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  1. Decklid, doors, hood and fenders are on. Now it is detailed adjustment.
  2. Yes, the ones below the body was in good shape, the front under the radiator support was bad and the 2 fronts on body mounts was bad. All in all the car was in very good shape. No accidents, minor rust, etc.
  3. Hi Jim, Let me see what I can find. I think I know what you are looking for.
  4. Huge respect for the work you are doing. I can only imagine the amount of work needed to do the body and paint work yourself, but the satisfaction when you piece by piece eat the elephant must be good. All projects have to go through the valley of despair, keep chipping away. Huge respect.
  5. Thanks. Yes those are the originals. Cleaned and galvanized.
  6. Finally we could pick up the body at the paint shop. And a few days later the body was back on the frame after 16 years, that is crazy. Never thought that it would take that long. Really happy about the notes I took back then.
  7. Thank your for responding to my question concerning the interior headliner “bows” for a 57 66R. I have several bows for cars that I have parted out. Most were 4 DR HT’s bit at least one was a coupe. I’m trying to confirm that I have a set from a coupe. Do you have a picture of the interior, especially the headliner, before you started your restoration! If so I would really appreciate a copy! Also if you could measure the width and the height (distance of the bow when placed on a flat surface to the crown of the bow). Would really appreciate any info/dimensions that you can provide.
  8. Hi Gary, Sure, I will get some measurements for you. I will look for a picture, don't remember if I have one, but I will look. No, I have not met Joern and yes there are a good numbers Buicks in Scandiavia. Thanks
  9. Hi Don, Yes, I know that site and have used it several time. A lot of good information. Very good to get ideas on the color combo. Thanks, I really hope it looks like I imagine 🙂 but time will tell. Thanks.
  10. Choosing the color combo was so difficult. Still cross my fingers that is looks great on the body. I had samples of the 5 blue colors that you could choose between in 57. And looked at many, many pictures of diff color combo's. Saw some combo's with grey and that looked interesting. So looked into the Castle Grey. Got a sample and found that the Castle Grey on top and Starlight Blue below would look awesome. I know the car was original single color Dresden Blue, but it needed to be two tone. So now the paintshop is on it again. Hopefully I can get it home within
  11. Hi Gary, The model 63 and 66R has 2 roof bows and the 69 has 4. To highlight the interior of the new Riviera bodies as it says in the 1957 Facts Book. I have attached a picture of my roof bows. /Kasper
  12. Yes, there are more ways to solve this issue. When mine cracked, I welded it and had a machine shop mill the surface on both manifolds. No leaking, no issues what so ever and remember to use the french lock (like on your picture), so bolts don't get lose.
  13. Thanks for responding on my questions and ask for parts. I got a lot of help. Thanks
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