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  1. As I wrote on a different post the return trip with the Red was more eventful with me losing the serpentine belt at 10:30 at night. Fortunately I was in a well lit c-store parking lot 35 miles from home. Took a wrecker 2 hours to get to me, load me up and get me home. Turned out to be a water pump as well as the belt which I had replacements of both and was able to do the repairs the next morning. Also did a drain and fill on the anti freeze as well [Believe it or not that I had to go get]. But looks like the cooling system wasn't done with me yet as just today about 75 miles from home I started smelling anti freeze so I pulled over [turned on a county road just off the highway]. Popped the hood and sure enough a pin hole leak on the upper radiator hose right next to the clamp closest to the engine. That looked easy and was. Turned off the car and grabbed a screwdriver, pair of gloves and razor knife out of the junkin bag, loosened the radiator cap to reduce the pressure, removed the clamp, pulled off the hose, Cut the end off, slid it back on with the clamp, tightened it down and put the radiator cap back on. Fired up the Red and everything looked good, so off I went. With the gloves didn't get my hands dirty and took less then 10 minutes. Just now finished swapping in another upper hose, topped off the antifreeze and I am ready for the road tomorrow. Oh yeah, the Red turned 289,000 miles coming back from Oklahoma...
  2. You have two issues going on. In my opinion one or more of your rubber brake lines are collapsed and minimal fluid is getting through which might be fine for normal braking but not for hard stops. The amber light issue is that your front ABS leads are bad [you say the insulation is gone] and need replacement. I sold my last two but either Jim Finn or Marck Barker might have them. See the sticky on the top of the page for contact information. The brake lines can be bought from Rock Auto fairly cheaply.
  3. Nice thing about parting cars is that you just grab a different motor. I have yet to rebuild one...
  4. I have an after market electric sun roof on my car. They can be installed.
  5. On the coupes there is one screw. There is a "guide pin to help keep it from spinning. Should come right out.
  6. I think there were about 10-12 of them. They were not in the same parking area and were constantly coming and going. There were also 3-4 people there that were Reatta owners that brought other cars instead. But overall there was only about 100-110 cars there. Not a great turn out...
  7. Check the vendors sticky on the top of the page.
  8. I would love to have one more but I have 4 now. Sorry.
  9. I put the back stock water pump on this morning along with a new serpentine belt. I was little concerned about the longer bolts so I called Ronnie about putting gasket compound on the ones that go through the water jackets. The consensus was to err on the side of caution. Added new anti freeze and all is good. Side note. Dave Pannell [a poster from way back] had sold his last Reatta and made me an offer that if I would drive to Indianapolis he would give me his back stock. His stuff was pretty good. Thought about him today as I put a really clean overflow tank that came from him on the Red. Thanks Dave!
  10. Ouch! Don't remember but Ouch! The worst part is standing there trying to swap a belt when you see how badly it's sliced and thinking "I'm going to ruin another belt before I get home and if I break down again will I be in a safe well lite c-store parking lot"? The answer was no, so that is why I called the wrecker. I just find it amazing to go 1900 hundred miles and then fail so close to home with as you said no other damage.
  11. I decided to get to the Reunion early so I could get checked in and cleaned up prior to leaving for the Reatta rally on Route 66. There were about a dozen or so Reattas all lined up and off we went only to get separated by traffic. I was able to stay with the leaders and enjoyed the drive to the Rock Cafe. After an hour or so of fellowship and our meal we headed back to the BCA meet. Looked at the cars that were there and turned in because of the long time spent in the car. Friday was spent walking the field, talking to owners of Reattas and some of the other cars there, and then looking at the items Jim had for sale. Also ran the booth for him so he could take another run on Route 66. He met us at the Rock Cafe as he went "junkin" on Thursday and didn't drive with us. Saturday I left early with the intention of getting home yet that day. 35 miles from home I stopped for gas and a check under the hood as I had been hearing a noise. I was monitoring the gauges and checking the fluid levels through the touch screen so thought everything was fine. Well it wasn't. My water pump had gone bad. It wasn't spinning true and had a bad wobble causing the belt to get sliced to about a 3/4" width. The sliced off material was wrapped around supports in the belt area and had to be cut free. I thought I could make the last 35 miles home, but didn't even get to the on ramp when the belt came off, [I could tell because the battery warning light came on and the steering got real hard] so I quickly drove to the gas station on the on ramp side of the road. Popped the hood and sure enough, belt was off. Tried putting it back on, but it wouldn't stay in place. I had an extra one in the trunk, so swapped out the bad belt for a new one. This didn't work either as the belt would slide right off as the wobble was so bad. The pulley the belt runs on is good, but the spindle the pulley mounts to was bad. Why that car never leaked anti freeze I will never know. Called a wrecker and two hours later I was home with a car that will be getting a new water pump. In 4 days I drove about 1900 hundred miles and the car failed less then 35 miles from home. I was lucky! Also this was a aftermarket replacement that I installed after the engine swap. I have another in back stock so I should be able to get this done hopefully today depending on when the kids are coming over. I'm checking the warranty and if it is a lifetime warranty I'm taking this one back.
  12. I would first have someone take a look to see if the transmission lines or the transmission cooler is bad. That might be your trouble. Then if it has been a while since you had a transmission service, go in for a filter change with a flush. That way you get clean fluid in your transmission, a new filter and the gasket replaced. Look for a special. Around here they advertise them all the time in those coupon mailers.
  13. I personally looked at this car and it is an excellent first car for someone wanting to get in the hobby. Didn't see it running [or driving] but in my opinion just clean it up and wax it and drive it. Paint is good enough, interior very nice. Great car to have...
  14. There's instructions on Ronnie's web site...
  15. Changed my mind and went through St Louis instead. I am at the Best Western near the Reunion. Just rolled in. Made a "tourist" stop" in Springfield Il to see where President Lincoln is buried. Beautiful cemetery glad I stopped. Then supper at "The Cozy Dog" an original Route 66 diner. Had their original offering which is a deep fried corn dog with fries. Then off to see how much further I could get. Made it to Springfield Mo and stopped for the night. This was at 11:30 at night so I just stopped in a "Rest Area" and slept until I woke up. Then cleaned up a bit and hit the road about 6:00 am. Stopped for gas and that was it. Will take a short nap and off to the Reunion. The Red turned 288,000 and not a single issue. Hope that stays true for the rest of the trip!