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  1. My current 2000 Eldorado ESC has the trunk pull down...very convenient device. I had it in previously owned 1999 Eldorado ETC, 2-1992 Rivieras, 1996 and 1997 Rivieras. Puzzles me why it was not an option in my current 2014 Caddy ATS.
  2. Attended a Cars n' Coffee at Herb Chambers Lexus dealership in Hingham, MA this morning at the ungodly hour of 6:30am to 9:30am. Took the '91 Reatta. Must of been 300 cars with the majority being young kids' turbo'd BMW's, Nissan's, Toyota's, etc...only one Buick (mine) and two pre-war (1 Packard, 1 Plymouth). There was one whole row each of fairly new Corvette's and Mustangs, though. The dealership had on hand a row of 12/5 high 1 dozen Dunkin' Donut boxes and 6 10gal coffee urns, plus 2 free Herb Chambers ceramic mugs as a gift per attendee. Kinda nice to see a bunch of young kids in attendance. Sorry, no pics as I totally forgot to bring my iPhone...
  3. Seems that he changed his ad title to 15" on Sept 13th. For 1990, only the Select 60 had 16" wheels. I believe all 1991 Reattas had 16" wheels.
  4. Pete personally knows that in Massachusetts "Worcester" is actually pronounced "Wusstah"!
  5. As of yet, I haven't encountered a problem with my 2000 Eldorado.
  6. I'll take heat/humidity over snow every time...absolutely hate snow. '91 Reatta and '00 Eldorado get stored in igloos around December and reemerge in April each year.
  7. Nor for me...reads "page cannot be displayed". I believe the url link is incorrect.
  8. I second on '91 being Bosch.
  9. I have used it from time to time, especially when I knew there would be overlap with my once owned '92 Riviera. Please keep it alive. You provide a great Reatta service to us all.
  10. WOW...Big difference! (John, there wasn't a booklet that might have come with the camera, was there?!)
  11. Ronnie...I have not been affected...
  12. I've had this exact problem in a previously sold '92 Riviera and my current '91 Reatta coupe. I my cases, the Keyless Entry Module was bad...the Key FOB's were good (as I suspect yours are, also). For the coupe, access to replace the KEM is to remove the driver's side back area panel (for reference, the coat hanger claw is attached to this panel). You'll see the KEM down deep in the cubby hole. I replaced mine with one I purchased from Marck Barker. Once you've replaced the KEM, then you can go through the routine Ronnie has in the ROJ. Hope this helps...