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  1. FREEEE!! I have a clean pair of 1988/1989 and 1990-91 gray floor mats in very good condition available for pick-up only (Los Angeles). Offer good until Wednesday, October 21. Contact me via PM if interested.
  2. Anyone here bought new (and still owns) their Reatta and has the Buick flashlight that came with the portfolio?
  3. $140.00 includes shipping in the USA.
  4. UPDATE: FOB sold. A picture is worth 1,000 words. As I'm uncertain of it's value (not many fobs left in this condition and with the back cover), sale price is $10,000/obo { I'm flexible on the obo :-) }. PM if interested. Thank you.
  5. Because it's "rare" doesn't make the car a value (especially in this condition).
  6. Looks good. Works as it should. $95.00/obo + $15.05 shipping. Send a PM if interested.
  7. I ran out of things to do while quarantined...and look what I found. An almost complete Reatta Portfolio (what you see is what you will get). I think this may have been the portfolio of the third (or fourth) Reatta I bought many years ago. If you're interested, make an offer. I value the portfolio at $219.00 (+ $15.05 shipping within the continental US). Send a PM if interested.
  8. Generally speaking, in an era where the car collecting hobby is decreasing every year (especially since 2008), adding such a restriction is foolish.
  9. Photos tell the story. $390.00.
  10. I was dusting off some boxes and found (I think) two complete 1990 zippered portfolios (pen, flashlight, tire pressure gauge and lots of documentations including a letter to the buyer). Both have 95% the same items. But one has a full color apparel order form from Buick and the plastic/leather key holder, the other does not (and its missing the pen). One also has a letter written to the buyer from Buick and the other does not. I had read that through the 1990 MY, in mid-cycle the portfolios differed. Has anyone composed a list of exactly which items came inside a portfolio? I did a forum search going back to 2010 and couldn't find a posting that had an itemized list. Thanks.
  11. I wasn't aware Marck has the FB page shut down for public viewing (that's unfortunate). IMO, older folks (unlike yourself Ronnie - you're classified as 'historic' ) liked to tinker mechanically with cars. Its the DYI mentality. It's part of the make-up of that generation. And that still applies as your generation is mostly retired. Younger folks (sub 40ish), have a 'disposable' mentality. No need to know how to fix something. Either have someone else do it (often due to long work hours and family time obligations), or 'dispose' of the problem and get something else. FB is like Windows 10. Its but a shell for what once was. FB replaced the classic BBS' of the 1980s/early 1990s just as Windows is a shell for DOS. Your generation looks for the 'how do I do this/How does this work. Whiles sub 40s, who work long hours, has two kids, leases two cars, has a mortgage and $10K in rolling credit card debt,...don't care for the details of how things work. It would be nice to hear Marck's opinion. My guess his is client base averages 65+ years and business isn't as strong as it could be (only because that generation is dying off). IMO, if he doesn't branch off into the Mustang, Camaro, Corvette, Mopar world, he won't have a sustainable business model in a few years.
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