam sensor.
  7. Pull the grills, they pry off easily. Unscrew speaker.
  8. Thanks. I think I like the old set up better.
  9. Why can't I find any of my pics?
  10. They can bring their cars to my garage, but from my experience tools seem to walk off. Plus I don't mind having tools even if they sit a long while between uses.
  11. You would not get very far with me as a friend, if it isn't used in my garage then it is not going to be used.
  12. Cosco CSPS, but they are competitive with the quality of any brand I have checked out. And only $600 each.
  13. If it has heads installed it is a long block. Yes I have bought a few. No bad results. The only downside is that you don't know what parts they used to do the rebuild. If you call the remanufacturer they will tell you most of the time.
  14. Just drop the cradle. It is the easiest way to do any work.
  15. They fail hot, then after cooling begin to work. So it is pretty much useless to test them off vehicle. The best test for them is pouring cool water on it as soon as it dies.