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  1. Beautiful workmanship and nice looking car. That looks like it could surprise somebody coming away from a stoplight. Thanks for sharing.
  2. I have used a pressure bleeder on my old Buicks for a while and it works well ONCE you find the right adapter so seal the top.
  3. We went a gathering of cars yesterday afternoon. Not a show, just folks with cars they like to have seen. I took the 60 Electra and was of the only Buicks. It was in a nice shady park along the riverfront and there may have been 200 + cars. It was nicely arranged with all the classic cars in the shade and the newer cars i the parking lot in the sun. I parked next to a guy who had a 66 GTO with a 389 and 3 deuces. He got lots of lookers. I got the old people talking to me, the comments that "we had one of these" and "I ll bet you could take a couple of people in the trunk to the Drive in Theater. A fun relaxing Saturday evening. It sure beats sitting in a parking lot in the sun.
  4. Alan Kriss does good work. Alan Kriss 416 Norris Brook Rd Middlebury Center, PA 16935-9654 570-376-3952
  5. Actually, they say these things are worth an arm and a leg.....
  6. Damn bad typing. I really won’t hurt you. I just want someone to get this if they need it.
  7. Someone was asking on this forum if there was an A/C muffler available. I was going through parts and found one off my 64 Riv. If you need one, you can have it for packing and shipping costs from Texas via UPS. First come first severed.
  8. Whats it not doing ? Is it turning over ? Do you have spark ? What about Gas ? The more information the better. You may want to give a meaningful title to your trhread too.
  9. Post a new thread in the general forum and give us more information and you will get all kinds of good information.
  10. Performance issues were with Blower speed. I have 38 degree air coming out of the drivers side vent. There is no POA (or as I put it, POS) valve on the 1960 Electra's. Instead it has a hot gas valve that returns gas back to the compressor as you adjust the temp. This is working fine. The biggest problem is the big Non Adjustable center vent that points to the back seat. If I could get that pointed at me with its massive amount of air, I would be a happy camper. I have not torn into the dash to see if its leaking but that is on my list of things to do.
  11. I hope I have made the final change to my A/C in my 1960 Electra. The system has been redone and I am running R12 but was still not performing properly in the 95 + degree days we get in central Texas. Over the pas few weeks I pulled the blower motor out and cleaned the Oak leaves out and bench checked it. It seemed to spin much better on the bench then in the car. I checked the voltage at the resistor pack and was not getting a full 12 volts to the motor. We ran a relay to the battery and then to the blower so it gets a full 12 volts and triggered it off the A/C compressor voltage. If the AC compressor is running the fan runs at hight speed. No medium or low. 95 % of the time, that is what I want down here anyway. I can control the temp and the heat settings aren't affected. It worked well in out 97 degree test yesterday.
  12. We took a drive out to one of our favorite Biker Bar restaurants. We like checking out the bikes and they like looking to the Electra. Anyway its about 50 miles out there and takes about an hour and a half over windy twisty roads. A good arm workout. Coming home we took a slightly longer return trip along the North Fork of the Guadalupe river. 12 crossings and beauty on every one of them. I have made this trip before and have had to drive through the river but it was dry today. All told 150 miles and 3/4 tank of gas. Below are a couple of pictures from the trip.
  13. Me being one of them.. It pushes you back in the seat and just wants to go.
  14. If it is a stock carb, I probably have it. I seem to have 3 or 4 1964 Riviera carbs I have collected. I will check later today. It would be fairly easy to change. Take the choke housing off and there are 3 screws holding the parts on. Tell me the number on the carb. It should be a 3635.