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  1. Good point. At that age they are still hungry. His response was to anything I asked was "no problem". He was very reasonable in his billing and I could tell he did a few extra little things he may not have needed to do. Because of his good work I am already thinking of some more areas to be tidied up. When I was talking to him when I picked up the car he mentioned how convenient and simple it was to paint the doors when you can just remove the skin. (he also painted the driver's door to correct some big chips) At the end f our conversation he said with a big grin, "I really learned a lot on this one". Bill
  2. Tom, Bob mentioned a different plug gap than what is given for our application. Is that because he has the electronic ignition which calls for a different gap? Thanks. Bill
  3. Hi Jim, I conversed with Bob this morning and he is in Boston right now. I have the number for the Bosch plug that I had saved from a previous conversation on the forum. Bosch 4036, I also have seen an alternate number associated with this WR9FP. Bill
  4. One of the other things I had him do was repaint the inside of my trunk lid. The first set of pictures shows the inside of my trunk lid shortly after I bought it. I did as much as I could to make it more presentable but, that was cosmetic and did not solve the problems. I thought he did a nice job and even was able to preserve the original trunk sticker. Bill
  5. I went and picked up the car last Wednesday. I was very happy with the results on all of the work that was done. Excellent work, paint match and blending. He said his initial thought on the cause of the problems with the fender paint as being the body filler was wrong. As he dug deeper into the fender he found the cause of the problem was the primer that was used. He said that a brown acrylic primer that was used years ago did not adhere when it was used on bare metal. It eventually would separate and lift causing the paint problems. His paint rep also concurred that this was true. He also redid my passenger door as he noticed the poor taping job from the repaint and the same paint problems beginning there as well. Interestingly, my body man is just a young kid (kid being a relative term because I am old). He can't be more than 30 though. He used to work as a body man for Oshkosh Truck. They make military vehicles and also own Pierce Manufacturing which does fire trucks. He did body work on his own on weekends and then decided he could do this full time and struck out on his own. His shop is in a little town 22 miles south of where I live. Ironically, I used to teach there and had 3 of his cousins as students. Small world. Bill
  6. My body man told me he that they had done a nice job on the repair and that it would not be an issue with the work he was doing. I have a feeling the repair was done previous to the repaint before I bought it. Bill
  7. He is going to blend the touch-ups. He told me he has mixed up a good match. I had some other touch-up work done a few years ago by a different body man and he did a nice job of blending. Good idea about the anti-corrosion for the inside of the fender. Bill
  8. I thought some of you might find this interesting. I have my car at the body shop to have some work done to correct some of the flaws resulting from the "All Chrome Off" (aka "No Chrome Off") paint job my car got before I purchased it. One of the areas that I was having done was the passenger side fender. There was paint peeling by the Riviera emblem because they did not sand and prep properly around the emblem. This of course, would not have been a problem had the emblem been removed prior to being painted. Also on top of the fender were some marks that I thought were from me being careless and working without a fender cover and scratching the fender with my belt buckle. My body man informed me that they were not scratches but cracks caused by moisture in the body filler because the fender had been painted before the body filler had properly dried. When he dug deeper he found that my car had suffered some sort of damage and that the front portion of the fender had been removed and a different piece welded in. Not sure why they just did not replace the whole fender. He said that they had done a good job and that this would not pose a problem. The second picture is the inner fender taken through the front turn signal assembly opening. You can't really see too much in the picture but, he said he could tell they did a lap joint weld. Just when you think you know your car inside and out. Always something to keep one on his toes. Bill
  9. I have those measurements but, can't go digging right now. I can look later if you would like. I do know that the outside diameter measurement of the 6" is either 1/8" or 1/4" larger than the 5 1/2" rim. Let me know if you need /want the exact measurements. Bill
  10. Keep looking. I found most of mine on e-bay. There are some sets that are very highly priced. Resist the temptation. Cheaper ones will show up eventually. Bill
  11. This is very good advice. I went through 12 of the steel wheels in order to get a set of 5 for my car. I know you already have the wheels but, for other people out there, before buying wheels have the vendor check for them being good. If he won't do that don't buy them. I bought 2 from a certain vendor and when I indicated that the wheels were no good he sent me 2 more bad wheels, when I indicated these were also bad and I wanted a refund he refused to refund my money instead sent me 2 more rusty, bad wheels. He had also sent me a couple that were not even the width I wanted. Claimed he did not know there were 2 different widths. A bad and expensive experience. Bill
  12. I can attest to what Pat is saying. I bought NOS ones for my car as mine had the 2 terminal switches that are trash (like the ones OPGI sells). My NOS switches were malfunctioning in short order and were off to Gordon Wolfgang. No problems since. Bill
  13. It is all in wording and presentation. It seemed to me that you were coming up with a reason that it couldn't be 63 silver due to the fact that I was unable to discern the difference between raw unpainted aluminum and a painted piece of aluminum. I missed the question. My mistake. I'm out. Bill
  14. If you look at pictures 3-5 it is pretty obvious this has been painted. You can see the over spray on the inside edge. I'm pretty confident that I could tell the difference between a raw aluminum piece and a piece that has been painted. I don't doubt your findings for the part number. Is it possible that the part number originated in 1963 ( so the first ones were silver) and was expanded as the years went on? I don't know what went on at the GM dealers back then but, I don't think that they would expect the customer to have the paint and paint the part to match their particular engine. Is it possible that the dealer would ask what engine the piece was to be applied to and paint it the correct color before giving it to the customer? Or the dealer would paint them the correct color to match their use and this one never got used? Maybe they all came silver? Maybe someone that bought it painted it 25 years ago. I don't know. Regardless of your attempt to debunk what I have said, I think that at the very least it is another piece evidence that the paints we 63 owners have been using are pretty close to what was there originally. Whether it is the original color or not can not be proven definitively one way or the other. This is just an attempt to help out people that may have been questioning what paint to use. They can make up their own minds and use the information as they see fit. Bill
  15. I know this topic has been bandied about a lot. I am taking my car in tomorrow to have some work done and one of those things is getting the anti-freeze changed which reminded me that I had purchased an NOS thermostat housing several years ago. I will go out on a limb and suggest that the thermostat housing is painted with the same paint as our 63 engines were. I think this is probably as close to an unmolested example of the original silver paint as we will find for comparison. I took some pictures with it against the paint on my engine. The paints I used are listed in the posting above I put in 4 years ago. I think they match up pretty well. Bill