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  1. Well, this sure is shocking news! I had a very lengthy phone conversation with Carl a few months ago and boy was he long winded. His advice and knowledge will be missed.
  2. A post on the CLC by Ken Fielding, Carl Fielding's 1927 Cadillac is missing ( Carl Fielding's 1927 Cadillac is missing ) “Carl drove the car to Las Vegas for the 2016 Cadillac Through the Years show. He then stored it in an acquaintance's garage, but earlier this year Carl was unable to contact the acquaintance, and I do not have a name, phone number or address for the person.” Thought this should be shared.
  3. Depending on the cap, a metal spinner maybe able to put it on his lathe and peal back the crimp. I have a friend that spins metal and it worked great. Once I repair the skin it will be put back together and sent to the chrome plater.
  4. 1945 to early 1946 only 2 colors were available on the 2A, Harvest Tan and Pasture Green. Later on, in 46 they added Harvard Red, Michigan Yellow and Normandy Blue. It’s been a while since I did my 2A in Harvest Tan acrylic enamel, which is hard to find these days. TCP Global may be a source for paint at a fair price. You may want to check out https://www.thecj2apage.com/forums/ there is a lot of information there.
  5. That question would be better answered over on the H.A.M.B. where the hoodlums there have done frame swaps.
  6. The pedals look great Roger As I understand, a lot of owners eliminated the free-wheeling feature after a white-knuckle ride coasting down a hill and wearing out their brakes. A nice feature on level ground where you can change gears by just lifting your foot off the gas pedal. Cadillac eliminated that feature in 1933
  7. I have owned a Willys Jeep for more that 45 years and have always pronounced it Wil-leez knowing the proper pronouncing is Willis. I just cant seem to brake the habit.
  8. The brace from the L bracket is something I added to belter support the heat shield. There is a mud pan on each side of the engine which I do not have that is attached to the heat shield. Here is some pictures from the authenticity manual. Heat shield ^ 1931^ 1932 mud pan. V16 should be longer.^
  9. Looks great as usual Roger. Just to make things a little more complex for you, here is a couple pictures of the Clutch and brake assist boosters from a V12 car. The clutch assist is part of the freewheeling. I do not believe the V8 Cars had brake assist boosters. top view bottom view view from under
  10. JB's did the machine work for my 32 Cadillac. For the Babbitt, they ship to someone in PA. They do nice work. jbsautomachine.com
  11. Been using Don at Polished Treasures for many years, Just spoke to him last week and he is well and very busy.
  12. Got to be fake news, No one can be that stupid, Can they?
  13. Have you tried Kanter Auto Parts https://www.kanter.com
  14. Kindly contact Hall in Texas with email address, hallholmes01@ ...... is also on the CLC forum by Hamg with O post. I reported him to the administrator there. Here on the AACA he is Kimber72 with 6 post with the same email address but in Mississippi. I reported him here after I had emailed hail. He could not supply details or pictures but did supply an address. After a google search of the address, it was obvious a scam and I would send no one into that neighborhood.
  15. Roger, I can now see your vision. A money maker. A ticket to ride!
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