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  1. Not much help here with answers, but, the front fascia on my car really needs paint. It’s all chipped and the hood isn’t bad at all. 63000 miles and a driver, but that fascia drives me nuts😈😈. Wondering what the best way to repaint. Any advice appreciated. thanks, karl
  2. I think you’re doing a great job. I’ve only owned my Reatta for a few months, but I really enjoy the interaction and great answers on this forum. I run into a few bugs with my car and will be looking for help from this group. Thanks to everyone that contributes. karl
  3. Anyone got some advice? Still looking for some help, or a replacement passenger side vent window. thanks karl
  4. Just got my first ever Reatta about a month ago. Just been looking around so far. As I drive this car more I know I’ll need to ask questions. And I’ll be looking forward to the answers. Thanks for being so helpful and generous with the wisdom. Karl
  5. Drove my “new to me “ 90 red convertible in the Woodward Dream Cruise. Didn’t see any other Reattas. Couldn’t believe how many people wanted to know more about the car, had some people run into the traffic to see what it was. Great showing it off!
  6. My new to me Reatta has a few issues that I didn’t observe before I made the purchase. Guess I was overwhelmed by the overall condition of the car, and missed a few details. Don’t know how that happened, lol. Anyway, when I close the passenger door, the seal along the forward edge of the vent glass does not tuck in behind the windshield molding. The w/s molding looks fine, the vent glass molding has a warp in it that keeps it from getting to the correct location. Door fit is fine, car has never been wrecked. Driver side vent to w/s molding fit is fine. Any ideas on how to fix this issue would be appreciated. Oops, better give you a little more info about the car, 90 red convertible, tan top and interior, 63000 original miles, never seen winter weather?. looking forward to the forums help, karl