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  1. Thanks for the info. I remember it as being steam and not oil smoke. When I fired up the engine again after the rebuild with new pistons and head gasket it ran without any issues. Same oil/vacuum pump.
  2. No. Not to my knowledge. The engine shop did not mention anything.
  3. Thanks. Yes it is. As the engine was bored from 0.030" over to 0.040" I needed to get new pistons. They are from egge.
  4. Yes, it was connected. When I did the complete engine rebuild around 1998 it also got rebuild oilpump. Please elaborate?
  5. Thanks. I pulled the left cylinder head and to me it looked like a crack in bore #2. So I took it to a machineshop / engine shop. They were convinced it was not cracked. To be sure they bored the block again, so now it is 0.040" over. To my mind the only thing that could have caused the issue is a leaking head gasket. I use the original thin metal head gaskets. Now the engine is all back together and the dynaflow has also been completely rebuild. Before the engine was painted I had it all assembled in the frame and started. It ran smoothly so it should be all good now. I attached a photo of the engine and trans during rebuild.
  6. Congratulations. Fanstastic restoration. Looks so good.
  7. Thanks. That looks awesome 😀 Yes, I like blue. Some I'm trying choose between the 5 blue colors that was available in 57.
  8. Since last update I have been preparing smaller items that need to be rechromed. Many parts and all the large parts like bumpers are done. I have also worked on exhaust manifolds and exhaust system. I have a set of NOS mufflers, really looking forward to hear how it would have sounded from new. Today I got the main mufflers hanging in the rights hangers and position. I have also been at the body shop. The repairs that was needed are done. Front fenders and hood are primed and ready for test assembly. A deck lid is on its way from Idaho. The media blaster company ruined the original one. Samples of the 5 available 57 colors are in progress. Here are Biscay blue and Starlight blue.
  9. Got some more work done. Factory correct Carter 2507S and throttle linkage. The linkage will be refurbished when I'm sure the adjust is working correctly. Exhaust hanger over rear axle and lower shock absorber bolt, washer etc. installed.
  10. Thanks. Yes, all in all I try to make it as factory correct as possible. From the factory it is single color Dresden blue. But it will definitely be two-tone. However, the big question is what combination 🤔 Wife and I can't agree and it is very difficult to decide. Have looked at so many pictures of diff. two-tone blue combinations. Have ordered a sample of each of the 5 blue colors you could get in 57 and Dover white. So hopefully that will help us decide.
  11. Thanks dei. It's not huge (22ft x 22ft) but just enough room to hold 2 cars. My '70 GS is at friend's place now, while I'm trying get ready for body to come back from the paint shop.
  12. Thanks for all the support and positive feedback. Much appreciated 🙂 Yes, I have some pictures when it was for sale in UK in early nineties. The panels and lower part of the doors had some rust, so they "fixed" that and painted it. Also did dome upholstry work. It was a nice driver and I had good fun with it.