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  1. Was it an option $ on regular coupes ? Was it an early or later headliner?
  2. Calling all 58 Experts! Recently I heard of an “optional” headliner on 58 Coupe deville it appeared to be an embossed vinyl or plastic with a rectangular like bar looking repeated motif ..but no chrome bars or perforated vinyl like the ones I knew and often see .. So can anyone tell me if that option shows up in Salesman Data book . I think I see something like a hint of it on a Seville in the 58 Brochure .. so owners of series 62/ CDV or Seville let me know so I can learn something new .. or tell me it’s a replacement aftermarket trim .. ??
  3. Junk yards that specialize in these years and new for a Coupe de Ville .. exterior n interior mostly
  4. I had 2 of the XRS the door panels and trim was very cheap looking and fake wood turned green as they aged but the rear window was kinda cool !
  5. Looking for someone who knows RR Cloud 111s well and can go over body n mechanics for me in an area west of Raleigh ..
  6. The first was white blk top red seats but a **black upper dash sold in San Mateo in the 70’s the second was that metallic blue with a silver interior. Sold in th 90’s I’m guessing in Nj or Ny ** special detail it had a tonneau cover that covered the whole back seat with snaps and toggles to hold it in place So anyone know ,own , or have seen either of these cars ?? RM
  7. Thanks. This one doesn’t have the clicking but it does have a tranny leak I think the guy said mostly when running . I’m not too sure why guys aren’t wanting them they’re a nice style that stood the ravages of time and taste.. So would it become a decent daily driver around town n hour trips or forget it? I used to use a 77-79 CDV. For daily driver till I started buying new cars every 2 years ..
  8. I found a factory non vinyl top car but it needs a tranny seal .. are these reliable cars ? I owned an XRS Toro and remember doing ( I think ) Transaxles? that we’re clicking I don’t recall anything else an issue Any of you guys who know them and know price to fix them?
  9. How to u keep mice out? Keep things for rusting or putting, engine n gas tank preserved? You detach battery, then store it in the house?
  10. For 2 door drivers door tinted glass, battery hold down, 2 cigarette lighters for rear armrest, interior door panel lower star, spare tire cover, tires 14"x950 or 225/70r /14 Whitewalls decent used or? Owners n shop manuals. Stainless strip mounted under trunk lid..right skirt (white?) And lower rear right quarter molding. Some parts interchange w 58/59 too
  11. Lost storage Good solid car to restore. Strong body and interior tons of pics . Needs redo. Not currently running but should turn over..Sold as is, where is. Asking $16,500. Might do partial trade.. Serious inquiries
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