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  1. Thanks for responding on my questions and ask for parts. I got a lot of help. Thanks
  2. Made some progress on distributor, paint markings, radiator setup. Body is ready for oxide red in the bottom and paint inside.
  3. Thanks Jim. Amazing job you have done. Looks great. Lots of good information I can use. Much appreciated.
  4. Thanks. My car was mostly original when I purchased it. So many details I have. But there is some things missing. Thanks for the input.
  5. Thanks. Yes I have some trim pieces with pretty OK paint. So I will do the same as you. Thanks.
  6. Thanks for the phone numbers. I will try them. I got the steeltube that runs from oil/vacuum pump, however there is also one that runs from the fitting on the intake manifold in front of the carb. The wipermotor gets vacuum from 2 sources - the oil/vacuum pump and intake manifold. Yes, I could do a one my self, however I would like an original one.
  7. Sorry. Too clarify, it is the steel tube for the windshield wiper motor. Thanks.
  8. Hi I'm doing a frame off resto on a 57 Century Model 66R I need some help on various issues. First I'm missing the steel tube that connects to the brass fitting in intake manifold making vacuum to the brakes and windshield wiper motor. Any one who has one for sale? Second issue: The color code for the tangerine coler on the steel wheels and in the sweep spear? Here is a pic of my progress. Any help is very much appriciated - Thanks.
  9. Thanks for the info. I remember it as being steam and not oil smoke. When I fired up the engine again after the rebuild with new pistons and head gasket it ran without any issues. Same oil/vacuum pump.
  10. No. Not to my knowledge. The engine shop did not mention anything.
  11. Thanks. Yes it is. As the engine was bored from 0.030" over to 0.040" I needed to get new pistons. They are from egge.
  12. Yes, it was connected. When I did the complete engine rebuild around 1998 it also got rebuild oilpump. Please elaborate?
  13. Thanks. I pulled the left cylinder head and to me it looked like a crack in bore #2. So I took it to a machineshop / engine shop. They were convinced it was not cracked. To be sure they bored the block again, so now it is 0.040" over. To my mind the only thing that could have caused the issue is a leaking head gasket. I use the original thin metal head gaskets. Now the engine is all back together and the dynaflow has also been completely rebuild. Before the engine was painted I had it all assembled in the frame and started. It ran smoothly so it should be all good now. I attached a photo of the engine and trans during rebuild.
  14. Congratulations. Fanstastic restoration. Looks so good.