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  1. I will check if mine are Carters...they may be Quadrajets
  2. On the topic of mission creep...I failed to heed advise and pulled the motor and transmission as I found multiple leaks and the clutch disk was frozen to the flywheel. The throwout bearing could NOT get any more crunchy if it tried. So, I have now placed the engine on the stand and have it steamed off. All of the accessories are going to be cleaned and checked over, painted, and put back on the engine so that we can detail all of the parts before it goes back in. Further, I am going to add a filter kit to the oil system as this car has never had an oil filter on it. Of the seven parts cars I have bought, a couple of the engines have oil filters on them. Seems like they were accessories?!? Beyond that, seats are being pulled apart, repainted, and the burlap parts are being replaced around each coil spring, then the seats reassembled. Tedious work. Keeps me away from the television at least. Also, it is at this point where my family is pushing me to do a color change to Sequoia Cream over the Burgundy/maroon. Anyone have any feedback on that idea? Am I hurting the value much by going to cream over the maroon exterior?
  3. Well, we have had torrential rain here since I purchased the cars...getting there has been impossible. I am going to look into another means of moving the cars without hurting them more than the elements already have. Hope to make progress this week on this.
  4. In for a penny... in for 32,000 pounds. Tonight I secured all eight cars from the field, buying them in place with plans to move all 8 to my office for parting out. From the notes on the paperwork and titles, most of the cars arrived where they sit back in 71/72. They have been sitting since before I was born! The 49 sedanette and sedan have titles. The 49 Riviera Hardtop was purchased as a builder... for $5.00. Attempts were made by letter to locate glass for the car, however it never happened, so it sat. Goes to show how difficult the hobby was compared to today. In less than 10 minutes I can photograph parts and have them in the eyes of interested parties the world over. My plan is to move the cars and offer the opportunity for them to be purchased whole. If the interest is not there, I will offer them as individual parts on request. At the end of June, whatever remains of the lot will be sent to scrap. I'm hoping for very little to be left. All of these, except the Riviera, were driven to their final resting place. Some notes included "a shimmy at 55" on the sedanette... bought for $10 back in '72. I will keep everyone abreast of the recovery efforts.
  5. Unfortunately, one side of the fender speer on the 41 was hit at some point and damaged. Hopefully you can straighten it and repair as I guess they are rare items. Driver's side is nice, though pitted.
  6. I am pulling off even the cracked or broken pieces, promise!
  7. They have a scrap guy on the site right now pulling EVERYTHING out of the hedgerows and balling it up and tossing the stuff into dumpsters. EVERYTHING. They intend to grab them with a loader and fold them up as soon as I am done. They have a guy on site. I am taking my generator, 100 saw blades, an electric impact, and a cut off wheel with me next weekend to strip these cars to the bones and let them put the rest of the hulks in a bin. Very little will be left. Doors are getting cut off and put on a trailer. Hoods, and fenders so that I can strip them further/trim them down here at the office. I will grab the manifolds on the 320s. Wish I could get the motors. IF we know of somebody who will come and get them out, contact me. We have a lot of folks already asking for parts off of these cars, so I don't think it would be a losing proposition. We have until June 1. Drop me a line...I am even willing to back away and let someone else take this over!
  8. The '41 Special has the dual carb setup and air cleaner. One of the three 49's has a good mustache bar, one has a cracked top, looks like it had something dropped on it. The second grill is broken on the passenger side. I will take ALL of the trim on both '49 coupes. The Riviera has great trim all the way around.
  9. These cars are in the Cedar Rapids Iowa area. I went back out today to assess the cars and find the best means of getting them out. It is seriously NOT going to happen. They are really, really, really gone. This is going to be a cut and remove what trim we can and the rest is going to the crusher. Sadly, they are simply too far gone to move without them falling apart.
  10. I have a deal to pull them out and bring them home...I will give everyone a chance to save parts before I scrap them. Some cars have titles. I will take detailed photos of the cars when they hit the ground here. I have until June 1 to move all 8.
  11. Thanks everyone. I will unbolt everything I can, I promise.
  12. Do I cut the noses off? The tails? Pull the dashes, engine tin, and whatever else I can? Does anyone see anything I should be grabbing for certain? Does anyone know if the beltline trim on the 49 Riviera Hardtop is the same as my 47 Convertible?
  13. Folks - I have a problem. The place I purchased my 47 Super 56C Convertible has EIGHT parts cars on the property. They have been there for decades. I believe the old man started dragging them in back in the 60's and 70's. Heck, most of them were DRIVEN to their final resting places. Most are four doors. three 47/48's Roadmasters and Supers. There are three 49's - A Sedanette, a Riviera hardtop, and a Sedan I believe. Needless to say, they are rough. However, LOTS of trim. Some sheet metal, dashes, grills, bumpers, and window surrounds. Of course there are lots of cores and parts inside these cars as well. Now, I can have what I want for $400. The rest goes to the crusher. My plan is to take a generator and a sawsall and start cutting off anything and everything I can before the claw gets them. Any tips? Any suggestions? And, here's the greatest part of it all: She is giving me little to no time. Great. So, chop them up and take what I can or be careful? Photos below. Anyone?!?! These are located in Iowa. I would guarantee a tug on any one of these will probably rip them in half. If ANYONE has needs from these or a desire to try and save one, let me know and you can buy it with title (I think they ALL have titles)