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  1. That's too bad as I nreally enjoyed your ability to fabricate things. Also it was a joy to read about someone doing something rather then just talking about it. You will be missed...
  2. And there is the rub. I'm not sure the Reatta is a collector car. Cargirl sold a pristine low mileage convertible. A Cuda, Road Runner, Mustang, Chevelle, Camaro, Corvette, etc are collector cars. A Reatta not so much. But maybe that will change over yet more time. In the meantime you store yours and I'll drive mine...
  3. I am glad for Cargirl and what you say is correct about a pristine Reatta. They will bring the money. But until the day that a Reatta parts car sells for what a 1960's-1970's Barracuda parts car does, I will say these cars are pretty much just drivers with no real appreciation. Even Cargirl said her car was going to be a "toy" car for the guy who bought it. Ask Ronnie or 2seater about my 1989 Red Reatta coupe as they both have seen it in person. It has 295,000 miles on it and looks like it has less then 50,000. 9-10 body and paint, 9-10 interior, rebuilt engine/tranny and wouldn't get $3000.00. But that's okay as I drive my car every day in the summer and got my money's worth out of the enjoyment of driving it. Another example... Just last fall I bought an early [suede 16 way seats, early horn button and early Teves unit]1988 Black/Tan "Silver" award winner for $1000.00 It's future? Next year's winter driver. The guys who drive their cars daily are helping you guys get better value on your low mileage pristine cars by getting their cars out there to be seen and burning them up till they're junk/parts cars. Over the years I have seen two camps of Reatta owners. The buy and drive crowd and the buy and view crowd. No one is right or wrong, but for me I don't see the value of buying a car and keeping it for any number of years and selling it for about what they bought it for with only putting a couple of thousand miles on it. For the record I'm not trying to be "right" I am just voicing my opinion and once again good for Cargirl and anyone else who gets a premium price for their Reatta.
  4. You must not follow sports. Whomever wins the Super Bowl on that Sunday by the next morning the stuff is in the stores. The losing teams stuff is off to a 3rd world country as a donation.
  5. I wear promo shirts all the time... bought from Goodwill
  6. You can rent bubble flare tools for free at Advance Auto or AutoZone.
  7. I feel sorry for the family. Maybe Steveskyhawk might be interested...
  8. I never got into a Reatta for a return on my investment. In all my years of car ownership I have never made any money on cars. As a matter of fact I had friends who would wait until I lost interest in a car and then buy it from me knowing I had fixed everything that needed to be done and would have a good looking/running car for less then I had in it. Last fall I bought a '88 Black/Tan coupe for $1000.00 which to the best of my knowledge has never seen a winter. Next winter will be its first, as it will be my winter Reatta. And because the Red was my first and the car I still enjoy the most I think the 'vert will be my next winter Reatta [Provided I live long enough]. Think about this, Frank Sinatra and Joe Montana both owned Reattas and still no cult following so what do you think will happen going forward? To not drive something that has questionable appreciation possibilities seems foolish to me. Worst case situation, guy waits his remaining years hoping he gets a big score, not driving but storing the car, and listening to his wife complain about paying storage costs or "hogging" the garage, only to pass and then she sells it for next to nothing because the kids don't want it either. It's not even Biblical as God doesn't want us to store our treasures here on Earth. We were put here to enjoy what he gave us...
  9. That's too bad it sold for so little, but as for me and my cars I have no expectations of any increase in value. I drive my Reattas like I stole them and "change" things on the cars as they suit me. Let someone else keep theirs in a heat controlled storage unit waiting for that day to maybe come and not enjoy driving them. And who knows maybe in 10 years or so I'll but their car for pennies against what they sold for new...
  10. This is something I have not done. Did you compare the hole size of the original to the "new" one?
  11. Take your broken piece to the local Auto Parts store. They will set you up with the correct tubing and the connectors you will need. You will also need a tubing bender so you don't put a "kink" in the line. And yes you can splice the line without replacing the whole line.
  12. Don't make more work out of this if you can help it. Do a bubble flair at the break and put a short piece in from the break back to the Teves Master Cylinder Practice on the broken piece so you can get some experience.
  13. Car is still there. I didn't look but I believe the parts are still there. If you remember I just took the "bling".
  14. Wouldn't that be something if this set up was a common, inexpensive and readily available set up? And you and I are sitting on it and not doing anything with it...