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  1. Where are you located? May help you find one more local to your location. Matt
  2. You should be able to click right under where it says reply to topic above. On your screen, it should have another “button” that says administrator or moderator tools. Click that and then select delete. Matt
  3. Got the Buick out for about an hour and half of touring backroads yesterday. Looks like I missed all of the res leaves by a day or two. Really happy with the Buicks performance and very satisfied with the pictures Matt
  4. Seems like I managed to miss most of the red leaves. I was able to get out and take some pictures this afternoon after work. Sure is Buickful......
  5. They announced many times that pets were not allowed on the show field, yet saw many people with their dogs in tow on the field. I also saw several golf carts shoot down the aisles of the show field. The personal mobility carts are one thing, but a golf cart hauling around 4 people is quite another. If they are going to be allowed on the show field, they should have to have insurance in case they hit someone or a car. There’s a lot of money on the show field. A simple “I’m sorry” will not suffice in a case such as that. Matt
  6. The car was the only thing there and I misstated by saying for sale. The extra clean was gone and a “SOLD” sign was in its place. Looked like they had already packed everything else up and were preparing to leave Matt
  7. Car had a for sale sign on the window when I walked by. Then when I came back around, it was gone. Matt
  8. Maybe not a best buy, but a Buick buy. Always wanted neon in my garage Matt
  9. Made what I think are some excellent purchases this year 1. Authorized Buick neon sign. 2. some15 x 8 triple chromed trim rings for the 1977 Corvette I am working on with my 14 year old son 3. Front fender emblem. 4. A set of new t-top inner pads from a vendor that had bought them and never installed them when he sold his car. Price was right!
  10. Safe travels. Keep it between the lines
  11. Was really great catching up with everyone. Having a few beers and talking about Buicks. Met some new people. Matt Harwood, john DeFiores son, (name is escaping me at the moment) and many others. I managed several scores on things I was needing, caught up with some old friends and managed to make seceral new ones. Cannot wait for next year. Going to run the tires off my convertible going places. Managed to finally catch Doug Seybold and introduce myself. He already knew who I was. Just needed a face to put with the name. Have to say.....car people are the best people Matt also forgot about Larry DeBarry??, saw and talked with Pete Phillips on the show field Saturday. Met a lot of people who had cars 38-41 on the show field but weren’t members of the forum. John Steed, Ed DePouli should have been in the picture, but was demonstrating his putting trash in a can from 15 ft away for $5.00! BTW, I still have my $5 in my pocket.