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  1. The paintshop is very busy so my car had to wait for a '58 Limited Coupe getting painted. They are on it but it will take another 3 to 4 weeks before it's ready to pickup.
  2. Been awhile since last update, but I have not been too lazy 🙂 Cleaned all the stainless trim, fixing dents, etc. polish will come later. Have to borrow the polishing equipment from a friend. A couple of dents are too difficult for me, so I have asked a pro to fix them. I also digged out all the interior metal trim parts. It's amazing so many punching tools the factory used back in the day, to fabricate all the unique parts. I thought I found all the medium blue interior metal parts and had delivered them at the paintshop. Then looking for other parts in my garage these pops up 😲 So many parts to keep track of 😊 I actually also belived I had all chrom parts in control, but more parts that needs chroming.
  3. There must have been various suppliers of the radiator. Here is a picture of mine. The tube is at 90 degree is welded/soldered.
  4. The master brake cylinder and booster is all cleaned and ready for rebuild. Parts ordered. The stearing wheel has a lot of cracks. Never done a steering wheel before. I was not precise enough with the epoxy so I got some sanding to do 😀 I also found the horns. They also need some attention 🙂
  5. Thanks. Much appriciated.
  6. The paintshop takes a bit more time than I thought. However it allows more time to work on parts that still needs to get done. Been working on the heater, brake pedal mechanism, master cylinder. The master cylinder plug was very difficult to get out. Looks like Fusick has a complete kit to overhaul the master cylinder and booster.
  7. Looks very good. Great job. One question regarding the booster, is that they way it would come from the assembly plant? I'm just in middle of doing mine.
  8. This is very good and yes interesting how the split is. Precisely what I was looking for. Much appriciated. /Kasper
  9. Hi Adam, One more question. Do you have a picture of how/were the two tone is split on the inside of the door? /Kasper
  10. Thanks Smartin. Very helpful, just what I was looking for. Thanks /Kasper
  11. I need your help again. I am ready to paint the body, however I am not sure how the front fender is painted on a two tone car. Anyone having a picture of an original two tone front fender without the swep spear molding? Any picture or info is much appriciated.
  12. After the adjustment was done it was send back to the paintshop. They have started the final fitment, hopefully it is only a few weeks and it is painted.
  13. Decklid, doors, hood and fenders are on. Now it is detailed adjustment.
  14. Yes, the ones below the body was in good shape, the front under the radiator support was bad and the 2 fronts on body mounts was bad. All in all the car was in very good shape. No accidents, minor rust, etc.
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