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  1. That looks like the "Avenir"(?) concept that made the car show rounds a few years ago, so I wonder if these are just recycled photos? Doesn't look like they intended on building it, although I wish they would! Buick is rolling out so many great concept cars that it can't build them all - Business Insider
  2. I too enjoyed having the link there... I don't go to the general AACA forums often as the shortcut I have set up takes me directly the buick forums. I don't see why the link couldn't be maintained.
  3. I've talked to Laura at Springs N Things and I think that is the direction I'll go in. They have springs for the front and rear readily available and the price is in line with the Moog parts I would have normally gone with. One final question... I've not replaced springs before (and I'm not going to attempt the front ones) but I presume you all are replacing the rubber isolators at the same time? It seems all the isolators are the same size so have to be cut down to fit generally. Thanks,
  4. Thanks Bill. Yes, I have found a lot of cross over the years for parts if I reference 67 Cadillac parts, particularly with suspension. The Moog part number I've seen in multiple locations for the 67 is now showing as obsolete.
  5. Thanks Marty; I was aware of Eaton, but I'll check out Springsnthings as well. Kind regards,
  6. Thanks very much for experience Robson, much appreciated. I do know that there are blocks you can insert into the springs, but I think what you are talking about is different (and the blocks I think are more of a stop gap than a real solution). To add the pads, you'd have to remove the springs anyway, so I think the solution for me is to simply replace them at all 4 corners. I've only owned the car for 19 of it's 54 years, but I imagine these are original springs so it's time. Cheers,
  7. I think I'm going to start a thread in Me and My Buick on this car, but wanted to finally bring closure to this issue of intermittent poor idle and stalling in case someone is having similar problems. After a summer of testing and tuning, the car would still idle poorly at times when warm, but the temps were good holding between 195 and 200 typically. With most other causes eliminated, I decided to install an electric fuel pump to help the mechanical pump out and hopefully eliminate the "vapor lock" type symptom of running rough then stalling out. With that done, I still wasn't happy with
  8. Thanks John, that's not a bad idea. I'm not sure whether or not the springs were ever replaced before my ownership, but the ride height has always seemed about right, so even if they are not the original springs, they are likely close.
  9. It has come time for me to replace both the front and rear springs in the Electra, and I'm wondering what folks use to supply their suspension components. I would typically go with Moog, but it appears, at least for the springs anyway, that they are obsolete now and it doesn't look like there is any supply left. With Moog out of the picture, it looks like my choices are: AC Delco Eaton Napa branded springs LesJofors (a swedish brand mostly used on Volvo's and BMW's) The Eaton springs are approximately twice the cost of what the Moog springs were, but that's
  10. $7100 final price. Not bad considering the condition. Perhaps it's time to polish up the 78 and take some nice photos! 🤔
  11. Just a little over 2 hours left and bidding at over $6900 now. It will be interesting to see where this goes. I really enjoy driving my 78 EW around with the Buick 350, it has just enough power to do what I need it to do. I don't think I'd like towing anything with the A/C on though!
  12. In the new BCA Roster, it looks like there are 69 of this model listed. Serial numbers aren't listed of course but the roster has contact information for owners in other sections. You may want to become a member so you can access the roster and perhaps track it that way.
  13. The clock in my 78 EW is very reliable. Looses 10min over the course of a week... it never fails!
  14. Got the wagon out to pick up some lumber for some fence repairs. Was able to stretch its legs a bit on a 60 mile trip on the highway to blow some cobwebs out before winter. Was able to get a quick “fallish” pic.
  15. I wonder if the battery died while the car was on display at GM. The loss of voltage and perhaps the charging of the battery, may have effected some of the electronics like the heated seats, or one of the CPUs. I say this because I just have a new vehicle for work and noticed that the car was turning over slowly on start up, so I charged up the battery for a couple of hours. When I came back to the car both trip odometers had reset to zero mysteriously. The whole child in rear seat thing is a combination of opening a rear door and putting your bag on the seat as there are weight sens
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