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  1. Yes, but my new driveway is very steep. Normally I wouldn't use it, but it's been a chronic problem also, the cable drooping isn't desirable. It jest needs Fixin!
  2. Barney thanks for your input too. Question is it OK to drive my car with the emergency brake in this condition?? I do not want to make it worse.
  3. Mr. 2seater thanks for the most informed / helpful post to troubleshoot the problem...the cable is loose looks like previous repair attempts have missed the actual point of malfunction 63Viking your funny dude, you sound like my wife But no I'm keeping my car I'm the second owner and it's been garage kept and in fab condition!
  4. I will try that but the release lever seems to be disengaged and the crt is indicating the brake is engaged while the lever is not working its like the cable is loose? Can't get brake to go off. And not the first time the emergency brake has given me trouble I've had a couple of mechanics work on it, say it's fixed then it's not.
  5. It's given out more than once, now the console tells me the emergency brake is applied when it won't even work with the pedal and release latch is just useless. I am getting pizzed now, has anyone else had chronic failure of Ebrake?
  6. While my emergency brake was getting serviced the inner door trim shattered. The garage is willing to pay for it but they cant locate the part. Is this a common problem or was I just unlucky? I have tan interior so correct color isnt an option. If i didnt describe it right its a plastic trim thats in the door opening that the carpet is tucked under. Its been over a month since the accident, so its high time to get er fixed. You can post or PM if you can assist, Thanks.
  7. Harbor Freight, arghh - never again, I did the same thing. Although, HF is good for some tools most do not stand up well.
  8. I performed the simple test and The RAP relay on my car is functioning as it should -- the windows stayed energerized at least 10 minutes and then the power was cut to them.
  9. Oh I see, so why didnt yall say Battery Tender ™ ?
  10. Is your Reatta parked outside in the cold if so this will also impact the battery, especially if it is old and weak. Either way I always keep my battery on a tender from Fall to Spring if I am not driving it within 5 days. Harry, The car is garage kept and the "constant parasitic drain" factor would be relavant in my case, the car is seldom driven, well has been barely driven even in the warmer months I will admit. Auburn, I was not aware of the RAP relay and thank you, I will very definitely perform the test. Though after reading all the responses here I think I should just drive her on a regular basis as weather permits. I am guilty of "Reatta Neglect" I fear. By battery tender you mean a Trickle Charger I presume? Ive have used one during the winter but I think that particular battery was too far gone and she didnt fire up when I tried to start the car. I have a new battery since January and have fired up the car a couple of times and disconnected it each time, no trickle charger. I am not surprised the Allante has similar battery drain issues! I will report back when I have performed that RAP relay test. Thanks to all
  11. Hi, Guys 1989 Coupe, it has a very slow drain on the battery so I have to disconnect the battery when it sits for long period of time. The battery will totally empty if left connected for a few weeks. Where would you look to troubleshoot a power leak or faulty ground?? Ive left off getting this fixed and just bought a new battery (again) and this one needs to last. open to all suggestions but hopefully its not in the electrical harness that runs to the back under the seats... 🙎‍♂️
  12. Trunk carpet moves to eBay tonight The rest probably moves to the garbage truck in a couple of days. Oh well!
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