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  1. The CRTC is located in the console.
  2. It might be the car thinks it is in "accessory" mode which means only the radio page responds on the CRT. Next time that happens press the radio hard button and then go back to temperature page and see if that makes it work.
  3. In 50 years of driving I have used the e brake maybe 5 times. After you get your issue resolved I would suggest you not use yours either.
  4. Crankshaft sensor. Located under the harmonic balancer
  5. Yes I have. I did it years ago when I swapped out the engine. The balancer was thicket then the original one. I believe I only had to put washers under the lowest bolt, but you might have a different experience.
  6. Just put washers under the stabilizer bracket to give you more clearance.
  7. Jim can you do a write up for us? I have never taken a inner door apart and would be interested in a "How to" with the door intact and removing the rollers to drill them out. thanks!
  8. Mc_Reatta has been gone for 6 years...
  9. Did you try a used from a salvage yard. Just tell them you have a 1991 Reatta and that you need the adapter plate as well.
  10. Still using factory stereo, however I will be switching to a Buick factory stereo from the Buick LeSabre/Park Avenue/ Roadmaster. Same stereo but different looking face plate as I like how those controls are set up better. This has been discussed before, for some reason it is called the "sidewinder".
  11. I installed a Kicker PT250 powered subwoofers in all my Reattas [Actually have two PT250s and a harness in each of my 3 Reattas. Simple plug to swap sub woofer from car to car] with Infinity speakers. Big improvement on sound. I kept the factory tweeters in place. The sub woofer is wired to the rear speakers only. Factory stereo. I think it has great sound. Marketplace has one [used] for sale. $70.00 or best offer with harness.
  12. I found that same hose and clamp in the trunk and never investigated it. Put it in the parts bin until just now. Never knew where it went. Thanks Marck!
  13. Two ideas and both are cheap. Replace the coil pack ignition module with a Delco unit. Jim Finn or Marck at East Coast Reattas can help you out. Also try the crank sensor. Alternator does nothing with starting you car, it runs the electrical system and keeps the battery charged. Starter if it grinds it's good.
  14. That's what I did. I installed the snaps. Not that hard to do yourself, just get a snap kit from big box hardware store, Walmart, Amazon and do it yourself.
  15. Well in regards to the one shipper who sent USPS I suggested he call the local office of the wrong delivered town and give them the tracking number and have it returned back to him. He actually listened, made the call and the local office intercepted the item and it is now being returned to the vendor to be relabeled and then sent to me.
  16. My address is correct as it shows up when I place the order. In both cases the vendors acknowledged that they used the wrong address. Both vendors didn't look like real high volume sellers, so not paying attention or incompetence. I check and double check before I go to the Post Office and then have the Post Office verify the address as well. Of course I am a real low volume seller so I can afford to take the time.
  17. In the last 2 weeks I ordered two items off Ebay [2 different vendors] who billed me correctly but shipped to the wrong address and can't get the items back. They also can't tell me where it was shipped [Fed Ex did tell me it was within 5 miles of me] but I can't go to that residence and ask for the item. is this a common experience?
  18. But just not as much rubber as you did...
  19. If you need a sending unit Dorman 692-102 worked for me in the 1989.
  20. Could be just a coincidence. You could try unplugging the IPC [Instrument Panel Cluster] and spray it with contact cleaner and reinstall the IPC. Or buy a used one from Jim Finn. [I know he has one as I just sold him one]. Check the vendors section at the top of The Reatta Forum page for vendors.
  21. More "not right" then that. The top "suit case" is a cosmetic case and is matched with the suit case on the left. That means two women are packed to go and the other two?
  22. You need a replacement Instrument cluster. Jim Finn has them as does Marck Barker [East Coast Reattas] see vendor link at top of main page.
  23. I have investments and I have Reattas. I count on my investments to grow and of course be more valuable, and the money I spent on my Reatta is enjoyment [and business miles tax deduction]. I will never see any financial return on any car [Reatta or otherwise] and don't care. Right now when I want to get rid of a Reatta I call 2seater and make him an offer he can't refuse [he has sons and grandkids that want them]. He already has two from me, and I am about to offer him another one.
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