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  1. Don’t let the slow progress and hidden issues discourage you. It will be worth it in the end. The time driving the car will make it all fade to the background and will make a good story when showing people the car.
  2. Why was this unpinned ? It should be at the top like the rest of the National meets.
  3. We have taken for a couple of rides around our area. Today was a nice spring day and we put about 70 miles on it. Supposedly it was to make sure the new radio was working but we hardly had it on. Over the weekend we put another 100 miles on just wasting time and gas. It drives as good as it looks and while I have found a few minor details that need some help ( white paint on the lower part of the passenger side and a crease where someone put a door into it) for the most part it is a great running and driving car. We are looking forward to driving the car this summer to the Cadil
  4. Not exactly an antique like most of us think of one, but the car is 40 years old. 1980 Cadillac Coupe De Ville. Nice clean southern car with 85,000 miles on it. It's of the era of low power and the 85 mph speedometer. Drives nicely and can go 70 on the freeway. Everything works but the FM band of the radio.
  5. This showed up in my inbox from a friend in China. This is one of the Buick's that they are selling. Wish they would sell something like this here as opposed to only SUVs.
  6. I ordered a shop manual from Faxon on Friday and it came today via media mail and USPS. Even with yesterday a "holiday".
  7. Dont forget the search is the best part of buying an old car.. After you buy it, its work.
  8. Or you could look at a Holley sniper. It will go on your nailhead.
  9. Looking for one of the center A/C vents in a 1980 Cadillac.
  10. While I have been out playing with Cadillacs, Rob has been continuing to fabricate parts for the Electra. He is finishing the inner fender and damage caused by the battery so now the under fender will actually be attached to the frame.s
  11. One last word on the new car, took a 100 mile ride around this part of Texas this weekend and it rides and drives as nice as it looks. While we were driving we found these critters on a local ranch.
  12. No Willie, I have not changed my will. you still get any Reattas I own along with my extensive collection of Bagpipe and Saxophone music. i know you will enjoy them.
  13. I actually had been looking at mid 60’s to 76 Fleetwoods because I like those big old cars. We went to look at a 67 black on black convertible but decided it would be too hot down here. The place had this one too. Best part is that my wife likes the car. It’s every bit as long as my Electra is though judging on how it fits in the garage.
  14. Still working on the Electra but found a car I had to have. 85,000 mile Southern car in excellent shape. 1980 Coupe De Ville. it’s still a GM just not a Buick.
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