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  1. Evan, would you help me do that to mine? Ben
  2. I knew one like that once. A LONG time ago. Ben
  3. I agree with most of what has been mentioned. Sell and sale used reversed grates . As well as effect and affect. A prominent member did just that earlier in another thread. So any /all of us are apt to make a mistake. Probably one or two contained in this little ditty.😁 Ben
  4. A gift is a gift!! Honor his gift and let him have pleasure in giving. Ben
  5. Pre '48. The engine # may still be visible on a pad on the front of the engine where the water pump mounts. n
  6. How can coils bind? I go for tires. 8 ply are for a LOAD. I know you do not like modern stuff on your old car, but perhaps try a set of inexpensive radials. "Try it, you might like it" sort of thing. Kinda sorta the same on the fuel gauge. An after market, mounted beneath the dash, TEMPORARILY, directly from the switch, straight to the sender. All temporary, of course. Hang in there, Ben
  7. Welcome to our world. Beautiful car and gorgeous background. Where is that, please? Ben
  8. Personally, I would not be afraid of any of them' Ben
  9. Go to A 52 shop manual is on there for download. Ben
  10. Rusty, I am sure you know your car came with a 263, which debuted in 1950. You MAY NOT realize a 248 can be used in place of a 263. From 1948_1950. Same size, same bolt patterns. May be easier to find. I am betting there is a good 263 within 500 miles of you, though. Just keep looking. There is one in Sioux City, Iowa area for free. I think. Ben