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  1. Been awhile but I believe it goes on 6 as it faces into the knuckle.
  2. As 2seater knows I have replaced the engine in my 1989 Reatta with a 1988. I left mine off as well because now it's an 88 setup. Makes swapping the serpentine belt a whole lot easier.
  3. I would think so. The last Reatta was made 33 years ago. Total production less then 24000 of which maybe a third left...
  4. take some tissue paper and put it on the switch area and also put it under the reservoir and then watch to see where the leak is. There are two seals between the master cylinder and reservoir. On mine there was a very slow leak that only presented itself over the winter when the tank would bleed to almost empty.
  5. I'm surprised you are looking at another brass era car after what you went through with trying to get/keep it running and then selling issues with your last one.
  6. Do a search from a poster named "snowdrift". He did the exact same thing. Long series of posts but Ronnie walked him through it. I know it worked and I ultimately bought the car.
  7. Good tip! I made on also years ago and as you say never regretted it.
  8. I'm betting on the O2 Sensor.
  9. Whenever I did the Delco upgrade I had to use an adapter plate. The plate has the 3 bolts out the bottom to mount to our bracket and then the 6 threaded holes for the coil bolts to go through. I believe they cam off early '90s GM cars with the Delco ignition. Depending on the GM brand I guess it would be 1990 to 1994. The bolt that is used to mount the Delco ignition module coil pack requires a 7/32" socket. I do not know what the bolt diameter or thread size is. Then a 7mm socket for the ignition connector.
  10. My Reatta was always blowing max cold. The door actuator wasn't working correctly so what I ended up doing was remove and replace the connector plugs on the BCM which is located behind the glove box. Spray contact cleaner on them as well.
  11. $500.00 is cheap. Reatta windshields are $1800.00 each.
  12. Mine's pretty obvious. Dave and 1989 Reatta, first "old" car I bought and 17 years later still have it!
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