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  1. I would have the top sewn and installed before trying to weather it.
  2. Robin, Sorry. I did not see you also had a 60 Electra. What model is it ?
  3. Good news... The last set of heads I tried were the best set. No cracks or recession of the valves. These will be the ones we will use. I also delivered parts to the machine shop and they are starting work on it this week. End of this month is still doable they said. Plus I got good Bar B Que...
  4. Just looking for the center section, I dont need the whole rear end assembly.
  5. I told the folks at U-haul I had a Vega. This was a while ago. Broke a 15 cent rivet in the clutch. Stranded in Elizabethtown KY.
  6. NTX and AVG explained it. I have had heads fail for exactly the reasons listed above. Not all machinists are equal. Its not all heads I was talking about, just the heads on a Nailhead. Yours may be different on your Roadmaster.
  7. I have been chasing a set of heads that will be rebuildable. Found some in my stash has cracks, some already had been worked on and ruined by putting seats in them and the originals were so far receded they may not be usable. I had bought a engine that was frozen so we took the heads off and they may be usable. We will find out this next week. In the meantime more cleaning and parts collection still is happening. Going to see the engine rebuilder this week with some of the parts I have collected. This also means I get to eat good Texas Bar B Que as they have one of my favorites in Llano.
  8. Nope. Had to downsize so I sold it to a friend so I can still drive it and see it. The Vintage Air still works well. As a matter of fact I am in the process of replacing my factory A C with Vintage Air in my 60 Electra. We are putting in the biggest unit they make. Lots of fun. This along with an engine rebuild we weren’t counting on.....
  9. Just found this thread and you found a great car. I love the older wagons. Good job on getting it running right again.
  10. Parts came today. Motor mounts, ring gear and all internal engine parts except pistons, rings and bearings as I don’t know the size yet. still have more coming $$$$.
  11. I grew up working on the British cars. Between me and my 2 brothers we had a wide assortment of Triumphs, MGs and Austin Healys. Had 6 or 7 TR 3s. Liked that little car. now back to the Buick’s. I am getting ready to replace the ring gear on the Dynaflow in my Electra. It is in a lot worse shape then yours is. I would clean yours up and try it as the alternative is pulling the trans and taking it apart to get to the ring gear. Might as well rebuild it by the time you get it on the bench cause you will be 90 % there already. i will let you know what it takes to replace the ring gear.
  12. Is that a TR-3 in the background ?
  13. Good story Larry. My first marriage, we rode from the church home in a 1915 Model T that was my Uncles. Lots of fun and it was better then the 2nd marriage where we went in a Taurus. But I am still married to the 2nd wife. 25 years this year. Car is still in the family, it has been passed down to my brother.
  14. I went to Austin on Saturday to work on the ar. Didn't get a whole lot done but had a good visit and some good Vietnamese food. I also got to replace a set of tires. Went to lunch and noticed a big crack on my 8,000 mile tires. Went to the store where I bought them and they had issues with the lot of tires I had. So I got 4 more of a different brand. The new tires are quieter as I noticed on the way home. While we were going to lunch Rob noticed that the AC was not as cold as it should be. So we put more 134 in it and got it much more chilly. My wife is going to love th
  15. Let them bring thos little things to Texas. All it would take is one accident with one pickup truck to show how wrong the car is.
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