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  1. https://medford.craigslist.org/pts/d/grants-pass-1956-buick-wagon/7317349502.html If this were closer, it would be next in line for my garage. Maybe someone closer or with more ambition will grab it Matt
  2. Yes, is sold. Thanks to all for the interest. Matt
  3. Went out this afternoon for 1.5 hr run out to an antique store I have been wanting to visit. Buick ran great and was nice to stretch her legs a bit after a long winters nap.
  4. I ordered some of the items and found the quality to be very nice. The hooded sweatshirt is name brand and printing is nice on everything. Some of my friends received masks on me as I ordered a 5 pack. Thanks for looking guys/gals Matt
  5. Hey guys! For Christmas, my daughter drew me a design for a teeshirt I wanted to make. Her drawing turned out so well that I told her she should try to sell the design on products. With things being hard enough for her in college, this may be a way for her to make a little cash. I ordered masks, a tumbler for my coffee, a hat and a sweatshirt. The masks and the tumbler came in today. I am sending some masks out to a few friends because I only need one for myself and they are washable. Any help will be great. Please, if you order, make sure you order directly from the url link so she gets full profits. https://www.teechip.com/buickfulldesigns Thanks Matt
  6. My daughter literally used a couple brand new permanent markers on my freshly chromed grill. Has held up 5 years so far. Who’d have thunkded?!
  7. John Been really busy. We ended up with between 24-30 inches. Depending on how/where it was measured. I got up at 4 and went to work. When got home worked 5 hrs cleaning cars and driveway Binghamton got twice as much as we did and they are 35 min North Matt
  8. As you can see, these are the different gear sets. The original is stamped 41 10. Take 41 and divide it by 10. 4.10 gears likewise, the one I put in, is a 43 12. Take 43 and divide it by 12. 3.58 gears. Matt
  9. I removed the rear end and did the gear change in around 5 hours. I have a 47 Roadmaster convertible. Used the gears from a 54 Special I believe. Matt
  10. Happy Birthday Lamar! Glad you had a Buickful day! I make several runs a week with the 47’. Usually make the same route which takes an 1:15 a 1:30. Made another run Saturday with my brother in his 1940 LaSalle out to the BBQ joint. Hard to believe we work together and probably spend less time together as brothers than I see my sister who lives in Missouri. Has gotten much better since he bought his LaSalle this year.
  11. Have been out several times last couple of weeks. 50-70 mile runs just out and about and some with dinner. Found this little BBQ place the other night. Excellent food. Excellent prices. Sorry pictures are so dark Matt
  12. Got in a hurry and goofed mine up.
  13. Wife and I went out for a drive tonight. 50 miles round trip. Beautiful evening for a drive. Trees are starting to work i to the changing of the leaves.
  14. Took the 47’ out to an apple orchard today and picked sunflowers for the girls and apples to make some pies. These are quite a big deal nowadays. Corn mazes, live music, alchohol, food. Made for a nice couple hours with the family and daughters boyfriend got first ride in the car. Was a great day!
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