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  1. Can someone help find an article? A member in the North West, maybe Spokane, built his own EFI for his 1953 Special. Sometime after Denver meet. I know I read it, just can't locate the bugger. Thanks Ben
  2. I would go ahead and disassemble and clean the pump. Easy to do. Ben
  3. There were many similar to that around in the '50s. Sears Roebuck sold them among others. Ben
  4. Goodness. I can PROMISE we, my Dad, brother and I would not have driven our '39 Buicks if that was as fast as they would run. 60+ all day. Invest in some good ear muffs.😁 Ben
  5. On my '50, the four are easy . the next on on each side not so much. Ben
  6. It helps if the drag link is dropped as well. If your motor mounts are "crushed" you can gain a little by inserting a wood block in there. I just did the drop/install on my '50. Ben
  7. John, some rule of thumb measurements I have "known" over the years. First one is as close as one can get . Second is no more than two inches. I recently install a Roadmaster radiator, which is thicker, in my Special. About one inch. Spacers are readily available. Ben
  8. George, for Dad from whom I learned to love cars, and especially Buicks. Ben
  9. Don, the Straight eight doesn't even know the difference. I cannot hear a difference in engine speed , at idle, when the A/C is switched on. Ben
  10. Don, I can not answer for a '60 . I did install one in my '50.An original Mark IV. Vintage Air Owns the Mark IV name and makes what I have read is a good unit. Ben
  11. Looks right to me. Many have lost the mounting bracket you have. Ben
  12. I think I have met Dean. He was at Chickasha about three years back. Ben
  13. Welcome! Nice Buick. There is/are active Buick clubs in Australia. Bet some one , from one with an old ,one will be on here soon. Ben
  14. You are an early bird as am I. I enjoy seeing the sun coming up through the windshield. Enjoy. Ben
  15. AhHa. I understand from Riverside. Don't know why I thought you are in San Diego. Thanks Ben
  16. If it is the same gauge, would not both readings be accurate? You mentioned a pressure relief valve? Perhaps opening at normal [ high ] pressure and not closing properly? Ben
  17. Robert, the cylinder only has to be bored enough to install the sleeve. I have done that on an eight cyl Buick. Ben
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