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  1. 2seater

    Engine Choices

    Dave has an excellent point and it has caught out many others in the past. Costs nothing to check it out
  2. 2seater

    Engine Choices

    I hope Daniel chimes in but from my perspective, it depends if you desire a direct bolt in or are able/willing to make some modifications or adjustments to accommodate a slightly different configuration. Any of the LN3 engines in various GM cars from '88 thru '91 will work directly. There are some crossovers in the type of 3800 available in the late '80's into the '90's to watch for. I know the L27 became available in the Buick Regal in 1990, the LN3 was available in some Oldsmobiles in 1991 and I believe the LG3 was in some full size GM fwd cars right up to 1990, so check for the proper vin code if not sure. The later model L27 engines will work, but coolant routing is different, may or may not have egr and some other subtle items that can be accommodated. Apparently the later Series II and III can be made to work as well but I have not done so personally. Could be a good time to install a supercharged engine but all of the above would apply plus a reprogrammed chip in the ECM.
  3. 2seater

    "different" 1990 convertible for sale

    White or polished outer edge on wheel?
  4. Darn it Dave, ya gotta stop that😛. I am glad it has a home for now and maybe we will see what the situation might be come spring. My derelict '89 has a decent tan interior soooo?
  5. Picked it up today, slightly less money, $207.50, (no tax on core charge). Very complete from alternator, a/c compressor, power steering pump all the way to the torque converter. Even included the 2.5" diameter down pipe from the rear manifold. Looked up part number on paper tag on torque converter and it should work correctly on my earlier trans., 1895rpm listed stall speed, but I don't know what the stock Reatta spec is. A good deal all around and appreciate the help, and it sounds like the yard may not close??
  6. Met Dave at our favorite PnP this morning. A very pleasant day after weeks of below normal temps, and actually above freezing😎 Picked out a '95 Riviera with a S/C engine, which was immediately moved to the dissection lab. I should be able to pick it up tomorrow for $210 complete out the door.
  7. 2seater

    Phoning ROJ

    I confess when I first saw this thread I was concerned you were giving up and I am glad that is not the case. I tried the ROJ on my phone which appears to work well, a big plus when away from a computer. Thanks a bunch.
  8. Yikes, that's a lot of cars. I will send a pm about cruising the yard.
  9. 2seater

    Racing a Reatta in 24 Hours of Lemons

    Am I the only one that cannot see the photos?
  10. If Dave does it, it must be okay? He has put more miles on our rides than anyone I have ever heard of. Seriously, there is no connection between the engine and brakes, but I do make a habit of putting my foot on the brakes when shifting into gear, partly because of the interlock on newer cars (habit) but also to be sure I have brakes before moving.
  11. 2seater

    Intermittent Check Engine Light

    Very interesting although I am not sure I see the value of it, no matter the year? It seems much easier to read the code directly rather than interpreting a flashing light. I suspect it is a leftover from when the only code reading available was by shorting the ALDL? I agree the "P" code sounds like OBD II, and while I have no way to prove it now, I have a vague memory of my old Auto X-Ray scanner displaying codes like that. I didn't really use it to read codes on the Reatta, but I did use it to record ALDL data during my early tuning efforts with the turbocharger, so I may have that confused with later OBD II vehicles I have.
  12. 2seater

    Intermittent Check Engine Light

    It is normal for the SES light to flash while in diagnostics but to be honest, I never paid any attention to the rate or code hidden in the flashes? I don't believe there is any reference to observing the SES light while in diagnostics in the FSM? My car is put away but I may take a look at that.
  13. I didn't think about the BCM regarding travel distance but that may true. I would think the oem would want to protect the mileage reading from tampering.
  14. I would have more interest but my '90 doesn't have a mpg function :(( I have been experimenting with changing the pulse divider in the EEPROM to adjust the speedometer with some success. It does not correct the mileage readout from the odometer as that function appears to be a constant listed as pulses per mile.
  15. 2seater

    1990 climate control

    I replaced one several years ago and I found the part in the door lock section of the auto parts store. Similar clips are used to hold the latch and lock rods inside the door.