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  1. I will look Pete. May have one more stashed away Matt
  2. So sorry to hear.........Godspeed to a great guy. Will be missed. Matt
  3. Wish everyone all they can dream of for 2020 and beyond! Happy New Year to all my Buick friends. Matt
  4. The other day while looking at the gaps, I noticed one thing of importance: As the hood is in the closed position, the rear hood gap (across the entire rear edge of the hood) on the driver's side is about 5/16" from edge of hood to the cowl. However the same area of the hood on the passenger side is about a 3/32" gap. This means that that the front of the hood (looking towards the windshield) needs to be adjusted slightly to the right, so that the gaps are even. This seems like the best place to start,
  5. Ed I would jump all over that one. Looks like walk in the park compared to my Buick Matt
  6. Car sold itself Matt! Beautiful car at a nice price Matt
  7. So, crush or save? Just want opinions. The end result is next picture after 6-7 years. Love or Retarded. My wife uses the R word.
  8. What trim on the passenger door? Top of the door or the molding that mounts on the door pontoon?
  9. Front seat will be best found out of a 2 door car. They can be modified for a convertible. Is what I used on my car Matt
  10. I am personally awaiting the moment that China decides that the once $200.00 part now cost $300.00. Noone else will be making them because they run everyone else out of business. Then add the tarrif and the taxes. And wait, there will be no jobs to generate money to purchase the part. End game??? Matt
  11. If, your radiator support has a center bolt in the bottom and a series of rubber and steel shims, you could be missing some shims there. This would account for the larger gap at the top. There is also enouch wiggle room in that hole that would throw off side to side gap at the doors. Ask me how I know Matt