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  1. I think you just nailed the problem. I have heard of Petronix units failing and having this affect.
  2. I've got very good access to top tier non-ethanol higher octane fuels here in Vancouver. Chevron has a 94 octane non-ethanol and Shell carries a 91 octane, so I make sure to use those in both the 67 Electra and 78 Estate Wagon. The Electra seems to prefer the 94 octane stuff. As far as additives go, I don't bother with any lead additives for the 67, but I will put a few ounces of Marvel's Mystery Oil into a tank every once in a while. and I make sure to use an oil with higher zinc levels. I have read that buick motors in this era have a higher nickel content in the heads so the lead is not required. I've been running the 67 this way for about 18 years now and it's very happy.
  3. Happy New Year everyone! January 1st and a beautiful day here in Vancouver. Couldn’t resist taking the wagon out for a cruise to the beach with the family after several days of rain. About 40 miles today to burn out some old fuel. All the best for 2020!
  4. Not to mention that you've made it to page "58" of the thread!
  5. It sounds familiar to an issue I had with a Mass Air Sensor in a 97 Chevy lumina with the 3100. I know different motors but that sensor can get dirty and affect idle as you describe.
  6. Either car would have been a good choice. In fact a later picture of what they describe as a 79 Limited EW is actually not as it only has 3 ventiports so @MrEarls wagon would have fit in nicely.
  7. Not sure of this is the correct forum but close enough! For those that are interested, the Dec 2019 edition of Collectible Automobile has an article on 1977-79 full size Buicks. What classifies this edition as memorabilia is that my 78 Estate Wagon is featured in the article. Back in April, @JohnD1956 was contacted by the editor of the magazine looking for an estate wagon to photograph. As JD no longer had his wagon, he directed them over to me. After some very short discussion (I’ve always liked this magazine) a photographer was in touch and a photo shoot was arranged. I had to scramble and get the EW cleaned and polished during the early Spring weather but we got a nice warm day in early May for the photos. The magazine arrived this week and I am pretty happy with the full page spread. Thanks again JD for the referral!
  8. Ok @MrEarl I finally got out in the 78 EW today for a 100 mile round trip up the coast. Checked my speedo against a GPS Speedo on my phone. The actual speed seems to be consistently 3-4 mph faster than indicated on the cars speedo across the board. I think we have the same tranny and rear end ratio in our cars. Tire size is 225 75R15 so pretty close to stock size.
  9. Was able to get the wagon out today for a 100 mile or so drive. I really enjoy driving this car, it just seems to run better every time I drive it! Just getting over 12 weeks with a broken foot so trying to make up for lost seat time before the rains of Fall kick in. (Photos taken by back seat passenger over my shoulder)
  10. @JohnD1956 the service manual appears to show the same style sender you have in your 72. Ironically, after I ran it close to empty, I added about 7 gallons of fuel and the gauge is showing what looks to be a correct level. I’m going to set this issue aside as I have coolant coming out of the heater ducts so a new heater core seems to be necessary. This plus trying to identify an intermittent slip in first gear after the Tranny rebuild are going to keep me occupied for a bit!
  11. Thanks John, i do have the service manual and will pull it out to check. I’ve been more focused on the wiring and connections hoping to avoid removing the tank, but I don’t recall that arrangement with the canister. The gauge does work but it is highly erratic now, worse than the previous one so I think I will switch out the gauges again as I have to be behind the dash over the winter anyway. The reviews for the ebay sender basically talk about it being erratic, I think most guys are just happy to find one. They seem to be on eBay fairly regularly so I think I have some time to try different things. I was thinking mine has a “sticky” float as you found yours to be, I even have rapped the bottom of the tank with a rubber mallet to see if it would unstick 😂 The only bright side to removing the tank is finding the build sheet as you did! I’ve intentionally run the tank down for the eventuality
  12. I have had an issue with the Electra’s fuel gauge since I’ve owned it. Reads full or close to full for awhile then gets erratic for a bit settling in at about 3/4 full until it’s almost empty then goes quickly to empty. It’s unpredictable enough that I’ve never actually let it get empty (until today) and always just topped off the tank after about 250 miles. I have replaced the gauge once and no real difference. Also cleaned the ground at the tank without any real change. I figure the next step is to drop the tank and replace the sender. Does anyone have any experience with this sender on eBay? It comes up every so often. here’s a pic of my gas gauge at empty for the first time since I’ve owned the car, over 17 years! (I have no idea how empty it actually is!)
  13. Thanks Keith! I smile when I read your story as my wife, who’s 5’2”, can’t even reach the pedals of the Electra with the seat all the way forward! That must have been a taller woman! Must be why you noticed the car... 😜
  14. September has been pretty much a wash out around here with rare glimpses of clear weather (usually while I’m at work!). Got some decent weather between storms off the Pacific on Saturday so got the Electra out for an afternoon cruise. These pics are at the extreme west end of the airport, which gives views of the ocean and Vancouver Island on the horizon. I am am not ready for the autumn Buick’s thread yet John!
  15. I’ve not checked the 78 EW but the 67 Electra is only accurate at 60 mph. All other speeds are off. Odometer on the other hand is dead on correct.