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  1. For what it's worth this is what I did when mine broke. A 5/16" cage nut fits perfectly into the square hole in the steel cowl. I then took a 5/16" stove bolt that had a wide but shallow head and used my cutoff wheel to grind a wider slot in the head. Using the old plastic wing nut as a pattern, I traced the wing design on a scrap piece of steel the same thickness as the plastic wing and ground it down to resemble the plastic wing. From there it's just a matter of soldering the wing into the slot of the stove bolt and painting them black. Now, instead of just a 1/4 turn to lock it down, it screws into the cage nut until tight. No more worry about plastic breaking and wings being lost. Once installed you can't tell it from the original.
  2. Thanks guy's, I'll try using the relay off my spare antenna and see if that solves the problem. Sure beats R&R the complete antenna.
  3. I have an issue with the antenna on my wife's '90 coupe. Turn radio on antenna goes up, turn off and antenna may go down but usually stays up for a time then goes down when it feels like it. When we first owned the car if the antenna stayed up I could wiggled the wiring connector and it would go down. Now no matter how much I giggle the wiring nothing happens. The last time we used the Reatta, no matter what I did the antenna would not go down. Sometime during the night it decided to operate and when I went in the garage the next day it was down. I have a replacement antenna but didn't want to go thru the trouble of switching it out if there might be a simple fix or maybe what might be going wrong. I did notice that while attempting to get it to go down this last time the antenna felt quite warm near the wiring connections. Any Ideas??? Tom
  4. I don't know Paul, but being a BCA member my thoughts and prayers go out to Paul and his family for a speedy recovery. Tom G. Niagara Frontier Chapter, BCA
  5. Have known Roberta for many years, she's one tough cookie and has a lot of fight left in her. Our thoughts and prayers are with her and her family at this tragic time. Speedy recovery friend! Tom & Donna Gestwick NFCBCA
  6. Besides not knowing how to post pictures, my creeper isn't anything too interesting. Just a large piece if cardboard. Easy to slide on, low to the ground and very replaceable. TG
  7. I replaced mine a couple of years ago and purchased them from Lowes. I can't remember if they were metric or not because whatever they were I bought matching stainless steel screws to fasten the air box.
  8. My wife and I live about 30 minutes south of the villages during the winter months. Every third Saturday they hold a car cruise at Spanish Springs. We own a '90 Reatta coupe which we took down to the cruise but we weren't welcomed in because the car was "too new". You may get in with an '88 because they frown on anything newer. There is someone always there with a '92 ish Thunderbird with a 50's Ford front and rear ends molded in and that seems ok. Kind of a double standard. We do go whenever we can because it is a good show with lots of cars, cheap cocktails, and free music, but we just don't take the Reatta any more. I might try it again this year and lie about what year it is and see what happens. After all, the people running the show probably don't know what a Reatta is. I did see a dark blue one cruising the Villages streets a couple of years ago, but it never showed up at any shows we attended. The town of Eustis holds a big cruise on the 4th Saturday of every month, but until the snowbirds like us return, the attendance is usually low. There is a Villages car club, I believe several marque clubs within and an AACA chapter there, but in order to join the AACA chapter you must live in the Villages. Oh well! I think you'll have a good time otherwise. Tom
  9. Yesterday my wife and I took our grandchildren to our local county fair, for the day. A local fire company was putting on a demonstration/ training session using the jaws of life and various other extraction tools on a newer Chevrolet Impala sedan. During the demo the chief explained that in popping the door latch apart, they try to keep the integrity of the door intact as much as possible because they need that strength to break the latch. He mentioned Buick specifically, as using a hardened steel rod or tube across the inner doors, to which the latch is attached, as being almost impenetrable. Buick uses it for safety, but he said it's very hard to pop their locks and remove these doors in the event of an accident, to extricate the occupants. Makes sense as a safety issue but not so much as a rescue issue. At least this is how I interpreted it. Do we have any rescue personnel on the forum that could weigh in on this issue.
  10. If this is the best that BUICK can come up with, then I can see them following Pontiac and Oldsmobile. Absolutely no "Muscle Car" styling what so ever and if per chance they go ahead with that design,for God's sake DUMP THE GRILL!!!!!!! I wouldn't even consider buying a used one let alone a new one.
  11. The wife and I were there 2 years ago in her Black '90 coupe, but we're unable to attend this year as we won't be leaving Western New York until sometime after the 20th of the month. Was hoping to reconnect with Padgett and Reattajim again. Hope it's a good show this year. Tom
  12. The wife and I will be heading out Thursday morning in my 67 GS-340. Always wanted to attend this show, but never seemed to be able to work it in. Looking forward to what I hear is a "GREAT SHOW" ! Tom & Donna Gestwick
  13. Since I have already purchased an Interstate battery, I'll have to file your recommendation in my memory banks and if the interstate doesn't perform well, then I'll try a Duralast. Thanks Tom
  14. Ron: Glad to hear you've had good luck with your gel battery from Antique Battery. It's something I'll remember for future use. Since I had already purchased the topper so I could use it to locate a battery to fit, and purchased that, I decided to keep what I had. Today I fabricated a duplicate hold down clamp and made it to fit the topper without the issue of the original clamp being to tight on the plastic. Coated it with truck bed liner spray and you can't tell it from the original. Down the road I'll probably opt for the gel one from Antique Battery and put this set-up in my other GS. I'm attending the Arthritis Foundation show next week and needed a battery NOW. Just not enough time to pull it all together. I'd like to thank everyone for their input in this matter. Tom
  15. Your absolutely right,I never gave that a thought! I was able to purchase a topper locally and found an Interstate battery that would accept the top and fit halfway decent, but hadn't yet installed them in the car. I just went and tried the hold down over the topper and just as you said it's too big. I think I can force it over without damaging or cracking the topper, but I may have to modify the hold down bracket. Tom
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