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  1. Thanks chaps...and if I had searched the forum first I would have seen yr post ..there’s a moral there somewhere 😀
  2. aha...great - may be a stupid question but what does a vacuum check valve look like? My vacuum line at the manifold connects to a cube like connector as illustrated in the manual..not obvious what im missing? Or maybe that cube link thingy is the valve but it isn't working properly?... Many thanks Kevin
  3. Hi all I need help with my attempts to diagnose / understand my trunk release issue - that’s assuming I’m correct in believing it should work with engine off... So...all vacuum lines and switch in glove compartment set up as per manual. But trunk release only works when engine running. Engine off - when vacuum pump attached to reservoir vacuum line from t-junction in engine bay , vacuum is held and truck can be released from glove compartment. Im thinking all is good then from that line all the way to the trunk release?... So if reservoir evidently does it’s job when engine is running, and also holds vacuum when engine off, why doesn’t it work after shutting down engine?... thanks in advance kev
  4. Hi all the son of the first owner of my car insists he passed on 10+ years of buick dealer service history with the car when he sold cut a long story short I believe the second owner didn’t pass it on when he sold it on.. he was/is a car collector and his son has told me his house /garage is full to the brim with old paperwork/files/folders on cars he has owned in the past but in no particular order 😀. He is 98 and has owned/sold loads of cars.... He owned car for about 10 years, so maybe he forgot about it or mislaid it ....his son is willing to help me by searching - so my question is whether back in the day were customers given special folders by Buick to store service details? If so does anyone have a description/picture? Who knows might be sitting in a pile somewhere ..a long shot, but I’m feeling lucky ... thanks in advance kevin
  5. Blocked tube between choke housing and carb body? Also I believe between the two there should be a tiny rubber ‘washer’ as we call in the UK - maybe it’s shitfed or broken away therefore removing the vacuum? i inherited a mangled hot air choke system ..I mean physically mangled....changed over to electric...perfect ever longer original I admit but it starts in the morning!😀 cheers kev
  6. Hi all Great pic of Frank ‘n’ Dean in what looks like - and is tagged as such on pininterest/Instagram - a first gen Riv .. is it possible by any eagle eyed viewer to determine what year? cheers kev
  7. From wikipedia : Writer/director Patrick Lussier said the Riviera, used at the beginning and the end, "was the car we wished we had used the most, because it was a beautiful driving car", but "It was a shame to smack it up."
  8. Hi Tom Out of interest..the aluminum oil filter adaptor referred that a separate item between the 'screw-in' housing and the block? And if so is it a unique 425 feature or is shared with 401? All the best Kev
  9. thanks chaps...while i think of it, the carb side of the fitting just has a tiny hole for the vacuum...out of interest why so small? Or should i avoid these kind of questions 😀
  10. Hi All I need help in naming and hopefully sourcing a brass fitting at the carb - it's where trans vacuum line connects to base of my Carter AFB. Its the 'adapter' between the two... Ive attached pic with it circled. Nut is 1/2" - that's all i can say for sure re size/thread etc. As i don't know technical name of the fitting its proving hard to search for! I've damaged it when removing - have tried talking with Mikes Carbs, CARS and Inline Tube but they say they can't help... Thanks in advance Kev
  11. Just out of interest ...what would be symptoms of bad governor as opposed to modulator or torque converter ? Or are they so intertwined that it’s not as easy as that to answer... cheers kev
  12. Hi all Noticed what I perceive to be a slight shudder when going from 2nd to 3rd ....not when shifting down BTW. As things stand not at a point where trans needs to come out - def can live with it. My question is whether the Governor might have something to do with it? I ask because that’s def within my skill level to take out/check/repair ... if it’s a possibility that it’s causing the shudder. On the other hand I don’t want to interfere with it if not ... BTW modulator is new, vacuum is good , oil level is good, no leaks... thanks in advance Kev
  13. ...all sorted...a bit of a convoluted story...reason for all this hoo-ha was that idle screws were having little effect - so was searching for obvious places for vacuum leaks...I put two and two together and got 5 and blamed pcv grommet but as result of advice here I got a feeling I was barking up wrong tree..and I was ...indeed the real culprit was a leaky inlet manifold gasket ..all good now...thanks all kev