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  1. You must not be familiar with Padgett?
  2. Usually can smell antifreeze in the exhaust, and probably seals up when warm . It is not uncommon for the intake manifold to erode around the coolant passage at the left rear port, at least that is my experience. If not leaking externally it's about 1/2" to #6 intake port, but then both seals would need to be bad? Of course a headgasket could do the same. Any water in the oil, or contamination in the coolant?
  3. Nice installation. I believe they were all painted flat black from the factory, for the same reason.
  4. It is a sloppy job for sure so I install Fumoto valves in place of the plug. Draining the oil hot is a snap. Now if something could be done about the filter?
  5. I suspect it is where the hard line connects to the hose on the muffler at the compressor. It rubs on the plastic louvered filler panel in the bottom of the engine bay. I was lucky enough to have a good one on my donor car to repair my sons. It is a design flaw which might be helped by gently bending the hard line a little with the part off the car.
  6. Did you notice it said no longer available?
  7. I don't know why I didn't post in this thread earlier, but mine is my daily driver from May through October, pretty much every year since 1994. As a matter of fact just drove in from my cottage an hour ago, a 50 mile trip.
  8. Aren't the rear speakers on an 89 like the door speakers up front? I know the front is an actual tweeter up high and it has a crossover to filter out the lows from the small speaker and I thought the rear was the same? If so, I would believe the main feed wire to the larger speaker would be connected to the 6x9. Is it a coax type or just a bass type?
  9. I don't know why I am having such a tough time uploading photos but that's the reason for the multiple posts. In any case, this is a comparison of a rocker from a '95 s/c engine on the right and an LN3. The '95 rocker is a bit of a surprise as I had purchased a single rocker from a local Buick dealer and it was clearly a casting, not this stamping, so maybe they gave me something from a Series II? In any case, the differences still remain even though these look like clones. The '95 rocker with the roller trunnion is slightly wider and longer. The roller assembly will not drop into the older mo
  10. I agree it would be nice to find higher ratio rockers but there seems to be precious little for our orphan engines. There is stuff for the later Series I & 2 but something is different about the geometry as mentioned earlier. I looked at some Ford stuff too, which use a 1.6 ratio as standard too but so far no soap. The ratio increase to ~1.7 would net valve lift similar to what the original '88 cam had but without having to get into the engine internals. Get yourself a spare manifold and start cutting it up and modify as you will. Probably make little difference without other
  11. That is interesting. Back when I did a programmer modification with external vacuum solenoids, I am pretty sure I had acquired another one from someone, and noted either the wiring or tubing colors were different than the existing? I will see if I still have it but I think I initially chalked that up to being from a different model car. While I am writing this (slow typist) I now remember the solenoids inside the controller were also located differently relative to their tubing color.
  12. 2seater


    If you are in the process of looking at vacuum leaks, do not overlook the pcv system buried under the rear spark plug wires behind the intake plenum on the passengers side, sort of behind the power steering pump. Vacuum line replacement is inexpensive and a good idea if suspect. I have found even if not brittle, if they leave a black residue when running your hands over them, they are getting porous and may seep.
  13. 2seater


    It never hurts to install a new O2 sensor. I cannot say for certain if it would show lean if it causes a misfire or anything else to upset the exhaust in the pipe. Yes, there is only the one O2 sensor in the rear exhaust manifold.
  14. 2seater


    I would certainly verify the fuel pressure is what it should be. I just went through this issue with an '89 that had difficulty starting, but would run after starting. Found the fuel pressure was 33psi maximum and when the tank was pulled and the pump removed, the pump looked brand new, but the hose that replaced the factory pulsator would slip right off with little resistance. I believe the unclamped hose leaked enough to keep the fuel pressure at a bare maintenance level only. The O2 reading is indeed dead lean, so either it is defective, the ECM has an issue or the fuel supply is inadequate
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