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  1. Yes, it has to be changed from the outside...
  2. If you have more let me know....
  3. I wish you would have offered them up, for shipping and packing fee. I would have grabbed them, for no other reason but bc they are rare.
  4. 95 and below caddies have the non amped cdm.
  5. Tie rods, ps pump, and hoses.
  6. Add a relay to the light circuit.
  7. Series one sc is a nice upgrade.....
  8. The cassette player only has to be plugged in once if battery power is lost. I have went as far as having the cassette player controls controlling a slim DVD player.
  9. If they enforce the issue, I will probably not be on here much longer.
  10. Two different programs/ECMs. All you need is a prom adapter and programing. Sinister performance does mine.
  11. The transmission and engine can be ran off the original ecm. Just expect to replace and upgrade your transmission shortly after.
  12. Swap the complete engine. It is a ton easier.
  13. I usually do 100 sets. I end up sitting on them for three to five years. I don't mind, as long as there is a need for them.