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  1. Back in the late 70's-early 80's I had a 1977 SJ 400, 2-tone silver and dark metallic grey with a red leather interior. It had all the options and it could really smoke those tires. With all of that power it still got 25mpg on the highway. I loved that car and today it is still my favorite. Had to sell in 1982 as I was getting married and one of our cars had to go. Sadly, mine was the one.☹️ Bill
  2. Will entertain fair offers. It really turned out to be a nice piece, especially compared to the stuff you see being sold elsewhere. I just want to see it go to a good home and get used again, instead of being on my scrapper son's metal pile. Thanks. Bill
  3. Hi Tom, I understand your surprise. You were instrumental in me figuring all of the in's and out's of the reel out light. Thank you again. I am pretty much a stock purist when it comes to the collector cars I have owned so in the end it boiled down to the fact that I just wanted to leave it the way it came from the factory. I didn't want to drill holes in my trunk and then possibly not like the light (which I still think is super cool) in my trunk, so I opted to play it safe and not install. I don't regret the process. I enjoyed learning about the lights and their placement and have that knowledge that I can share with others. I bought 3 lights in total that I refurbished and then sold. Even though I really didn't make much money off of the sales, I enjoy very much the process of taking something that doesn't look that great and bringing it back to life so that it looks good and is usable again. For me that's good entertainment. I am sending you a PM on another matter. Bill
  4. For sale is a very nice John W. Hobbs reel out trunk/hood light. This light was one I had purchased to put in my own 1963 Riviera. I have since made the decision to not install this light in my car. The light was completely cleaned and repainted. The lens and the wiring is pristine. The light comes with 2 new 1003 bulbs, mounting screws and hood mounting clips. I am offering this to forum members before I list it for sale anywhere else. $90.00 plus shipping. Please PM me if you are interested. Thanks. Bill
  5. Sounds to me like the infamous "Riviera Rattle". I would check this out before doing more invasive things. Do a search for "Riviera Rattle" on this forum. and you will find much discussion on this, it's causes and cures. If it is this, it is nothing to worry about other than being annoying. When I first got my 63 I heard this and of course was very concerned. Reading the info on this forum helped me get to the cause and the cure. I hope this helps.
  6. Your headliner appears to be silver. I replaced the silver headliner on my 1963 a couple of years ago. I got mine from Clark's Corvair. It is in the original pattern and color. It fit and looks great. Original Grain Headliner Is Clark's number R150 and silver is Clark's code RHZ. You can also order new sail panels from them covered in the original material the same as the headliner. My sail panels were in good shape but, had darkened slightly with age. I sprayed them with Dupli-Color Vinyl and Fabric Coating, HVP103 Vinyl Silver. It is a very good match and easy to use. Bill
  7. I did the best I could as my storage garage does not have electricity and I did not want to take the car covers completely off. I hope this helps. Bill
  8. My car is put away for the winter. Weather has been nice. I will see if I can get out there and snap a picture for you tomorrow. Bill
  9. I have for sale a really nice 1963 1964 1965 left/driver's side lower rear quarter panel trim molding. This was a piece that I had originally taken off of my car and replaced because someone had apparently slammed a car door into it putting a nice vertical crease in it. I then had a "perfect storm" if you will to get me to decide to resurrect this piece from the scrap pile. I have a friend that used to have collector cars that was cleaning out his basement. In the process he gave me all of his stainless steal polishing supplies. A week later Jason came out with his excellent article in the latest Riview on stainless trim polishing. I was now inspired to try something I had never tried before. I dug out the stainless trim I had replaced on my car to see what I could do. This piece is the product of my first efforts. I feel that it is now show quality or very near show quality. It is certainly better than any trim I have on my car now and light years away from the crap you see being pedaled on e-bay. Having done this, of course, means I will be removing all of the trim pieces on my car in the future and polishing them now that I have seen how beautiful these pieces can look. I am offering this to forum members first before I list it on e-bay. As always I forgot to take a before picture but, the last picture has the pens showing where the vertical crease was before I worked on it. $65.00 shipped. Thanks. Bill
  10. Tom, Heat is an aspect I never thought about. I do have several instances where I leave the trunk open for long periods. Up until now I just removed the bulb. Putting in the reel out light will make that problematic. Using an LED would certainly be much simpler than removing the bulb every time or adding an on/off switch. I will give that a try. Thanks. Bill
  11. Tom, That is a great idea. I might even do that with the new light I will install in the spring. That way I won't have to worry about battery drain if I forget to close the trunk or leave it open for an extended period as at a car show. Maybe this is not something I need to be concerned with. Bill