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  1. Wow Lamar, 10 years is true dedication! Now, get out there and enjoy your Buick Sales and Service Garage, you and Rita's retirements, and travel with the Air Stream. Many thanks for all you've done as an AACA Forum Moderator.
  2. Also, you can click on the topic/thread "Reatta Resources" on this forum to find our most reliable/available Reatta parts vendors.
  3. I understand the individual took a one-time lump sum payment of over $877 Million!! If put in a local savings account for one month at a measly 2% interest, the interest would be just under $1.5 Million.
  4. Unfortunately, I've only been to four so far as I tend to drive only east of the Mississippi river. I've enjoyed each of them, but the Concord and Allentown meets really stand out for me. I plan to attend the 2020 in Ohio, and I definitely will be attending the 2021 50th in Concord!
  5. Don't know if this is a solution to your problem, but I actually had this condition on my former '92 Riviera. I replaced the O2 sensor and all was back to normal.
  6. 7th generation Rivieras' (86-93) were prone to parasitic battery drain, also. I too attach a battery tender if/when I leave my 91 Reatta unattended for more than a week during spring/summer/fall. During winter the tender is continually hooked up when the Reatta is in storage. Check out Ronnie's link to the ROJ above...good info.
  7. Back in '65 my HS Driver's Ed instructor, along with a guest MA Statie, made us watch "Death on a Highway at Any Speed" to "teach us a lesson".
  8. Congratulations, Brenda! Reatta looks fantastic.
  9. I personally believe that if someone wants to sell Reatta parts on this buy/sell forum, then they need to be very precise in the item(s) description, quality (NOS/used/etc), price, shipping, and contact info. After that has been accomplished, they're welcome to add at the end a link to eBay...but only after they've done right by listing the details here first. Just my opinion....
  10. I'm not quite sure that the engine cradles would have been similar. The Northstar was a V8 vs. Reatta having a V6. 1993 was the last year of Allante production and the only year with the Northstar V8. Prior years the Allante was equipped with the 4.5L V8. Just saying...
  11. Is this a test? I would think they were pretty rare. I'm basing my opinion on: In 1997 I bought my '96 former-lease Riviera, and then in 1998 my '97 former-lease Riviera...both from my local now long gone Buick dealership. This is where I saw the one and only used '95 column shifter/bench seat/non-sc Riviera for sale. The dealership was a big former-lease Buick sales operation (in addition to selling new Buicks). I'd assume a very low percentage even though production of the 8th generation Riviera was highest in 1995, falling each year through 1999.
  12. Ed, The only real issue one has to be on the lookout for with the 95-99 (8th generation) Riviera is possible sub frame rusting around tranny and motor mounts. Prices of this era Riv are very reasonable...I've been keeping an eye out as of late.
  13. Paul, I once owned both '96 and '97 Rivieras as family daily drivers. I too still miss them. Also, at the 2010 ROA National meet, I witnessed Rivman (Randall Crain) install a wood "like" veneer on the dash of a member's Riviera in the hotel parking lot. The more beers he had, the easier it seem he was working!!
  14. My understanding that the 1995 basic Riviera had in fact a bench seat (60/40 w/ pull down arm rest), column shift lever, and naturally aspirated. Bucket seats, console, and super charger were options (among other options) with the SD Luxury and SE Prestige packages. When buying my 1996 w/ Prestige package Riviera back in the day, there was a 1995 basic Riv on the dealer's used car lot.