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  1. Springs and seat from a sedan are constructed completely different and I dont think they will work
  2. Make sure after cutting the line, you file the end flat. Clean the hole out before inserting the first flange pusher. Then set the height for the first part of the flare. Then make the second. I never use oil. Let us know how you make out.
  3. My family lived in Green Forest area, which is 30 min east of Eureka Springs. All my old stomping grounds. Dad,mom, one brother and a sister buried there. Sure you had a nice time and the trip through that area is very scenic in any season.
  4. Front seat bottom springs are the same from sedanette to convertible. The rears are completely different. I have another rear seat bottom spring hidden somewhere. I can lay a tape on it and take pictures so you can see the differences. I have heard that some have made a new outside “frame” for the spring assembly and wired/hogringed it back together to make it work. It may take me awhile to get at the springs as they are in the attic of the garage.
  5. Nice enough today, only 33deg. Sun shining. Not working. So fired up Trujis and took her out for some much needed leg stretching and filled the tank with fresh gas. Looks like spring is here!
  6. When I did my convertible, I used a seat frame from a two door sedanette that Bob Coker had. I of course modified the seat base so I could use the hydraulics to move the seat and I also cut the holes for the courtesy lights and hydraulic seat control switch. Otherwise, it bolted right in and works fine. Any of the garnish moldings, I would hold onto. Keep and label any small parts. I have helped out many who are needing a door window stop, or a garnish piece that I would have otherwise tossed. BTW, I believe that I have already promised the inner rockers to someone else. That is if the deal goes through. If not, I will let you know. Do you need both sides? If they are ok on your 2 door, they should be the same, just longer. Cut them out of it and repair them. Much easier on a bench than under the car. Matt
  7. When you have your car driving around 40-45 mph, the engine will ALMOST sound like it is starting to rev too much and need to change gears. Not to worry. The tranny was designed this way. No shifting required. Just cruise, keep fluid levels ok and enjoy the ride..
  8. This is from my 47’ Roadmaster with 320 cu inch motor. Same basic principle. The bottom dot on the gear is hard to see.
  9. Not insinuating, but wasnt a large collection of these stolen in the last year or so??
  10. The outer rockers are longest on the four door and wagon. The sedanette comes in next, then the convertible. I am almost positive there is considerable differences between the series. I have a set for a sedanette that Incan compare to my convertible if I can get back to the garage Matt
  11. I have a friend whose son is graduating from the military in Fort Bliss Texas. His car is in in El Paso Texas. There is no engine in the car. Looking for a hand getting the car moved from there to the Scranton Pennsylvania area. Any help or heads up would be appreciated. Thanks Matt
  12. I have a set of NOS inner rockers. They were made one length and fit all series when cut to the proper length. Station wagons, 4 doors, 2 door sedannettes and convertibles.