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  1. I can only offer this possibility: we were resurrecting an ‘89 for my grandson last year. It had a number of gremlins and one of them was an O2 sensor issue. We had a clue there was something long term going on there as the car came with a small notebook that roughly listed the items serviced over the last few owners. We noted the O2 sensor was replaced several times so two of us traced the sensor wire back to the ecm. We then connected a ohmmeter to the two ends of the wire which appeared to have continuity so we simply disconnected the appropriate plug on the ecm, sprayed with contact cleane
  2. yup, wrong cover but looks excellent overall
  3. As far as I know it is a good way to see how far the temperature sensor has drifted from new. I do the same comparison?
  4. Dang, that is extensive and expensive damage to the glass, aside from the other cosmetics. A crying shame for sure. Insured??
  5. Looks pretty good. Hard to judge brightness without a comparison side by side. The stray light in the center may be acceptable as a locator if well controlled and filtered.
  6. My housings are E spec and about 20 years old. I know there is a Z beam light that has a raised horizontal cutoff on the right side but mine angle up on the right side with no cutoff. Yes they have the rubber boot on the rear that the prongs stick through. The are a very tight fit and I must give the plug an extra seating push through the space at the rear with the lights closed or just manually cracked open. Not ideal, but the lights work well. 80/100w bulbs, hence the burned out headlight switches until the twin relay harness was added. The Hella brand was available when I looked
  7. Yes, H is halogen but it is just an incandescent light with a noble gas to redeposit the vaporized metal to the electrode to allow hotter burning? HID is a totally different animal, an arc light in effect. I have used E code type lights for decades, Carrillo, Cibie and Hella. There are two downsides I have encountered and one is the lack of scatter which sometimes makes non observant motorists, especially cross traffic, not see you coming because they are used to the bright marker light effect. The other is travel in hilly rolling terrain where the cutoff will not illuminate the rising road
  8. I believe the lights referred to use conventional H4 incandescent bulbs. The beam pattern of the euro spec has a very sharp horizontal cutoff which is much more friendly than many modern cars with all different types of headlights that have horrible light scatter. I don’t know if the lighting approval agencies test for light output in incorrect or unintended locations but if so, they do a lousy job
  9. Are these the units with a removable H4 bulb? I have had them for many years and I have found the same issue but I was able to wedge the plug onto the bulb after housing installation.
  10. I do know some of the history, but the OP doesn’t. A short synopsis as stated would go a long way to providing a little context. Believe me, I do understand owner mechanical experience and expectations are a huge factor.
  11. Nice haul. The general way to test is to plug it into the car😉
  12. Well that's a well reasoned response. 😣
  13. They are alloy wheels with aluminum being the base metal but what the other metals are can vary. I imagine you are spot on regarding the purity of the material having a bearing on the value🤑
  14. Yard art? Bolt a plate and vertical post on them for supporting ropes to cordon off areas? Wait for the recycle price to increase? At the present price you might break even on a 60 mile round trip.
  15. Regarding the MAF, IAC and TPS; is it just the difference in form or shape that makes them different or do they operate differently? I have adapted the '91 throttle body and MAF combination to a couple of different engine configurations in my '90 and the stock ECM has had no issue with operating either style throttle body combination of TPS, MAF or IAC? Just a clarification question.
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