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  1. Sorry I said alternator when I meant generator in original post. The Powergen is an alternator. I have edited my posts.
  2. Thinking about this a bit more and a couple of comments. On a factory AC car, they use a 45 amp GENERATOR versus a non ac car that uses a 30 or 35 amp. Also the mounting bracket for the GENERATOR is totally different as I found out. On a non AC car, the adjusting bracket is at the top, while AC is below. just something to think about as I am as we get close to putting my car back together. I have put a Powergen ALTERNATOR (90 amp) on my car which worked well. I had them build it special so it would support the Generator light and the push gas pedal to start feature. That is how I found out about the different brackets and mounting.
  3. We got all our parts needed from Fatsco. Mike was very helpful getting the hard parts needed. Phone calls to him filled us full on much needed information.
  4. I know someone who added a Vintage Air under dash unit to his 55 Buick Wagon and he said it kept him comfortable. I will see if I can find pictures. i think in a car like ours, as long as you feel cool, air on face and body, the rest of the car can be warm. How often do you take more then 1 other passenger ? We had a discussion about this when designing my A C and to keep the whole cabin cool will take front and back AC units with the amount of glass.
  5. So, when we are done, this car will drive like a new car. Took the drag link apart and rebuilt it. It needed it. I don’t know how these get worn like this. It wasn’t for lack of grease. Now for some paint and it will be ready to go on the car.
  6. Spare, one of those tires will fill the whole damn trunk..... And BTW, they didn't fit the Mustang they were on either. You could see where the wheel well and sheet metal was torn up.
  7. Chris, I put my 1980 Cadillac in HPOF at Auburn. You have made a good choice. It’s easy with a car like yours. That will also give you a good chance to look over the other cars once judging is done. the only disadvantage is HPOF is called toward the end of the award banquet but it goes quickly. Drivers class is after HPOF though.
  8. Good question Don, I don’t really know yet. The wheels and tires are in storage so we haven’t tested yet. I actually am thinking about these wheels we saw on a Mustang yesterday… Thoughts ????
  9. Spent the day working on the front end today. Installing some of the new parts we have collected and mocking things up. I don’t know who puts together the hardware packages for the ball joints but every damn bolt was too short. Had to go buy correct bolts to install them in the control arms. Pictures below are of the one side we mocked up to make sure the Fatman Spindle will work on my Electra.
  10. I found a 1980 Coupe De Ville that called my name. Pretty clean car but needs a little work.
  11. They were not welded originally. At least not on my 1950 Super.
  12. Turbinator, Neither AC were working as well as expected when I got the cars. On the 64 Riviera it has sat for 30 + years. I had the STV valve rebuilt, put in a new A6 compressor, replaced the lines and flushed and finally replaced the condenser. NOTHING mad it work well. I live in hot and humid Texas so AC is a must if I am going to drive it. I spent 3 + years trying to get it to work and finally just put in a vintage Air Mark II system. With some tweaking the AC is as good as a brand new modern car. That cleaned up the engine compartment and inside the car, you cant tell except the control panel looks different. I used all the factory vents and factory mounts under the hood. Here is the story on installing it. The 60 Electra that I am working on now had AC that was off and on, more off then on. I had the A5 compressor resealed and all the vacuum control tested and fixed. We found issues where the fan was only getting 8 volts to the fan on high so we rewired that. we locked all the Vacuum doors to AC but still was getting hot air coming it. Started investigating and found that the 60 year old plastic housing around the AC and ductwork was cracked and broken. This allowed hot air from under the hood to get into the system. We had been chasing this for 5 years on this car. On the Electra, considering the size of the passenger compartment and the massive amount of glass we went with the Mark IV from Vintage Air. This will allow us to use the factory controls and vents. Still in progress as we have also rebuilt engine and Dynaflow, but getting close now. The link above give part numbers and shows how it is installed. Don, who started the thread is on the forums and will help with questions if I cant answer them. It was not a hard job and from inside, you cant tell. Plus its cool and comfortable, even in the weather we have here. I just talked to the owner of my Riviera and he was out driving the car this morning with windows up and AC on. Cant ask for much more.....
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