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  1. I believe the top one is a B29 Weather plane. I saw all these planes and much more at the remote show field at Tinker AFB gate. These were all worked on at Tinker.
  2. Check this thread out, Don wrote this and the parts he lists are still available. I followed his parts list.
  3. I ripped everything out on my 64 Riviera after spending much money and time trying to get the original system to work. I replaced it with a complete Vintage Air system, evaporator, condenser, compressor, lines, dryer etc. Now it is so cold, it could be used as an ice maker. I have also spent the time to get my EPA certification and have the tools and knowledge to have been able to repair the R 12 system on my 1960 Electra. It also blows ice cubes. I replaced the condenser on that with a new cross flow condenser after finding leaks. Luckily it was fairly easy to do as the A5 compressor is not easy to find or rebuild. It is a learning experience to try to fix any of these old systems but also lots of fun once it works.
  4. It’s advisable to use a new condenser for R 134. It works much better...
  5. Cant pick a better spot for a nap then the back of a Buick.
  6. I took mine out for a test today and put it in the garage and then it would not turn over. I swear this car doe not like the nationals. We will see if I cN get it fixed in time.
  7. I took mine out for a test run and discovered I need to put moore R 12 in the AC if I want to stay cool. That is scheduled for the morning. changed the oil/greased the chassis and washed the car on saturday.
  8. I can’t wait Lamar, it will be good to see you again
  9. David, Why did the chicken cross the road ? To prove to the armadillos that it could be done.
  10. Ben, we are leaving the 11th, headed up 16 and then to 44 and into OKC. Unless you have a better way from you neck of the woods.
  11. Probably not the way the auto shop would do it but they wanted 2 grand to replace the compressor an lines. I had this stuff in my garage.
  12. You can buy the, our local auto parts house has them. Why change what the factory put in ?
  13. Matt, I am glad you are still on the forum and still messing with cars after the fiasco with the Lincoln.