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  1. Got some more done this morning. Last I will do before Christmas. All alignments looking pretty good. Will hit it hard again before New years and see if I can get the front end ready for paint.
  2. Trunk lid from car I parted out. Has had some previous bodywork along the bottom lip. See photos and I can take more if needed $500.00. Pickup preferred, bit can check shipping
  3. Purchased these for my build, but are for larger series. Bases should clean up nice. Chrome needs replated, but in good condition $500.00. Buyer to pay packing/shipping costs thanks Matt
  4. This is a spare set I had for my rebuild. Mine are out for chroming and these are for sale $500. Buyer pays for packaging and shipping thanks Matt
  5. Didn’t realize the drivers fender is bent in the same place. Paint on passenger fender was flaking off, so sanded down the whole fender to bare metal. Made some good progress yesterday. Removed the undercoating someone had brushed on the underside of the fender. May not seem like I got far, but progress is progress and puts me one step closer to more assembly
  6. Back to bodywork. Gotta get the front passenger fender straightened out. Was dented and pinched in the wheel well. Want to get this as straight as possible before I media blast it. The hood has a dent a little off center from the hood ornament, bit the drivers fender is almost perfect.
  7. Great news from my plater. They have already got the parts in the stripping tank. Gonna be sooner than I thought.
  8. First time car has had an engine and transmission in over 50 years.
  9. Install the first retainer over the u joint. Then install the torque ball with the end retainer over the entire assembly. Install the bolts and leave them loose so the torque ball can move. The seal is for the end of the torque ball and goes over the torque tube. Have to make a .030 paper gasket to go between the torque ball and torque tube.
  10. Install new o rings. Making sure to use plenty o vaseline to lubricate the seals
  11. Have to cut the old vulcanized rubber off the torque ball. Then clean up the torque ball surface.
  12. Have everything cleaned up and new seals ready to install. Installing a flight pitch. Pictures to come soon and detailed descriptions
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