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  1. I'm glad to hear everyone is OK and not seriously hurt, although I'm sure you are a bit sore a few days on! It is really heartbreaking to see the damage the car has sustained, but it did it's job and protected your family. All the best!
  2. I also saw this picture of the fan from a 66 GS that is currently for sale on BAT. Clearance looks similar to above.
  3. Hey JD, I asked a 67 Wildcat owner (badgerman) to measure the distance on his non AC Wildcat. Here’s a couple of photos of his clearance. He has only a fan guard, no shroud. pic on drivers side to leading edge of fan pic on passenger side to leading edge of fan. pic of clearance to base of fan.
  4. I can't find a reference to that gap in any of my books here John. I would guess that any big block car (Wildcat, Electra, GS) without HD cooling (ie. without A/C) will be a similar dimension. Someone probably just has to measure theirs for you.
  5. Was able to take the Electra out for an evening drive, the first real drive since having the springs and a few suspension pieces replaced. Hard to find back roads in the City, but there are still a few! North arm of the Fraser river, prime storage for log booms. was also asked by a long time friend to provide the Electra as a get away car after his wedding in August so there will need to be some detailing done!
  6. You might have a better pulse of the market, but with the overall condition and my general lack of storage, at just over $10,000 CAN it was more than I was willing to spend. The guy that bought seemed to have to have it and he will be bringing it down to the US.
  7. Sold for $7400 plus $500 buyers fee. More than I wanted to spend given the overall condition of the car and the fact I don't have room for it, but there were at least 2 bidders that had to have it!... I might lose sleep over this one.
  8. Was able to get the Wagon over to replace the left rear quarter emblem finally. The original had part of the "N" missing, but I was able to find a decent replacement a few years ago, just never seemed to find the time to clean up all the old glue residue and reset the emblem tape. Ironically, despite the missing piece, the original emblem paint was in better condition to the replacement. Didn't really notice until I had it off to compare, but it's low enough on the car that it looks fine either way. After that was completed, I used the car for the rest of the day running errands and eventually heading down to the beach for an evening walk with my wife. At 8pm on a Sunday, the beach was still pretty packed! The car runs so well after my recent tune-up it is just a pleasure to drive... particularly given I've also finally got the AC working! Just about 50 miles of running around with a smile on my face!
  9. If I end up bidding on the car, my intention would be to just clean it up and drive it. I don't really have room for it, but my father had a 56 Century in Tahitian Coral and so he would get a lot of pleasure watching this one drive up. It is missing a few things, but seems pretty solid and the engine is now reported as original, although I do agree something looks off with the carb. I imagine it wouldn't be too difficult to find a headlight switch, but likely very difficult to find a power seat motor. I'll see where the bidding goes, but if I can get it cheap enough, it might be worthwhile to enjoy it a bit then move it on to someone else.
  10. What do you 56 guys see as changes from stock, or anything else that might be a problem. I've asked for information on the replacement 322, but while the car is near me, it's on an island and not exactly easy to get to for an inspection.
  11. If you are a fan of the old Top Gear series and the new Grand Tour on Amazon, the next special out on July 30 should be interesting as they use a 71 or 72 Riviera, along with a Lincoln and a Cadillac to pull trailers across Scotland. I don't imagine they will be very complimentary towards the cars, but they will be entertaining. Trailer is here: The Grand Tour's Scotland Special Debuts July 30 (msn.com)
  12. This one is in my neck of the woods and I will be watching it closely. It's a little rougher than I thought initially and it is/was for sale locally for $22,000 which, given the condition, is very optimistic.
  13. I'm really hoping the price "relaxes" a bit as it is really out of hand. Of course the local governments don't help as a large portion of that $1.95/liter is made of taxes, but that's another topic for another day. I will just have to savour the aroma of the 94 octane being burned through a Buick!
  14. Yes, I calculate it at slightly less than $6/gallon depending on the exchange rate. I heard it set a record for highest fuel price in North America. I realize I don’t need 94 octane for a 78 350 but that grade here is ethanol free and is the same price of our other ethanol free alternative option at 91 octane.
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