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  1. I don't try to out think the engineers at GM. If that is the way they designed it that's what I try to do. Can't remember if I used dielectric grease there, but I did use it on the connector.
  2. I don't use washers as my thought is as much surface area as possible is better. So I cleaned both the top of the plate and the bottom of the ICM first with sandpaper and then carb cleaner.
  3. Got the headlight cover back and it is now installed. I think I'm going to get the Red out of storage this weekend. To me that is the sign of spring [at least around here] when gets out the summer driver...
  4. Good for you Ronnie! I had to take the Driver's side headlight cover off mine to get repainted because I dropped a yard tool on it. Just got it back this morning and already installed. With a little luck the Red comes out next week. Can't wait.
  5. I am looking for some wheels from a YOU Pick yard in San Antonio. There are 3 Buick Regals there so hopefully I can come up with 4 wheels. The yard is Roosevelt You Pick. The cars are in rows 65,74, and 83. I will be vacationing to San Antonio the end of March and can pick them up at that time. I can send a check or do PayPal. Please PM me or e mail me at' lemke1044@aol.com Thanks!
  6. Looking for help from anyone in the San Antonio area. A you Pick yard there [Roosevelt You Pick] has 3 Buick Regals [1998-2002] with the wheels I would like to buy. However I won't get to San Antonio until the end of March and would like to buy them. The cars are in rows 65,74,83. Any help out there? If able to help please e mail me at; lemke1044@aol.com Thanks!
  7. Machiner 55 went through the center dash vent and wrote up a tutorial on it. If you have an '88/89 you can pull the dash and replace it. It is a bit involved the first time you do it but gets easier the more you do it. I've done 2 of them but one dash came out twice more as we were looking for a short.
  8. It's a recently purchased Reatta. Maybe it has the wrong chip in the BCM.
  9. From what I remember they are the same but are only available used. I pulled a few for a guy on the forum who was going to figure out a replacement, but he has "disappeared"...
  10. Maybe Jim or Marck at East Coast Reatta might be interested. I have 5-6 of them myself...
  11. If the air is coming out as it should but is low volume then you need to clean inside air box where the blower fan is located. There is a grated item [can't think of the name] that is probably loaded with gunk that is blocking the air flow and needs to be cleaned. I cleaned mine using a garden hose with a sprayer, then air from a compressor [low volume to dry out the water] then carb cleaner. Repeat until it looks clean. Everything should drain out the bottom as you clean. I used a "night light" as my light source.
  12. Don't want to burst your bubble, but the ones kdirk reconditioned for me has brand new purple stickers on them. But then again he is pretty fussy. But you did do good buying it from a vendor for $95.00 I once found a 90 that had the receipt in it for a brand new switch installed. The car had about 20,000 miles on it since the switch installation. Bought it for $10.00. Sold it also to Marck, along with some door panels. All bought at a You Pick yard. Switch in Milwaukee, door panels in Chicago.
  13. Like I said watch E Bay. That NOS 1990 Switch I bought was less then $200.00
  14. You can go to Ebay and do a search of "Reatta NOS" You could be surprised at what you find. I bought a front ABS lead and a 1990 Headlight Switch from overstock sellers for next to nothing. I sold the switch to Marck and the front lead to David from Texas so they are gone...
  15. I bought two Sears tenders. They work great.