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  1. How to u keep mice out? Keep things for rusting or putting, engine n gas tank preserved? You detach battery, then store it in the house?
  2. For 2 door drivers door tinted glass, battery hold down, 2 cigarette lighters for rear armrest, interior door panel lower star, spare tire cover, tires 14"x950 or 225/70r /14 Whitewalls decent used or? Owners n shop manuals. Stainless strip mounted under trunk lid..right skirt (white?) And lower rear right quarter molding. Some parts interchange w 58/59 too
  3. Lost storage Good solid car to restore. Strong body and interior tons of pics . Needs redo. Not currently running but should turn over..Sold as is, where is. Asking $16,500. Might do partial trade.. Serious inquiries
  4. Car looks very solid underneath. It's in the Northern Neck of Va.. any further questions lmk. Message me directly please.
  5. Seems my house is in the process of being sold. So I haven't done anything but clean and take stock of the car in the last few months. She needs a more attentive able owner. I believe her to be very original inside and some overspray outside. She appears very solid to me. I tried to hire someone to change the fluids and start her with the proper care.. they never called back. The mechanics need going through a d I hear the tranny leaked, you'll go through all mechanics anyway. I understand the engine is free so I've heard from 2 who reviewed her and when a battery was put in it she
  6. Our white collar crime laws are a joke.. so many people done out of so much cash . The laws need changing big time!!! I cant tell you how many unknown relatives have left me millions in Europe, how many 6 figure jobs were mine for the asking, how many credit cards of mine were compromised, and of course the IRS calls, but who can forget my cars extended warranty? .. you know the one on the car I sold 3 yrs ago !
  7. Auburn... Anything that there's a lot of suffers in a marketplace . When you have a rare item that there are few of, you have much more control of the price you can ask and get. That said. someone has to want it too. Rare doesn't equal value.. rare and desirable does! We dont need these special cars to go to the store, we simply want them. It's the same with Real Estate... you live in a development a neighbor needs cash he offers his unit( the one just like yours) for a big price reduction.. now all prices around will change till that one sells..hopefully th
  8. Thanks for your vote of confidence.. a wise man might not go to such questioning.. While very cute and appealing, I have no interest in this car ..it's not my thing. But I need not defend my informational search since I'm not that familiar with these specific cars so I asked those that do.. to just confirm my guesses.. But implications expressed here about my intentions can seem both unkind, insulting, misguided, and damaging... no matter how well meaning the source. I'm trying to know of what I have in order to get the proper price based on condition of major componen
  9. I thought so ..and the trunk floor?? Thoughts...
  10. P6FH254255 ? What does it tell you..?
  11. I recently had a situation where a Euro buyer wanted a car of mine.. first key is a dumb line about what would you take for it in first email. Second they said they'd buy it but they would do some cyber money transaction . I replied my car my way give me your Bankers number n routing number.. I never heard from her again... They are indeed out there..
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