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  1. John, but you forget to include the Regal GS (I still like that car!).
  2. They kinda look like strut mount covers but not from a Reatta...just a guess?
  3. I'm literally 1/4 mile from an ocean bay (about 10 miles south of Boston). House sits on a slight slope toward the ocean, sea level probably 35 feet. Am on city water but I wanted a well for watering my plants. Had to drill down 400 feet to hit fresh water. Even at that depth, water pressure is only at around 10 to 12 psi.
  4. 7/23/20...Took the dust cover off the Reatta in anticipation of attending a local cruise-in. Heat index went up to 97 degrees with humidity at 71...also started to rain. Got notified the cruise-in was being canceled. So, dust cover went back on and I walked back into the nice and cool a/c house. Also, I'm within walking distance to the ocean but no ocean breeze help since its all blowing west to east.
  5. Let's hope they've changed the sheets and towels!😃😷😄
  6. Many thanks, Brian. Was able to book my room for Concord, NC....you're awesome! Have a message into the Holiday Inn, just awaiting a call-back. Update 7/22: Holiday Inn Strongsville called me back and I was able to make my reservation easy/peesy...very pleasant individual from their Sales Office.
  7. 7/21/2020...I've tried every phone number available for the Embassy Suites and have yet to obtain a reservation. Reps keep telling me the hotel is either unavailable or all booked. Also, the sales desk at the Holiday Inn Strongsville continues to go unanswered. Tom, How were you successful in booking a room?
  8. Lamar, I'd stay with the rubber rim strips vs. pipe wrap....thicker/wider vs. thinner/skinnier. I remember as a kid that bicycle balloon tires had the rubber rim strips so that the spoke screws would not chafe a hole in the tube....same setup for your wire rims.
  9. I've driven my '91 Reatta, limitedly. I still have half tank of gas from my 2019 Winter storage fill up (doused with Seafoam) due to no car shows and very few cruise-ins. Have been driving my '00 Eldo more than the Reatta.
  10. After my call into J.C. Taylor this morning I found out that they offer no such discount.
  11. At the beginning of this Reatta forum please find the topic "Reatta Resources and Reference Quick Guide". You will find various Reatta vendors that most likely be able to help you find the part you're looking for.
  12. Drove the Reatta to a cruise-in at the Shaws grocery store parking lot with fellow Mustang friends on Wednesday (7/8/20), about 30 miles round trip. Only two Buicks in sight besides mine...a '65 Grand Sport and a '71 Riviera boattail. All were adhering to social distancing and masks. Had planned to attend another on Thursday at the old Raynham MA Dog Track parking lot, but the heat index was up in the upper 90's, so I poo pooed that idea. Still driving around with a half tank left of last fall's gas (with Seafoam) with no problems...the Seafoam is actually helping improve my gas mileage slightly! All local MA car shows have been canceled to date. A few are still on the books for August and September but we'll see as these dates approach. RI and NH have allowed a few to happen, though.
  13. My '91 Reatta has Twilight Sentential...came standard.
  14. Bought my Tom Tom a few years ago with a lifetime update feature to use in my Reatta and Eldo. Last year they informed me that the device/software was now an "antique" and that they would no longer be able to send updates unless I upgrade to the "new" device/software. Instead, I loaded google MAPS on my IPhone and find it functions well enough for what I need.
  15. From what I can make out in her picture she has been awarded: Navy "E" (excellence) Division award, Good Conduct, National Defense Service, Terrorism Service, Humanitarian Service, Expert Rifle, Expert Pistol. I'm sure you're quite proud of her accomplishments. The top insignia I believe is either a "Tin Can" (Destroyer) or Frigate ship assignment service award....not sure, though.