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  1. I purchased two sets during your first run...installed one and have one in my inventory. Therefore, all set for now.
  2. I'm in agreement with you, Josh...especially flame red interiors...not a lot of those produced.
  3. My Amazon donation goes to the Buick Heritage Alliance.
  4. I'm in for 2020. But, like you John I'm going to have to include my Eldorado with the Reatta. I do expect to add some additional miles this year as opposed to last with the Reatta, though...I will be driving it to the 2020 BCA Nationals in OH.
  5. I believe that's Marilyn Monroe.
  6. I believe you are correct...2008 ROA Galena, IL.
  7. When you became a BCA member, you now have access to new online member/auto info via the BCA web site. Check it out/follow the instructions to create an ID/Password.
  8. All years 7th generation Rivieras (86-93) used them for sure...maybe even 6th generation (79-85). Most likely other GM cars of the same eras (Eldorado, Reatta, etc.) used the same, also. You might find one at www.car-part.com used or eBay.
  9. There is a lighted horizontal toggle switch (left for "off" right for "on" ) located in the center of the console just north of the selector shift (right in front of the shift in the "Park" position).
  10. My resolution is not to buckle under and buy one of the two '91 Reatta Convertibles I keep going back to look at online!
  11. I use a cell phone holder that clips onto the dash HVAC vents.
  12. DShip

    Valve caps

    I bought grey on eBay yesterday just in case...they're wicked cheap! Whenever I have the '91 Reatta BCA judged, I might just put 2 black on the rear tires and 2 grey on the fronts! But, I will have to remember to remove the "Buick" mud flaps before judging.
  13. My mother's only brother served under Patton's 3rd Army and was killed in the Ardennes Forest during the Battle of the Bulge. Also had another uncle that was a Submariner Chief Electricians Mate (E7) Pacific Fleet WWII (survived to work for the Navy Dept. DC in later years).
  14. DShip

    Valve caps

    Are points deducted for not having grey caps on a '91 Reatta at the BCA 400 point judging?
  15. As you can read at my avatar (right above the pic of my '91 Reatta) I am the son of a Pearl Harbor survivor....Battleship USS Oklahoma. My dad was career Navy...1936 to 1966...retired Sr Chief Gunners Mate (E8). Served 2 tours Pacific Fleet and 1 tour Atlantic Fleet WWII; also 2 tours Korea, and a DI during the late '50's. Also, my brother (a year younger than me) served 2 tours 'in country' Vietnam '69 to '73...Army Corps of Engineers Heavy Equipment Operator (E5). Extremely proud of both of them!