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  1. Aggravating aren't they? I have had them "fall" in the first try and others take forever. Alignment is the key, I suspect. Ben
  2. For comparison only. 1950 shop manual. Engine head bolt= 7/16-14. Torque 65-70. FWIW. Ben
  3. Used same in my '50 with warmed up 263. Like a rock. Ben
  4. The pendulum swings back and forth. Back and forth. And is in the MIDDLE twice as much as either extreme. Little woman complaining about mine a few days ago when she asked how much I had spent on the car. I then told her it was just a little more, over the 11 years, than her TV and cable. And I still have the car. Ben
  5. Yeppers, sure is. Is that you Ben?? Butt ===e! My DAD was not that old in the era of that pic. Ben
  6. John, perhaps a little test. Assuming a spare is nestled in the trunk. Try changing out with another tire, test, repeat. May eliminate tires. Or confirm. Ben
  7. We are pikers! Over on the H.A.M.B. is a fellow called squirrel. Jim Forbes is his name. There is an organization called Lemons Rally, or something like that. Requires a $500.00 car. Tires and safety item may be added. Some months ago, in preparation for the Monterey event, Jim bought a '51 Hudson. Made it run. Made it stop. Drove 900 miles from his home in Sierra Vista, AZ, to Monterey, CA. Via Vegas and over the mountains. Completed the Rally, all four days as NO 1. Above 1200 miles I believe. One day included 12 mountain passes And will drive it home, another 900! 3000 miles, or thereabouts, in a week. With a $500.00 Car! Makes me ashamed of myself. And proud of him. CONGRATULATIONS, Jim. Ben
  8. One only feels a misfire. One hears a backfire, either from the tailpipe or from under the hood. If under the hood, this is usually from an extreme lean condition. As in not enough gas. Ben
  9. driftpin, welcome. My first Buick was a 1940 when it was just a used car back in 1953. Electronic ignition are GOOD. I run one on my 1950. Never had a problem that was not self induced. They do not like solid core plug wire, though. In fact, Pertronix RECOMMENDS carbon core, I believe. Is the problem misfire or backfire? Ben
  10. Kevin, the one Tom is showing is a '36, I think. Later years do not use that system. Not sure when the tube just sticking in the top of the pedestal started. First 248 was 1937. Maybe then? I believe yours will just poke into the hole in the pedestal. Ben
  11. 2.76 inch. I believe the problem is a missing fitting UNDER the oil line. I have a 248 engine sitting in the garage I will check a little later. Ben EDIT: Should be a brass fitting screwed into the head and the short pipe screwed into the fitting.Also a fitting in the side of the head. ONE of these will have only a small opening/restriction to reduce the amount of oil going to the rocker arms. Ben
  12. Perhaps I am a simple man. I installed the ONE wire alternator. Hooked up the gen wire to the regulator to the post on the alternator. Moved the Bat wire from the Bat post on the regulator to the same post as the alternator wire, thereby bypassing the regulator. At the Amp Gauge, moved the incoming wire from the regulator to the outgoing post, thereby bypassing the Amp gauge. Installed a volt meter, which necessitated the ONLY new wire, connected to ignition run position. Changed all the bulbs. Used available resistors for the radio and fuel gauge. New 12V battery , same size and in the same place as original. Has worked for ten years and 17,000+ miles. Ben
  13. Converting to 12V is not rocket science and is completely reversible. Ben
  14. Been doing a little manifold/exhaust work on George last couple weeks. He and I decided a few miles added to the challenge would be GOOD. Drove north out of town and turned left somewhere. Out north of Electra, turned left again . The left one more time to get back to the Falls. Ended up with 58 miles added. Total for year is 2176. I believe we will make it. Took pictures. Alas, not good. Ben
  15. HUH? I am on my second nap by then! Ben
  16. Dale is active on Facebook. Sorta. Had an e mail from him yesterday. Ben
  17. That engine is a 1948 or 1949 248 engine from a Super or Special. A 1938 Century engine would have been a 320. Ben
  18. Beautiful. Roadmaster Mod 72. 1953. 55er is on the ball. Ben