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  1. Wow! I just saw that. Makes you wander about consigning a car to Beverly hills Car Club. What other damage has been done?
  2. The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem
  3. I went to the NAPA auto parts store this morning and this red sports car with gold wheels pulled into the lot. I had no clue as to what it was but it looked like an early Italian exotic. Mystery solved after 5 minutes on the AACA for sale forum. I don’t think there is too many of these early DeTomaso’s out there.
  4. While assembling my Hood I broke one of the vent door springs. Would anyone happen to have a spare? Alex D. A
  5. I have finished the two tone on the body and moved it out into the sunlight today. There is some very minor orange peal in a couple spots that will be easily polished out. The tape lines are smooth and crisp with a very minor ridge. Very pleased with the results. Thanks for all of the advice Alex D.
  6. Thank you to all that has responded. All good information and a great help. Alex d.
  7. There is supposedly is a title. I just needed to know where to look to verify the numbers. Alex D.
  8. There are projects out there that have been purchased without titles , then the seller will purchase a title from a vender of historical documents to match the year and make of that vehicle. Just trying to avoid that scenario.
  9. I may be going to look at a 32 Chevrolet and want to make sure the title matches the car. Is there a body tag with serial number or stamping on the frame, or did they go by the engine serial number like other makes of that error? Alex D.
  10. I may be going to look at a 1932 Confederate for sale. Can someone tell me were to find the VIN number. Is it stamped on the frame or attached tag? Did they go by the serial number stamped on the engine like other makes at that time? Alex D.
  11. Just curious as to what this handle is for. Is the rear seat adjustable on this car?
  12. Restorer32 I understand the advantages of base/clear but wanted to stay as close to authenticity as possible, which is the reason I started this thread. I have never been a fan of base/clear since the manufactures started this in the late 80’s. I have seen too many clear coats separating looking like bad sunburns. I have used lacquer with clear and even used lacquer with clear Imron with good results in the past but very little experience with base/clear system. I am a hobbyist and far from an experienced painter and welcome any advice. Alex D.
  13. Two tone update; Finished spraying the darker shade after color sanding the lighter as advised. The tape lines turned out smooth and straight. The lighter shade has to be reshot due to sanding of excessive orange peel and sand through. After color sanding the dark, I will respray the lighter shade of the lower panels and window reveals. The darker shade of the belt line will follow. Advise and feedback is appreciated. Alex D.
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