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  1. special order paint , i was led to believe?... Kev
  2. I believe the asterisk denotes special order paint...i have the same. Well almost, in my case asterisk is preceded by SCO-1091 which i believe also evidences special order paint?...anyway attached a pic. ' Actual colour used for the special order paint isn't recorded on the plate like a standard colour....in my case i'm lucky in that i have a copy of the invoice which does show actual colour... Mine is a 1965 - judging by statistics found on owners website there were less than 100 special order paint cars that year though individual colour breakdowns were not record
  3. Yep ...sure did. On a positive note it Still looked better than what it replaced πŸ˜€ Tiny bit frustrating though... so turned the base of the side cardboard outwards instead of inwards, if you see what mean.the cardboard β€˜foot’ covered the shortfall...rather that than just bare metal cheers kev
  4. I have the same thing re squeak and also only under acceleration....and slight but noticeable vibration briefly at 30mph - ish...I’m pretty sure squeak is coming from worn out single ujoint where prop shaft joins transmission yoke...if I turn rear wheels by hand then cv joint clicks as it rotates. Rear Wheel bearings seem Ok. Also a lot of rust coloured dust which I believe is symptom of failing CV joint. anyway I going to have my theory tested this week and if correct the single ujoint replaced ( I have a β€˜65) and have also purchased a new centre bearing and support bracke
  5. Coincidentally I've just had the rear parcel shelf out of my 65...and a car that appears to be very original/un-molested. I also have that thin vinyl trim folded over the back edge of the shelf, full length where it meets the window. So maybe that is original. But mine isn't padded..I'd describe it as some kind of moulded board/plastic composite that 'looks' a bit like vinyl - has a slight vinyl texture - from a distance. Maybe melted on/bonded after 55 years! But it hasn't been wrapped in vinyl and padded, like the dash is. Def not padded. And curves right around snug
  6. in terms of the radio I looked into this and found it bit expensive and also pain to get radio out etc...especially for the amount of time i actually spent in the car...so i bought a bluetooth wireless speaker called an Oontz Angle 3XL and put it on parcel shelf, or back seat or whereever....sort of looks the part and is loud.....and run it from my mobile phone...best of both worlds... Cheers Kev
  7. Used Jim’s method when researched mine a while ago...simple and it worked for me kev
  8. Hi all 65 Riv - I have a squeak I think from front of drive shaft, specifically the u-joint at the slip yoke. Its quite noticeable after initial start up especially at low speeds under load - but gets a lot quieter after driving for a few miles and in the same locations/at same speeds. Anyway.....my question is - if it is indeed that front u-joint would this quietening down be normal, as maybe the spinning joint warms up and therefore maybe softens the noise? Or does the fact that squeak gets quieter point to something else, because if the fron
  9. Update - the vendor, whose communication has been slow and not very responsive to say the least πŸ˜€ - has now confirmed (after some prompting by me thanks to comments from this thread) that he has indeed sent wrong bracket. He seems to have offered to send me the correct one - i say seemed because he's being slow /unresponsive again to my request fro clarification. Anyway - all is good. Won't be bending anything. Thanks all Kev
  10. Thanks all....ive been weighing up options...I’m going for the bend option πŸ˜€
  11. Oakey dokey chaps...at least I know I got the right part...I’ll get bending πŸ˜€
  12. Few pics attached ...not a big issue as car goes fine without it..slight hint of stalling when coming off throttle quickly...but the bits cost me nearly $100 with taxes/fees/exchange rate so would quite like them to work πŸ˜€..
  13. Hi All Re. my 401 with original Carter AFB - i bought a dashpot bracket advertised to fit either a 4 bbl Carter or Rochester. But with the dashpot attached it does not make contact with the throttle...its passes just underneath ...so angle of bracket is too shallow, if that makes sense. Bracket hasnt been bent out of shape - no damage. BTW engine runs great - choke/fast idle/idle all seem to be functioning as they should. So although advertised as correct for either Carter or Rochester is this correct? Have i got a bracket for a Rochester? PIA as
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