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  1. Today, I went back to Austin and instead of working on the Electra, we worked on Rob's Riviera. It has issues stopping. I had been looking for drums for the front of the car but they were expensive. For the same price we bought ScareBird brackets and started switching them to disks up front. Not original and we know it and dont care. Similar brakes are going on the Electra. We had a fun time figuring out how to modify the brackets so they would take the double piston Wilwood calipers. Not hard for someone who can fabricate. But the main problem is the Wilwood calipers,
  2. On Auction at Hemmings is my late Uncles car. Been in California and well maintained. Fun Driver with the top up or down. https://www.hemmings.com/auction/1933-chevrolet-other
  3. I dont know what was coming apart, rubbing or destroying it self in this transmission but there were brass filings all through the valve body. Took a box of towels and a few hours to get it clean. Everything was filled with these particles.
  4. Lamar, Come on over to Texas. Kerrville has some nice campgrounds right on the river. Good driving roads too. San Antonio is an hour away for big city life.
  5. So the pictures didn’t makemy prior post so we will try again. The red arrow points the the groove in the pump. It bolts on the flat plate. the next picture is out of the shop manual. No seal shown. the third picture shows the only place we saw the seal. This is a stapled together handout we got with the overhaul kit. But we didn’t the seal in the kit. It’s on order......
  6. Moreo on the Dynaflow... before we get into this, my Dynaflow leaked like all of them did. The PO had tried to fix it judging by the copious amount of Blue RTV spread everywhere. why did it leak, you may ask. Beside the normal “Buick’s like to mark their spot” comment, Rob being the OCD engineer that he is found another reason. He was putting the front oil pump and the reaction shaft flange the front pump and noticed something wrong. If you look at the first picture, you can see a square cut groove in the pump. This sits against the steel plate. When Rob took this apar
  7. I like Iron Resurrection. Yes, they make the same modifications to each car, but I like to see the fabrication. Same for Texas Metal.
  8. Hi Carl, Did you ever get your parts sorted out ? I have just bought the same brackets and got the same parts list.
  9. Update on the Dynaflow... Here is a picture of the seal Rob was working on installing. Now it is installed. He chamfered the edge to help with the fluid flow. Rob is also finishing up installing the back half. Polishing all the shafts so that it doesn’t they don’t tear up the new bearings and seals. On the rightl is an unpolished shaft and the left is polished.
  10. Putting the new bushing into the pump, I will let Rob tell the story. So first I had to go get and find all the parts to my press. Then I picked up a bearing and seal installer die set from Harbor Freight on sale for $29.99. Good for getting the race started but all of them made are the incorrect size. Nothing online or at Orielly. So I found a socket that was .0035 too thick and turned a few thousands off it on my “homemade lathe” aka used my 3/8 impact drill motor and 3 socket adapters to hold and spin the socket against my grinder then final finished it on the belt san
  11. Chris, its rather a 153K car or it was rode hard, put up wet and never had an oil change. Transmission had been worked on before as we found Blue RTV in it. And whoever did it, just did a hack job. It ran and got me on down the road but at some point it was going to leave me stranded. Engine, as I said before, had a huge ridge at the top of every cylinder. The cam was pretty much gone and the rocker arm tips were worn out. The valves had receded a good ways into the heads to the point where I had to find a different set of heads to use. While I realize that the older lubr
  12. The odometer read around 53,000. While it looks like a 53,000 mile car, we wonder about it. Trans and engine both look like they had much more. I have a lot of receipts for the car but nothing for any kind of engine or transmission work.
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