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  1. I did that on a customer car one time, drove it off the lift and through the dealerships shop before seeing the trail I was leaving. Took a lot of clean up and grief from the other mechanics.
  2. It will be in The April Bugle along with the ballot. Obviously one or more of the candidates have share with their friends.
  3. And you did not do your own research but have listened to a person or people who have grudges against the BCA, myself and the Books. If you want to see how the club will change if your trio of preferred candidates are elected, just read Larry Schramm' s "Editorial". I dont know where the lies about the BOD being in the dar financially is being spread but that is exactly what is is, lies. They have gotten P & L and a monthly recap.
  4. I replaced mine with A VINTAGE AIR SETUP and could not have been happier. The person who bought y Riv loves it. Down here in Texas it get hot and that system keeps the car icy cold.
  5. The BOD members get a P & L and a Balance sheet every month or so depending on the accountant. This includes all investments and and the National Meet finances. If anyone would like the latest copy, I will be happy to send it to you. We did not always spend $ 50 / member. I put the rest in CDs and that along with investments is where the $ 500,000 or so came from. I am glad for an audit,
  6. I worked in a gas station back before Self Service and our boss made sure we got out their quick. No sitting around. I was 16 at the time so bending was not an issue.
  7. A 64 Riviera has a different and one year only transmission. Your 65 has the next version that everyone wants. You say your 401 runs good and I understand about wanting to do something with it. Nailheads are expensive to rebuild (3- 5K American) so take that into account as you are thinking about this. Lots you can do to the 401 you have, if you want to play. Some folks say they are undercarburated and add a Edlebrock 750 or 800 cfm for more power. A cam is another way to go. Sniper EFI is another way to go. Just some thoughts on what you have. BUT I am like you and have a spare motor transmission just in case.
  8. Don't forget those cars had a low rear end. Its not like a modern car. You will rev more then in a normal car. Your temp looks good.
  9. I have a White1960 Buick Electra 4 door. When I bought the car it had "Moby" for the plates. But when I went to renew they wanted 70 bucks a year to keep them I chose to buy Antique plate at $ 65 for 5 years. I did have "Moby" painted on the back end because I like the name and am looking for a set of 1960 Texas plates.
  10. I dont have an engine apart but look at the pages above it shows the dots pretty well. They are called timing marks. Good luck....
  11. I put 30 or so miles on mine today driving around town. I started off just wanting to go get a flat fixed but too crowded. So I drove around for a while to get everything up to temperature and make sure my clock was working.
  12. Its a beautiful 50 degree day down here in Texas. Sun is out and I thought I would use this holiday to get the slow leak fix. Took the car to a tire place and I was not the only one who though of this plan. An hour a a half wait to get in in a showroom full of kids. The slow leak can wait. So instead I drove the loop around town and put another 40 or so mile on the car. I am up to 126 miles for this challenge so far. Now if it would just be nice on the weekends.
  13. They are 10 teeth apart. See 2-19 above and read the fine print. Newer chains do not have the copper links so you have to count. Get yourself a shop Manual.. You cant do anything without one. Here is the online version