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  1. Looking to either purchase a fully working tape deck, or see if anyone here can, or knows someone who can still fix these? I saw in history places that could, but not sure if they are still in business. (88-89) Let me know, thanks.
  2. Like him or not, I was excited to get the Reatta some modern attention and my car was almost going to be his subject matter. However after some great initial communication and a lot of interest on his part, I took some time to perfect mine and when I hit him up again, nothing, no replies. Aw well.
  3. Thanks Barney. I'm just trying to see if anyone can confirm if Delphi HP10010 will fit Reatta's that use the short lines?
  4. Anyone have a sending unit for sale that fits an 89 with the shorter lines?
  5. The regulator seems to have two functions really. Without it, the return flow is wide open.. So its function isn't just to vary the pressure based on its vacuum with the diaphragm, it also is supposed to prevent fuel flow back entirely when it's below 40psi. The thing is, the new one I put on did mostly fix the problem. But it's still not quite in spec I don't think.. though it is good enough. I hear it open at 40psi, but then it fairly quickly tends to still bleed down to 30psi, and from there very slowly bleeds down to 5psi, but still much faster than I hear some people say.. Some say their rail holds 40psi for a day or more. *shrug* I -thoroughly- tested the input line (output from pump) and it is not flowing back with that path, not even slightly. I submerged my assembly in water, and blew 20psi in to the out, and zero bubbles or pressure loss. I also put a block-off bolt in to the regulators' output for the return line, just entirely block that off, I ran the pump for half a second to charge the rail to 40psi and there was zero loss. Therefore all my loss is through the return, through the regulator. In any case the car starts, runs and drives great now, so I'm happy. BUT, my damn fuel sending unit doesn't work right now, it reads I have an 1/8th when I have a full tank. gerrrrr. Maybe from the water test, I don't know, but it's unhappy now. I dread dropping the tank all over again, what a pain in the #*@. My unit has two short lines, and the vapor is a long steel line. On the other side there are rubber lines that mate to these. Delphi HP10010 seems to be the closest new replacement match I can find. It's vapor line is short but you can just use rubber for that anyway. Anyone know if that unit will fit right with our lines?
  6. I need to find a box for it, if I pack it right then I think it will make it just fine. The problem is shipping cost yeah. I'll try to get an estimate, and I'll let it go cheap because I don't need it and it's mostly just taking up space.. I'm not trying to make money off it.
  7. Here is Padgett's old write up: http://reattaowner.com/roj/common-problems-a-solutions/simple-3800-cam-magnet-replacement
  8. Years ago I bought a tail lens from some guy who was selling them as fully restored and such. Well it came with a far, far worse polishing job than I can do myself, and a couple broken retainers due to poor shipping. I've fixed the retainers with epoxy and I restored the polycarbonate properly so it really looks good now. The letters will need replacement if you want perfection. I'll take pics soon. But just wondering who would want it and what it's worth? I don't mind low-ball offers, I don't need it.. I ended up having my own restored, which I was told I couldn't do, but that wasn't true, my original came back like new. Thanks.
  9. I disconnected the return line from the regulator and put a cup under the regulator output and ran the pump. Fuel shot out instantly and when I stopped the pump it kept draining out. Is this abnormal? I would think that it would not let the fuel drain out unless it was ~>40psi.
  10. No worries, I already picked up a new one last night for $18, it should arrive in a couple days. I guess the only other thing to do is submerge the pickup assembly fully in water and do 20psi in to the outlet and look for bubbles, as per the shop manual.
  11. I was away on a trip for the whole Summer, back now. Upon returning I have so far pulled the rail/injectors while still all connected up and run the pump to find none of the injectors leak at all. I then dropped the tank, replaced the dampener thing along with the fuel pump, connected it all back up, same thing. So now I'm really needing help.. The only thing I had done related to fuel before this started was replace the filter. The regulator is now the only original thing, but it passed the tests (changes pressure based on vacuum, and no fuel leaks out of the vacuum line, even when the pump is running) Do our fuel filters have a check valve?? I'm really confused what's next. My old pump seemed to properly be only 1-way when I tested it, so its own check valve seemed fine.
  12. Does anyone know for sure that this assembly fits our 88-89 cars? I haven't seen any cross-reference that shows this. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Fuel-Tank-Sending-Unit-for-Olds-Delta-88-Pontiac-Buick/110724397764?epid=569757228&hash=item19c7b03ac4:g:u~oAAOSww5hZN7Vp
  13. No gas was in the vacuum line for the regulator. If it's a leaky injector, where would it leak from? The bottom in to the plenum? These injectors were totally perfect before removal, and were removed all together (I never removed them from the fuel rail) gently. They are new as of 2012, so that would be another new coincidence. I thought we established a bad pulsator dampener or a fuel-pump check valve was most likely based on my symptoms? It does hard start, but that's because there is no prime-pressure, I wouldn't say it really stumbles at all, just starts as if there isn't enough fuel for the first 3 seconds of cranking and then starts suddenly and normally. I will try to keep the fuel rail connected to the lines at the same time as all 6 injectors are out of the plenum, and I can then run the pump and inspect for leaks.
  14. It's quite a nice gauge. In any case, it holds about 40psi with the pump-prime connected, and about 37psi with the engine running, but all the pressure quickly drains right out to the tank (I believe) when the pump is off. The pressure increases a few psi with the regulators vacuum line disconnected, so I believe the FPR is working fine. It still feels hard to believe this was just a coincidence after I did all that work, but I suppose it may just be.. especially since the hard starting issue didn't happen the first few times I used it after.. but it did happen after I replaced the fuel filter. (which is not leaking.) So I guess next I need to drop the fuel tank. I wish it were possible to get a whole new assembly because I figure I'll have some rust on the lines. test.mp4
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