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  1. DAVES89

    Ignition cylinder woes

    All I have is a tan one...
  2. DAVES89

    LED headlight question

    I put in the "Truck Lite" brand. They are a sealed unit that exactly replicates the sealed beam lights that came stock with the Reatta. I had to use a relay harness as the car did not close the headlight doors. I am extremely happy to have these bulbs. This was in my Black 1989. The other two cars I went with Silver Stars also using a relay harness. Less switch issues and I think the lights actually work better [brighter].
  3. DAVES89

    Underhood Realy Center

    2seater is right...
  4. DAVES89

    Removing air bag connector

    Here is Padgett and Jon's answer...
  5. About all I remember is going to Gibson's and getting the plug pigtail from the air bag side of a Riv. I then used a resistor. But how I wired it I do not remember.
  6. Going from memory. I went out to Gibson's and grabbed a wire off a Riv. Put the resistor on the lead from the air bag side and plugged it in.
  7. I installed Riviera T Type steering wheels on the Red and the 'vert. They have a wooden wheel. I think they look great. Here are photos of them.
  8. DAVES89

    Air filter

    I sprayed my evaporator with carb cleaner then sprayed it with water. I then followed up with compressed air to dry the water out. Repeated it several times until the evaporator was clean. Now works great. [Did the Red and the 'vert. Now have to do the Black].
  9. DAVES89

    Thoughts on headlight replacement or paint

    I would remove the cover and take it to a body shop for repaint. Think about this, how likely are you to find a pristine replacement? And if you do how much would it cost? And if the shading is off you still need a repaint.
  10. DAVES89

    Windshield/back glass

    On the Chicago craigslist there is a listing for windshield and back glass as well as other parts. All for $300.00
  11. DAVES89

    Ignition cylinder woes

    I have a tan 88/89 steering column with a key if you are interested in buying it. Also can get a burgandy one. If interested email me at; lemke1044@aol.com Will need your zip code to figure freight.
  12. DAVES89

    FYI - 1990 convertible on ebay - no reserve

    What I have found surprising is that we didn't know each other when we bought our Reattas , joined the forum at about the same time with cars that are almost identical except I have the red rub strip [you have black] I have 16 way seats and I added an after market sunroof and painted my outside mirrors red. We both have same wheels and rear spoiler. We even have the same year engine!
  13. DAVES89

    FYI - 1990 convertible on ebay - no reserve

    But you know someone who does...
  14. DAVES89

    Ignition inhibitor switch issue

    I believe what you are talking about is that black plastic piece. It is held on by two small phillips scews [if memory serves me]. However it might be a coincidence but did you check the cable end at the transmission? It may have come off and won't allow your car to shift.
  15. DAVES89

    drink holder

    I for years have been using a boat style cup holder. If I have a drink I fold it over and us it. I fold it flat when not needed.I mounted it on the console on the passenger side at the fuse box opening. Never in the way or has to be moved. Yet there when I need it.