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  1. No excuse. I only have a flip phone and can ask my wife, sister, or neighbor to do pictures for me. There is always some one to help.
  2. Great idea. I'll give it a try. How did you make it?
  3. Sorry to hear about that, but if its a goner let us know if there are any parts we can buy. I would be interested in the IPC if it is good. I can even send you a "bad one to install for the insurance adjuster.
  4. We have a "dead" short, the fuse blowing is immediate and as we had disconnected everything [see previous post] there really was no reason for anything to blow. But after we saw what was under the carpet on the drivers side we thought we would look at the passenger side. It has to be it, as we did get everything working [for about 20 minutes] and then it went back to blowing fuses. It is a good place to start at because no matter what, the connections need to be done. I am interested to see what the passenger side looks like.
  5. Probably because it is two weeks later and there was little or no interest.
  6. After another 6 hours of work, pulling all the relays, circuit breakers, and disconnecting modules, headlights, taillights, and tripping the #10 20 amp fuse about 30 plus times, we decided that we were going to try one more time. So we reconnected all the modules and reinstalled all the circuit breakers and relays except for the running light relay and tried one last time, and everything worked! So as we put back each of the following; the stereo, temperature control, headlight switch, IPC, glove box, under hood light, taillight, headlights, we would test making sure we were good. We got
  7. That #10 fuse runs a lot of things. If the headlight switch is in the complete off position the fuse does not blow. If the Fog Light button is activated the fog lights comes on and the fuse does not blow. However the running lights do not come on. Then when either the running light or headlight button is activated the #10 fuse blows. However the headlight comes on but will not go to brights. I am leaning to the headlight plug. When I was adjusting the up stop I also wanted to swap in Silver Star headlights. I couldn't get the headlight plug to release with my fingers so I used a channel l
  8. We had all the relays out and tried the switch and still blew the fuse. We will check the headlight connectors as you suggested and hope that is it.
  9. Last night I went to install an aftermarket headlight relay harness in my 1990 'vert. Installation went fine however I wished I would have tried all the lights before installation as I am blowing fuse #10 immediately and I have no running lights or high beam switching [although the indicator in the dash shows high beam when switched from high to low]. I disconnected the aftermarket headlight harness which returns the car to stock but still blow #10 fuses and still have no running lights or high/low beam. Fortunately I was at Kendalls [my mechanics friend] house and we swapped out the head
  10. Just remember there are two flashers. One for directionals and one for the emergency flashers
  11. I always knew the "bailout" would happen. It is my understanding that the UAW pension/retirement program kept the retirees out of Medicare as they had their own retirement plan. If they would have been allowed to collapse, all those retirees would have then gone into Medicare, accelerating the draining of Medicare reserves. So yes there commerce is woven into what makes up the fabric of our country.
  12. I would try this. Put the flashers on and reach up behind the dash and feel where the two flasher cans are. You will hear and feel the click of the relays in the flashers. Then turn off the flashers and turn on the left directional. Feel the the other can so you know where it is. Then turn on the right directional, I'll bet there is no click and that will tell you that the flasher is starting to fail.
  13. I'm listening to all the air come out of that balloon. But it is a nice looking restomod...
  14. Why am I thinking of Coke right now...
  15. Every so often I take off the black tube that goes from the air filter to the throttle body and then I take an an awl and remove the ring that holds the screen in place. I then pop the screen off and use an old tooth brush and carb cleaner I spray and brush both the butterfly and the throttle body. Then replace the screen and ring and give it a try. Do the cleaning when the car is off. You could also try cleaning the idle air control cavity [what the idle air control is mounted in]. Most people don't clean this. Keep in mind also that there is a O ring for the MAF sensor and a gasket
  16. Having more cars can happen faster then one can imagine. I found a car on Craigslist [3 year old pictures] that was the right color inside and out and the right price as a driver. It was to replace one of my existing cars. After driving 250 miles [one way] I saw it as a "parts" car and was able to talk the guy down to parts car pricing. I still bought it, but as I could no longer sell one of my existing cars to replace with this one, so I now had more cars then storage. My buddy allowed me to store it in one of his sheds, but with the understanding that it wasn't "long term". So about a year l
  17. There are a couple of listings of repair shops in the Reatta Resources tab just above this posting.
  18. "If you want nice fresh oats you have to pay a fair price. Of course if you them a bit cheaper you will have to wait until they pass through the horse".
  19. If I remember right [I have never done this], it is so hard to remove the switch that the easy way out is to just jumper the pins to "trick" the car into thinking it is working.
  20. Go to www.car-part.com and let the prompts help you find a tranny and what years work.
  21. That last page is just for educational purposes to tell you what the screen would like if you had those issues. Hopefully you have an Owners Manual so you can become a bit more familiar with the workings of your Reatta. There is a way to get into the diagnostics of your car. You have to go to the "Climate" screen, press the "OFF" and "WARM" buttons until the Service Engine SOON light starts to flash. Then you can release the buttons and find out the problem codes you are having.
  22. The crank arm between the motor and headlight bucket is worn. Looks like you need a replacement. Barney sells them. He is the technical advisor for the Reatta and will probably weigh in.
  23. Looks like that will work. Check the hose size to be sure it works for you.
  24. You can't be serious. You told people [on more then one forum] you were done with cars, and here you are back in again?
  25. Padgett that is an excellent observation...
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