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  1. And a Limited... can I like it twice?
  2. Well, the last bit of my A/C repair arrived over the weekend! the rebuilt compressor did not have the original sticker on it and the the sticker from the old one would not come off in one piece. Thankfully, this sticker is reproduced for the camaro/firebird crowd so I could get one to replicate the look. Just have to print the "code no." from my previous compressor (on a clear label) and apply.
  3. Was there a specific issue that was found during the Qjet rebuild? Asking for a friend.... 🙂
  4. I had the same problem as I was typically using Internet Explorer as my browser (I use that primarily as most of my work applications I have to access were designed to work on IE). It seems that many sites are now migrating away from IE and I suspect that's what the AACA forum has also done. If you switch browsers to the replacement of IE, MS Edge, the forum will work for you as it did before. I haven't tried other browsers like Firefox or Google yet, but Edge works fine.
  5. I looked at some photos in more detail and the side scripts are there. The guy claims original interior and a repaint about 20 years ago. He also thinks the engine must have been rebuilt at some point given how good it runs. He doesn’t mention mileage in the ad bit his phone number is there if you want it. Good luck with the sale!
  6. Hey Doug, looks what for sale here in BC. It’s been for sale for a bit and they started at $25k. It’s in a private group but I can try and get contact details for you if you like.
  7. someone with a 69 or later Electra should chime in here. The LeSabre was a "lower" model, so not sure if the Electra's received different treatment in the trunk. I know skylarks have the splatter paint instead of body color, but it's possible Buick did a bit more work on the higher line cars.
  8. Just saw a picture of a 69 LeSabre and it looked to have the splatter paint finish for the inside of the trunk. My 67 Electra is body color but uses cardboard liners to give a nicer finished look.
  9. My 67 Electra is body color inside the trunk. Every late 60's/early 70's is painted body color. Thinking about it, I don't think I've ever seen a post war buick with the inside of the trunk painted anything other than body color.
  10. Got the wagon out for some work this weekend. Actual work to haul lumber to repair some wood tie retaining walls around the house. those are 10-foot lengths of rough cut 4x6 stcking out of the back. The wagon really swallows them up. I have to go back tonight to pick up some more, but the wagon sure is nice to drive in this hot weather with the AC now working. Even my wife enjoys the drive!
  11. @MrEarl I just got my AC back together with the A6 compressor and I noticed the same belt flop. Belt is pretty tight to so I guess it is normal.
  12. 😂 well I passed that hurdle!
  13. Thanks John, I'll keep an eye on it. I have read that lack of use does precipitate early failures/leaks, so I guess that is just my excuse for driving it more often!
  14. Out of curiosity, how long was it before you noticed your rebuilt compressors were failing?
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