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  1. The trouble code was E034 which is "MAF Sensor Voltage Low". In the original post, I said it was running OK, but that's no longer true. It's starts OK, but dies after idling a few minutes. Is it recommended to replace the full assembly or the sensor only? Thanks!
  2. I'm getting the attached message on the '89. It doesn't seem to be related to the starting or charging systems, and it is running OK. Suggestions?
  3. I broke the Spill Master Euro Jr cupholder that I’ve had in the ’89 for years. I checked a few auto parts stores and WM but didn’t find a good replacement. I found it online and ordered it from Pep Boys. See picture. The package lists the manufacturer as Hopkins Manufacturing Corp with a website I also ordered a twin cup version, but I’m not sure how and if I’ll use it.
  4. No, I haven't, Barney. I'll search for them.
  5. John, where did you find the Spring Lock/Action Hose Clamps for radiator hoses? I found that type of clamp in smaller sizes for other hoses, but I haven't been able to find large sizes for radiator hoses.
  6. Kevin, were either of the seats in good condition?
  7. Thanks, guys! I'll give those a try.
  8. The rubber seal around the back windshield of the ’89 is very dry and starting to peel. I found old posts from 2008 and 2009 about repairing with a paintable silicone caulk. Has anyone found any newer repair method or product since these old posts?
  9. My '91 has 135K, so it's well beyond your preference. Good luck with your search.
  10. Brenda, what sort of odometer miles would you consider for a '91?
  11. I definitely see some similarity in the lines of the early 70's Riviera. Isn't this considered a trunk in the Crossfire coupe?
  12. New concept car
  13. Thanks guys! I thought I might be heading in the wrong direction and needed some second opinions.
  14. I need to replace tires on the '89 soon. They still have a lot of tread, but they're almost 12 years old. I've seen several posts about changing to larger diameter wheels, but I really like the original '89 wheels. I'm considering switching from 215-65-15 to a 215-75-15 tires, which will increase the height by 1.7 inches with the original wheels. Will that cause any problems?
  15. If anyone is interested, there is an '89 Allante with 10,861 miles for sale in Amarillo. I guy I work was "thinning the herd" and sold it recently to Bobby Duby Motors, It's also listed on