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  1. My 60 has a finger guard that is different then the non AC cars. And my 60 has AC
  2. It took a week for a 2 day priority package to get to its destination for me. But the PO is the best we have.
  3. When were radiator shrouds introduced on Buick’s ? I know my 60 Electra has a finger guard while my old 64 Riviera had a real shroud.
  4. Working on the car just didn't happen this weekend. Life seems to have gotten in the way. Parts are ordered and on the way. Me, I had to deal with a tree that fell during a storm.
  5. I sold one of my cars to a gentleman out of state. He sent a transport for it. It was an open transport with an Eastern European driver. BTW, he had never driven a manual transmission. He finally got it on the bottom level of the transport and I watched as the car above it dripped funds on the car. Took Videos of the whole thing including the abuse the clutch took as he learned to drive a clutch. I could not help because of "regulations". when the new owner contacted me about details, I sent him the video. Luckily, I had been paid before I let the car go on the transport.
  6. Willis, I agree, it is long for one weekend. Thats why it will probably take a month to do 🙂. Besides you know how you run into the "While I am here" repairs. Not to mention its summer and hot, not conducive to driving a older in Texas. Nope, can't get vertical from the ground right now. Hell, I can't even look in the bottom of the fridge without help getting back up.
  7. Chris, I am rebuilding the Center link after seeing your post. Plus find out why it wanders and correct that. Replace all the rubber brake lines and look at the other parts. We will also add a electric fuel pump and replace the 80 lb starter with a mini starter. Plus I am sure there will be more we find. And who knows, maybe an upgrade or two. He is a good friend, I sold my 64 Riv to him. I don’t sell cars to people I know, but made an exception and that car now runs and looks better then ever.
  8. Unfortunately, I have to farm some work out on my 60 Electra. I would rather be doing it myself, but due to health reasons, I can't move as well as I once did and getting on the floor will keep me on the floor. So a good friend has offered to do the needed work He lives in the same neighborhood where I used to live. Look at the size of his garage, with the step up in the front the Electra just fits. He keeps the garage door closed as his garage has AC. More pictures coming as he gets to work after this weekend.
  9. I do that with my car and it has a good gas guage.
  10. I have used Gas tank Renu and found it quite satisfactory. They took the dents out of the tank and coated it inside and out. No leaks at all.
  11. It needs a whole lot of work, not just finishing.....
  12. Sounds like my Dynaflow and my modern Nissan with a CVT transmission. They both need gas to get up the hills around here. In my Nissan I can watch the tach and the engine goes from 2,000 RPM to almost 4,000 on one of the hills. This is on cruise, on an interstate going 75 or so. Same experience with my 60 Electra.
  13. We went out on a drive Tuesday and it was a beautiful day. Had the windows open and it felt great. We took the short loop (about 60 miles) that we drive a lot. It gets you out in the ranch areas and away from all the traffic of out small town. After we got back in town we stopped about a mile from home to get Nachos for lunch. I stopped the car while running inside to get the food and when I came back the starter would not work. Ended up on a flatbed for the last mile or so. Life is an adventure with old cars 🙂
  14. Looking good Brian. Are you able to work from home or all of this done after yuour job ?
  15. Fall has hit here, it was sunny and 80 today. We went for a drive of about 50 miles. No pictures though.