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  1. not mine but a good read. 1951 Nash Statesman Super Model 5149 Two Door Sedan LOVE STORY - $5750 (Kirkland) < image 1 of 2 > 1951 Nash Statesman Super Model 5149 Two Door Sedan LOVE STORY -... © craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMap Finn Hill (google map) 1951 Nash Statestman Super VIN: MODEL5149 cylinders: 6 cylinders fuel: gas title status: clean transmission: manual type: sedan QR Code Link to This Post So where do I start? For what it’s worth, this is not so much an ad to sell a cool 1951 Nash Statesman Super Model 5149 Two Door Sedan, as it is a love story, with a bitter ending. A love story for car nuts, like you and I. Before I begin, please be aware that this story, as all good car stories do involves sex, money, alcohol, questionable judgment and of course a sweet ride. Now everyone knows that a really good story, even a car related one should have some interesting characters in it, mainly a striking young man, a beautiful sexy object of desire, and a hero, or someone who saves the day. However in this (cheaply written) short story, our young man, let’s call him Mark (as that’s his real name) is neither striking or young for that matter and our object of desire is of course not a sexy woman but a Nash Statesman Super. And the hero you ask, someone who can save the day, well that could be you. The story began many, many years ago, when Mark (much younger and prettier then) found and quickly fell in love with the Statesman Super. The first time he laid eyes on her, he knew right then and there that he wanted her. Mark had big dreams for the Nash when they first “hooked up”, but he was blind to the dark sky’s which loomed in the horizon years later, as for he and the cool car would soon become distant lovers, kinda like an old married couple, or my current marriage. The love affair they once had was now waning at best. Why do you ask? He was blind? They're no longer in love? What in the hell are you taking about? Who would leave a hottie like that? Well keep reading... Now maybe it’s the fact that old Mark is a bit of a “drinker”. Or maybe it’s the fact that he has a hot Russian girlfriend (lucky bastard). Or maybe he’s fell in with the wrong crowd? Could he be on drugs you say? Possibly? Could he have found a new interest/hobby where he can piss away thousands of dollars in a matter of minutes? Hmmmm maybe? Whatever it is, he’s totally lost sight of what a totally cool rig the Nash is and how he was so much in love with her years ago. It’s a gawd dang shame. He’s gonna leave her and he’s gonna break her heart. And you know what? He doesn’t care. So much for endless love. Always and forever my ass! I can’t tell you why he wants her gone, I can only tell you that he has made some seriously questionable decisions in the past and this is not the first girl’s heart he’s broken. I honestly don't get it! Maybe the dude has some yet to be diagnosed mental issues. Hell I don’t know! I’ve got my own freaking issues, but hey, at least the pills and therapy is kinda working and my right eye doesn’t blink uncontrollably any more. But hey I digress... Anyway.... This is where the hero of the story comes in and saves the women, er, car. That's you. Yeah you, I’m talking to you! If your a decent guy, I’d like to introduce you to the Nash. She’s a little broken at moment but she’s got a awesome heart. She needs a few hugs to get over Mark but I bet if your a handy guy, she’ll be purring in your ear quickly and loving you like no other woman could. So if you don’t mind picking up the pieces of a broken relationship, you could be in for many years of bliss together. Think about it? Hell, at our age we don’t get many chances to start something new, especially with someone as unique as the Nash. Just think about it? In a matter of days you both could be out cruising on the town together, loving life and living the dream. And isn't that what it's all about? So if you read this far, thanks. And if you want to know more about her, shoot me an email and I'll actually tell you about the car. And maybe if your lucky, I’ll send you a picture of her with her hood open, oh-la-la. So now go pull up you’re pants and send me an email... time's a wasting and none of us are getting any younger. Key words: Never let your friend write your car ad, hot rod, screaming deal, bring cash, burn rubber, daddy-o, made in the shade, nope not mine, 9 months later, oh crap, license and registration please, blue lights!, when in doubt gas it, wide f’ing open, free love, did that itch ever go away, tie rod, drag link, coil overs, rice, race, clean title, oh baby, that your mom, she’s lying, black eye, smoke em, busted, old age, fat guy, mid life, car, divorce, big hair, no hair, yeah baby, finger licking, flat head, dual exhaust, straight 8, hot wire, 6 volt, Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Porsche, BMW, traction bars, limited slip, open diff, bring a trailer, buff out, rebuilt, and in love!. Thanks. Sent from my iPad.
  2. how many skate boarders will it pull?
  3. The shocks are adjustable with five positions via a control lever to the left of the steering column connected to a ride regulation gauge on the dash indicating free to firm.
  4. A friend sent me this picture of a car that his neighbor wants gone, I looks like about a 34 Chevy with the hood spears but the fenders and radiator shroud don't look quite right. What are your thoughts?
  5. Roger According to the authenticity manual for 1932-33, “After the frame and chassis were assembled (excluding the engine, splash pans and transmission) the entire unit was painted black. Then for custom cars the standard black chassis could be painted over to the customers color specifications. For the 1932 Cadillac and possibly other years painting over the standard black with colors was a standard option”. Below is the standard paint schedule for 1932. From what I understand other colors can be had per customer request. This information is from the authenticity manual.
  6. Wow!!!! What a beautiful wheel. I can't get a full size wheel to look that good.
  7. Mark and Clark. Mark behind the wheel and Mr. Clark on for the ride
  8. The Clark Car 44 years ago. My good friend Mark S. dug these pictures out so I thought I would share them. Mark was a family friend and knew the car well.
  9. Roger There is a fellow on eBay (brassandgas) selling chassis, suspension and other parts for the 32 cadillac V12. Most should be the same for the 16. The pictures are not in the best quality but still could be used as a reference for your model. An example is item no. 123954208426 brake pivot cams. I hope this may help with your v16 project. Alex
  10. Maybe you can make a Mini Me with the same process you molded the tires. I would be happy just coasting downhill, assuming that the brakes work. Alex D.
  11. I want to get into that Avanti and drive it away. Roger, you are amazingly talented and I am looking forward to following your Cadillac adventure. Alex D.
  12. This is my combination Monkey-Pipe Wrench. An excellent self defense weapon.
  13. Back in the 70’s I visited Harrah’s Auto museum. I toured this very large building with hundreds of first-class automobiles. The wow factor was unbelievable. At the end was a sign pointing to building number 2, and I thought was done. At the end of building 2 was a sign to building number 3. I must have viewed well over 1000 incredible automobiles that day. I glad the National Automobile Museum was able to retain a fraction of Bill Harrah’s collection. Thanks for posting.
  14. That looks like a hitch to a farm tractor