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  1. The lighter is wired to fuse #4, is 20amp, and hot at all times. Have you checked it?
  2. Buick is Just to the left of the lady wearing the long white coat with a child whom is also left of her. Pic is of the Mayflower II, Plymouth Harbor, MA.
  3. JMHO...don't shoot! As of now, I personally believe July might be a little too optimistic. But, either late August or early September would be great if all associated processes typically needed to pull off a National Meet could be worked out. I do understand and appreciate that even in the best of times, coordinating a National Meet is very involved in of itself.
  4. Man, I've got kids older than you!
  5. Now that looks like it will be a fun project. I can understand now why you bought 2 cases of beer. Always good to have a beer after a long day at the "project" shop (kinda looks like you'll need more, though).
  6. regardless of old that Mustang is...its a beautiful car! Wishing you good luck selling it.
  7. There are two "Buick" lighters in the back just in front of the license plate.
  8. Don't seven years go by wicked fast?! Lamar, I believe I'm just one year older than you. In June I'll be retired seventeen years...took a "work force reduction retirement" package and was able to get out when I was fifty four. AND, I certainly enjoy the monthly pension check from that company! Like you said....I also miss some of the folks.
  9. I think it was either "To Have and Have Not" (1944) or "The Big Sleep" (1946). I'm leaning toward the 1st one...1944.
  10. (Also posted this on the ROJ Forum) Woke up the '91 Reatta, took the cover off, drove it out of the igloo and around the block a few times. Today's mission was swapping around a few cars: moved the '00 Eldorado into another position within the igloo, moved the '14 Caddy ATS out of the garage and into the driveway for Spring/Summer/Fall. Drove the Reatta into the garage for Spring/Summer/Fall. Diane doesn't mind giving up her ATS' garage space since she always has me drive her car out/in the garage whenever she uses it. Have to admit the one-car garage is pretty narrow. Oil changes and annual MA inspection stickers are coming up for the Reatta and Eldo in April. Then they'll be out and about daily. Plan to drive the Eldo to a June Hemming's Motor News cruise-in at their Bennington, VT headquarters. Also plan to drive the Reatta to the July BCA Nationals at Strongsville, OH.
  11. The pic of the Red Reatta reads "1988" but the wheels are from a 1991.
  12. Jon, PM sent re: Reatta fog light covers.
  13. Great Reatta articles Barney, Pete, and Marck. Wow, very impressive that Marck has had as many as 106 Reatta's. Nice to see that the Reatta Division got a little publicity.