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    I have turned the target age the Reatta was made for-AND I GOT ONE! cross one off the life list.

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  1. rjfranken

    91 ecm, reman Teeves

    My Reatta's are gone now, just memories. And '91 ecm and reman Teeves brake unit, less bladder for sale
  2. rjfranken

    Reatta on TV

    Rare, my first sighting, to see a Reatta on tv. Supernatural, episode Plush.
  3. rjfranken

    Someone will buy my Cars

    I will need a driver side black mirror. I don't want to dishevel one of them.
  4. rjfranken

    Someone will buy my Cars

    Barney, do you want the VINs from these? Tom Payette, the Buick dealer here in those days, tried to move them for me. and was keen to document these. The one I'm getting has the VIN also scribed on the windshield. I have not seen this before.
  5. rjfranken

    Someone will buy my Cars

    Of course, the first thing he asked about were log books.
  6. rjfranken

    Someone will buy my Cars

    Hi you all. I never built my own garage to fix my dream cars and working for AT&T helps none. So..I Found a fellow that worked at the Reatta plant and will buy my 4 to rebuild and make do in his 6 car garage!!! From this I will buy a garage kept dealer 89 white red 16 way show-room pretty. I'm Back! I'm Luvin' it.
  7. Tom Payette (buick dealer in Louisville) came out to see my cars for sale. maybe ill get some traction
  8. rjfranken

    another one junked

    See my post in buy sell if you know who may want more parts.
  9. rjfranken

    My non drivers got to go

    Blue blue 89 needs bearings, White tan 90 totally for parts. Pewter grey 89 needs tranny, pass side window-provided. all need TLC and work. For you guys, free to come and get in Louisville KY Otherwise they will be junked. I found a dealer car I'm getting, I just don't have the resources to work on them (My Dream).
  10. rjfranken

    4 reatti good home

    I cant fix my dream. I must release these cars to others
  11. rjfranken

    Starting problems

    Hi Bob's still watching; A way to find out about the starter is when it only clicks, take a stout stick (hammer or handle) and rap on the starter motor some and try again.If that works it means the starter. The brushes are getting short and hang in their keepers. Tapping it releases them and make firm contact to the armature completing the circuit. PS my 4 cars are still for sale
  12. rjfranken

    3 reatti and parts car

    89 blue/blue 89 pewter/gray 90 white/blue 90 white/tan parts car and Teaves rebuilt master cyl and 91 ecm. Parts car has good engine and tranny. Blue has a spun bearing. pewter needs tranny and pass window (included). White drives and is waiting to have front calipers and pads (in trunk) installed. i just don't ever have the garage or time needed to do the work. Make offer. Bob Frankenbereger Louisville KY 502-417-1313
  13. Bought an "07 Lucerne. Watching the 2 loaded front calipers in the boxes, in the back of the 90, as the rain filters through the sunroof and windows...I gotto work tomorrow and forever after that...wanna buy some project cars? I'm Sorry.
  14. rjfranken

    OT Wife says 4 door! I want 2005 Buick PA Ultra...

    I went with the 07 Lucerne just now.