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  1. Well, I believe I have it all figured out. I'm hoping to have brakes working this weekend (fingers crossed).
  2. That's such a sad story, especially to all of us old Buick owners. I have a hunch that someone stole those parts.
  3. All great info. Thanks @lancemb and @old-tank. Now I have another question Lol. Regarding the plug that screws into the master cylinder, the shop manual talks about a secondary cup support (see below pic) but I cannot figure out what that is. Does anyone have an exploded view of this cylinder plug? I'm trying to make sure I have all the parts I'm supposed to. It seems someone has been in here before because one of the Orings was on the center ring of the plug but the manual says that should be open and the orings on the outer two slots. This makes sense since there are two tiny holes in the center slot ( I assume those holes allow brake fluid to pass thru for lubrication). Uno mas questions por favor (I'm not hispanic but, I like to use the language). Does anyone know how to remove the vacuum cup retainer and and vacuum cup?
  4. Thanks for those great pics John, it looks like I'm missing that spring altogether. That could be a good reason it's not returning (along with the eccentric adjustment). Do you think the hydraulic piston will be ok to use as it is?
  5. Just thought I'd provide an update. I'm still working on the brakes and they have to proven to be a challenge. I got all the hard lines replaced and bled the brakes but, the pedal would not return on its own. I took the booster/master cylinder assy off and noticed the hydraulic piston is pitted and is catching on the lip of the master cylinder seal. I took some emery cloth and sanded it down the best I could but to get all the pits out would likely result in a piston that wont seal. Here is a pic, As you can see, the pits are kind of deep and are about 1/3 of the way down from the end that goes into the cylinder. The only two fixes I can think of is to have a machine shop make a new one or have them do a weld build up on the piston and machine it back to factory specs. If anyone has another idea, I'm all ears. Other things in progress are, I removed the tank last night and will begin the cleaning/sealing process tonight. I also ordered and received a new exhaust and plan to install that this Saturday. I'm hoping to drive the car in about two weeks.
  6. Good news on this front too. I found the leather seal from Fusick. Not cheap but, where else can you find one. I'm not confident in my ability to make one so, I bought it. http://www.fusickautomotiveproducts.com/prodinfo.asp?number=PBK376004
  7. The only comment I have is, it sure looks like it fits there. I should clarify that I know little about the interior of the Dynaflow. I would recommend trying to get ahold of @Mudbonethough. I know he completely rebuilt his 55 dynaflow and is meticulous about taking pics. He also has videos on youtube of the complete rebuilding process.
  8. More good news, French Lake Auto Parts came thru with the part for the brake pedal. I'm a happy guy today concerning my car anyway. I'm devastated at the loss of our troops.
  9. Some good news to report (knock on wood), The torque tube leak seems to have stopped. I don't see a single drip since the day we started it. We did put it in drive and reverse that day and that seems to have stopped the leak. It can't be this easy can it? Lol
  10. Well my trip got pushed back to the 29th so, I started back at it last night. I got brake lines plumbed in the back. One thing I thought about before I quit for the night was, I'm missing one side of the two piece plastic/nylon circle that holds the plunger rod to the brake pedal. Does anyone know what I'm talking about and if so, does anyone have any idea where I might find one? Junkyards typically laugh when I say 56 Buick. In looking at the diagrams for 55, 56 and 57 Buicks, it appears this is a one year part. It basically looks like a white nylon circle, cut in half. It fits over the ball at the end of the plunger rod of the power assist master cylinder and is fastened to the back side of the suspended brake pedal. I will try to post a pic of it when I get home but, I figured you all would likely know what I'm talking about. I have circled the approximate location in this picture (although it is not pictured here). Also, does anyone know where to get a leather seal for the power booster? Mine was pretty cracked when we opened it.
  11. Do you by chance have the plastic piece that holds the brake pedal into the plunger rod for the master cylinder? It is a white plastic round piece that is split in two. It hooks onto the back of the brake pedal. Forget it, it looks like a 55 does not use that part.
  12. Love all the advice from the experts. I'm heading out of town now but, when I get back, I will get to work on all of these things. You guys are the best.
  13. Ok, I was reading it as torque ball, got it now. I'm a little slow sometimes.
  14. Ok, with that statement in mind, what confuses me is, they say to drill the hole just aft of the end of the torque ball but the grease is intended for the rear of the prop shaft? The only way I can see for it to get back there from that hole is to pack the entire drive shaft with grease. Am i missing something? It basically says drill a hole toward the front to grease the rear? I'm probably getting too deep in the weeds. I do tend to do that.
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