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  1. Bought this car some months back with the hope to restore her. However my 1800s Colonial Home restoration seems to be currently taking my time and money ! The car is mostly solid and straight. Is a late production color (Bittersweet and White outside and black and white inside).its fairly optioned power windows seat antenna, air, and deluxe radio..its been off the road since 65. And stored inside until I just lost my storage .The interior is very original and nice except for front seat though fabric is a viable currently. There's is No engine or Transmission( located a few around, or go modern), or battery. The tires are terrible but seen to hold air. This is a very worthy Father and Son project . I have tons of photos too. Also available for n extra fee is a group of original literature items.. she is sold as is where is..Serious buyers only. Need to get her to a good, worthy home. More pics available.. ASKING $3400.
  2. Yes, thanks.. I used to belong a few years back. Reach out to me and let's chat.
  3. Looking for solid, straight, mechanically good ,presentable SC111 1963-1966 standard sedan ( or Bentley equivalent ) LHD, Prefer later series ,shaded windshield, and monotone paint,but will consider all, air, power windows. Just a good honest driver to use daily, so Please.. no high dollar cars.. Pics in and out, chassis number, service records/history helps..
  4. Sounds interesting but I need more details to make it happen smoothly...Thanks
  5. Found a motor n tranny (finally) for my 56 Buick, it's in Lexington SC to go to Topping VA Any guy with a way to get it all here? LMK
  6. I've heard some interesting ideas and several discussing the likely failure rates and cautions. It's all appreciated..Didnt I read somewhere "Do what you love and the money will follow? It won't feel like work. If we can keep the negative gloom and doom aside (fully understanding it's there ever lurking in the dark corners) and focus some did, on more creative fun things to consider having (doing?) at such an establishment, I'd enjoy hearing those.
  7. Okay, guys time to clarify the deal and the concept. It's a small 32x100 building on the main Road in to a mostly boating area, yes seasonal, already made in 2 large interior spaces..outside there's a 7700 sq ft asphalt parking lot. Behind the building, there's open land about 80' deep to build more. There are area events all season and parades that go through the town. The current taxes are under $1000 per yr. My thought was storage ( yes I checked for myself and no car storage available within 20+ miles all used up for cars and boats about a $100 for container type) and cars on consignment, meeting place for car clubs , cruise nights, maybe picnics, sell coffee and bagels, cakes, Ice cream unavailable in town now. This is a sleepy boring town with little to do. So there you have most of it. Ask what you like. I heard the cautions but this is a small operation, yes I'd like to make some money too!
  8. Since I've always loved cars, I'm thinking of opening a car place in a boating resort area. Wondering what type of venue car guys, collectors, gearheads, hobbyists, etc. would actually go to see/visit?? Yes, the thought of cruise nites, a car-club meeting place with maybe coffee, consignment sales, old car storage, automobilia, perhaps some repairs, a small Auto Museum. Or? What types of services, or merchandise offerings would you guys really enjoy going to? I'm thinking of a place to bond, hang out, show cars, restoration work, share info. Your thoughts and feedback?
  9. Oh yes I know of red rims maybe 54-58?? I'd doubt if later. Hubcaps look later to me, and would love to see where the red band under grill was offered! Data book, anyone? But I'm here to learn..
  10. Anyone have a good working drivetrain to sell, or know of one? Also need side view mirrors, tissue dispenser, rear bumper Js, 2 correct rims, washer jar top, drivers side door n rear door molding, and? Thanks
  11. Look at the enclosed 63 Le Sabre convert pic. The owner is telling me the thin red line under the grill is a factory option, as new (kinda hard to see but it's a skinny red line only under grill in bright red)? The whitewalls, and red rims, and wheelcovers he insists are factory as built too. I know my feelings on all this, but want to hear from experts..! Even better a copy of dealer Salesman data book showing offered options. Btw the turn signal lenses were amber in 63? Right? Guys let me hear from you..
  12. Century, Super , Roadie work might adapt Special w auto. Good running preferred. Reasonable? Send details/ prices. If you have either lmk. Love complete engine/tranny but will to marry parts..