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  1. I also have JC Taylor and my '91 Reatta is insured for $15K. Also had the '92 Riviera insured through them for the same amount up until I sold it. Had zero quarrels from them when I asked for a $15K value on each.
  2. Took the '91 Reatta out of storage for the Spring/Summer/Fall seasons. Ran it on the highway for 25 miles...didn't want to stop driving because it ran so well. Next week its in for its annual MA state safety inspection with oil change/lube and biennial radiator flush:
  3. My '91 Reatta comes out of hibernation the week of April 5 for MA State safety inspection, oil & filter change, lube, anti-freeze flush/thermometer change (195*). Can't get under a car any longer due to vertigo....really does a number on me.
  4. Marty, What company did you purchase these housings from? I might be interested in acquiring a set. Also, what bulbs did you buy to put in the housings? Thanks...
  5. I've never owned Black Buick, but I do own a cousin, a Pearl Black Eldo....
  6. The Century came out looking spiffy! Don't let the Century sit so long this time around....
  7. '92 Riviera I used to own:
  8. I've got four '91 sixteen inch Reatta wheels sitting in my cellar for what I seriously don't remember.
  9. After viewing Jim's illustrations/pics, re-thinking Padgett's "loop" antenna question, and re-reviewing my '91 Reatta's rear window in better light (its in a dark igloo), I made a mistake in some of my replies by quoting that there is no antenna per-say. There is in fact a loop antenna imbedded in the window glass at the top of the glass. The cable connection is just under the headliner nearest the top of the glass. Again, my mistake.
  10. I would think you'd find various styled clips that would suit your need on eBay or Amazon.
  11. The more I think about this, I think maybe the antenna is housed horizontally underneath the headliner right where it meets the rear window glass. The cable vertically leading to the antenna is tucked just inside the sail panel.
  12. Ronnie, Attached are the pics from the 86-93 Parts and Illustration Catalog for the 89-91 Reatta. You are correct in that my '91 does not have an external antenna.
  13. There is no traditional "antenna" per say, i.e. no loop nor any type you might see on late 90's GM cars that had analog OnStar. In other words, there's no external antenna that is affixed to the rear window. The cable with the end that you circled is the "antenna". Originally, that end would be affixed high up on the internal side of the rear window. It would snap in place to the male piece that would be glued to the interior of the rear window. Think of it like the setup similar to a 9volt battery. The 9v battery would be the male piece that would be glued to the interior of the rear wi
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