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  1. Was able to get the wagon out again for an early Mother’s Day trip. Drove up what we call the “Sea to Sky” highway to the community of Squamish which is at the end of Howe Sound (ocean inlet) and surrounded by mountains. There is a nice brew pub there that my mother likes and she very much enjoyed the drive. Only about a 100 mile round trip but my total this year is now around 350 miles. Baby bites...
  2. I have to pass on my thanks to @JohnD1956 and indirectly to @Pete Phillips for the events of this past weekend. Apparently, Collectible Automobile magazine is doing a feature on 77-79 Full size Buick’s, and they were needing shots of an Estate Wagon. The magazine called Pete, Pete messaged John and as John no longer has his EW, John messaged me. Needless to say I was thrilled and the editor was in contact with me on Thursday. He arranged for a local photographer to shoot the car, and that happened on Sunday. It was quite the turnaround and led to me spending 6 hours detailing the car for the photo shoot over Saturday and Sunday morning. I never thought anything like this would happen to this car (which I still use for camping and lumber runs) but thanks to the friendships within this club, it has! Looking forward to seeing the article in the Dec 2019 issue! I had to apologize to the photographer and mention this is an “archive” car so I can’t paint under the hood, but at least could get most things shiny. Here are a couple of shots I took as the photographer did his thing yesterday.
  3. 4BR35 is the Estate Wagon model number. There was no separate LeSabre or Electra Estate Wagon, just Estate Wagon and Estate Wagon Limited. "X" Engine was the Buick 350, I believe you should have the "K" code Oldsmobile 403 in your EW.
  4. Yes it’s something I knew was coming as the last tranny service I did showed clutch material in the pan and there has been a hard 1-2 shift for several years. I tried to baby it but I think it’s finally time to bite the bullet and get it redone. The bright side is it will feel like a new car when it’s done, the down side is I just picked up a new car for my wife, so car money is a bit light right now. The wagon will just have to pick up the slack.
  5. Rather than try and get to a mileage this year, I’m simply going to try and drive the cars as much as possible. Today I decided to take the Electra to run errands rather than the daily driver. Ending up taking some family around to visit a relative in the cemetery and got a little rained on, but it made for a good pic opportunity. Trans slipped a little going up a hill at low speed, so this car may be sidelined a bit.
  6. Thankfully both Buick’s have/had full tanks when I put them away so by the time I use that up hopefully prices will have come back down to earth. It won’t keep me from driving as it’s really a small additional cost given how much I actually drive them, but still shocking when you pull up to the pump. @JohnD1956 that’s an interesting calculation, but it doesn’t account for the times your father locks the keys in the car with it running and it takes you half an hour to get the spare key to him! LOL.
  7. Well, the weather has been nice enough but no chances to get the cars out yet... life has been very busy so far this year! I’ve been able to put only about 60miles on the wagon so far but record setting gas prices here are not helping the urge to drive! I put non ethanol 94 in both cars... (And that’s per liter)
  8. Well, I'm about where I was a few months ago! I have found a local shop that I know, and they will do the work, but due to my mother-in-law passing unexpectedly recently and being very busy at work, I haven't had the time to get the car down to him. The plan is to bring the car over, decide what parts are required, and then I'll obtain the parts from south of the border. In Canada, the parts are either unavailable or double the price, so even with the crappy exchange rate right now, I'll be saving some $$. The Ferndale, WA NAPA is only about a 40min drive from my place. The "Polar Vortex" that blanketed the mid west and east coast a few weeks ago has moved west and forced me to dust off the snow shovel I was hoping not to see this winter. So far have move a foot of snow, and there is more in the forecast this week. While I do have chains for the Estate Wagon, I think it will just have to stay where it is for a few more weeks! Thanks for the heads up on this. All the bolts around the compressor fit a SAE socket, but I do not recall if they had the lines or not. I also seem to have a vague recollection of some of the bolts being colored, but I could be remembering bolts from other parts of the car. I'll double check all before ordering anything. Good advise on the new compressor, and I was already leaning that way. I'll just paint it black so it has a more correct look. I'll also try and recover the old sticker from the A-6, but I don't recall a flat area to place it on the aluminum ones. Thank you Gentlemen!
  9. Took the wagon out today to run some old oil and some scrap steel to the recycling center. Got quite a few positive comments while unloading! Likely the last time out for the year for the wagon. I’ll have to total up my miles for the year to see how I did for the challenge!
  10. Attempted gas theft? Happened a lot out here when gas prices first went out of control. They would cut the fuel line right there and fill a jerry can. It caused a lot of grief at used car lots to the point that most would only keep minimal fuel in the tanks.
  11. I was under the impression the 1975 Electra was the longest coupe at 233.4 inches. Shorter wheel base at 127 inches but if the metric is overall length the 75 wins. 2 dr coupe and 4 dr were same length.
  12. My 67 is a glass window, and most I’ve seen are glass. Hopefully someone with direct 66 knowledge chimes in.
  13. No pictures that I can recollect but I was there and can at least attest to the Estate Wagon part... I didn’t see snow though ?