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  1. I'll have to ask him, although being a photographer, I would think he is only paid if he takes the pictures 😁 I'll wait a bit longer for responses for any local cars, and if none, I'll pass along your offer. Cheers,
  2. I was contacted by a photographer for Collectible Automobile Magazine last night and he's been asked to locate and photograph a 1986-93 Riviera for the magazine in the Vancouver, BC area. I checked through the BCA Roster and there are none registered around here, so wanted to put the word out to the ROA forum to see if there are any local "ish" owners that want to have their car photographed. Please let me know and I'll get you in touch with the photographer. Thanks very much,
  3. I hear you John, and I did have to restrain myself from going there completely... I did recently cross over the 50 threshold so I felt it was more self deprecating
  4. I think that is a commonality we all share... exactly accurate at 0 MPH LOL! I've noticed my speedometer is off as well up to 60 MPH where it is dead accurate. The odometer is accurate as well as I've checked that a few times as well. The 67 has the center mounted needle so it sweeps across the rectangular and linear speedometer, so I blame a lazy needle... which I hear is common in older individuals 😁 Anyway, as 60 MPH is the center of the dial and the needle is perfectly vertical at this point, my explanation makes sense to me. By the way John, I'm about 200
  5. Had the Estate Wagon out this Easter weekend to continue to move some “clutter” from my father in laws house. We enlisted the help of my nephew and his truck as well.... as you can see it takes a lot of truck to dwarf an Estate Wagon! Put about 120 miles on her and was able to do a bit of maintenance as well. It’s so nice to have a working vacuum advance again! I replaced what appeared to be the original distributor, vacuum advance and rotor a few weeks ago but not the vacuum line, and the vacuum hoses all appear to be originals, so finally got to that today. There will b
  6. Had a day off so got the Electra up and running and cleaned off. Didn’t get a lot of time to drive but went for a 10-mile drive to blow the cobwebs out. The Electra is running extremely well after the the supplemental fuel pump was installed and the air leak in the carb sorted. Got a nice pic under this blooming magnolia tree.
  7. I guess you are going to help @dei find a home for all his spare 58 parts and reduce his storage whoas! LOL
  8. Not a very nice day around here, drizzly and cold, but we are clearing out my father in laws place and I needed to haul a lot of stuff to the recycling center. Perfect job for the Estate Wagon as it doesn’t mind getting wet and definitely has the space. No trailer? No problem!
  9. I’m just seeing this, but I’ll nose around in the trunk of my 67 after work tomorrow to see if I can find a similar piece.
  10. Congratulations! The finish line is in sight where you get to see the pay off from all your hard work. Cheers,
  11. OK, so slightly longer to Charlotte, but I wouldn't travel all that way and NOT see the Buick Gardens, so a trip through Athens is a must. (My wife has an uncle in Charlotte we could visit )
  12. Now that would be an epic trip... now to convince my wife I can go on a 4553km (one way) road trip... it's only a 42 hour drive, pretty sure the 1978 Estate Wagon would make it easy!
  13. Those must be your MarioKart "frustration control" buttons...
  14. Thanks John, but mine is most definitely the rear main seal.
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