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  1. Scott Farrington

    1941 Buick with 1500 original miles

    Further to the above points: In the four years of war production, cars were worn to their bones and driven to fairly early graves due to the inavailability of new cars and parts. I doubt very highly that this car would have survived this type of duty/service during the war as it is not a rare or expensive model. This is a Special sedan, not a Roadmaster convertible. I doubt the survivability of such a car. And that radiator tag is NEW. Paper does not maintain that crispness after almost 80 years!! With all of that said, pretty car.
  2. Scott Farrington

    NOT MINE: 1950 Buick Combination Hearse/Ambulance

    We ALL do it...I cannot afford drugs or women because of my car habit...I swear I can stop at any time. Really.
  3. Scott Farrington

    NOT MINE: 1950 Buick Combination Hearse/Ambulance
  4. Scott Farrington

    NOT MINE: 1950 Buick Combination Hearse/Ambulance

    I hope so too! I just happened across this on Facebook Marketplace. Not mine. I did not take the photo...wonder if they did the panaramic picture here?!?
  5. I Came across this on Facebook Marketplace is in Clinton IA and is said to have miles in the 20k range. Person is asking $3,000.00 or best offer. Know anyone looking for one of these?
  6. Scott Farrington

    Paying it Forward

    This is awesome...give me a few minutes to go through my spares...
  7. Scott Farrington

    WANTED 1942 Buick Century Sedanette 2 door This is a Century...and BEAUTIFUL!!
  8. Scott Farrington

    WANTED 1942 Buick Century Sedanette 2 door Not certain if it is a Century or not...
  9. Scott Farrington

    Good Home Wants to Buy 1949 Roadmaster Convertible

    Here's a Super!
  10. Scott Farrington

    Good Home Wants to Buy 1949 Roadmaster Convertible

    Does it HAVE to be Sequoia Cream? Movie car:
  11. Scott Farrington

    1948 Buick Roadmaster convertible for sale

    Well crud...if a restored ROADMASTER convertible only brought $21k, I am seriously screwed on my 47 Super!! I still have minor stuff like Interior (every stitch), chrome (all), top (including repainting bows/header), and paint everywhere to get completed! This is after I get the car moving under its own power and servicing the complete hydraulic system for the top, doors, and seat! Ugh.
  12. Scott Farrington

    1958 Caballero

    I am speechless from your efforts! These cars NEVER looked this good from GM!! Simply stunning.
  13. Scott Farrington

    1972 Buick Electra custom coupe

    That is a stunning car! Congratulations!
  14. Scott Farrington

    1947 Buick 56-C Barn Find!!

    Well, life was in the way most of the weekend. Was SUPPOSED to pick up a 57 Special 2-door hard top parts car...had an accepted offer from the seller and was going to bring it home on Saturday - as I was backing up to my trailer I receive a text and the seller tells me that he has an offer for more money. So I politely told him thanks and no thanks! 😣 I decided to pull the heater parts and flush everything on the 1947 as I needed to replace all of the hoses feeding everything. So I cut the dry rotted hoses off of everything and started pulling stuff out from under the dash. God, the build quality on this car is just so good! I love the simplicity. I found the defroster motor assembly to be dirty and the wire is frayed going into the motor. Can I pop those rivets that hold the blower motor together and disassemble that motor to replace the wire? In fact, I found quite a few brittle wires under there that I will replace. All of that cleaned, I went under the car to pull the heater blower motor off of the frame rail and found the old mouse habitat from the barn. I should really get a picture of the crap that came out of the ducting under the car! It was packed!! Inside it all, and how they arrived there I have no a pair of pliers that have had to have been there for the better part of a decade! Poor guy who owned it before me went to his grave never knowing where he put those damned pliers!! So, the questions I have for everyone here are the aforementioned wire to the defroster motor and How do I remove the rear seatback?!? Thank you all in advance!
  15. Scott Farrington

    Its been a fun week

    Too cool! Love the car.