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  1. 2seater

    Air filter

    Piece of cake with engine out, which I did this last summer. Can stand on the ground or frame to access everything. I always remove the heater blower to give multiple access angles but that is optional.
  2. 2seater

    More Car-Toons

    Simplified performance explanation:
  3. 2seater

    drink holder

    I was thinking the same thing. I have seen Dave's cars but I wasn't observant enough to see the holder🤔
  4. I calculated the original antenna lasted 25yrs + and 128k miles, so having Barney reconstruct mine would likely outlast me. Best deal in my opinion.
  5. 2seater

    Reatta Forum Moderator

    A thankless job for sure. No sense beating yourself up as it is a complete unknown as to why participants come and go, and I agree with Dave that it is a general trend, plus winter is non primetime for most of our cars. Personality clashes occur, many times for no apparent reason, and are somewhat inevitable, so what is, is. I am sure it was quoted from somewhere else, but my father told me about apologies: You don't need to with your friends and your enemies won't believe you anyway.
  6. 2seater

    Dread Rear Freeze Plug

    Yes, one on each end, small diameter. Rare for them to go bad .
  7. 2seater

    Older model vs Newer model

    Always easy to spend someone else's money but I would at least look at the '88. Unless I am the one that commissioned a repaint, I always wonder what is really underneath? I know I looked at five or more Reattas before I bought my first one. There were steady improvements from one year to the next, for better or worse, but an original would be my preference. JMHO
  8. 2seater

    Transmission bolts

    I feel your pain. I did that mistake once myself☹️ Once you get the system down you don't have to pull the tube but otherwise it just gets rotated out of the way. I should have warned you🤐 Merry Christmas.
  9. 2seater

    Transmission bolts

    Good idea. It would be nice to be available in 1/2" as that bolt is fairly torque heavy. 18" of extension places the breaker bar/ratchet in a sweet spot between the engine and strut tower.
  10. 2seater

    Engine Choices

    Okay, found it that way. That's a good price. I couldn't find any detail on what parts are used which I was curious about, but no matter. Thanks
  11. 2seater

    Transmission bolts

    18" extension and an 18mm socket (if memory serves). I have done this change many times. It can be frustrating and I suggest taping the socket to the extension will reduce the colorful language.
  12. 2seater

    Engine Choices

    I couldn't find that listing? I did notice that would be a grand more than a Chevy V6 of about the same vintage, which is unfortunately a fact of life. It costs a bunch more to do a Buick engine vs a Chevy.
  13. 2seater

    Update on the Red/Tan 1989 Parts car

    Sounds like it should have an interesting future😐 If the new driver has decent interest, it will certainly provide much to keep him busy. What do you think the first modification will be??
  14. 2seater

    HVAC Blend Door Module

    Yes, the blend door motor just unplugs from the HVAC controller, but would need a replacement from another controller, so a donor would be needed.
  15. 2seater

    Transmission question

    I think Dave is on the right track. If the engine is indeed not idling down properly the transmission will respond incorrectly also. What is meant by racing at idle? Cold idle in park/neutral should be over 1000rpm and slowly decrease as the engine warms, to something like 800-900 rpm and in the 600-700rpm range when in gear.