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Raise your hand if you drove at least one old Buick this weekend

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Happy Birthday, Bernie, and wishing you many more to share with us!

My birthday typically coincides with walking the HERSHEY SWAP MEET, and judging the show-

I've got eight years on you, and consider myself an ANTIQUE TEENAGER-


Now, let's get out there and drive our Buicks !

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I'm a bit behind here, but I'll offer my belated congrats for a Happy Birthday to Bernie!


Also, a tour we were supposed to this week was moved ahead to last Friday, and then that one was going to be a very long day.

We took the Reatta, and the trip was nearly 500 miles, we started just before 7:30 AM, and then drove 2 hrs plus to get to the starting point, then the long tour, and then over 3 hrs to get home.

 In between we had a great tour, and due to the issues with going into eat at times, we all brought a picnic lunch and had a great spot to stop at. Fortunately the weather was great.

 However the roads were not the typical ones we usually tour on, as we went over some of the worst gravel roads our leader could find. One was called, "Devils Four Mile Road", narrow, rutted and gravel, steep climbs that I struggled to get traction on. We had a few of these roads, so it was very slow going at times. However, we all made it through without incident. Though the cars look nice, everyone's car is a driver, not show cars.

 Here are a few pics, where I stopped to take a few shots in the roads. Most of these mentioned were single lane, and at times the weeds on both sides of the roads were brushing against our cars. Only 10 cars, and the tour leader had the oldest in his '32 Chev.

 So nice to get back on the highways again!







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