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  1. I have bought cars from them. Best one was a 1988 Buick 3 seat station wagon. Valve guide seals to stop it from smoking and I drove it 40,000 miles before selling it.
  2. Not to mention if your alternator will handle the load. If, for example, you have the halogen lights on and your AC and radio. The alternators were not that big back then.
  3. check out this, good info about restoring mirrors. https://www.chevelles.com/threads/restoring-a-rear-view-mirror.340348/
  4. Yes, normally they do antiques but a mirror is a mirror to them. You have to make sure that they can do day/night mirrors though as the glass is tapered.
  5. If I remember correctly, the mirror comes apart and you can either re silver the omirror or just replace it. I had that done 20 years ago as I could not find a good reproduction.
  6. Yes, via a screwdriver through the springs.
  7. Parts came in yesterday. We have been waiting for new shocks to finish the front end. Considering we are doing a 2 " drop all around, we ordered shocks to fit on all 4 corners. Viking Shocks make an infinitely adjustable shock made especially for the 2" drop in the back but nothing for the front which will run stock springs and shocks. After talking to one of their sales engineers and doing some measuring, they had a shock that fit for the front. Here is old versus new. You can see the adjust knobs for both compression and rebound. Nice thing is that this fits just like the old one.
  8. The one Al was talking about. It looks like this... This gives all the breakdown of parts needed for the parts that are specific to the Woodie. I see nothing about the assemblies you are talking about though. BTW, I thought we had put Dynamat under the carpets in that car. Or maybe I should say I paid for dynamite 🙂 .
  9. More blasting and painting. Transmission is in place on a jack while we wait for the paint to dry. The back end is all hooked up, just waiting on the cross member to dry. Rob got a new blasters he wanted see how it did on Aluminum. Looks like it did pretty well. Rob got a new blasters he wanted see how it did on Aluminum. Looks like it did pretty well.
  10. Chuck, Do you have this book ? It was included when I sold the car.
  11. The problem with tires on these old cars are they like wide Whitewalls. That’s where we are having issues.
  12. Not much of a choice any more. Wont do Cokers, I wish they still made the Diamondbacks on the Toyo carcass. I am in the same pickle as you. When I am done with the car, I need to get new tires. Dont know what I am going to do yet.
  13. A friend took this picture and did some Photoshop work on it while the train was in Texas week or so ago. Best one I have seen of the engine.
  14. Just some of the scooters at Auburn during the Spring meet. There were a whole lot more too.
  15. Did you go with special pistons or just a normal .30 or so over ? I was wondering why it took so long to get pistons. Did they machine shop balance the engine with the harmonic balancer on it ? Looks pretty.
  16. Before and after shots of the Dynaflow… And the master cylinder.
  17. More sanding, painting and getting things pretty. All the seam sealer that was put on had to be sanded, primed and painted. Plus when the door sills were removed rust was found. Took rust stopper paint and encapsulated the rust. Once it cures we will get it primed and painted. We couldn’t leave the rebuilt Dynaflow all ugly, so it got a coating of ceramic cast coat that made it look new. Same with the new master cylinder so it won’t look like crap after a few years. Pictures
  18. They stopped in South Texas on their tour 2 years ago. I was close enough to be able to watch them grease all the rods that connect the wheels. it wad done with a pneumatic grease gun the size of a small jackhammer. The grease came in tubes like you put in your grease gun at home but it took 1 tube per fitting. Took almost an hour to do the whole drive train. Talked to the engineer and he bid for the job and because of his senority he got the job. Lots of engineers wanted to drive it. here is a picture of them greasing one fitting.
  19. Do what I do, get up early in the morning before it gets way hot.
  20. I also changed to vintage air in my 64 Riv. Cleans up the compartment nicely. It goes in and you can’t even tell it’s there. I am doing the same (and so much more) to my 60 Electra.
  21. That’s better then crushing it even if it’s not as fulfilling.
  22. Ted, that's a hell of a garage you are building there 🙂
  23. I have found that the Chevy Impala is a pretty good match to my 1960 Electra. Have you seen these frames ? https://www.ecklers.com/1961-1964-chevy-impala-bucket-seat-frames-40-393094-1.html?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&adpos=&scid=scplp40-393094-1&sc_intid=40-393094-1&gclid=CjwKCAjwmeiIBhA6EiwA-uaeFYzQHFKI6cqtBEzg3bpIcxeltLI4QmaPayHlV0TpSAidUVeZ7so0gBoCkzoQAvD_BwE
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