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  1. Anyone have info on how to re-tension regulator spring??
  2. You are right on the boat race.😏
  3. I have 4 dead decks; at least three have the same broken part, prob brittle from old age. See broken tabs just toward the center from top of springs. Tried epoxy, but failed again. Maybe 3-D printing? Will keep you in mind on your rebuilt. PM me on what you want for it. Tks, Jim
  4. Yes, I meant M+R, they gave me the same info. Was hoping to find another source for comparison. I have fixed a couple, but would like to find a parts source. There is one particular part that seems to break. Thanks, Jim
  5. Is there any source other than M+M for repair or parts service? Tried United Radio, but they do not do Cass players.
  6. Still have not found where this connector goes. The wire is actually pink with a black stripe. Only thing I have found to be not working is the light in the glove compartment.
  7. Finishing up my R & R on the heater core. All done except I see this gray connector w/pink wire hanging down on extreme right side. Any ideas as to where it goes?
  8. Anyone recommend source for OEM core for my '89?
  9. I think your info may be for 90 & 91's; at least I hope so.
  10. Heater leaking onto carpet. I have instructions from Ronnie's site. Starting to tear into it today. Only problem so far has been disconnecting some of the wiring. I understand that the only under hood work is to drain coolant, disconnect battery and heater hoses. All other work is done thru glove compartment opening and under the dash. Am I heading in the right direction, and can anyone furnish any tips/helpful advice? Thanx, Jim
  11. Ronnie, congrats on your appointment as moderator..... Jim
  12. Even a "Bonus?" Fiero and Allante included!
  13. I had Eddie work his magic on mine just over 1 year ago. It has been working perfectly ever since.... Jim
  14. Is it just from reading on here, or do Reatta HB's have a higher failure rate than other makes? Seems to be a high percentage.