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  1. DAVES89


    I made a dash top panel puller and also listed the "lift" points [where the clips are]. It's on Ronnie's site...
  2. Maybe if you posted a few pictures we could have a better idea of what you want to do.
  3. There are a lot of easy to replace parts on a Reatta and the rack is not one of them. Glad you got it done.
  4. Good luck on the inverters. I tried to do a "group" buy years ago with Reatta members and we bought somewhere about 25. The black console inverters were sold out and we ended up buying the pink. I was later contacted by the Endicott sales team and they gave me a better price to buy what what they had left. I passed and to the best of my knowledge they were destroyed. I have a couple laying around but with 3 Reattas [two of which use them] I don't have any to spare. Jim Finn would be a good option for used ones...
  5. So then you must be a "Back to the Future" movie fan as both Marty McFly and the Bears fan want to go back to 1985...
  6. There should be an O ring under the MAF Sensor to help the seal.
  7. When I helped my buddy swap out the tranny on the old Black we did a rack and pinion and also when the Red got an engine and tranny swap we did it for that one too. But I won't do just the rack again. But then again at almost age 64 I won't do engines or trannys anymore either...
  8. And all the Vikings have really ever been is Division champions... Four times a bridesmaid and never a bride. I would think that everyone who likes the underdog would like the Packers. Smallest town in the NFL and more championships then anyone else. How does that happen? Oh and another thing. In the 60's I didn't like the Packers because they WON ALL THE TIME. I was a Bears and Vikings fan because when it came to winning they never let me down...
  9. I don't even look at my statement, I shred it when it comes. When hyperinflation kicks in [and it has to I will put all my money in a 5 or 7 year CD at the bank. I remember 1980 when interest paid by banks was about 17% and I believe that day is coming again. That will be when I pull out of the stock market forever. At age 63 my plans are to work another 5-7 years as I work in a low stress, no physical labor industry..
  10. These Reattas are way more dependable then people make them out to be. Regarding the Teves sensor leads I replaced my fronts when I bought the car with 111,xxx miles on it. Been fine ever since. The pump/motor was swapped out last summer [280,xxx miles]. Still on the original CRT and IPC and never replaced a BCM, ECM, CCRT, EBCM, PCM, Directional Control Module, or Keyless Entry Module. I will be turning 300,000 miles next month. The Black which I have put on over 100,000 miles on has been almost as dependable and finished with about 310,000 miles when I gave it to 2seaters son. The Black was on it's second engine and third transmission. The Red the same. Replaced tie rod ends and ball joints on both cars as well as rack and pinions and struts. The Black because of winter driving got new brake lines and a patched fuel line. Total investment including purchase price, parts, labor and tires less then $20,000 which is great for 300,000 miles driving and I am still driving the Red. The 'vert was bought for $4500.00 and so far I put on about 15,000 miles so now it has about 125,000. Less then $1500.00 for repairs and tires. Last fall I bought a 1988 Black/Tan for $1000.00 and swapped in a couple of parts I had here and did a timing chain, tensioner, gear, and magnet so I am sitting at about $1500.00. I expect 50-60000 trouble free miles.
  11. That is really a nice car and a great value. While the black carpet is not stock it does work with the silver [think Oakland Raiders]. An extremely nice convertible at about $5000.00. Where can someone buy a convertible this nice, and I mean any make or model, for this cheap? Too bad I have all the Reattas I have, and will ever need. Otherwise....
  12. Been a long time since I swapped out a rack while on the floor. I am pretty sure I will never do it again.
  13. Craft Customs does excellent work but the price is way higher then $200.00 I just bought a very nice 1988 with a marginal wheel and what I did was sand the leather and spray painted it with SEM. I think it turned out well for a daily driver.
  14. AUDI "Are You Done Investing". My daughter bought one [out of any warranty" and ate up a lot of money, so she tried to sell it, no takers. My wife always liked it and talked me into buying it to help my daughter out. It started on our bank account. I finally sold it to a wholesaler to be rid of it...