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  1. Try again. Look at the top control bar and click on the "How to" section. Then click on "Heat and A/c" you will see it drop down and then you can click on control panel cleaning.
  2. What does your owners manual say?
  3. I carry an extra alternator, serpentine belt, and ignition module/coil pack in my trunk along with my "junkin bag".
  4. I see you have an exposed ceiling in the shelving area. What I have done is "hang" the 2x4 for uprights from the rafters and do not run them to the floor. The shelves are still fastened to the wall but this frees up the floor for sweeping and setting items on the floor with no obstructions.
  5. Check the following with the key in the "Run" position If the headlights are in the "brights" position the fog lights will not work. Then check all the usual culprits, the fog light button depressed on the 1990, the console light on the 1988, and the "Park" light on all the cars. I believe the Fog Lights are on the Headlight circuit so if you have Headlights you should have Fog Lights.
  6. Those are great looking wheels [I have them on two of my Reattas], but I don't believe them to be stock. They are from a LeSabre or Cadillac.
  7. Hi Howard. It is hard to believe that you have not had a Reatta in 10 years. Maybe you should do something about that. I agree about 2020, and will be glad when this thing is over with and life returns to something more "normal".
  8. Not to cause a fuss, but it is worth what he wants to pay...
  9. At my age I don't need much for Christmas so I put batteries on the list. Keeps the tools running with no cost and they are something I can always use...
  10. Nice wheels on that Maui Jim! If you ever want to sell them?
  11. And I would start at the progressive lights at the trunk...
  12. I have a repair work order from the previous owner of my 1988 Reatta. They replaced the drive shafts and seals and there was no indication on the work order/invoice of removing the transmission. I did a transmission swap on a Reatta a few years back and we replaced the seals while the transmission was out.
  13. That door clip is a very common part. As a matter of fact so common it is also used as the clip for the rod in the A/C/Heat blend door [located behind the glove box]...
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