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  1. Took the 47’ out to an apple orchard today and picked sunflowers for the girls and apples to make some pies. These are quite a big deal nowadays. Corn mazes, live music, alchohol, food. Made for a nice couple hours with the family and daughters boyfriend got first ride in the car. Was a great day!
  2. Price drop to $5250.00 for AACA members. Would like to sell before it gets cold. Matt
  3. And you should. Such a nice car. Cannot wait to get together
  4. Highway is wonderful. I also noted, for those who experience vapor lock, that I was out in 90 deg weather and with higher hwy speeds and lower rpm’s, temp ran 10 deg lower. Ordered my new gear for the speedometer adjustment today from Northwest transmission in Ohio. Matt
  5. Or the sedan frame was swapped in because of an accident or old frame rusted away. Happened more than one might think
  6. Repaired it. Had a guy at work heat the piece up and tig weld it. Heated it up pretty good again after it was welded to take some temper out of the welded area. Ground it back to shape and sanded down the last grind marks and final fitting it around the disc that rides inside of it. Just hope this doesn't happen anymore, ever again. Not fun pulling all of that apart. Tedious. Matt
  7. The cut wires to the heater is chump change and worry about that when you finish Up the floors. My understanding is The 3 pins are on top of the windshield frame, but the locking mechanism (pins) are gone in the header on the convertible top?? please take a picture of the data plate that should be on the cowl. The more pictures you can post, the easier it is for us to help you out. Matt
  8. Tranny together and full of oil. Didnt take any assembly pictures. Car drives really nice. Seems like the linkage is a little tighter than before. I took advantage of the fact My back was already ripped to pieces from being under the car so much and repainted underneath the car the burnt red primer. Have to go back and touch up the frame in a few spots. But very happy with it. Matt
  9. Old 4.10 gears New 3.60 gears from a 54 Special I think all back together
  10. Have put about 1700 miles on her so far this year. Have been organizing Sunday runs for our local AACA. Was out last week. Stopped at a stoplight, took off and had no third gear. GONE! Crawled home in second gear 25 miles, in the dark. But, at least we made it home ok. Pulled the rear/torque tube assy and dropped the tranny. Popped the top and encountered this. At least nothing horribly wrong. Had the piece welded. (Was previously repaired by someone else before). Re-ground the angle to fit and have clearance and reassembled the tranny. While it was out, I had
  11. Wow! Been a Long time since I posted about the car. I promised myself that this year, the top, windows and all would work with the hydraulics. I first started with the drivers door. Re- aligned the window frame, installed all of the glass wipers on the door sills and managed to make it go up and down. Three days later, I finally was happy with my adjustments that I put the panel back on the door and moved on to the passenger side. Same thing and three days later. I also noticed that the drivers rear quarter window was hanging on the convertible top as I rolled it up. Anot
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