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  1. Fall has hit here, it was sunny and 80 today. We went for a drive of about 50 miles. No pictures though.
  2. Just when I thought it was all over, we have a nice day here today. Didn't have anything I really needed to do so took a ride on the longer loop that I use. About 65 mile putting me at 1360 for the year. Saw these two steers standing along the fence line.
  3. My brother came to visit as as he is a car person, we decided to take a drive in the Electra. I let him drive and I got to sit and watch the world go by. We went on the short loop of 35 miles from my house that has some freeway driving and lots of back roads, He was impressed by the countryside and how open it is around here. He should be as he live in San Francisco. We had stopped at on location and he was talking pictures of the Longhorns and the Belted Galloway cattle. He started to put his camera away and I asked if he had got any pictures of the Zebras that were out under the trees. He had not even seen them Anyway a fun drive on a Monday morning.
  4. I always put a moving blanket where the hubcap will fall if and when I drop it as it comes off the wheel. Have saved numerous scratches that way.
  5. Damn, now I have grease under my nails.
  6. Beautiful trees in your part of the world. I miss that living down south.
  7. There is spam going around at the moment asking members to please buy gift cards for Vets, or send money to a person and saying that you will be reimbursed. It is signed by John Steed (President) and it says you will be reimbursed by me. This is complete and utter BS. Nobody form the Board of Directors will ask you to spend your money for the Buick Club (unless it for membership). These are crooks trying to get in your wallet. If you get this mail, delete it. If you have any questions on the validity of an email, look in your Bugle, find our email or phone and contact us. Do not reply to the email as they are very good at forging email addresses. Bill
  8. So, I felt well enough this afternoon to take a short drive to a town called comfort and back...... about 30 - 35 miles. On this trip is a Mexican cementarty. They know how to do a grave sight. It is a celebration and they decorate accordingly. They have bottles of what the deceased drank, flowers, decorations and lots of other stuff. A total change from the dull boring cementaries we are used to.
  9. Went to Cars and Coffee at my church yesterday. Long ways from home, a whole 6 blocks for so. 30 cars showed up along with some bike. Most interesting car was a Brand New Vette that had to be towed home because it did not go into drive. Owner was not happy. Also there was a 1970's era Honda 350. Hondas back then were a good bike to have. Anyway using this to update milage 1206 miles this year. Probably won't make the goal but I still have 2 more months to try.
  10. Here is a 2003 that has 79 K miles on it an has lived it whole life in Texas. If I needed a car I would buy this. A it is I have a 2007 Lucerne with just over 50 K on it.
  11. Beautiful workmanship and nice looking car. That looks like it could surprise somebody coming away from a stoplight. Thanks for sharing.
  12. I have used a pressure bleeder on my old Buicks for a while and it works well ONCE you find the right adapter so seal the top.
  13. We went a gathering of cars yesterday afternoon. Not a show, just folks with cars they like to have seen. I took the 60 Electra and was of the only Buicks. It was in a nice shady park along the riverfront and there may have been 200 + cars. It was nicely arranged with all the classic cars in the shade and the newer cars i the parking lot in the sun. I parked next to a guy who had a 66 GTO with a 389 and 3 deuces. He got lots of lookers. I got the old people talking to me, the comments that "we had one of these" and "I ll bet you could take a couple of people in the trunk to the Drive in Theater. A fun relaxing Saturday evening. It sure beats sitting in a parking lot in the sun.
  14. Alan Kriss does good work. Alan Kriss 416 Norris Brook Rd Middlebury Center, PA 16935-9654 570-376-3952