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  1. DShip

    Last Saturday Night

    Brenda, Beautiful looking car! Years (and years) ago, I worked for Honeywell and would travel often to their plant in Phoenix. I really miss that weather.
  2. DShip

    Last Saturday Night

    Barney, I did and do the exact same thing. I attend cruise-ins at least 3 times a week during the season. With the Monroney sticker displayed, I do get asked a lot of questions with one in particular..."this car cost THAT MUCH?!" I say, "you should see the price of the convertible!". I do have a friend that jokingly calls the Reatta a "Regretta"!!
  3. I plan to attend the ROA meet, and I'd vote for it!
  4. DShip

    Trunk fuse.

    You're quite welcome...this time it worked out! Dave Shipman
  5. DShip

    Reatta Hood Ornament

    I couldn't agree more. I once owned '96 and '97 SC Rivieras. You could chirp the front tires with the SC 3800. Would have been a nice option in the Reatta...better competition against the Allante. If anyone is interested, I have for sale a NOS '86-'93 Riviera stand-up hood emblem; $30 + shipping.
  6. DShip

    Key fob Buick symbol

    I'm basing my thought of the '93 Riviera key fob being a new/different design as a result of reading the '86 thru '93 Riviera/Reatta Parts and Illustration catalog. Maybe there was a design change sometime during the '93 Riviera production run?? Interesting, in any case. Hey, as long as they work...Right?!
  7. DShip

    Trunk fuse.

    Jon, Am reading a '91 Riviera/Reatta FSM, but I think its for the antenna relay. If your antenna currently goes up when turning on the radio, then pull the fuse, try again, and see if the antenna now does not go up. If that's the result, we now know what the 10amp fuse is for.
  8. DShip


    As I think you're aware, I'm a Navy brat (dad was 30 year career Navy...'36 to '66, E8, Sr. Chief Gunners Mate and at one point a DI)! I visited dad many times when he shipped out of or into San Francisco. Also, my brother shipped out of there to go "in-country" twice in '70 to '73. He was Army Engineers, Sp5, Heavy Equipment Operator.
  9. DShip

    Key fob Buick symbol

    I believe this key fob debuted with the '86 or '87 Riviera; included all years of the Reatta; with the style ending with the '92 Riviera. I believe Cadillac's of the same era key fobs were similar in style but with the "Cadillac" emblem. The '93 Riviera key fob was a new design, again similar the Cadillac new design.
  10. DShip

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to all Reatta owners (and "want-a-be's") out there! Have a prosperous and safe New Year.
  11. The Sumner Tunnel linked Boston's Financial District/Haymarket Square with East Boston/Logan Airport...it went under Boston "Habah". This was before Gov Dukakis' "Big Dig".
  12. DShip

    Engine Choices

    They're notorious for this (as most of us have experienced). I've had to replaced a few on both my Reatta and Riviera.
  13. DShip

    92 Century Wagon

    AutoZone also sells spray cans of "New Car Smell"....I have a couple.
  14. DShip

    92 Century Wagon

    That looks an awfully like my house gutters' junk!!!
  15. DShip

    Winter Buicks

    In my Massachusetts town you're not allowed to keep/store any UNREGISTERED car out in the open on private property....never mind a PARTS car!