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  1. What Chuck has suggested is a good place to start. I had the exact same problem when I first got my car. Nothing I did would get them to work and then someone suggested checking the firewall plug. I pulled the firewall plug out and there was a significant amount of grime on the connectors. I cleaned the connectors up good and my parking lights worked. Bill
  2. Your chances of you finding a used one that is not cracked is slim to none. If you would get a replacement set you would have a backup spare in the event something should happen to one of the new ones. On the other hand, since uncracked originals are so rare, you could sell the one you have for a pretty good price and offset some of the cost of the new ones. If you should decide to buy a set, check e-bay to see if they have them listed there. CARS has many of their items listed for sale there. I have purchased several items from CARS in the last couple of months and all have been on e-bay. Many times the items they have listed have free shipping or reduced shipping costs compared to ordering from their online site. I have saved quite a bit of money doing that. Bill
  3. Ed has a point. If you look at the last 2 pictures, you really can't tell that there is a lens in there because the lens is so clear. I will be happy to shoot a picture for you. I just cannot do it right now. I will be able to do later this evening or tomorrow morning. I will say this. I had been going back and forth for 2 years about this. I really did not want to spend that kind of money and it was still not clear that the fitment was good. I finally said to hell with it during the winter and bought them. As soon I looked at the old ones and then at the new ones in the bezels I knew I had made the right decision. Bill
  4. I got my new front turn signal lenses installed today. The CARS repros fit perfectly and look great. Everything went back together without a hitch. These are worth buying and I am glad I got them. Especially after I got my old ones out and did a side by side comparison. Bill
  5. John, That is exactly the fear I had and is why I asked the question. I don't want to glue it in place and 3 days later have the artwork melted. Silicone sealant would make sense as a choice to attach it with. Bill
  6. Where do you find emblem adhesive? The threaded shaft and nut is what holds the whole assembly in place on the hood. The hood button/emblem is attached to the round flat piece at the top of the threaded rod by some sort of adhesive. Thanks. Bill
  7. I had back surgery on Tuesday and have already reached the limit of inactivity that I can stand. I am trying to find some less taxing projects that I can do to keep myself from going crazy. One of those I came up with is replacing the tri-shield button on my hood spear. If any of you have done this, what glue/adhesive did you use to attach the button to the threaded post that goes through the hood spear and hood? Any guidance on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Bill
  8. When I had my exhaust done I went with the 65 GS pipe layout as opposed to the 63 pipe layout. There are fewer bends. They just used an original dual inlet/outlet crossflow muffler and did not go with the resonators. My muffler guy was ecstatic as he had been saving that muffler for 35 years knowing that a Riviera would show up some day. The car is quiet and has a nice mellow rumble at idle to let you know there is nice Buick V8 under the hood. Bill
  9. Rich, There is a full list of the bulbs needed on the first page of this thread. Bill
  10. Niclas, Contact Barney Eaton. He is a member of this forum. You can send him a Personal Message through the forum. Barney Eaton is also his call sign on the forum. His e-mail is barney@texas.net Barney is the man when it comes to power antenna repair. He will get you the help you need. Bill
  11. Contact the vendors in the Riview. I am sure that one of them will have one. I know Tim at Rivi Central had another one and I know Dan Jackson in MI had a couple but, he is very slow in responding. Contact info for both is in the Riview. Bill
  12. Hi Schmiddy, That is a pretty cool coincidence. I used to have real set of 1963 plates that I would put on at shows. My wife's dad and then grandma used to have an Arctic White 1963 Riviera. Hers had the tan leather interior though. This is one of the reasons we bought our car. My wife remembers her grandma letting her drive the Riviera while she had her learner's permit. Anyway, we got rid of the real license plates and had these replicas made up with grandma's license plate number in honor of her. See pics. If you look at the picture with grandma in it you will see a couple of other pretty cool cars. My brother in law's 1957 Oldsmobile on the street and the tail end of my father in law's 1962 Lincoln Continental. He was not a car guy but, he always managed to have cool cars. Bill