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  1. Thet pop up on e bay every so often. Look for 1979-1984 Buick Riviera.
  2. Dorman 924-005 But the bolts in the kit are the wrong size. GM #11517635 for the bolts.
  3. Yeah I was that guy. In 1977 I bought a bone stock '72 with a 350 2 barrel bench seat. Swapped in a 454 and a 4 speed and custom paint. Put on SS emblems and had fun. Looking back, wish I still had it and that I would have left it alone...
  4. We bought a place down here and she will be down here for 4 months,[me 3 months] which would be quite a car rental bill. We are working on getting a car down here full time.
  5. When I drive from Wisconsin to Brownsville Texas I sleep in the back of the Buick Enclave. I drive hard as long as I can [have done Appleton to Dallas in one day] and sleep for 6 hours and pick my wife up at the airport. She would never do that and so no complaining and no car rental either!
  6. The star gives you directions to the closest Hardees...
  7. Hey Mr Earl isn't there supposed to be a Buick in the picture? Looks like Sandra Bullock.
  8. I had a shop install the sending unit. It must have been easy access tubing as they didn't charge me for additional parts. I also had them install a new fuel pump, as it made sense as they were already there. I also need to tell you that in my case the gauge reads different. In my case it shows about 4 gallons less then what is really in the tank. I believe that is the reason why it is not listed as an exact replacement. No problem to me as I like the idea of having more gas in the tank then what is shown on the gauge.
  9. The Dorman 692-102 is an exact replacement. I had one installed on my Red '89 last summer.
  10. That's where I go for mine as well...
  11. The 1988 Black/Tan I am driving as a "Winter" Reatta is a Select 60 in every way except for the code in the trunk. It has the suede seats and the brown horn button. Maybe if I bought that ornament I could up the value as a clone or "Tribute" car. Let's see bought the car for $1000, buy ornament for $3500 offer for minimum $4500. Anyone interested?
  12. We have had overnight wind chills of minus 25 for the last week. My Reatta sits outside every night [the Red,'vert and Enclave are inside] and never missed a beat, starts right up. It is an '88 with the Magnavox coils and 20, 000 miles old plugs and wires. Battery is 2 years old, but 650 Cold Cranking Amps [CCA]. I would guess you have a weak battery
  13. $3500.00 and he still wants to charge freight? Crazy on both counts. One could buy a nice Reatta for that kind of money.
  14. I had changed my post [prior to your quote of mine] to not be so confrontational, but the reason people are getting slower to respond to your posts is that you do post twice.
  15. Stop posting the same question on both sites. You claimed earlier that you get a "better response" but you get the same response from the same people on both sites. If you want to ask questions on both sites please use some discretion and post some on one and some on the other. I find what you are doing annoying.
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