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  1. Been using Don at Polished Treasures for many years, Just spoke to him last week and he is well and very busy.
  2. Got to be fake news, No one can be that stupid, Can they?
  3. Have you tried Kanter Auto Parts https://www.kanter.com
  4. Kindly contact Hall in Texas with email address, hallholmes01@ ...... is also on the CLC forum by Hamg with O post. I reported him to the administrator there. Here on the AACA he is Kimber72 with 6 post with the same email address but in Mississippi. I reported him here after I had emailed hail. He could not supply details or pictures but did supply an address. After a google search of the address, it was obvious a scam and I would send no one into that neighborhood.
  5. Roger, I can now see your vision. A money maker. A ticket to ride!
  6. one of the symptoms of COVID is no taste. Have you been tested?
  7. BTT, Still looking for the 3001 three filament bulbs, or leads.
  8. You added 4 cylinders, so you installed a V8 or a V10. Please elaborate.
  9. Sure glad it had a better home that the Buick I sold 43 years ago.
  10. This picture was taken in 1977 at a rt.40 service station on the way to its new home.
  11. I didn't find it but I know the fellow that helped retrieve it. I hope it has a better life with its new owner. I'm just excited to see it again after 40 years. Alex D.
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