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  1. They are strut covers as I recall.
  2. Guess I will be looking for a white one to paint... Full teardown prior of course.
  3. Black with blue interior, do they exist?
  4. Upgrade to the newer version. Do a quick search it will come up.
  5. Yes, it has to be changed from the outside...
  6. I wish you would have offered them up, for shipping and packing fee. I would have grabbed them, for no other reason but bc they are rare.
  7. 95 and below caddies have the non amped cdm.
  8. Add a relay to the light circuit.
  9. Series one sc is a nice upgrade.....
  10. The cassette player only has to be plugged in once if battery power is lost. I have went as far as having the cassette player controls controlling a slim DVD player.
  11. If they enforce the issue, I will probably not be on here much longer.
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