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  1. I have every hard copy of the ROA magazine starting from the 1st stapled sheets to the latest Riview. An elderly gentleman gave me the all the sheets/magazines from the 1st through 2007. I collected the rest through present.
  2. The 86-93 Riviera also had them if you end up looking for one in a junk yard.
  3. Glad you made it home relatively OK. Very good thing mishap was only 35 miles from home and no further damage than the water pump and belt. You may recall I mentioned a while back that in 2014 I lost my tranny in the '92 Riviera in eastern CO...what an expensive car show trip that became!
  4. And with Klaus is Eddie from Massachusetts. He brought a beautiful Boattail Riv.
  5. In Massachusetts, any vehicle 15 years and older is required to have a yearly safety check but not an emissions check. Some states leave inspections up to the county (OH, as an example). MA now requires that no license plate frames be in place for any year vehicle. It also requires that only the inspector drive the vehicle into the inspection station...but a lot of them don't know how to drive a standard shift!
  6. Personally, I'd install both the 180 thermostat and high flow water pump first. Then just for good measure I'd install either a re-cored or new radiator second. Then, if those all fail the test look into head gasket issues. But, wouldn't a head gasket issue show currently re: coolant presenting itself in the motor oil?
  7. Had every intention of attending this year until Diane's hip surgery date just recently got updated to the middle of the ROA National meet week...so had to cancel. Enjoy your time...great cars and great folks (they're like family)!
  8. I can understand his feelings. I believe it took him 6 years to complete the restoration/reconstruction. I remember him trailering the completed chassis to the 2010 ROA National in Hershey/Harrisburg and then the completed Riviera to the 2016 National in Williamsburg.
  9. Dave...my sentiments, also...enjoy your trip. Say "hello" to the Reatta folks from Ronnie and me.
  10. My dad used to always say "Son, I say Son, it's all in the prep work"...(well he didn't quite say it exactly like that, but Mr. Earl would appreciate it).
  11. Yes, I couldn't believe it....seven Reattas at one local car show...was good to see. I've only experienced that many together at a BCA National.
  12. I attended my BCA Minuteman Chapter annual car show featuring Buick, Olds, Pontiac, and GMC's at the Anheuser-Busch Brewery in Merrimack, NH 6/9/19. Couldn't have asked for a better day...sunny and 75 degrees all day.
  13. Chatham is a great place to summer...right on the "elbow" of Cape Cod. I assure you I am not a MA liberal even though I am in the minority here in MA...Make America Great Again!
  14. Glad to read that your Reatta is working fine again. Just hope you're out of the way of any serious weather around your neck of the woods. Weather's been rainy and cold here in MA as of late....%$&*@! house furnace fired up last night!!!
  15. I do not now or ever intend to do Facebook. My wife is forever talking to me about what goes on with it....don't need the grief...I like peace and quiet.