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  1. you obviously decided all the existing sheet metal was not suitable for the third anchor point?
  2. Hi all There is a company here in UK that suggest they can retro fit 3 (as opposed to 2 point lap belts) point seat belts , therefore suitable for child seats ...attached a pic from their website from a tri-chevy which shows how the all important top (call it third) anchor point comes through the parcel shelf.. To their credit they havn't gteed they can fit that all important third anchor point it on a 65 Riv - only that they have done in past on classic american cars. I'm going to see them next week.. Anyway, i want to go armed with a bit of knowledge.. I've attached a three pics of my car with seats out and possible points of attachment circled -- two pics of same point right behind seat, in corner and one behind underneath parcel shelf..I stress I am no way an expert .. Any opinions as to whether those circled areas - or indeed any other points - are suitable for the third anchor point? Or not safe/possible at all.. Thanks in advance Kevin
  3. thanks all...not religiously following the original look - its just that when the cable came from CARS without the the moulded attachment for the regulator wire it got me thinking whetjer this as original or my existing set up (as per pic) was... anyway, now that i have bought and paid for that neg cable (and live in UK) i think ill keep it simple and add a ring connector to the regulator wire and connect to battery clamp bolt cheers! Kev
  4. Thanks Tom...shame then that the replacement from CARS doesn’t incorporate that into the cable in the same way? Thinking aloud - is that something I can get added retrospectively to the cable?..
  5. Hi all Bought a new neg battery cable from CARS... The existing one I’m replacing incorporates the grounding for the voltage regulator...see pic The new new one doesn’t have a way of replicating.. would the regulator have been grounded originally? I guess I could connect it to the other end of the neg cable easily enough but if there’s were any thoughts as to how it would have been connected originally it would be interesting... NB I understand my battery is ‘wrong way’ around neg should be to right hand side in the pic. I have a new positive cable so maybe I can turn around at same time as doing the above. I also have insulating caps in the terminals , just in case..
  6. Pretty certain, or at least what Rock Auto suggested ! But they did match the ones I removed ..
  7. Hi All Re 65 Riv with 401 and A/C .. I'm trying to loosen up the generator enough so i can replace the fan far as I can make out just loosening the two bolts (pics attached for ref) holding generator to bracket doesn't quite allow enough movement inwards to allow comfortable fitting of the belts over the pulley on the generator. Almost, but its a heck of a job trying to get the belt up and over... The manual makes ref of also loosening the bolts 'at either end of the generator bracket' itself - i may be daft but cant see what they can be referring to? I can see a few bolts where the bracket joins the block - as per last pic ...but even if i could find the ones at the other 'end' it all seems pointless because the A/C unit is also bolted on to the generator bracket and crucially also to its own bracket at the rear - so that woudn't make it possible to move the generator that extra bit inwards? Am i getting the wrong end of the stick?! Thanks in advance Kevin
  8. ...would you still aim for the tension stated in manual, bearing in mind car and components are i50+ years old? Do you tighten by look and feel or do you use the gage? Just out of interest.... cheers kev
  9. I’ve got a lovely soft Cotten California car company indoor cover...expensive yes,, but if you pay peanuts you get monkeys Cheers kev
  10. Hi All Page 2-49 of owners manual - belt tensions... 50 + years on from manufacture, are these tensions still relevant ? As component parts are obviously well used , maybe worn though still operational... I only ask as i've replaced all three belts on my A/C 401 just out of general maintenance as they were old - have no immediate means of scientifically testing tension. So i started over thinking... All seems good and i get about 3/4" movement on power steering belt, maybe bit less on the other two. Car still drives well, no immediate sign of charging issues/over heating...not were there before hand... Do you still go by the book, or just instinct /feel/experience etc... Many thanks Kev
  11. Yes, I did the Dot 5 thing as well for same reasons...
  12. Hi Rich great must be a patient man! Re brakes i did the same thing with my 65...though I kept the single master cylinder, at least for now. I stripped all old ones out without even checking them for rbecause 1)car had been standing for 10 years and 2) it seemed hassle free and cheap enough (even cheaper if you make your own I guess but not as quick) to buy a new ready made set from happy with them as well. i stayed away away from stainless steel option as I heard they are harder to bend, and although pipes are pre-formed I expected that some fiddling would be needed to fit. Plus I don’t drive in rain and not looking for a show car finish.. re fitting of pipes ..the long pipe through the chassis was a two man job, for me at least. The others went into their basic position pretty eaasily on my own. However the long pipe Wasn’t as bad as expected - from memory I think we tied the new pipe to end of old and basically pulled it through what i def needed help with personally was the final line up and connection of the pipes to the wheel cylinders - as a novice I left that to the guy who helped me with the long pipe...but of course pipes came flared with fittings so this made his job easier. still make a habit of checking for leaks and level of brake fluid ...and all is still good! Hope that helps Cheers Kev
  13. Hi all Has anyone ever found the factory build sheet inside their ‘65? If so where did you find it? Is there a common location I wonder.... I’m soon to remove back seat (seatbelts) and some of the carpet up front (lifting console re courtesy light) so will have a ‘butchers’ as we say in London ‘butchers hook’ = look ..think Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins... Cheers Kev
  14. ...I also asked the same chap if he could repair the original relay, but sadly he couldn’t...I would have loved to keep it with the car ...I’m funny like that, hence reinstating the old beat-up metal air cleaner decal...