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  1. The Sumner Tunnel linked Boston's Financial District/Haymarket Square with East Boston/Logan Airport...it went under Boston "Habah". This was before Gov Dukakis' "Big Dig".
  2. DShip

    Engine Choices

    They're notorious for this (as most of us have experienced). I've had to replaced a few on both my Reatta and Riviera.
  3. DShip

    92 Century Wagon

    AutoZone also sells spray cans of "New Car Smell"....I have a couple.
  4. DShip

    92 Century Wagon

    That looks an awfully like my house gutters' junk!!!
  5. DShip

    Winter Buicks

    In my Massachusetts town you're not allowed to keep/store any UNREGISTERED car out in the open on private property....never mind a PARTS car!
  6. DShip

    Spam 🥧?

    Adding "stuff" does help...I do that too. I can tolerate the beef Underwood but not the chicken or ham.
  7. DShip

    The Grinch

    I don't need a truck; I don't need a SUV or a Crossover...I'll live with a sedan, but I'd rather have a coupe!
  8. DShip

    Reatta Fender question

    ALL years Reatta fenders are interchangeable. NO other vehicle fenders are interchangeable with Reattas.
  9. DShip

    Phoning ROJ

    I just added the site to my IPhone...looks and works great! Thanks, Ronnie.
  10. DShip

    98 lesabre White wall question

    I believe Firestone still makes them for your LeSabre. They were available last year for my recently sold '92 Riviera.
  11. DShip

    Phoning ROJ

    Ronnie...very impressive. I'm glad YOU know how to do this stuff...I certainly wouldn't know where to begin! Thanks.
  12. DShip

    drink holder

    Is there a link to this vendor?
  13. DShip

    close out at Rock Auto

    You can receive a RockAuto 5% discount by entering "9506399085221515" in the "how did your hear about us?" box on your online purchase order just before committing payment. This code is good until Dec 30, 2018 and is available to anyone/all who purchase items.
  14. DShip

    Autumn Buicks

    I actually had the pleasure of driving this very car during last September's NE Regional. Great ride!