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  1. I drove the Red 60 miles to my brothers house with not a lick of an issue. Pulled in his yard and stopped the car and tried to back the car up a low grade, it wouldn't do it. Had to pull forward and get a running start to get it up the low hill to where I wanted to park it. Went to leave about 3 hours later, started right up went a half mile and died, leaving me to call a tow truck to get home. It can any time and at the same time. It's heat and closed loop is a warmed up car...
  2. One of the e026 code tests is an EGR test. Too bad your IPC doesn't work as you could see what codes you have. I still think it is the ignition module under the coils. Humor me by swapping the entire coil pack Ignition Module off another Reatta that is running well.
  3. I just took an old cassette deck apart for the female plug and short wire harness, wired in a pin plug for my MP3 player. then I unplugged the existing cassette deck, plugged in my new harness with an extension lead run through to the cigarette lighter. Then when I want the MP3 to play I just turn on the stereo switch to cassette and hit play and I have music. To fuzz or anything. Also wired in a powered sub amp from kicker to the rear speakers and have great sound. Wired the Red/Black and the 'vert all the same so I can just pull the Kicker and my MP3 player and go from car to car with ease.
  4. DAVES89

    Door locks

    But when you put the car in gear the locks engage and lock the car and then don't unlock when you need them to? Do you have any remotes to lock/unlock the car? If so how are they working?
  5. DAVES89

    Door locks

    Let's start with the simple things first. Do you have the car in "Park"? The locks should trip when that happens. Then do the locks lock/unlock when you press the button on the door? Is there anything else not working like courtesy lights, dome light, etc?
  6. Either a leaking hose to/from the steering pump or the rack and pinion is leaking. Could try a stop leak product that is made to swell the seals [on the rack and pinion]to hopefully make the leak stop. If either of the hoses are leaking that would have to be replaced. I've had good luck with Luckas.
  7. Josh replacement panels can be purchased. Check with Jim Finn or Marck Barker in the vendor listing above. I have extra parts but not for a 1990/91 as I have not yet stripped one.
  8. Look again. If you go to the "Quick Links" on that page you will see "Older Cars"...
  9. Nice looking wheels. Go to; www.myboltpattern.com
  10. There are no screws holding the trim piece on. The trim piece is held in by what I call friction clips with one being in every corner. These are two piece panels [top gray panel with a black backing panel] with the backing panel being plastic. I use my fingertips and work them under the plastic on the inside edge [the side closest to the cassette deck] and simply pull up. I start at the top as the bottom edge is kinda under the console panel.
  11. That's a lot of wattage to run through the switch. I would get a relay harness.
  12. I also tried LED lights other then Truck lites and I was very disappointed at the performance. The "other" LED lights didn't light up the road well and also filled up with water. The Truck Lites are the best. But here is a draw back to LED lights. They throw off almost no heat at all which is great unless you are in a driving wet snow storm. Then the light starts to get covered over and you have to pull over and wipe them clean. Only happened once to me, and at first I didn't know what was happening, but when I pulled over and looked, I saw what happened.
  13. I always looked at the "milk shake in the radiator" as transmission fluid in the coolant which means transmission fluid in the engine and coolant in the transmission. Very hard on the transmission. A Pastor at my Church contacted me about this. I called Kendall who at the time was a Chrysler mechanic, who took a look at it. He said to me that I should find another transmission and radiator. I got both and he had that transmission out of that Chrysler mini van in less then an hour without a lift working on the floor. Install about the same. One of the most amazing things I ever saw him do on a car. He brushed it off saying "I do that 100's of times at work"...
  14. Dashmaster and 2seater are correct, an after market relay harness is the way to go. I used the relay harness in Dashmaster's link. It was an easy install and I use them with both the Truck lite [which is on the Black and Silver stars [which is on the Red]. The Truck lites need the harness so the car can read "off" and close the lights, and the Silver Stars need the relay harness to take some of the additional amperage strain off the headlight switch while delivering direct power from the battery. The headlight switch is then used for it's real intent, telling the car to turn "on" or "off" the headlights.
  15. DAVES89

    Rough idle

    I believe that is the specification with the Magnavox ICM.