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  1. I second that and third it just to get my point across. Matt
  2. To all of my friends here. I also send the best Fathers Day wishes. Matt
  3. Car has been sold! Thanks to everyone! Matt
  4. I can move it alone........is on my to to list to finish the hydraulics up and adjust the window stops Matt
  5. Good to see Mike! Hope all is well my friend
  6. With that line of reasoning, so should piss Isn’t there some darker brown in the woodgrain? What would we use for that???? LMAO
  7. I have a 47’ super convertible that has manual windows and power seat and top
  8. Out tonight to dinner 25 miles from the house. Down the interstate and through the city back home Matt
  9. Do you have a shop manual for your car? There are detailed instructions for checking things in that book. If you own a car, you should have the shop manual for your car Matt
  10. Are u sure it is not going into second gear? Reverse and second should be on the same swing of the tranny selector and first and third swung the other direction. The other rod on the side slides in and out to determine which gear set it moves. No way first and reverse are backwards. Did you EVER get a shop manual for the car? Matt
  11. BTT. Make me an offer. Worse I can say is no...... Matt
  12. Btt. Warm weather is here! Make me an offer...... Matt