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  1. Hello from an old member! Wondering if this black 91 convertible is still for sale, please? She’s a beautiful and I am interested. Thank you!
  2. Looking for a 91 Buick reatta convert, lowish miles in good condition, or a hard top
  3. Hey Kevin! Congrats on the drop top! We have to get together and compare cars! Got my BEAUTIFUL 90 convert about a week ago...naturally the weather has been nasty, so didn't want to take her out yet! I'm very excited about the car, can't wait for the weather to clear! sent a pm.
  4. Hey there Mr.K Dirk, great to hear from you, a St. Louis Reatta "nut" as myself! I'll give a PM when the BIG day comes, and get together to swap stories! I'm anxious to get the car and take her for a spin!
  5. Hey Chuck! Get over here to St. Louis and give a call sometime! Then Kevin, you and I can have a coffee and compare notes! I'm really excited to see the car, hope it gets here some time in the coming week. I'll drop a line when she gets here and I check her over!
  6. Well, its official, I just bought the convertible!!!! From the gentleman I spoke with, he assures me that this car is a REAL creampuff, interior, body AND undercarriage are like new! Can't wait to see it and have a spin with the top down! Will have to save some $$$$ to get rid of those wheels~ SOOOOOO...a big thank you to all of you that supplied information and help!!!!
  7. I sure am trying to Barney......keep your fingers crossed for me!!
  8. Barney, you are the "BOMB" ! Thank you and the Houston gentleman so much!! I'll be in touch!
  9. you know Dave, Ive been thinking the same......what's wrong with this car that no one wants to buy it.....only 27000 miles..what's the catch. Plus, I'm gathering there have been 4??? owners??
  10. I would be interested in this car if you folks would think it would be a good purchase. I will also pay someone to check out the car for me. Please excuse me if I seem too forward, but being an avid "reader" of the forum, I feel you are the professionals, and best resource.
  11. Guess I didn't realize the color was called "claret red"....thought it was burgundy! Learn something new every day! I was surprised there were no pics of the top, wonder if it would be tan or ?? leads me to think it might be bad. If it is a true southern car I would expect it to be rust free and a nice clean undercarriage. I, too would ask for the original wheels...... Hope someone will check out this rascal....
  12. Saw this ad in Autotrader.....looked interesting. Wondering if anyone in the area has checked this car, or would be able to........I thought the color combo was very different! Thanks for any info and help! http://www.autotrader.com/cars-for-sale/vehicledetails.xhtml?zip=63031&endYear=2015&modelCode1=REATTA&showcaseOwnerId=76935&startYear=1981&makeCode1=BUICK&searchRadius=0&mmt=%5BBUICK%5BREATTA%5B%5D%5D%5B%5D%5D&listingId=362884574&Log=0 Melody
  13. anyone near Detroit that might look at this car?
  14. the CL ad is under Detroit metro, and I checked, it is in the Detroit area
  15. Just ran across this ad.......sounds like a winner! Not in the market for a convert. would be interested in a low mile 91 coupe! http://detroit.craigslist.org/okl/cto/4280186185.html
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