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  1. Tom, Heat is an aspect I never thought about. I do have several instances where I leave the trunk open for long periods. Up until now I just removed the bulb. Putting in the reel out light will make that problematic. Using an LED would certainly be much simpler than removing the bulb every time or adding an on/off switch. I will give that a try. Thanks. Bill
  2. Tom, That is a great idea. I might even do that with the new light I will install in the spring. That way I won't have to worry about battery drain if I forget to close the trunk or leave it open for an extended period as at a car show. Maybe this is not something I need to be concerned with. Bill
  3. I have for sale a very nice John W. Hobbs accessory reel out trunk/under hood light. This light does not have the mercury switch as the ones that were used in our Rivieras. This would be the type which would have been used on Pontiacs and other GM models where it is connected to the headlight/tail light power feed. You need to have the parking lights/headlights on to use. I added trunk lights to all of the several 1963 Pontiacs I owned and they all tied into that power source. The light comes with a power feed line. I am offering it up to Forum members first before putting it on E-bay as I thought someone might like this set up rather than the mercury switch. It has been cleaned, repainted and tested. The line pulls out and retracts fully and the lens is perfect. One thing I noticed with these lights is that when you take them in and out the bracket scratches the top of the light and the bottom of the light scratches the bracket. I added felt to the underside of the bracket arms and also to the bottom of the light. This should eliminate or at least minimize the scratches keeping the light looking like new. With the felt pads on the bottom of the light also enables you to place the light on any surface without worrying about it scratching that surface. The felt is removable if you so choose. $75.00 plus S & H. Please PM me if interested. Thanks. Bill
  4. Gene yes, Steve yes, James yes, Bob yes, Tim yes, Larry yes and several others yes, yes, yes! Please give me some credit.
  5. No problem. I'm glad you have a solution. Bill
  6. Riviera63

    1961-64 power antenna

    I have used Barney for antenna help/rebuilds several times in the past on the earlier power antennas like the one in my 1963 Buick Riviera. He is an invaluable resource. His pricing is fair, he is easy to work with, fast turn around and he is very knowledgeable. If you have an antenna problem or question, Barney is the man. Highly recommended. Bill
  7. Thanks Tom. I did purchase the one from from Gene. I am still looking for 1 rear license plate frame and 1 front license plate frame. Thanks. Bill
  8. Eric, Saw this on e-bay. A parts tach but, the lens appears to be good. Might be worth a try. If he does not ship overseas I would be willing to have it sent to me and then I could forward to you. Let me know. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1960s-BUICK-TACHOMETER-TACH-WILDCAT-SKYLARK-GS-66-67-68-69/173643455391?hash=item286df4db9f:g:86sAAOSw1jpb7iM2:rk:1:pf:0&LH_ItemCondition=4 Bill
  9. Doug, Yes, that is for the front of the window. As far as the material for the rear I have never replaced that but, It looks correct. Bill
  10. Doug, I got mine from Steele Rubber Products. Go to their website and first select the Riviera list. There are not that many things to scroll through. It is listed as flexible run channel channel kit. Bill