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  1. I believe this pick is taken at the Canadian National train station in Vancouver. Building is still there, but signage is changed to "Pacific Central". Still a train station with both Via Rail and Amtrak running trains, but now includes a bus station. I'll see if I can get the Electra down there for a similar picture (although all those small trees you see in the background are now huge!
  2. You may also check for it listed as a Cadillac DeVille part. It might show up as that part and cross reference back to the Electra. Happened once for me when looking for suspension for my Electra. Part didn’t list for Electra but was listed as a Cadillac part and in the notes said was applicable to Electra.
  3. Enquiring minds want to know! The pics look great, what setting did you change?
  4. Not much progress for me in this but took a step to rectifying it today. Drove the Electra to the tranny shop for a rebuild I’ve been putting off for 5-6 years. Not bad company there with a 74ish BMW 2002ti in the next bay. I’ll get it back next week so hopefully make some advancement on this goal after that!
  5. Lookin' Good Mr. Earl! So should we presume the carb and overheating (and maybe transmission/torque converter) issues are now resolved?
  6. @JohnD1956 both engines listed on those pages are non Buick. Top is the Olds 403 (R, K code) while the bottom showing the open throttle switch is a Pontiac 301 (Y code). Keep in mind it’s also a 78 manual not a 79. The Y series picture was the only one showing the radial a/c compressor and associated wiring. I guess in 78 the 403 still had the A6 compressor, although a Cali car could have been equipped differently I guess
  7. I think it was brought up earlier, but have you ruled out exhaust issues (plugged cat or broken baffle in the muffler?) to explain some of the power and bogging issues? We had a plugged cat in a 76 Pontiac wagon and it would not climb hills either. I would also be looking at vacuum lines and the condition of the coil as well, as problems there could explain some of the symptoms.
  8. Different motor too. From the chassis service manual, here’s the diagram showing connections with radial compressor. Note the ground is shown on the mounting bracket for the compressor, so I’m sure the clip on your harness is just a clip to keep the harness in place.
  9. Is that connection on the passenger side of engine behind the compressor? Looks like there should be two connections there, the smaller of which should be the hi-blower connection. I don’t think that clip is a ground but I don’t see it on the schematic. I don’t have the wagon here otherwise I’d go out and snap a pic. I might be able to get over to the car in a day or so.
  10. Wow, that is amazing @JohnD1956 there wasn’t near that much room on my 1997 Lumina! Luckily they had titanium plugs that supposedly lasted 60k miles. The 3100 had two “dog bones” like the one in the picture next to your distributor block. Both had to be disconnected to roll the engine forward. Super fun for the neighbors to watch me attempt it!
  11. Hi John, those rear 3 spark plugs are a real pain! For the 3.1 in my old Chev Lumina I had to unbolt the top engine mounts, put the car in gear (of course without it running) and let the car roll forward to tilt the engine forward. Still had to lay across and feel for the plugs but had just enough room to get my hands and tools back there. Have fun!
  12. The 258 is the factory setting for the light which should be measured close to the t-stat housing. Would be hotter at the heads. On mine with the temp reading 195-200 with an infrared thermometer at the t-stat housing, the heads are reading 220-225 if memory serves correctly.
  13. I’ve got a 195 degree T-stat as that is what’s recommended by the factory. On the 403, the fan clutch engagement should be at 190
  14. Yes the 258 appears to apply to all series. The discussion in other areas in this section break the issues out according to series but this section does not.
  15. That's good news! Now to track down that temperature issue! With a temp of 265, that bulb should be on all the time!