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  1. Thanks all.... I’ll check belt tension next time I’m with the car, I’ll look to get one of this Krikit gadgets...as up to now I’ve used the famous finger method.BTW belts are relatively new. As per my original post I was initially focusing on the fan clutch but maybe that’s a red herring ... I’ll keep you posted. all the best kevin
  2. Ill double check that... Assuming OK what do you think about the alleged necessity of changing water pump at same time as a bad/old clutch? All the best Kev
  3. Hi All Every thing is stock on car including idiot light, fan shroud, fan. Nothing added/altered. I stress car is NOT overheating. Runs great. Idles great. No leaks from rad/water pump etc. No noises that make me concerned. EXCEPT towards end of a 30 mile trip the other day i noticed a short but noticeable screech when parking, but only when i stepped on gas. Coming from fan clutch 'area'. I must admit I've never paid any attn to my fan clutch before. There is no obvious free play and it doesn't free wheel - but its obviously old and
  4. aha...makes sense..moral is to always look up as well as down just thinking out loud - is it just me or is the trunk a little bit spartan on a 65? Trunk light for example just a bit cheap looking? Just as well the outside looks so good !
  5. Hi all just out of interest does anyone know what this ‘hook’ like thing is for? There’s one on other side as well... all the best kev
  6. Thanks chaps...only reason I’m asking is that the carpet seems to be caught on something under there and is bunching up a tad ...I think I’ll leave trim/seat as they are and just see if I can push carpet back a little with my fingers all the best kev
  7. Hi all Re trim at bottom of electric bucket seat - I’ve attached an illustration re piece I’m referring to.. It looks like the only way to remove it is after the seat has been removed and physically turned upside down? Can anyone confirm or is there a way to get them it off a tad more easily.:. all the best kev
  8. Success....off and on with mixture of both methods...fixings still worked great...thanks all
  9. Hi all Re. specifically the two straight strips either side of rear wheel well - one to bumper and other to door. I understand they are fastened by what some people refer to as ‘bath tub’ style fasteners/clips. Ive read a ref to the mouldings SLIDING off these ‘bath tubs’ - rather than being forced off by sliding one of those trim removing tools underneath and forcing them off OUTWARDS, if you see what I mean. Just to double check is the sliding method of removal/Installation correct ? After removing curved wheel well trim first of course.....
  10. Def a 3921S...only checking with Jon re. comparability of the two diff aluminium choke housings he identified..all now ok ...thanks all kev
  11. Oakey dokey...re the 3921s and the superseded part number ...will either fit or will I need to make sure I find the specific part number that I’m replacing? If you see what I mean.... kev
  12. Thanks all for clarifications/advice, much appreciated. kev
  13. Hi all i have a four barrel Carter AFB 3921S - I need to swap out the aluminium choke housing - not the circular plastic part but just the aluminium section that piece screws on to. I have found someone selling a Carter 3503S which I believe was also an original carb for a ‘65 ... is it structurally different from my 3921S or will parts be compatible between the two? cheers kev
  14. Hi Gene cheers...just sent email thanks kev
  15. Hi all i live in UK and want to double check something before I mAke a purchase ...been caught out before... I have a ‘65..with regards rear passenger side fender I need all the stainless steel trim - so that’s the curved wheel well, and two straight strips either side , one to bumper and other to door. I’ve found all three but they are described as being applicable for ‘63-‘65. to double check , did these bits of trim remain unchanged through those years as suggested by seller Or were they in fact Year specific? thanks in advance
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