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  1. DAVES89

    Liftful thinking

    If that story is true "You might be a Redneck"...
  2. DAVES89

    Liftful thinking

    Steve, if that is your shop you might be my new best friend!
  3. DAVES89

    Liftful thinking

    Looks like a nice lift, but might be a bit heavy for Santa's sleigh...
  4. DAVES89

    Engine Choices

    I'll bet your oil pressure switch/sensor is going bad, both leaking and giving you a false reading.
  5. DAVES89

    Favorite Pictures of My Buick Reatta

    Great picture and congrats on the amount of posts. We started about the same time, but then you "dusted" me with the amount of posting you have done...
  6. DAVES89

    Help troubleshooting rough start/low fuel pressure

    If the seal is not pushing against the glass get some tubing and slide that under the weatherstrip to push it out. Keeps the look original and makes a better seal. Be sure to go around the corner and down the back part of the glass as well.
  7. What was the chauffeur driven limousine used in "It's a Wonderful Life"? Always thought that was a great car.
  8. Was out to Gibson's today. As I was walking in I saw a Gibson flat bed truck heading out. So I asked the yard manager what might be going on. He said they were back in business and can buy cars and will be leaving the You Pick open for guys. So there will be no 11th hour trips out there to buy anything.
  9. Sounds like a great car for the wife...
  10. I'll leave that to you. You sound like you have a good idea what needs to be done...
  11. Umm we are not the "Great Karnack". We have to know year, make and model...
  12. DAVES89

    Engine Choices

    Before you buy your engine, are you sure it is not the harmonic balancer? Good test is to take off the serpentine belt and run the car. Sure you'll get a warning light but if the noise has gone away that is your problem. Simple 5 minute test anyone can do. BTW Hillsboro Auto Wrecking has a number of engines that will work. A 1988 for $268.00 with 175 compression. That is right where you need to be.
  13. DAVES89

    The Grinch

    Paying off my house allowed me to start buying cars as a hobby instead of just transportation. Only problem is it that interest was only one kind of car...
  14. DAVES89

    Intake coolant leak woes

    There is a small hose just above the water pump that is often overlooked. Did you check that one as well?
  15. If you think it's a "parts" car how about interior pictures? Most Reatta owners don't need more exterior body parts they are after the interior parts. Mostly Driver's door and seat. Also if the Instrument cluster, CRT, and shifter panel lights up. Also if yiou have keys and a clear title in your name. The one I just bought has a clear title, but not in the name of the guy I bought it from. I believe they call that "title skipping". No big deal if one plan's on junking the car, but more important if one plans on keeping it.