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  1. Hi all Swapping out my fuel pump as its leaking oil (a little) and because it looks like the its good idea to nip any problems in the bud.. The instructions for my replacement from Airtex states that the rocker arm pad and the rocker arm cavity should be greased....does anyone actually do this? Any special type of grease or bog standard? I'm curious as my research building up to this hasnt' produced any ref to greasing.... Cheers Kev
  2. I have an original option wood wheel option on my 65...horn bar sits in centre, no mid alignment. All comes apart very easily so yr issue May be evident when you take all apart? In case it wasn’t honking because the ‘contact spring’ - If that’s correct terminology! - has lost its spring ..bought one on eBay .. cheaply...honks good now.. kev
  3. Thanks all - re. telling the Air B'nB owners - I originally discounted this as I thought that it might appear suspicious if i told them some ''packages' were arriving for me! As you prompted me to think again maybe as packages are coming from inside USA it would be OK...wish me luck! Kev (will be NYC)
  4. Hi All I'm visiting New York for a short holiday break in October - I've had the bright idea of buying a few Riv related bits and pieces, getting them delivered to where i'm staying and bringing them home to save on postage/import tax /VAT. But - there is always a but... I'm staying in an Air B'n'B for only 4 days which is a short window to get things delivered - if they are delivered in time i'll no doubt be there anywhere, and don't know how the US deals with missed deliveries - and the wife wont to spend any time chasing the post office! Its a long shot, but any ideas on how I can make this work?! Thanks in advance Kevin
  5. Hi Tony I found this link very handy with mine - though i still have a ciuple of patches of rust - where water gathered over the eyars after a rain shower/wash - which wont budge! Good luck Kev
  6. Hi All 65 Riv - TH400 - i've got a new style 'open' kickdown solenoid which didn't come with a metal or any other gasket - the original existing gasket used with the original solenoid doesnt fit (see pics). Opinions on line vary as to i need a gasket with the new replacement - but im thinking as it has a raised rubber ring then i dont' need one - any opinions? Cheers Kevin
  7. so.....when solenoid activates it briefly 'seals' the above chamber, thus changing fluid pressure etc?.. Cheers Kev
  8. Hi allRe my 65 Riv - TH400Just for my own education...I've attached a couple of pics of my kickdown solenoid/gasket and of the valve body it attaches to within transmission...If i'm correct, when the solenoid is 'activated' it creates what i believe is called 'DET pressure' which acts on the 1 2 valve up in the valve body, thus kicking down?How does the DET pressure get created?!Re the little hole on underside of the solenoid as per first pic - is this closed when solenoid is activated, and resulting vacuum or change of pressure - DET pressure - acts on the 1 2 vale? Or is a component missing and something else happens?Thanks in advanceKevin (London, England)
  9. let me amend my last comment - so rfurther esearch suggests the 1-2 valve doesn't actually physically hang through the hole (pic 1) as I proposed a moment ago ..instead maybe veactivation of solenoid results in 'DET pressure' which acts on the 1 2 valve up in the valve body? So back to the hole in pic 1 - how does the DET pressure get created? by a vacuum created when the solenoid is activated? Thanks in advance KEvin
  10. Hi Paul Thanks for getting back to me so quick. Don't know if its been overhauled in the past . ... the wiring for the switch pitch solenoid is still there and clicking so i'm assuming it at least hasn't been converted to Fixed pitch as the article suggests sometimes happens... As i'm very much on a learning curve the article is a bit hard to follow.. But.... So kick down kick down is achieved by 'DET pressure' acting on a '1-2 detent valve'... As you asked if the trans was rebuilt does that suggest the detent vale is missing and should be poking through the empty hole as evidenced in my first pic? Or am i barking up wrong tree?! All the best Kev
  11. Hi All Just for my own education re. kickdown solenoid on my 65 Riv TH400... I know its activation causes downshift at speeds below 70mph...but how is this actually activated? I've attached two pics ..the original style solenoid covers an 'empty' hole but ....physically doesn't touch it because of the my ignorance i was expecting some kind of plunger to shoot out and interrupt movement of the ATF, but there is only a small hole that also isnt quite centered in the opening in the gasket..... So what happens when it clicks to make the downshift happen? An (educated?) guess by me - the activation of the solenoid energises the metal gasket which in turn transfers the 12V to the body of the transmission ,,,and somewhere down the line changes route of ATF... Enlightenment very welcome... Many thanks Kevin
  12. On mine it’s passenger side, almost at very front , hanging from the hangs down , but not very far if you don’t look up you’ll miss it! cheers Kev