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  1. I don't like to watch them either. I also can't watch "Saving Private Ryan". The fight scenes are just to realistic and graphic for me. [And I never served!].
  2. I wait for a coupon special from one of the local oil/fluid change places and then take all three of my Reattas there [one after another]. Keeps it easy to keep track. then in 2019 I had a water pump issue so that car got a fluid change. Then in early 2020 the other daily driver Reatta developed a radiator leak and getting a new radiator took care of that fluid change. The 'vert got a timing chain replaced so it also got a fluid change so I am good for 2 more years.
  3. I looked up my posting history using the search button [on the top of the page] keyed in "Pewter" and DAVES89. There was one [unsold] that a guy wanted $900.00 for back in 2012. And then there was a guy running a booth in Springfield at a Buick reunion in 2015 that wanted $600.00 for his. I talked him down to $600.00 and two NOS front rotors but two guys [one mentioned in the post named kdirk and another "vendor" guy] talked me out of it telling me to wait and I could get one for way less. The about 1-2 years later one did pop up again and I bought it.
  4. Then I must have got a deal. I may have paid more but I know I didn't go over $250.00 for it.
  5. I bought one just like it [My number is 003 stamped on the bottom of the car] for about $200.00 which I thought was fair. If you don't get any interest here you could try ebay. BTW what else do you have?
  6. A kid I knew in High School had his car painted by a national chain. he got his windows tinted for free [color of the car!]
  7. When I saw the price I went out to the local you pick yard and pulled bulbs from other GM cars. Was able to test them in the yard [bring a portable power station] and ended up with what I needed and a few more. Believe I paid about $2-3.00 for 5-6 of them.
  8. Maybe an idea to check it would be to take it to a machine shop and have them turn it on a lathe. They can run the RPMs up high and see if there is any vibration.
  9. You bought another one? You need help man!
  10. When I bought the 'vert [about 8-9 years ago] the guy was a real Allante nut. He always had Allantes and on a whim decided he wanted to try a Reatta. However when a family member of his wanted to sell his Allante, this guy said he had to have it but his wife said one car had to go in order for him to get the Allante. So he put the Reatta 'vert up on e bay. I saw it there and saw that he lived less then 15 miles from me so I contacted the guy and bought it outside of e bay which saved him some money and got me a bit better price.
  11. Not at all. I was swapping in a new radiator and thought there was a nice cooler and lines in a just in Riv so I grabbed the cooler and lines and installed them. And the lines on my old winter '89 Black that Hal now has were real bad and I thought if I was to keep the car I would need to replace the lines at some point.
  12. I'm not a vendor listed above, but I do carry inventory and just looked. I don't have any extra.
  13. I got lucky and a real clean 1990 Riv came in at Gibson's. It had a recently replaced factory trans cooler and lines [still had the stickers on them]. Swapped them in the Red and removed the trans cooler like Ronnie has. Got an extra after market cooler and newer Reatta factory lines in the parts bin...
  14. My father in law had one just like it only triple black. I wanted to buy it from him and didn't because he just "drove" cars and never took care of them and he smoked a lot.
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