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  1. Roger According to the authenticity manual for 1932-33, “After the frame and chassis were assembled (excluding the engine, splash pans and transmission) the entire unit was painted black. Then for custom cars the standard black chassis could be painted over to the customers color specifications. For the 1932 Cadillac and possibly other years painting over the standard black with colors was a standard option”. Below is the standard paint schedule for 1932. From what I understand other colors can be had per customer request. This information is from the authenticity manual.
  2. Wow!!!! What a beautiful wheel. I can't get a full size wheel to look that good.
  3. Mark and Clark. Mark behind the wheel and Mr. Clark on for the ride
  4. The Clark Car 44 years ago. My good friend Mark S. dug these pictures out so I thought I would share them. Mark was a family friend and knew the car well.
  5. Roger There is a fellow on eBay (brassandgas) selling chassis, suspension and other parts for the 32 cadillac V12. Most should be the same for the 16. The pictures are not in the best quality but still could be used as a reference for your model. An example is item no. 123954208426 brake pivot cams. I hope this may help with your v16 project. Alex
  6. Maybe you can make a Mini Me with the same process you molded the tires. I would be happy just coasting downhill, assuming that the brakes work. Alex D.
  7. I want to get into that Avanti and drive it away. Roger, you are amazingly talented and I am looking forward to following your Cadillac adventure. Alex D.
  8. This is my combination Monkey-Pipe Wrench. An excellent self defense weapon.
  9. Back in the 70’s I visited Harrah’s Auto museum. I toured this very large building with hundreds of first-class automobiles. The wow factor was unbelievable. At the end was a sign pointing to building number 2, and I thought was done. At the end of building 2 was a sign to building number 3. I must have viewed well over 1000 incredible automobiles that day. I glad the National Automobile Museum was able to retain a fraction of Bill Harrah’s collection. Thanks for posting.
  10. That looks like a hitch to a farm tractor
  11. I believe the Clark started out with a Ford Flathead V8 and later switched to a Cadillac push rod with an Automatic, possibly the 390. That is a recollection of about 45 years ago. Alex D.
  12. The car looks the same as it did 40 some years ago when I saw it last, well preserved. You opened up a time capsule.
  13. What are the plans for the Clark Car? Does the Clark family still own it ? In the past I had asked my friend if he had any contact with his old girlfriend and if he had any way of locating the car. Wow! how excited I was when I saw that picture.
  14. Nothing there is Stutz! That is the Clark Car. I remember it from the owners garage from over 40 years ago, his last name was Clark and he built it from various parts. I had always wandered what happened to that car. As I remember it had a Mack truck radiator shell, Cadillac engine, Model A fender and who knows what else. I believe it was registered and titled as the Clark Car. I will forward this thread to my friend that lived there and dated his grand daughter. C CLARK R Alex D.