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  1. 1990 reatta with ipc issues. When it works it shows no current codes and chk engine light not on. I need to get it smogged, California. Will it pass if the ipc goes blank during test???
  2. 1990 with ipc issues. When it works it shows no current codes and chk engine light not on. I need to get it smogged, California. Will it pass if the ipc goes blank during test???
  3. talipp

    no spark

    Thanks for your help...my intention is not to exasperate but to get a clue so I can get my car back on the road...and you have been a great help thanks....
  4. talipp

    no spark

    thanks....the key was off...seems strange that cleaning up the negative connections got it to run but i was concerned why previously the #8 cci fuse was blowing and that cleaning the negatives had anything to do with the fuse blowing????
  5. talipp

    no spark

    after getting it to run i checked the negative cable bolt and replaced it. i then checked the connection between the cable and battery with my test light and noticed it was lit possible indicating a short??? i pulled the fuses again one at a time and noticed the test light went out when i pulled the cps fuse. so is there a short in the cps circuit any clues and advice at this point??? trying to get down the road!!!!!!
  6. talipp

    no spark

    Got it to run but was having a problem getting it to idle. went back over my ground cables since they were the last thing i touched and found the negative battery cable was loose. Tightend it up and voila it began to idle!!!! looks like the ground connections in the reatta are pretty important!!!!! thanks for all the help but stand by now as i go out and test her on the road this week thanks again talipp.....
  7. talipp

    no spark

    okay cleaned off battery cables noticing that the ground cable had a bad connection. checked for power to the pink #1wire to the icm and there was power. put in a new fuse into #8 and she fired up???? going to charge battery up to 100% and check all grounds and try again tomorrow. must have moved something to the good but what??? again il check tomorrow.....thanks again for all the good info...
  8. talipp

    no spark

    thanks very much. i will check out the wiring tomorrow. I think it will be the icm. should i buy the coils new also???
  9. talipp

    no spark

    so the pump is working when i apply power to the bypass test. When i turn the key on i get power to #8 fuse which then pops. i need to get a schematic of that circuit to check it. Again I'm not getting any spark which leads to believe it is the icm but i would like to make sure before i spring for the igniter and the coils.
  10. talipp

    no spark

    Thanks for all the good info.... went out to work on the problem and the battery was discharged. I'm letting it charge up. My question is if the #8 fuse is popped the fuel pump should still energies when I put 12volts to the bypass wire???
  11. talipp

    no spark

    To disconnect fuel pump do I pull the relay???
  12. talipp

    no spark

    When I put my test light to the fuel pump test (green plug/grey wire )the test light illuminates...I think then that the test plug is grounding out???? can I disconnect the grey wire at the pump and can I get to it??
  13. talipp

    no spark

    my 90 convertible is sitting in my driveway and won't start. i started by checking for spark and found it had no spark. checked the fuses and found that the #8ccci fuse was popped. put in another one and it immediately popped too. my question is the cam position sensor involved or do i proceed and look for a short in the wiring to the coils....since the car has about 130000 mi.les it looks like i should replace the coil and ccci unit. prior to it dying in the driveway the car would occasionally not start and appeared to not be getting any gas. after 2 or 3 attempts to start it would start but felt like it wasn't getting any gas. once i started rolling it would be fine. thankfully it died in the driveway!!! any advice as to how to proceed would be appreciated.....
  14. problem resolved.....two plug wires were rubbing on manifold and shorting out causing the idle miss. thanks for the help and the good info from everybody!!!!
  15. figuring out the on board tests... checked the iac via ed22 and the results are with the engine off "150". testing iac with engine on im getting fluctuation readings "21" to "26". with the engine off it should read "0"??? and with the engine on results should be steady and not fluctuating??? right... and what does it indicate then??? thanks
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