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  1. Nearby it’s not mine, but love to identify what it was ! If anyone needs the parts write the seller on marketplace..
  2. Any front views? Thanks yes the barn needs to be cleaned out to see anything !
  3. Well thanks for the interest it’s not for sale at the moment. But I would like what I asked for ..to see the whole car since we can’t with things all over n around it ..
  4. My friend found it in a barn upstate and couldn’t see the rest of it ..Yes it just seems to be a stoplight looks like Moretti And four screw holes that look like license plate mount beneath it .. I’ve checked lots of Fiat Moretti pics can’t find it though.. I told her you guys are good at this so I’ve tried no luck yet but .. See what you can find!
  5. As a car guy details and specs help me get a fuller picture of the car
  6. Yes but it must be written somewhere that’s all I find too.
  7. been trying to find them but I’ve only found by series Like total Cad series 75 not by each body style of 75 series.. ! Where else should I look?
  8. Forgive me if my question seems a bit dumb.. while I’ve owned may cars I’ve never owned one before 1949. I understand older cars were metal over wood frames, if I have it correctly.. I’m looking at maybe buying a car from this era. What do I look for to tell me if the body needs lots of expensive work prior to making any offer? My guess would be how snug the doors are, and if the panels line up right ..any more information would be appreciated.. The second part to this question is how reliable are they (v8)?? So are parts to keep them running difficult to locate? Are are they fairly bullet proof? She’s running right now.
  9. Love to see rear compartment accessories like speaking tubes, etc and exterior options too .. I’m trying to learn what’s authentic and correct for this car .. thanks..
  10. Question do you know where I might see original options in drawings or photos .. and the set up for speaking tubes in front and back ?
  11. I agree it looks like leather grained. And might in fact be leather .. I said Long grain because commonly they were and I’m unsure it the original material was changed over time ..
  12. Thanks.. It almost seems like the sun stretched it and sagged it .. the seams opened as the threads fall apart.. ah but the cost ??
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