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  1. My jack works... I'm amazed at the differences. The sedanette was a 76S, and the decal says 1949. Odd.
  2. It is warm out today and I believe I have a jack for you. Came out of the 1949 Sedanette. Still has the remains of the instruction sticker on the foot. Needs restored. Value?
  3. Unfortunately, we have cars that are not often restored when compared to the Chevrolet's of the 50's. There are GREAT uphostery shops out there that can recreate your intierior, you will just need to be patient. I was quoted $10,000+ for a scratch built inteior on the 47 Buick I purchased. I found a decent used interior for half that. Most kits I saw were close to 8k. Good luck.
  4. For many of you this will be easy and I will end up feeling dumb. Or, perhaps we can all feel stumped for a while. I was asked if I had the heater hose bracket for a 49 - which I do. They are all the same I think from '41 on up. Turned out I have one on a 48, and two 49's. HERE is where it gets my noggin going: On the '49 Riviera hardtop, the bracket is identical to the other two EXCEPT there is an added bracket for a third hose. Every car I look at has two hoses. What is the third hose for?!?! The picture shows three brackets. The top one is from the 49 Riviera Hardtop and has the extra bracket which connects under the tab before it latches into the fender and hangs below the bracket.
  5. I have these two. I think I may have another still in the back of one of the cars. Will search tomorrow.
  6. To everyone who followed this thread...I now have a 48 Roadmaster convertible for parts. I honestly do not think this thing is economically feasible for ANYONE to attempt a restoration on. Are we all in agreement?
  7. I believe I have one. Do you have a photo of one to compare to mine?
  8. Good morning everyone. In my 41 Special parts car, I found the jack and what I believe to be a tire stop(?) (Top item in Granpa's pic where they are painted green - what is it called) What are the correct colors for these items? I would like to restore them before offering them for sale. Everything is free and moving. Thanking you all in advance.
  9. Den: Sorry, I've been traveling for work. Cars had to be moved to a secure location to keep things from disappearing. I'm back from all of the travels finally and digging out from all of my back logs. I'm hoping the final cuts to the bumper ends to send you everything completely together. No charge beyond you sending me photos of the end product for your having to wait. Sorry!
  10. For the next person who has no idea how to do this: take the bulb out and pull, comes right off.
  11. I'll check my parts cars. What engine size may be our best shot?
  12. As many of you know, I am parting out 8 41-49 Buicks and I am working on saving some dash parts for one of our members - he needs the Map Light assembly and the Blower Motor switch out of the dash, along with many brackets behind them. Now, for the life of me, I cannot get the map light switch separated from the chrome pull on the outside of the dash. I don't want to break anything - can anyone steer me in the right direction with these two items?
  13. Dashboard. The pull out switch. I am going to err on the cautious side and make a new post over in the post war subforum...don't want Mr. Earl to still be on the wrong side of me when he sees this post again. 🙂