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  1. Padgett, is that a top from Marck? Did you do it yourself? Are you happy with it? Thanks karl
  2. Yes, it has the glass window and the interior “headliner”.
  3. I’m getting to the point where I need to consider getting a new top for my ‘90. Top is roughly $1000, and installation is about the same. Has anyone here attempted to do their own top installation? thanks karl
  4. There’s also 3 underhood relays to turn the fans on. They are in the relay center on the drivers side fender. Both fans should come on low when ac is selected. Then they should go to hi as conditions dictate. I can’t remember for sure, but I think there is one relay that turns both fans on low (when the ac is turned on) and then there are two more relays that will each turn one of the fans to hi. I replaced all 3 on my 90 and they work as described. Sometimes just unplugging and plugging together a couple of times will clean the contacts enough that they work ok. How this helps.
  5. Also ask your mechanic if the replacement compressor came with an oil charge. Usually they do. If you added additional oil, and the compressor had oil, and there already was oil in the system, you also might have a problem with too much oil in the system. Hard to diagnose and correct. If there was no refrigerant in the system when you tried to charge it, 18 oz is definitely not enough. Let us know what you find out from your mechanic.
  6. Mine’s a 90 convt and I’ve only owned it for a couple of years. Sometimes sits for 3 weeks or more, always fires right up. Just headed for winter storage, battery tender will be used through the winter.
  7. Congratulations on the milestone! I know that I sure appreciate all the help I get from the forum.
  8. Finally got the thigh bolster working as it should. Just kept working it forward/reverse a couple of times a day and shooting a little more oil into the gearbox on each side every week. Gradually it turned a couple of turns in each direction, and one day, bingo, full travel.
  9. I took the seat out and all the rails and motors off the seat. The bolster motor is tucked up in the bolster, centered across the seat. It drives two cables that each drive some sort of gear mechanism, one on each side of the bolster. The motor runs both forward and reverse and winds the cable in each direction, maybe 2 full turns and quits turning. The mechanism on each side should drive on a screw to move the bolster. I tried shooting some penetrating oil into the mechanism, didn’t seem to help much. I could not figure how to get the bolster and mechanism separated from the seat. Seats back in for now and everything underneath and the seat have been cleaned. Bolster still doesn’t move☹️☹️
  10. Got issues with the thigh bolster in the 16 way power seat in my ‘90 convertible. All the other seat functions work as they should. I get a clank sound when I use the switch to move the bolster in either direction, and nothing really moves. Appears that the motor is in the center of the bolster and not very accessible. Any suggestions how to get this fixed would be appreciated. Thanks Karl
  11. More info please. How much charge? Do you have a way of telling what the charge is? What are the suction and discharge pressures and what is the ambient temp? Pressures before you turn on the ac and when it cycles off? thanks
  12. Left the parking lights on and was surprised that there was no chime to tell me. So many other bells and whistles, thought there must be something that wasn’t working (besides my brain). No good reason to run the battery down to almost nothing. Chime might have helped, I won’t do it a second time!
  13. The “lights on” chime on my 90 convertible doesn’t work. I’ve found in the FSM that there is a chime module, can’t find where it’s located. I know it’s a minor annoyance, but I’m trying to fix all glitches as I find them. Any help with location or trouble shooting would be appreciated. Thanks, karl
  14. The front fascia on my 90 convertible was chipped and looked terrible. With the tips from this group, I removed the corner lamps and fascia in about an hour and a half. Sanded, primed, spot putty, and a little more sanding. Base coat per my test sample and then clear coat. Color looks really good and I can rub it out after 5 days. Bought the products from Expresspaint.com. Just wanted other members to be aware of the fact that paints can be purchased in rattle cans and the end result looks really great.
  15. Ronnie, thanks for all you do. Hope this helps too.
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