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  1. Look at this thread. This should help you out. Bill As a close to the original discussion. I did buy replacement lenses from CARS, Inc. 2 or 3 years ago. The fit was perfect and the lenses look great. Bill
  2. RivCat sold the power seat assembly to me. I repaired and got it working. The things I will tell you came from working on that assembly. Make sure the cables are free and spin easily. Take the cables out, clamp them in a vise, spray PB Blaster down them, let sit and repeat. The cables should turn VERY easily with your finger tips. Then lubricate. This assembly worked back and forth but, not up and down. The problem was that the turn screw had frozen in place with the gear in the gearbox. Several sprays with PB Blaster freed this up. The transmission was not strong enough to break it free. Dis
  3. Jim, I don't know if this will help or not. The 63 Trim book lists the 798 carpet as "medium saddle". How that corresponds to the shades Clark's has I do not know. Bill
  4. Here's a picture to further illustrate what Tom is talking about. Bill
  5. Thanks Ed, That is an annual winter project. Disassemble, wash, metal polish, wax and reassemble. I have learned that you can keep them looking good while on the car without using soap and water. Bill
  6. Here are the wire wheel covers disassembled. Bill
  7. Hi all, I have purchased the remainder of RivCat's supply of Riviera parts. If you need anything shoot me a PM with your needs and I will see if I have it. As RivCat said, reasonable offer plus shipping. The transmission was not pictured and is still available. Also, RivCat still has the 3.07 posi rear end and is looking to sell it. Contact him if you are interested in that. Thanks. Bill
  8. You might be able to pop the plastic push pins out without taking out the seat. I think it would be very tough. I just added all of the trim pieces to the left and right side of my driver's seat this winter. After doing that I would suggest just taking out the seat. It might seem like more work to take the seat out but, in the end it will be much easier than being a contortionist. With the power seat, getting the bolts out is really very easy because you can tilt the seat up to get at the bolts. Those trim pieces are plastic and break easily. To get the 2 pieces in or out on the right side of
  9. Vendors that advertise in the Riview. That's where I got mine. Just one of the many reasons that is such a great publication and organization. Bill
  10. Hi Jim, I did the LED conversion last summer. I followed the recommendations of the Australian Region when ordering mine. I ordered the warm white which to me seems to be the same look as the incandescent bulbs but, much brighter. Here is what I did and some things I found out as I did the replacements. 1.) LED for the trunk light. No more pulling the bulb for shows. 2.) Did not replace the back-up lights with LED as the originals have more CP. 3.) I replaced all of the courtesy lights, sail panel and console with LED. I figured this would save on lens damage
  11. I removed the old weatherstrip and chrome piece using nonmarring scrapers that I had purchased at Harbor Freight. These worked very well as they have a thin edge that you can get underneath the lip of the trim piece so that you can tap it off. I followed Winston's advice. I removed the rubber press fit liner and used black weatherstrip adhesive to reattach. I held it in place with masking tape and waited 24 hours. An easy fix. Now, I just need for the weather to warm up so that I can attach the new rubber weatherstrip. I originally had purchased the weatherstrip from CARS, Inc. I decided not t
  12. Thanks Winston. My replacement has the rubber strip intact. I will remove it and go the black weatherstrip adhesive route. Is the wood block with rubber mallet for removal a good technique or is there another method you could recommend? Bill P.S. My tires arrived last week. I am anxious for spring to come so that I can get the car out of hibernation and get them put on. Looking forward to see how they perform.
  13. Neither, this is the vertical chrome strip that is attached to the vertical leading edge of the rear quarter window that has a weatherstrip seal that meets the rear vertical edge of the front window. I am not talking about the exterior beltline chrome nor the interior rear quarter panel chrome that the horizontal weatherstrip fuzzies attach to. Bill
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